Star Wars' Intro Eaten Alive By 30 Rock's

The classic opening to Star Wars gets a little shorter and a lot more contemporary when it's smashed together with the intro to comedy series 30 Rock.

You can see this clip and the original running side-by-side here, just in case you needed to check how well it's been done.

Star Wars 30 Rock Opening [speederbikedad via TDW]


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      I wish Kotakua had a 'slapabitch' button, so i could slap this son-of-a-gun.

      Seriously dude, just shut up or GTFO.
      This was quite bloody amusing.

        Well, I suppose we could give the report button that nickname :P

          Yeah, but reporting takes away the comment, and it's usually for offensive stuff.
          I'd rather see the comment remain, next to a sign "(x amount of) people spanked this monkey"
          *nods wisely*

    Also see;
    Han Solo, P.I.

    Man it fits just too well lol

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