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    How was your weekend?

      Awful. :P

      How was yours? Didn't you have a date or something?

        I never know, is the :P supposed to be a happy emoticon or a sad emoticon?

        Why was your weekend awful, Strange?

          Yeah, this. the ":P" seems to mean 'not really' but I can never be sure >.

          I find ":P " to be neither happy or sad. It's for mischief, mayhem, defiance and softening otherwise serious blows. I also overuse it. :P I believe it's actually supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek depiction, or a raspberry-blowing face, depending on who you talk to.

          As for my weekend...let me just say nothing went according to plan, and I am currently in a state of immense dislike for my husband's family.
          Oh, and my PS3 is no longer working properly. It will turn on, but just hangs instead of loading up all the things on the XMB. Going to try and change hard-drives today to see if that makes a difference.

        Uhh, I think that was midweek, although I can't be sure. I'm the worst >.<
        I had a great weekend, thank you :D Lots of lounging about with the puppy, and not a whole lot else. Not even videogames! I really should try playing videogames one of these days :s

        Pics or it didn't happen of your date.
        Whats up strangey?

          What sort of pics are you requesting here?

          I'm far more attractive when the lights are off, Rocketfriend.

        Strange -- that Zelda t-shirt you got for Doc What was something else.

          Thanks! I had loads of fun making it. And my daughter loved it so much I made her one too. :D

      Pretty 'meh'! I wanted to start on an assignment but wasn't feeling well so I ended up doing nothing and still haven't started. Whoops!

      Pretty rotten, i am now sailing by these week on a cloud full of optomism and hope. That should run out quickly then i can be moody and horrible like it was meant to be.

        Wait wait wait... You don't like sailing by on optimism and hope?
        I hope you're alright mang :(

          Eh its not really for me to decide if i am alright, family members in hospital sick. My optomism might be shattered if certain tests come back with not good results. So i will keep on keeping on until i find out more.

      For the first time in a long time, I had a really relaxing, no-stress weekend. Saturday morning I spent playing Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode. I unlocked the N7 Shadow, which is pretty much a playable version of those annoying Cerberus assassin with the sword. I had quite a lot of fun jumping back into ME3's multiplayer after a couple of months of absence. The new maps are fun, and the new classes are different enough from the old ones that you actually have an incentive to get back into it.

      Saturday afternoon I played through Act 2 and most of Act 3 on my Wizard in Diablo 3. I'm only playing on the second difficulty. Nightmare, I think? It continues to impress me how fun the Wizard continues to be. I made a couple hundred thousand gold by playing the auction house, too.

      Sunday I spent on Borderlands and doing some odd jobs around the house. I'm determined to finish off the Borderlands 1 achievements before Borderlands 2 hits. I'm currently at 1455/1750 Gamerscore, and only have a bunch of random DLC achievements left to go. While I was in a random online game last night, I was playing with someone who seemed to be invincible and had a one-shot-kill weapon that killed everything with a single shot. Including the final boss. I levelled up from 45 to 50 in the space of 30 minutes. When we were done, he gave me his shield. I swear it must have been hacked, because it gives me around 2 billion shield points, and I haven't taken a single lick of damage since I got it. That should make finsihing the Mad Moxxi DLC pretty easy, hopefully.

      I wonder if I'll be able to solo Crawmerax?

        Yeah that's one of the problems with joining random games. While I haven't done it my brother did it within the first month of release. He said the first game he joined had a hacker that killed everything in one shot.

      I had a pretty meh weekend.

      LoL European Finales tournament was on, so I spent most of my time watching that.

      Pretty good. I had some fun at the meat on Saturday then played a lot of borderlands on Sunday.

    Guild Wars 2 this week. Squee!!

      Almost no responsibility this week. Squee! :D

      I still can't decide between playing a human or sylvari for my first character.

      Also, I just learned the other day that Norn are huge. I thought they were just like humans only they lived up north, sorta like Nords in Elder Scrolls. Nope. Turns out they're giants.

