Square Enix Selling Mobile RPG For $30

Square Enix Selling Mobile RPG For $30
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The folks over at Square Enix Europe are charging a whopping $US28.99 for upcoming mobile RPG Final Fantasy Dimensions, they revealed this morning.

Presumably Square Enix USA is using the same price scheme, as the Europe blog lists prices in U.S. dollars too. Here’s what they have to say about the game, which is out next Friday:

Final Fantasy Dimensions is delivered as episodic content. The prologue will be free for everyone to enjoy. You can purchase the first chapter for $US2.99 / £1.99 / €2.39, chapters 2-4 for $US9.99 / £6.99 / €7.99 each, or the entire collection of chapters for $US28.99 / £19.99 / €22.99.

$28.99. Twenty-eight ninety-nine. Twenty-nine dollars.

Final Fantasy Dimensions, remember, is a game for Android and iOS. Games for Android and iOS do not normally cost this kind of money. But this is Square Enix, a company whose pricing decisions never fail to baffle us. $US16 for Chaos Rings. $US18 for the iPad version of Final Fantasy Tactics. $US17 for Final Fantasy III.

Even by Square Enix’s outrageous standards, $US28.99 is an obscene price point for a mobile game. Let’s go over the pros and cons of this decision.


  • Umm… I guess it could be a really good game? It looked decent enough when I saw it at E3.
  • Square Enix will make lots of money?
  • At least there are no microtransactions.


  • Square Enix wants you to pay $US30 for a game that looks like it was pulled straight from RPG Maker.
  • Not that there’s anything wrong with RPG Maker games. Some of them are excellent. They’re also free.
  • Looks like some of the assets are even ripped from Final Fantasy IV. (That mountain and doorway is straight out of Mt. Ordeals.)
  • In fact, this whole game kind of resembles Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, which was an absolute mess.
  • Are they joking with this dialogue?
  • It costs 30 friggin dollars.
  • Thirty dollars.

“But wait a minute,” you might be saying. “What if this is worth $US30?”

Maybe it will be! But for $US30, you can buy almost every one of our 12 best iPhone games. You could buy a whole bunch of awesome indies on Steam. Or you could go to the movies (twice), then download a bunch of awesome free RPGs like Barkley, Shut Up And Jam Gaiden or Exit Fate.

In other words, Final Fantasy Dimensions had better blow our friggin’ minds.


  • If you are wondering why it’s $30, then the words “Square-Enix” should be enough explanation. Seriously Square-Enix has been banking on the goodwill of the Final Fantasy name that Square and Squaresoft built since they took over. And arguably they have steadily destroyed both the quality of the series as weel as the goodwill that name used to illicit.

    Square-Enix is not a game company, it’s just an owner of franchises.

    • Yesterday I made a joke on the World Ends With You iOS article about how it’ll be priced $15 and up. Lo and behold, this one is double my already inflated estimate.

      I feasibly wouldn’t mind paying $30 for a mobile game if it offered a comparable or exceptional experience relative to PC or console. But who am I kidding, it’s Squeenix. They know what their fanbase wants and won’t hesitate to provide.

      At least it’s not a port… but just look at that header photo. I’m not a graphics whore but it looks worse than Golden Sun, a game that’s over a decade old. You’re Squeenix, a huge multinational company with hundreds of employees, why does your new game look worse than most 2 man indie studio games? This is a new IP, not a legacy game. They could have done whatever they want, instead they obviously did as little work as possible, will undoubtedly pad it out with hours of grinding and charge each of their masochistic fans $30. Just lazy.

  • Why is $30 outrageous for a mobile game when $60 is fine of a 3DS game?

    If the game has the content to make it worth $30, then there is no issue.

    • Personally I think $60 is outrageous for a 3DS game. The only one I was happy to pay that much for was OOT. Pretty sure I paid around $45 for all my other new release titles. The main difference IMO is that this game is purely digital. There is no retail version. To me it seems illogical to set such a high price, I don’t think I know anyone that would pay $30 for an iOS game. Surely if they sold it for $10 they would sell more than three times as many and hence make more money in the long run. I’m no accountant or marketing expert but this kind of pricing strikes me as ridiculous.

