Square Enix Working On ‘Hardware-Free’ RPG

Square Enix Working On ‘Hardware-Free’ RPG
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The creators of Final Fantasy are working on an action-role-playing game that will be platform-agnostic, according to a new report.

According to the latest issue of Japanese gaming mag Famitsu (as translated by Andriasang), Square Enix producer Ryutaro Ichimura (best known for working on multiple games in the Dragon Quest series) is heading up an action-RPG that you can “play and access anywhere.” You’ll be able to play it on the go, then come back home and pick up where you left off on your big-screen TV.

So does this mean the game’s engine will be driven by a browser? A cloud? Forest spirits? Unclear.

New RPG Developments From Level-5, Imageepoch and Square Enix [Andriasang]


  • “So does this mean the game’s engine will be driven by a browser? A cloud? Forest spirits? Unclear.”

    It means it will most likely be shit.
    (I would love to be proven wrong tho, It’s been too long since a great FF game game out)

  • I think what they meant was in addition to having the main game you can still do other things to progress through a phone app, etc.

  • Platformless you say? Well, we have been saying that they’re getting more like movies and less interactive for years. Maybe they’re finally just giving up and releasing a game that doesn’t require any user input at all. Which is to say a movie. Well, another movie. Hopefully this will be better than the last movie.

    I actually really did enjoy FFXII despite its rather significant flaws, which i know puts me in a minority. But no interest since then.

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