        Yeah they really are insanely tall. Even the shortest Norn absolutely towers over the tallest human. Me being an Ausra will have to watch out I do not get stepped on.

      wait, it's out that soon?
      But ... but I still have so many games.

        Technically it's out next week, but early access for pre purchases starts on Saturday.

      Oh god I'm so excited. purposely did all of next weeks readings so i can have a guilt free weekend.

    Beginning week 2 of using a standing desk. Hopefully it's easier than the 1st week!

    I actually worked really well last week though, I got heaps of stuff done.

      "Maybe if I keep working, I won't mind being so damned uncomfortable!"

    Morning fellow TAYbies! Weekend was good, I mowed my lawn, beat that!

    On a side note, I have 2 copies of Torchlight (To give for FREE) and 1 copy of Torchlight 2 pre-order on Steam for anyone who wishes to trade, as I thought I'd be nice and buy it for someone, but Steam didn't want to show me that they had already pre-ordered it until I tried to gift it to them... Steam is SCAM! a beautiful SCAM I tells ya!

      New version of my game!

      Fixed 'jumping then hiding and still being able to move around' bug
      Made monster's eyes glow
      Added a box around the text so it's more visible
      Gave the watch to the player at the start of the game
      Added some more to the game music
      Added monster sound effects
      Changed 'look' to 'examine' on the main menu
      Added a restart option on the end game screen

      Feedback will be muchly appreciated, as always, but with only 2 and a half hours left in the comp, I doubt I'd be able to change much now :P

    So what's everyone's experience with Mann vs Machine in TF2 so far?

    I've played a few games and had pretty mixed results. Matchmaking seems determined to take forever (except for the one time that it didn't) and throw me into servers scattered across the globe.

    The game mode itself is fun but feels like it locks you into a specific class thanks to the upgrade mechanic. The difficulty also ramps up quite significantly towards the end, to the point where I haven't actually managed to finish all of the waves. Damned Major League Scouts.

      I haven't tried it yet. I've never been a huge fan of TF2 but I was thinking of getting back into it when I heard a third team was coming, but then it turned out the third team was for a horde mode rather than 3 way team battles and I sort of lost interest.

      Played a bit last night, thought it was pretty decent. So far Heavy is my fav class. I don't bother with the matchmaking and just search for decent servers with low ping and a free spot.

      Wouldn't mind playing some more, did seem pretty fun for the small amount of time I was in there.

        Finding open servers through the server list is apparently impossible for me. Was locked out of every apparently open server I could spot.

      Great, now that I'm running my own frickin' server...

      It's a game mode that'll probably get old for me in a week or two, but then I'll be back in it 2 months from now, and cycle through that system for ages.

      I find the game mode itself to be a huge amount of fun. Especially as Scout with fully upgraded run speed/scattergun and the Fan o'War. Gotta go fast! (Collecting money overheals you as well which is awesome. I had 500HP at one point)

      I do agree though that they really lock you into your class. I wish that if you changed classes you could get some of the money you've collected back.

        Playing a Pyro with enough movement speed to keep up with a normal Scout was pretty awesome. Those Backburner run-bys.

    Pro tip for anyone who reads comics digitally or is planning to: read Batman #5 on a tablet or mobile device, not on a desktop computer, unless you want to get a really sore neck.

    On the weekend while I was on teamspeak, we were talking about DarkSouls. Glahmang asked "Imagine if there was a Hardcore mode". Since saying that I can't shake the idea of starting again as the "Deprived" class and see if I can play through the game, Defeating all Optional Bosses, without dieing. I know it is probably something that would send any human being insane but, as I said, I just can't get the idea out of my head.

      *Since hearing that


      That was Glahmang's idea.

        Was it you that had the idea? I have no idea :P

      It's definitely doable if you skip the "without dying" part.

      I remember while sitting at the Undead Parish bonfire once I saw this giant nekkid guy with a sword running around, he was either completely nuts or very skilled, not sure which.

