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Talk Amongst Yourselves

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      • I never know, is the πŸ˜› supposed to be a happy emoticon or a sad emoticon?

        Why was your weekend awful, Strange?

        • I find “:P ” to be neither happy or sad. It’s for mischief, mayhem, defiance and softening otherwise serious blows. I also overuse it. πŸ˜› I believe it’s actually supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek depiction, or a raspberry-blowing face, depending on who you talk to.

          As for my weekend…let me just say nothing went according to plan, and I am currently in a state of immense dislike for my husband’s family.
          Oh, and my PS3 is no longer working properly. It will turn on, but just hangs instead of loading up all the things on the XMB. Going to try and change hard-drives today to see if that makes a difference.

      • Uhh, I think that was midweek, although I can’t be sure. I’m the worst >.<
        I had a great weekend, thank you πŸ˜€ Lots of lounging about with the puppy, and not a whole lot else. Not even videogames! I really should try playing videogames one of these days :s

    • Pretty ‘meh’! I wanted to start on an assignment but wasn’t feeling well so I ended up doing nothing and still haven’t started. Whoops!

    • Pretty rotten, i am now sailing by these week on a cloud full of optomism and hope. That should run out quickly then i can be moody and horrible like it was meant to be.

        • Eh its not really for me to decide if i am alright, family members in hospital sick. My optomism might be shattered if certain tests come back with not good results. So i will keep on keeping on until i find out more.

    • For the first time in a long time, I had a really relaxing, no-stress weekend. Saturday morning I spent playing Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode. I unlocked the N7 Shadow, which is pretty much a playable version of those annoying Cerberus assassin with the sword. I had quite a lot of fun jumping back into ME3’s multiplayer after a couple of months of absence. The new maps are fun, and the new classes are different enough from the old ones that you actually have an incentive to get back into it.

      Saturday afternoon I played through Act 2 and most of Act 3 on my Wizard in Diablo 3. I’m only playing on the second difficulty. Nightmare, I think? It continues to impress me how fun the Wizard continues to be. I made a couple hundred thousand gold by playing the auction house, too.

      Sunday I spent on Borderlands and doing some odd jobs around the house. I’m determined to finish off the Borderlands 1 achievements before Borderlands 2 hits. I’m currently at 1455/1750 Gamerscore, and only have a bunch of random DLC achievements left to go. While I was in a random online game last night, I was playing with someone who seemed to be invincible and had a one-shot-kill weapon that killed everything with a single shot. Including the final boss. I levelled up from 45 to 50 in the space of 30 minutes. When we were done, he gave me his shield. I swear it must have been hacked, because it gives me around 2 billion shield points, and I haven’t taken a single lick of damage since I got it. That should make finsihing the Mad Moxxi DLC pretty easy, hopefully.

      I wonder if I’ll be able to solo Crawmerax?

      • Yeah that’s one of the problems with joining random games. While I haven’t done it my brother did it within the first month of release. He said the first game he joined had a hacker that killed everything in one shot.

  • Beginning week 2 of using a standing desk. Hopefully it’s easier than the 1st week!

    I actually worked really well last week though, I got heaps of stuff done.

  • Morning fellow TAYbies! Weekend was good, I mowed my lawn, beat that!

    On a side note, I have 2 copies of Torchlight (To give for FREE) and 1 copy of Torchlight 2 pre-order on Steam for anyone who wishes to trade, as I thought I’d be nice and buy it for someone, but Steam didn’t want to show me that they had already pre-ordered it until I tried to gift it to them… Steam is SCAM! a beautiful SCAM I tells ya!

  • So what’s everyone’s experience with Mann vs Machine in TF2 so far?

    I’ve played a few games and had pretty mixed results. Matchmaking seems determined to take forever (except for the one time that it didn’t) and throw me into servers scattered across the globe.

    The game mode itself is fun but feels like it locks you into a specific class thanks to the upgrade mechanic. The difficulty also ramps up quite significantly towards the end, to the point where I haven’t actually managed to finish all of the waves. Damned Major League Scouts.

    • I haven’t tried it yet. I’ve never been a huge fan of TF2 but I was thinking of getting back into it when I heard a third team was coming, but then it turned out the third team was for a horde mode rather than 3 way team battles and I sort of lost interest.

    • Played a bit last night, thought it was pretty decent. So far Heavy is my fav class. I don’t bother with the matchmaking and just search for decent servers with low ping and a free spot.

      Wouldn’t mind playing some more, did seem pretty fun for the small amount of time I was in there.

      • Finding open servers through the server list is apparently impossible for me. Was locked out of every apparently open server I could spot.

    • Great, now that I’m running my own frickin’ server…

      It’s a game mode that’ll probably get old for me in a week or two, but then I’ll be back in it 2 months from now, and cycle through that system for ages.

