Squirtle, You And Your Pokémon Friends Are Creepy

Cute? These Pocket Monsters aren't cute. They're creepy. But that's the point: artist Vaughn Pinpin redesigned the first generation of Pokémon starters if they were characters in a Tim Burton movie. The result is brilliant — creepy, but brilliant.

Pinpin is planning to re-do the first 151 Pocket Monsters in the Pokédex all dark and quirky like. Sounds like a plan to me. He just needs a good name: Dark Pokémons? The Demon Pocket Monsters of Kanto Region? Ash Pokéball Hands?

Check out more of Pinpin's work in the link below.

First Gen Starters [Hatboy]


    I like turtles!

    Source: Reddit.

    Forgot that tag did we?

      No. I assume he is just openly plaguarising.

        Or you know, he could have stumbled across it.
        Not everyone goes to the cesspool that is Reddit and fanatically defends it.
        And this is hardly academic writing; you acknowledge the creators site itself, rather than the random linker.

          You sir, I like you.

      That is the first thing I though of too.

        Or he could take the three seconds to give credit where credit is due?

        Reddit is as much a cesspool as any other online community. Painting an entire community with the same brush is willful ignorance.

          He was dissing Reddit because he like others is tired of all the lame references. No surprise, really. Half of reddit comes from Tumblr anyway.

    someone really loves themselves some Nightmare before christmas

      Tim Burton has some really wonderful artwork...
      I would buy a poke-mod with these characters.. :D

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