        So it's doable apart from the bit where you do it :p

          Well, dying is so much a part of the game I can't imagine it feeling right without dying. :P

            You're allowed to die. You just have to start from scratch when you do.

        Yeah, I think it would be less of a "see if I can do it without dying" and more of a "see how far I can get without dying"

          Let's be honest, it would more be a case of "see how many times you can restart and do Undead Burg before committing suicide."

    I'd like to publically thank Doc What's familia for the magnificent spread. Sweet jesus. I had the meat sweats. I ate so much.

      But I'm sure you lost most of it chasing all of us in the woods :-)

    Who the hell thought printers were a good idea, ever? I'd like to meet that evil, sadistic sod. I really would :D

    Morning TAY. I hope you all had a good weekend.

    Had a busy weekend, between multiple dinners out, drinking, taking photos and buying new games my weekend went very fast.

    Finally bout diablo ]I[ and am thoroughly enjoying it. Also Bought Naruto ultimate ninja storm Generations. Didnt get a whole lotta time on it, but so far i am enjoying it.

    Add to this my usual cod addiction and a little bit of Skyrim for good measure, i think i may have made my self a little ADHD.

    Also...can someone tell winter to piss off? Went up the hills into the forest to take some photos yesterday, and got covered head to toe in mud. SO MUCH MUD. Also leeches...seriously, what sorta of evolutionary process creates leeches, they are horrible things and should be cast from this earth......

      Leeches are adorable. On a year 11 Bio trip, I was disappointed when, at least initially, I didn't get any leech bites. Thankfully I did, and we brought them back to Canberra as pets, before they exploded.

        The fuck? Haha

        Please elaborate :)

          We went on a trip, we brought back Leeches as a joke. A friend of mine made a house for them, and we figured we'd get a few months out of them, as most Leeches only need to feed every 6 months or so. He donated the Leeches to the school, and within a few days they had all either died, and shrivelled up, or exploded, spraying blood over their housing. Best pets.

    After 30 extremely enjoyable hours, I am mid-way through new game plus in Resident Evil 4 with a mafia suit and an infinite-ammo tommy gun that is completely destroying everything I point it at.

    God mode is so much more fun when you've earned it.

      Resident Evil 4 is the best.

        To get 1000/1000 achievements I need to finish it on pro now. That might take me a while. At least I've got Ashley's armour though.

          If I do this, it will be the first time ever that I have 100%d a modern game. Last time I 100%d a game was Mario 64!

      best thing about that costume?

      Ashley can't die. i spent a lot of time getting my stress out by shooting her with the chicago typewriter for a few minutes, good times.

      also, if you haven't already, i reccomend you keep on reloading with the Chicago typewriter while in the gangster suit, it's pretty cool what happens

        I love that she can't die. Last night I got to the part in the castle where she's operating the cranks and you're defending her. SO much easier. That whole room and the next is still ridiculously intense though even with Ashley in armour. I don't like her clanking about, but she's certainly much less of a hassle now. I love how when you draw your weapon, instead of ducking she now just closes her lid.

        And the typewriter 'reload' is awesome.

        It took me until about halfway to the castle to get my 1 million ptas to buy the typewriter. Currently contemplating saving up for the infinite RL now!

          Oh oh, and when fighting the blind dude with the Wolverine claws, I just asked Ashley to wait and he went for her instead of me! Pretty easy :)

      Also, towards the end of my mad dash to save 1 million ptas to buy the tommy gun, I started getting a bit careless. My accuracy was being reported as 50%. Woops.

    Howdy Tayberinos

    Hope your weekends were good. I went to see some friends in Gawler, which for those who don't know Adelaide, is a slightly seedy town just north of Adelaide proper.

    So my monday morning question: What's the dodgiest in-game location of them all? There are some parts of Los Santos in San Andreas where I wouldn't want to be at night

      Freeside New Vegas.
      Everytime I step into that place, I get attacked by at least 3 thugs. Every bloody time.
      There could be 9 or 10 corpses on the ground, but I will still get some pathetic loser attacking me with a knife, while I am wearing power armour.