    • I find the game mode itself to be a huge amount of fun. Especially as Scout with fully upgraded run speed/scattergun and the Fan o’War. Gotta go fast! (Collecting money overheals you as well which is awesome. I had 500HP at one point)

      I do agree though that they really lock you into your class. I wish that if you changed classes you could get some of the money you’ve collected back.

  • Pro tip for anyone who reads comics digitally or is planning to: read Batman #5 on a tablet or mobile device, not on a desktop computer, unless you want to get a really sore neck.

  • On the weekend while I was on teamspeak, we were talking about DarkSouls. Glahmang asked “Imagine if there was a Hardcore mode”. Since saying that I can’t shake the idea of starting again as the “Deprived” class and see if I can play through the game, Defeating all Optional Bosses, without dieing. I know it is probably something that would send any human being insane but, as I said, I just can’t get the idea out of my head.

  • Would anyone be interested in a Transformers: Fall of Cybertron community playdate this week? I’m thinking a multiplayer night for this Friday, the 24th of August, on ExBawks 360.

  • Who the hell thought printers were a good idea, ever? I’d like to meet that evil, sadistic sod. I really would πŸ˜€

  • Morning TAY. I hope you all had a good weekend.

    Had a busy weekend, between multiple dinners out, drinking, taking photos and buying new games my weekend went very fast.

    Finally bout diablo ]I[ and am thoroughly enjoying it. Also Bought Naruto ultimate ninja storm Generations. Didnt get a whole lotta time on it, but so far i am enjoying it.

    Add to this my usual cod addiction and a little bit of Skyrim for good measure, i think i may have made my self a little ADHD.

    Also…can someone tell winter to piss off? Went up the hills into the forest to take some photos yesterday, and got covered head to toe in mud. SO MUCH MUD. Also leeches…seriously, what sorta of evolutionary process creates leeches, they are horrible things and should be cast from this earth……

    • Leeches are adorable. On a year 11 Bio trip, I was disappointed when, at least initially, I didn’t get any leech bites. Thankfully I did, and we brought them back to Canberra as pets, before they exploded.

        • We went on a trip, we brought back Leeches as a joke. A friend of mine made a house for them, and we figured we’d get a few months out of them, as most Leeches only need to feed every 6 months or so. He donated the Leeches to the school, and within a few days they had all either died, and shrivelled up, or exploded, spraying blood over their housing. Best pets.

  • After 30 extremely enjoyable hours, I am mid-way through new game plus in Resident Evil 4 with a mafia suit and an infinite-ammo tommy gun that is completely destroying everything I point it at.

    God mode is so much more fun when you’ve earned it.

      • To get 1000/1000 achievements I need to finish it on pro now. That might take me a while. At least I’ve got Ashley’s armour though.

    • best thing about that costume?

      Ashley can’t die. i spent a lot of time getting my stress out by shooting her with the chicago typewriter for a few minutes, good times.

      also, if you haven’t already, i reccomend you keep on reloading with the Chicago typewriter while in the gangster suit, it’s pretty cool what happens

      • I love that she can’t die. Last night I got to the part in the castle where she’s operating the cranks and you’re defending her. SO much easier. That whole room and the next is still ridiculously intense though even with Ashley in armour. I don’t like her clanking about, but she’s certainly much less of a hassle now. I love how when you draw your weapon, instead of ducking she now just closes her lid.

        And the typewriter ‘reload’ is awesome.

        It took me until about halfway to the castle to get my 1 million ptas to buy the typewriter. Currently contemplating saving up for the infinite RL now!

        • Oh oh, and when fighting the blind dude with the Wolverine claws, I just asked Ashley to wait and he went for her instead of me! Pretty easy πŸ™‚

    • Also, towards the end of my mad dash to save 1 million ptas to buy the tommy gun, I started getting a bit careless. My accuracy was being reported as 50%. Woops.

  • Howdy Tayberinos

    Hope your weekends were good. I went to see some friends in Gawler, which for those who don’t know Adelaide, is a slightly seedy town just north of Adelaide proper.

    So my monday morning question: What’s the dodgiest in-game location of them all? There are some parts of Los Santos in San Andreas where I wouldn’t want to be at night

  • I had a relaxing but disappointing weekend. had friday off so got up at 6am and went down to Lakes Entrance for the two nights with my wife, brother, and some friends. Accommodation was great weather was VERY lousy.

    On a plus note, we spent most of Friday chilling, drinking excessively, and playing board games. (picture a drunk bloke trying to act out “Theory of Relativity” in a game of Charades… i have no idea how, but my wife actually got it!

