Take A Look At The Newest Trailer Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

A new teaser for Square Enix's rebuilt MMO has surfaced, showing off more of the world and characters that players will encounter when the 2.0 version of the online RPG launches later this year.


    Have you ever really WANTED to like something? Something that punished you in every way you could think of and a few ways you hadn't yet? Ahhh, Final Fantasy. Constantly redefining disappointment.

    I see SquareEnix is still tryin to trick people with CG cutscenes... Also, any news on Final Fantasy 13-4? 13-5. 13-6. So seriously un-funny it's scary!

    The cg is pretty lame, but I don't understand the hate behind the actual game itself. Maybe at launch when it was pretty much broken, but why now, still?
    I mean, I decided to try the game out a few weeks ago and I got hooked, can't wait to get home and play actually.
    Just the general feel of the game,characters, setting, makes it so much more of final fantasy game than 13 ever was or will be...

      As someone that played the game for months, I can tell you that you just run out of things to do and end up grinding all day. And even that became redundant because of the system they had in place where kills started to become worth less and less.

    The guy's face at 0:42 reminds me of those times where you're building up a real nasty fart, and it comes out silently.

    Wont ever play it, but still looks 5000x more interesting than anything to do with FFXIII.

    Well I for one am super-pumped to get the PS3 version. I played the PC version for a bit while it was free. And it was okay. (Nowhere near as good as FFXI, but okay) The amount of behind-the-scenes work that's been going on with this game over the past year though, is staggering. Kudos to Square. They will not let this game die a failure.

    P.S. Is anyone else getting a real FF8 vibe from the music in that video? I was expecting them to start chanting "Fithos Lusec Wecos Venosec" at any moment!

    So, you want us to come back, and your bait to bring people back is cut-scenes? Isn't that how you got most people to play in the first place?

    I will say the dialogue is cheesy, but the music is pretty nice. Now if I only could see some game play. :p

    Ya see, if Square made just an epic adventure game in their world - which they could make for the nextgen consoles look just like that clip - I would buy their games in a heartbeat. I just can't stand all that hitpoint rpg stuff. Imagine if it was accessible to everyone, not just rpg fans. You could just wander through this amazing world, explore, experience the story etc and fight the occasional bad guy in a fluid, filmic and epic way (not every five freaking minutes with the same "jump forward, roll dice, hit, jump back" antiquated gameplay with antiquated action music).

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