    I had a relaxing but disappointing weekend. had friday off so got up at 6am and went down to Lakes Entrance for the two nights with my wife, brother, and some friends. Accommodation was great weather was VERY lousy.

    On a plus note, we spent most of Friday chilling, drinking excessively, and playing board games. (picture a drunk bloke trying to act out "Theory of Relativity" in a game of Charades... i have no idea how, but my wife actually got it!

    So afterwords i fired up the laptop, hooked up the HDMI to the TV, pulled out the Xbox 360 Sensor and 4 x 360 Controllers (i was well prepared for the bad weather!) and it was on. A few games of Mega Bomberman on the Kega Fusion 360 emulator, and some rounds of Mario Party 3 later, and it was off to bed. Saturday consisted mainly of market trawling and lounging around in the heated spa and pool -with lots of wine.

    Then Sunday comes around... the sun is out, not a cloud in the sky, the birds are singing.... and we are packing to come home. CURSES!

    Murphy's Law eh?

      Also, yes I do legally own the carts!!!

      Mario Party on a laptop? What is this sorcery?

        I have a Kaiser Baas Game Recorder AV component cable which plugs straight into our desktop. It lets us play the N64 and any other device with an AV cable through our PC. It's pretty sweet.

          as hard as i want to use my real hardware, i cant get a decent look on a HDTV, its fine on an old CRT but thats it. The best i ever got was using a HDMI upscaler, that worked quite well, but a software solution just works so damn better.

        emulated :) in my defence the output was to a 50" HD LCD... the AF, FSA and Super2xSal settings breathes new life into the games :)

        If you're interested, checkout the thread below which has some nice pics... scroll down to the mario64 ones thatll give you an idea...

          Thanks, I've emailed this to myself for future reference :)

            to save you the hassle Project64 is about the best 64 emu you can get.... currently playing through goldeneye again

    Used Ebay for the first time in forever this morning. I only ever use it as an absolute last resort method. So many US auctions have "region blocking" to international buyers. I tried to buy the item (no mention of US only shipping anywhere on the page that I could see), but wasn't allowed to because my address was in Australia. I ended up e-mailing the seller, and they were really nice about it, and didn't have any problem in sending the item overseas. But to allow me to even buy it in the first place, they had to change some auction settings, and make "exceptions" (Ebay's words, not the seller's) The whole thing was a lot of rooting around for something that seems so simple. Ah well, soon my TMNT Mikey will be on his way to me :D

    Seriously though, I remember a time when things were easy... :/

      Yeah, I used to use eBay a whole lot when it first became big but these days it's a last resort for me as well. I find it too bloated and unwieldy.
      You'll have to post pics of your TMNT when it arrives. :)

    Thanks, Australia Post.
    Two slips of paper telling me to pick up my parcels are so much more satisfying than actually getting my items.

      Could be worse, they could have stuffed the packed into the tiny mailbox like one postie did to my parcel. Don't know how he managed to fit it in there, because I had to cut the item out of the package just to get it out.

      The headphones I ordered went to Alice Springs instead of Alyangula, and waited there 'til I called Aus Post to enquire as to their whereabouts.
      At least you know that the items are awaiting pickup, yeah? \o/

    Moved into the master room in my apartment this weekend. Spent about $1k on stuff at ikea on Saturday and spent Sunday building a queen size bed. I’ve put together at least a dozen ikea beds before, but this one was the hardest – took me atleast 5 hours. Also managed to rent out the spare room on Sunday, so I can finally de-stress slightly. Will be spending the next couple days cleaning up my room and putting together bedside tables and then on to registering for my Finance degree.

      Very exciting, good luck!

      I've often thought if I was renting out a room I would have to make sure the other person was as into Halo LAN parties as I am.

    Morning TAY.
    Have some cool Polish movie posters.