    So afterwords i fired up the laptop, hooked up the HDMI to the TV, pulled out the Xbox 360 Sensor and 4 x 360 Controllers (i was well prepared for the bad weather!) and it was on. A few games of Mega Bomberman on the Kega Fusion 360 emulator, and some rounds of Mario Party 3 later, and it was off to bed. Saturday consisted mainly of market trawling and lounging around in the heated spa and pool -with lots of wine.

    Then Sunday comes around… the sun is out, not a cloud in the sky, the birds are singing…. and we are packing to come home. CURSES!

    Murphy’s Law eh?

  • Used Ebay for the first time in forever this morning. I only ever use it as an absolute last resort method. So many US auctions have “region blocking” to international buyers. I tried to buy the item (no mention of US only shipping anywhere on the page that I could see), but wasn’t allowed to because my address was in Australia. I ended up e-mailing the seller, and they were really nice about it, and didn’t have any problem in sending the item overseas. But to allow me to even buy it in the first place, they had to change some auction settings, and make “exceptions” (Ebay’s words, not the seller’s) The whole thing was a lot of rooting around for something that seems so simple. Ah well, soon my TMNT Mikey will be on his way to me πŸ˜€

    Seriously though, I remember a time when things were easy… :/

    • Yeah, I used to use eBay a whole lot when it first became big but these days it’s a last resort for me as well. I find it too bloated and unwieldy.
      You’ll have to post pics of your TMNT when it arrives. πŸ™‚

  • Thanks, Australia Post.
    Two slips of paper telling me to pick up my parcels are so much more satisfying than actually getting my items.

    • Could be worse, they could have stuffed the packed into the tiny mailbox like one postie did to my parcel. Don’t know how he managed to fit it in there, because I had to cut the item out of the package just to get it out.

    • The headphones I ordered went to Alice Springs instead of Alyangula, and waited there ’til I called Aus Post to enquire as to their whereabouts.
      At least you know that the items are awaiting pickup, yeah? \o/

  • Moved into the master room in my apartment this weekend. Spent about $1k on stuff at ikea on Saturday and spent Sunday building a queen size bed. I’ve put together at least a dozen ikea beds before, but this one was the hardest – took me atleast 5 hours. Also managed to rent out the spare room on Sunday, so I can finally de-stress slightly. Will be spending the next couple days cleaning up my room and putting together bedside tables and then on to registering for my Finance degree.

    • Very exciting, good luck!

      I’ve often thought if I was renting out a room I would have to make sure the other person was as into Halo LAN parties as I am.

  • Morning TAY.
    Have some cool Polish movie posters.

    So that weekend eh?
    I spent more than half of it waiting for a removealist to come & get my ex’s stuff out of the garage. fun times.

    Also, The Sandman. I finally got around to reading the last two volumes. Oh god damn. Its been so long since I’ve read a book thats had that sort of punch to it. The final book has such a perfectly realised bittersweet conclusion.

    And Spec Ops : The Line. Finished the campaign on saturday. I’m still thinking about it (in a good way). It was really the most pleasently surprising game I’ve played in aaages. So much more to it than I expected story-wise. My hat is of to the developers of that one.

    Umm…. yeah.
    How’re you lot?

    • I’m ok,
      nothing new, sending more job applications and maybe doing some shopping in the afternoon.

      Wow, some of those posters are awesome. I love the Kill Bill one, it’s so simple but evocative.

  • New version of my game!

    Fixed ‘jumping then hiding and still being able to move around’ bug
    Made monster’s eyes glow
    Added a box around the text so it’s more visible
    Gave the watch to the player at the start of the game
    Added some more to the game music
    Added monster sound effects
    Changed ‘look’ to ‘examine’ on the main menu
    Added a restart option on the end game screen

    Feedback will be muchly appreciated as always, but with only 2 and a half hours left in the comp, I doubt I’d be able to change much now πŸ˜›

    • Slightly outdated feedback from last night’s version:
      Jump seemed useless apart from entering the elevator.
      Felt like I examined / hid behind everything but only got 6 / 10 mcguffins.
      Think I got a ‘found something’ noise for hiding behind a robot (and not finding anything) most of the way along the 3rd level down.

      Glowing monster eyes and starting with the watch makes it sound like it will be easier and less frustrating, can’t try the new version though.

      Hope this helps!

      • You also use jump for jumping across the elevator shaft.
        Did you get to the basement? There’s more stuff in there.
        I had that happen once in one of the cubicles. Couldn’t replicate the bug though, so I didn’t know what the problem was :/ There should’ve been another secret file appear, but if you unhide then hide again, it should appear. I’ll have to look into it.

      • I’ve found 9/10 files so far. Still searching for the 10th one.

        The glowing eyes still make it tense, don’t worry it’s not super easy, you just need to be patient.