    • Look at the graphics though. There’s no way the production cos was even close to that of a 3DS game. There’s nothing wrong with charging more for a game if it has content, but it has to justify the costs. And it does look like an RPG Maker game. Those sprites won’t be animated and the tileset is an inconsistent mishmash of other final fantasy games.

      • I agree that $30 is obscene for iOS games and $60 is ridiculously obscene for 3ds games.
        The most I’ve payed for a 3ds game is $47 and even that is a lot for a portable game so I don’t buy very many! They could sell me plenty more if they dropped the prices to $35 . The most I payed for a n iOS game was about $7 I think for one of the Cave shmups. I buy quite a few iOS games since they are so cheap. PSN needs more minis and to lower the price to as close to the iOS games as possible. Same for nintendo with their game boy and nes era downloadable games.

  • Legitmate price for 50+ hours of gameplay I assume if its an FF game.

    Plus if it’s on iOS, they’ll make their money back anyway.

    If its a great game, why shouldn’t it cost 5 times more than a $1.99 Fruit Ninja, or a $5 Ninja Assassin .

    or do we just hold 2D gameplay in such low regard that it couldn’t possibly be worth more than $5.

    • But why does hours = value? I don’t see why the amount of time you spend with a game has anything to do with your enjoyment of the experience. (I’d love to see games like Uncharted being 2 hours long and be a dense, incredible experience – and quite happy to pay the same price)

  • Ahh, numbers. Highly flexible tools that can say whatever we want. If you look at it another way, it’s $28.99 for 5 chapters, that’s only $6 per chapter, same as if you bought a Telltale Games episode. One would assume that chapters are fairly self contained and a decent chunk of gaming in themselves so really, it’s not that much of an outrage. The mentality of mobile gamers these days is very interesting when it comes to price.

  • This article is ridiculous. I’ll pay $30 for a game you play using sticks and rocks if its a great game.

    This issue isnt ‘is 30 dollars expensive for a game?’ its ‘is this particular game a good or a bad game?’

    As an indie dev I’d like to see higher price points for quality games on mobile devices

    • That’s great in theory, but think about how far your gaming dollar goes these days. I can pick up amazing AAA titles during Steam sales for $5, but I’m also happy to pay this much for an indie game like Star Command. But this is Squeenix. Nearly all their downloadables are ports and on the rare occasion they’re not, they put absolutely zero effort into it (header photo) and simply make it a huge grind so you have the impression your $/time was well worth it.

      There is no value proposition in a $30 Squeenix game. All their stuff is absurdly priced on the AppStore because they’ve always been allowed to coast on the goodwill of their fanbase who’ve always been willing to pay through the nose for anything Final Fantasy (including $6-7 ‘Calendar’ apps). They could price this at $50 and still sell essentially the same number of copies since non-diehards have already been filtered out well before the $30 stage and who’s left over would literally pay anything. Squeenix is at no risk of pricing themselves out of the market since they know who buys, and will continue to buy their overpriced apps.

      • Yeah thats very true, Squeenix have been massively coasting – (FF3 on iPad was fantastic though). It cant last though, they are going to have to start offering games with real effort put into them if they expect people to pay real game prices like 30 bucks.

  • If it’s a decent length game then $30 is still much cheaper per hour than lots of games on the market, and if each chapter is a good few hours of entertainment then $10 on that still beats a cinema ticket.
    If the first section is free, and the next is cheap, and people get to pay for each section in small chunks, I think this is a fine way to do business.
    If you play the prologue and the first chapter and decide it isn’t for you, you’re only down a couple of dollars. Who cares.
    If you like the game and decide it’s worth paying 10 bucks for more, than everyone is winning.
    If they were asking for 30 up front before you got to play that’d be one thing, but episodic gaming like this is a good thing.

  • refuse to pay $30 for a iphone app for a ds game game maybe but not a app. will not buy any square enix games untill the prices goes down. high quality games do not have to cost so much.

  • Wow really good article, showing a terrible image of the game to reinforce your ideas….. Watch some footage before thinking this game looks as terrible as kotaku’s selection of screenshots.

  • I think 99c is a stupied peice for a game. All games should be atleast 10 bucks or more. The platform should have nothing to do with it.

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