Square Enix Responds To Australia’s Final Fantasy VII Issues: Prepare For Disappointment

Square Enix Responds To Australia’s Final Fantasy VII Issues: Prepare For Disappointment
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Yesterday Australians were disappointed to find out the Final Fantasy VII re-release was unavailable in Australia, despite the fact it was available in most other regions. We asked the Square Enix’s local distributor if there was a reason for this. The response was a little disappointing.

The official response from Square-Enix is as follows:

SQUARE ENIX Store will be available in Australia and New Zealand soon.

That’s it. No explanation, not even a hint of a timeline.

Very disappointing.


  • Is there any feasible reason why it would be available ‘soon’ rather than now?
    I mean, I’m hoping against hope that this is naivety as opposed to malice.

    • different laws for one. And the pricing for another. Obviously they want to maximise profits, but they also don’t want to come out as the only publisher who is doubling their price if other publishers start actually selling stuff for a reasonable price. I suspect they are waiting to see how that turns out or weighing their options/risk

    • I AGREE COMPANIES HATE Pirates, yet some games are only available on TPB ISO hunt etc. Companies do need to get they’re act together. have played since ff6 of psx. AND I can tell you I know 1-5 are easily available on a “Peer to Peer basis”. AND Australia government need to pull there heads in too. There’s games that are deemed “too Violent”. BUT are available on P2P also. I know that if there were websites offering digital copies of even the Nostalgic games such as the old Disney storybooks and arcade games for instance, they’d sell heaps (as they don’t have forms of DRM either) The companies aren’t making anything sitting on the shelves for the next millenia either so there’s really no excuse. STEAM would be the perfect candidate for things such as this. SE please clarify how this situation is unfolding, don’t sit on the bench like other companies… YOU FAN BASE IS TOO HUGE!!!

  • No surprise considering Australia is insignificant to the rest of the world… we’re JUST ONE OF 7 DRIFTING CONTINENTS!!!

    Annoying to the extreme!

  • they need more time to work out the excuses to spew out when we complain about having to pay more than our northern hemisphere mates

  • Just use a proxy to obtain it in whatever currency you chose, it’s your right under Australian parallel import law.

    • Unless ou require a credit card to buy it if they don’t accept Paypal, which screws you since your billing address gives you away.

  • I… You wot? I don’t get how companies can manage screw ups like this. There would have been so many people (Myself included), who would have handed over their money yesterday quite happily, but they’ve just gone and dropped the ball, and dropped it hard.

  • While I can understand frustration that the game is out but we can’t access it for reasons, the attitude of some of the posters here straight up blows my mind.


    And you people wonder why Square won’t the spend money to remake the game.

    • If this wasn’t just a re-release of the same crappy pc version with “achievements” tacked on then maybe people would not jump straight to this.

      Of course some people will but they would do that anyway.

      Square Enix should just do a remake, but it seems that they don’t like money anymore.

      • SE, in perhaps their smartest move yet, realises if they make a Final Fantasy 7 remake they are offically admitting they can’t top that game, which is going to pretty much destroy their crediblity as a developer.

        The only way around that would be to hire someone else to do the remake, but even then their reputation will take another it they can’t afford.

        • That makes no sense. How would admiting you can’t top one of the best rpg ever made, make you lose credability. If anything there inability to understand that they won’t top VI or VII is what makes them lose credability. Also taht fact they seem to think continuing to make FFXIII style FF games is a good idea makes them lose a ton of credability. The reason they won’t remaster,remake or release it, would be because the money in it would be good but the risk is massive because they know they would mess it up.

    • I totally agree.
      Pirates just look for an excuse to justify their low-act of stealing.
      Just admit it pirates – you are cheap, self-absorbed, inane individuals. There – I wrote down the reason now, just use that next time you write “I pirate because…”

      • If you got rid of region locks, and made it so Australians didn’t have to jump through dozens of hoops to get the same product for more money, then piracy would drop hugely. Look at steam, it made a tonne of games accessible from a huge range of time, and piracy dropped considerably. Look at Russia, Steam made a fortune there.

        Amazon have the right approach too.

  • I guess they’re figuring out how much extra they can charge to put that terrible SecuRom on. You know, that DRM that is permanently part of your OS until you format? That guy,

  • Square have become another EA.. they used to be reliable and trustworthy.. not for the last couple of years though…

  • Nope – I’m sticking with my old 3 disc edition and playing that. The more tis goes on the more I’ll be avoiding this like the plague. That is to say I’ll be wandering around with a bunch of flowers stuck to my face.

  • Y’know, I own the old PC version and was going to rebuy it because I love the game. Now this, which will almost certainly involve charging a premium for the exact same game only in Australia. I’ll just dig out my discs and get the right mods to play it. 😛

  • Frankly, despite the DRM, for about 12 hours I was still desperately trying to buy this re-issued game.

    But then 12 hours of frustrations later, Square lost me as a customer. Impulse buying only works if you let me buy…

  • Well I did see this on a torrent tracker last night, but held off till the morning to buy it. Turns out I’m an Aussie, so I cant buy it. The game is now downloading in my uTorrent.

    There’s a lesson in piracy for you Square Enix.

  • I saw this was coming and was thinking “sweet, something i can get into again while waiting on FFXIV: ARR to come online”. So i d/l it and am really enjoying it. So i figure i’ll do the right thing (as i do if i find something i like) and buy and d/l a legit copy…… Suffice to say, ScrewUEnix has lost this sale. Think i’ll stick to my copy from KAT. Being an Aussie, i find this sort of crap a lot, esp from muso’s with material unavailable anywhere. You think you can find anything from Miss Crazy or Trixie in stores here. This is part of the reason piracy is rampant. AVAILABILITY!! or lack of it…

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