Spend 3 Hours With John Carmack’s Giant Brain

Spend 3 Hours With John Carmack’s Giant Brain

I was really disappointed I couldn’t make it to Quake-Con — not because of the games (although Dishonored looks pretty impressive) but because John Carmack’s keynotes are said to be pretty incredible, and this year’s was no exception. John Carmack talked for three hours about practically everything, including the issues with RAGE and his thoughts on PC gaming, and from all accounts the audience just sort of sat there enthralled. Now — so can you!

Or you can pause it, or you can fast forward the bits you don’t understand (if you’re like me there will be plenty) or you can save it for later. Regardless — John Carmack’s three hour keynote is available and you can watch it.

Thanks RPS!


  • I never watch any of the Key note speeches at E3 or any other events, but I always listen to John Carmacks. The not only loves his job and it shows, but he is always trying his best to make things better for everyone. I admire that in a video game developer. I really am happy he owned up to Rage downfalls at the start of the key note.

    During the full 3 and half hour speech I wasn’t bored one bit. I didn’t understand everything he said, but I was impressed with how much he knew. I was wanting to go in to a medical field for college, but I really want to do computer science after listening to him. If I could work under him then I wouldn’t work any where else.

  • I spent all of last night listening to this. Friggen amazing, and can’t believe the room isn’t completely packed out. Admittedly I never really knew much about him beyond hearing the name before watching the E3 vid about Oculus, but now I have a total nerd-crush.

    • Any idea how many megabytes a 3 hours video will be at 360p?

      You’ve watched it MrTaco, can you go in depth with some of the topics he covers?

      • ‘Fraid I don’t, no. Haven’t really checked on net usage since before our cap was upped many many months ago. And since then we’ve changed providers, so I don’t even know where I’d go to find that out any more.

        As for topics… I kinda skipped through the first hour, it seemed to be mostly talking about Doom I think. Then from around 1:00 he started talking about all his explorations into VR technology. I remember telling a friend that around 2:54 (or was it 2:34?) he was talking about the horrors of Java and JavaScript so I guess he moved on to his other topics he wanted to talk about a bit before then. Struggling to remember them well enough to repeat, but there was mention of all this browser integration and webGL… possibly a few other things. I think the last 20-30min was dedicated to Q&A.

        • Oh yeah he touched on his rocketry stuff in there a bit too, though said he doesn’t have a whole lot of time for it any more. Spread himself out across so many projects, and all that.

          I dunno if there’s a way to only listen to the audio, but it’s well worth your time.

        • Just downloading @ 720p. its 1.96gb in size
          360p file is only 565.97mb

          use jdownloader, let it update, then copy and paste the youtube url. make sure i select the mp4 format files to DL

  • He is still so young and listening to him is so interesting and enthralling. Imagine when he is an old man, all the stories he will have to tell.

  • Thanks for the RAGE PC launch apology… can we get some DLC now? I pre-ordered, so you’ve got my money already 😉

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