Sure, Why Not, Let's Recreate The Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Inside Battlefield 3

So what's going on with Grand Theft Auto V? Very little, aside from a couple of screenshots and some analysts reading tea leaves and thinking it'll be out by April. A bored Internet public already has recreated the Grand Theft Auto V teaser trailer within the original San Andreas and then in Liberty City (since taken down). Now they're moving on to other games. Like, Battlefield 3.

That's the side-by-side comparison of the original video and this mashup, done by YouTube's KETEGANO15. If you want to see the full-size Battlefield 3 version, it's here.

[h/t TheIvaneh]


    Why does it look like all the people in the BF3 version have ball rash & have to walk awkwardly...

      Due to the fact there is no proper casual walking animation/gun ready walk to my knowledge.

        Ah, right. Cheers!

    Why would you even do this

      Why not!

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