Take 15 Minutes To Play This Awesome Free PC Game

Look, I'm not gonna mince words here. If you own a PC, you owe it to yourself to play Gravity Bone. I don't want to tell you what it's all about, since the game is so short that even telling you the setup would give you information in the same amount of time that you could just experience it for yourself.

I'll just say that it's one of the coolest things I've played on PC lately, and that I can't wait to play the equally short sequel, Thirty Flights of Loving, that Blendo Games just released on their site and on Steam yesterday.

But seriously. Go download Gravity Bone. It's free. Spend 15 minutes playing it. Enjoy.

Gravity Bone [Blendo Official Site, Click "Gravity Bone" for free download]


    It´s an excellent game, I played it abouth five months ago. It is short but entertaining. *spoiler* I still can´t believe I die in the end whatever I do. It is imposible to survive. *end of spoiler*

    I liked Gravity Bone before it was cool

    ffs. what kind of a game dosnt have 1920x1080 these days.

    why would i play that for any more than 5 minutes? its crap.

      Then don't play it. It's entirely possible that people may enjoy the more subtler aesthetics of the experience and don't need to have everything in the high def glam-o-vision with an easy to follow, mindless plot of mainstream games.

    I uh.... wow.

    I guess you could say, he got boned *puts on glasses* by gravity


    The concept and the gameplay are solid. Give it more time for the artists and the sound engineers, and you could have quite the game on your hands. I love the atmosphere of the game.

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