    So that weekend eh?
    I spent more than half of it waiting for a removealist to come & get my ex's stuff out of the garage. fun times.

    Also, The Sandman. I finally got around to reading the last two volumes. Oh god damn. Its been so long since I've read a book thats had that sort of punch to it. The final book has such a perfectly realised bittersweet conclusion.

    And Spec Ops : The Line. Finished the campaign on saturday. I'm still thinking about it (in a good way). It was really the most pleasently surprising game I've played in aaages. So much more to it than I expected story-wise. My hat is of to the developers of that one.

    Umm.... yeah.
    How're you lot?

      I'm ok,
      nothing new, sending more job applications and maybe doing some shopping in the afternoon.

      Wow, some of those posters are awesome. I love the Kill Bill one, it's so simple but evocative.

      [Insert rambling Spec Ops: The Line endorsement here. Again.]


    New version of my game!

    Fixed 'jumping then hiding and still being able to move around' bug
    Made monster's eyes glow
    Added a box around the text so it's more visible
    Gave the watch to the player at the start of the game
    Added some more to the game music
    Added monster sound effects
    Changed 'look' to 'examine' on the main menu
    Added a restart option on the end game screen

    Feedback will be muchly appreciated as always, but with only 2 and a half hours left in the comp, I doubt I'd be able to change much now :P

      Your patch notes are lacking:

      Gave character a pretty ribbon in New Game Plus mode.

        This reference is lost on me :/

          Not a reference.

          Well, maybe a slight one to I Want To Be The Guy that gives you a ribbon if you play on easy mode. I just like patch notes that aren't related to the game.

      Yeah, the glowing eyes on the monsters really helps a lot now and it's still as tense trying to avoid them.

        How about the music? Is it a bit better now?

          Yeah, it's better now, there is a bit more variety to the tune and I can hear the enemy sound effects now, I couldn't hear some of them last night.

            That's probably because there weren't any enemy sound effects last night. Only put them in this morning :P

      Slightly outdated feedback from last night's version:
      Jump seemed useless apart from entering the elevator.
      Felt like I examined / hid behind everything but only got 6 / 10 mcguffins.
      Think I got a 'found something' noise for hiding behind a robot (and not finding anything) most of the way along the 3rd level down.

      Glowing monster eyes and starting with the watch makes it sound like it will be easier and less frustrating, can't try the new version though.

      Hope this helps!

        You also use jump for jumping across the elevator shaft.
        Did you get to the basement? There's more stuff in there.
        I had that happen once in one of the cubicles. Couldn't replicate the bug though, so I didn't know what the problem was :/ There should've been another secret file appear, but if you unhide then hide again, it should appear. I'll have to look into it.

        I've found 9/10 files so far. Still searching for the 10th one.

        The glowing eyes still make it tense, don't worry it's not super easy, you just need to be patient.

    Pet hate of mine #23
    When companies dont update the information on their websites to reflect actual practice.
    eg: 1 ) a store in Sydney's Strand Arcade. Their site says their open til 4 on Sundays. Go into town, turn up.... nope. they're not open Sundays at all.
    2) Browsing a job site. Find a job that I'm actually qualified for, in a field thats more interesting than what I'm currently in, is easy to get to, and pays well. Applications must be in by the 10th August.


      I love the job application ones. Same goes for used cars and rentals. Particularly the ones that have been edited to say that it's gone.

      Why not just remove the listing?

        Coz I think they're gloating.
        "hey there, this awesome job / car / flat was availble! but its not now! someone got it! AND IT WASNT YOU!!!!! We realise that a job you are both qualified to do and pays at award rate is a particulary rare one to find. Well, that was the only one you've seen in 18 months, so we hope you enjoy looking fruitlessly for yet another 18 months. In the meantime, heres that same da just to rub it in."

          Wow. I really think I need to go home, have a hot chocolate, go back to bed & chill the hell out. Way too aggro for a monday.

            Tea is also quite good.

