Squid Love And Soccer Crab, Meet Japan’s Silliest Movie Maker

Back in 2007, Japanese filmmaker Minoru Kawasaki told SlashFilm, "I want to be silly for the rest of my life!" Well, so far, that's exactly what he's done.

Influenced by Ultraman and Japanese monster movies, Kawasaki is a master of the brilliantly absurd. His films have followed a wrestler who turned into a squid, a businessman kola who's accused of killing his wife, and a giant crab who joins a soccer team.

Kawasaki's movies are, well, silly — but that's the point. While his films aren't exactly mainstream, they are highly enjoyable. And he's even helming the upcoming commercial for the upcoming Earth Defense Force PS Vita game.

Check out the trailers for some of his films (and choice moments).


    Da fuck did i just watch?!?

    I suspect a pot-smoking session takes place during the whole film-making process?!?

    He's directing the new commercials for a VIDEO GAME. SO YEAH. RELATED SON.

    Executive Koala was great until the last 10-20 minutes or so, then it just got dumb. Was so disappointed.

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