Steam To Start Selling Non-Game Software

Steam To Start Selling Non-Game Software

Valve has announced that its popular Steam service is going to expand beyond games. An email from the company informs us that it will soon host a collection of non-game “Software Titles”. Eehnteresting.

From Valve:

The Software titles coming to Steam range from creativity to productivity. Many of the launch titles will take advantage of popular Steamworks features, such as easy installation, automatic updating, and the ability to save your work to your personal Steam Cloud space so your files may travel with you.

More Software titles will be added in an ongoing fashion following the September 5th launch, and developers will be welcome to submit Software titles via Steam Greenlight.

“The 40 million gamers frequenting Steam are interested in more than playing games,” said Mark Richardson at Valve. “They have told us they would like to have more of their software on Steam, so this expansion is in response to those customer requests.”

Sounds like Steam is on its way towards becoming a fully fledged app store. Here’s hoping its productivity suite comes with built-in achievements.


  • I feel kind of money with the prospect of tying even more money to my steam account and the notion of purchasing software where I can’t get a refund also scares me.

    • Now, now. If it’s always on DRM why can I put my computer into offline mode and remove it from the network and able to play the majority of my games?

      • I believe what he is talking about is the need to be connected to Steam to begin with. Sure you can disconnect and run in off-line mode however you need to be online first to begin with.

        So its not always on but it is a huge pain for me.

  • I just love the idea of needing some software for a specific task and not being able to open it when I need to!

  • Actually, I’m not seeing any evidence there that this’ll be paid software… it could be like the Valve video editor released… It could be digitally available via Steam for free (or at least I suspect there will continue to be free software available).

  • They’d really need to improve the Steam application before I’d consider using it to manager other applications. I live with it for games only because there’s nothing better! But Windows handles applications pretty nicely already, I don’t know why I’d want to add a layer of complexity to it.

  • Hm, it’s interesting that people are most worried about supposed programs not working properly via Steam, and not the Steam experience itself becoming convoluted. I use Steam to keep all my games in order. I don’t want it getting messy with a bunch of other things (I mean stuff on the Store page, or a bunch of extra tabs and notices popping up).

  • sounds cool, im up for it!
    wouldnt mind buying 3ds max and photoshop on it, just hope they dont merge it into the main steam page, keep that for games

  • I find myself becoming increasingly disappointed with some of the directions Valve is taking.

    Obviously their distribution platform is there main focus and money-maker. That’s fine of course business wise (probably tracing back to their Microsoft origins) but it seems like their games development output is alot lower than expected.

    Now at this stage, Valve is loosing some of its prime talent (eg Kelly Bailey, Viktor Antonov) because they’re lost their game focus. And they way they’ve left their original IP, the stuff that made them on a cliff-hanger, with no real confirmation and a scuttled episodic model is sad.

    Steam is great mostly, but where are they going?

  • No thank you, I have had no internet for the past few days and the only way i can log in to steam is with my mobile internet that charges me 25c per megabyte, and clicking offline mode gives me some error saying please connect online, which is annoying since i want to play games i own, so if this happens, any program i buy of there wont be useable offline without logging into steam then disconnecting the internet, this is a no go for me

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