      Continuing that rant... Shops that don't have any web presence at all. Local restaurants seem to be the biggest offenders. I just want to have a look at your menu before deciding if I want to go! :P

    So... Darksiders II is pretty sweet. Haven't played much, but like it so far. Same Darksiders vibe but with a twist.
    The only issue I have with it is I can see everything or read the text/stats on my crumby CRT.

    I really should have bought a new TV before I bought an apartment. Probably won't be able to afford one for a while.

      Wow, I thought I was alone and everyone else had sweet HDTVs. I have an old CRT as well and I assume you meant to write 'can't see' and yes, I have that problem with a lot of games when I use my CRT. I'm sure the games would look better as well on a HDTV. Oh well. :-)

        I put two CRT's next to each other to make it seem more high tech

          Ha Ha, sweet dual monitor setup ;-)

          At least the CRTs are helpful for playing older games. Mine is great when I need to play my PS2 games.

      On the bright side CRT has excellent colours! I was sad when my old one blew up, was the go to TV for watching old movies and playing old games.

        Really? Cool. Now I'll never throw away this thing :-)

    Sure my copy is preordered online and probably won't show up until next week or so, but IT'S STILL TRANSFORMERS WEEK!

    This is like Space Marine week but with TRANSFORMERS!

    Also when attending the Transformers FoC talk at ComicCon the team confirmed that there WILL be another Stan Bush song in Fall of Cybertron.


      I'm looking forward to using my pre-order G1 Optimus skin in multiplayer as a Decepticon. Nemesis Prime time, baby! Whoo!

        Also, I didn't know the G1 Prime skin was usable in multiplayer.

      In honour of this momentous occasion, I am listening to Transformers The Movie soundtrack everyday this week, quite often 2 or 3 times a day.
      Wooo, dare to be stupid!

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    61: Hermes and Thoth 2 posts, (0.13%, 89 words, avg 44.50 words/post)
    61: Trollius 2 posts, (0.13%, 15 words, avg 7.50 words/post)
    61: Jo 2 posts, (0.13%, 8 words, avg 4.00 words/post)
    61: Grandmaster B-Funk 2 posts, (0.13%, 32 words, avg 16.00 words/post)
    61: Freyr 2 posts, (0.13%, 15 words, avg 7.50 words/post)
    61: Blackhawks 2 posts, (0.13%, 40 words, avg 20.00 words/post)
    61: Shane 2 posts, (0.13%, 38 words, avg 19.00 words/post)
    70: j 1 posts, (0.06%, 1 words, avg 1.00 words/post)
    70: Pyrean 1 posts, (0.06%, 35 words, avg 35.00 words/post)
    70: ShiggyNinty 1 posts, (0.06%, 3 words, avg 3.00 words/post)
    70: Matthew J Hellscream 1 posts, (0.06%, 14 words, avg 14.00 words/post)
    70: DAN! 1 posts, (0.06%, 19 words, avg 19.00 words/post)
    70: FatShady 1 posts, (0.06%, 37 words, avg 37.00 words/post)
    70: Pow! Right in the TAY! 1 posts, (0.06%, 92 words, avg 92.00 words/post)
    70: M11 1 posts, (0.06%, 13 words, avg 13.00 words/post)
    70: Edward 1 posts, (0.06%, 21 words, avg 21.00 words/post)
    Post #1: AlexPants on Monday, August 13, 2012 at 8:31 AM

      Wow what the hell TaY. Back in my day we were pushing 7,000+ posts, also walked to school barefoot etc.

    also for your lunchtime viewing:


      Is it weird that I noticed most of the girls had the same generic red shirt gundam helm (I don't remember what it's actually called but it's the generic one that gets blown up a lot when the heroes show up). Even Hyuna had a pink version of it.

      Except the girls at the end dressed as different occupations.

      Why am I even analysing this?

        But is it art? :-)

          Slip me $20 and anything you want can be art.

    I love doing my washing. Today I found $55 in the breast pocket of my work shirt!

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