  • Pet hate of mine #23
    When companies dont update the information on their websites to reflect actual practice.
    eg: 1 ) a store in Sydney’s Strand Arcade. Their site says their open til 4 on Sundays. Go into town, turn up…. nope. they’re not open Sundays at all.
    2) Browsing a job site. Find a job that I’m actually qualified for, in a field thats more interesting than what I’m currently in, is easy to get to, and pays well. Applications must be in by the 10th August.


    • I love the job application ones. Same goes for used cars and rentals. Particularly the ones that have been edited to say that it’s gone.

      Why not just remove the listing?

      • Coz I think they’re gloating.
        “hey there, this awesome job / car / flat was availble! but its not now! someone got it! AND IT WASNT YOU!!!!! We realise that a job you are both qualified to do and pays at award rate is a particulary rare one to find. Well, that was the only one you’ve seen in 18 months, so we hope you enjoy looking fruitlessly for yet another 18 months. In the meantime, heres that same da just to rub it in.”

    • Continuing that rant… Shops that don’t have any web presence at all. Local restaurants seem to be the biggest offenders. I just want to have a look at your menu before deciding if I want to go! πŸ˜›

  • So… Darksiders II is pretty sweet. Haven’t played much, but like it so far. Same Darksiders vibe but with a twist.
    The only issue I have with it is I can see everything or read the text/stats on my crumby CRT.

    I really should have bought a new TV before I bought an apartment. Probably won’t be able to afford one for a while.

    Sure my copy is preordered online and probably won’t show up until next week or so, but IT’S STILL TRANSFORMERS WEEK!

    This is like Space Marine week but with TRANSFORMERS!

    Also when attending the Transformers FoC talk at ComicCon the team confirmed that there WILL be another Stan Bush song in Fall of Cybertron.


    • I’m looking forward to using my pre-order G1 Optimus skin in multiplayer as a Decepticon. Nemesis Prime time, baby! Whoo!

    • In honour of this momentous occasion, I am listening to Transformers The Movie soundtrack everyday this week, quite often 2 or 3 times a day.
      Wooo, dare to be stupid!

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  • Old Man Doc_What’s Birthday Meat

    In a daring move that seemed waaaay too reminiscent of high school, I was first to arrive. Doc seemed so lonely in his sister’s huge and very nice house. Major kudos to her for allowing us to use it. I had planned on borrowing a bunch of Nerf guns from my neighbours, but when I went to collect them no one was home. However seeing the giant pile of weapons and ammunition on the floor, I fel safe saying that anything I would have brought would have been next to useless by comparison.

    After chatting for a little while, Doc and I fired up the PS3 while we waited for the others to show up. Scrolling through the list of games, I came across a title that I had been desperate to play – Journey. I felt kinda bad about picking out a single player game but Doc said I needed to play it. So I did. And my god am I glad I did. I had managed to stay spoiler-free for the most part, and on playing through I felt myself sort of building a story in my head over and above what I was being shown on screen. The title may have been Journey, but to me a more appropriate one would have been Fate. How it felt to me was that as I crossed the world, I was being shown what was going to happen, but no matter what I tried to do to change it, I was inevitably pushed back to what I had seen coming. I don’t want to get into too many details for anyone who hasn’t played it, but it was definitely an incredible game. Looks and sounds amazing too. Seriously a game has no right to look that good, especially the “underwater” and final levels.

    While I was absorbed, a few others showed up – Shiggy, AlexPants, Heather, Hollie, Powalen, MASHAAAA and Batguy with family at various times. Now that we had enough people, the nerf guns were distributed and we made our way over the road into the bush and set up for a couple of games of Capture the Flag. The flag being a piece of paper with a large branch stuck through it (improvisation \o/ ). There was a bit of confusion over the rules but in the end it was decided that 3 people would defend and 6 would attack. Running through the bush, spiky plants, fallen branches and a lot of cow bones made for an interesting afternoon. Great fun was had by all, and there are now many dozen nerf bullets lost in the wilderness that is Harrington Grove.

    After a couple of rounds (and Shiggy spending a good 15 mins searching for a mysteriously disappearingg Batguy) we headed back to the house to refuel and recharge (and found that Batguy was there all along), before promptly getting distracted by the mountain of food that the Good Doc’s Good Parents had set out for us . Sooo much food. Sausages, burgers, bacon, salad, Doc’s famous curry. We all ate like Kings and Queens. And then the cake came out. People started talking about going back for more nerf guns, but I honestly felt that my stomach would rupture if I moved, much less had to run through the woods again. Thankfully we again stood around for a little while before someone walked out the door and the rest of us followed.

    Mark had shown up while the food was being served (funny coincidence I’m sure.. Apparently he “locked himself out” again, causing his lateness. A likely story) and it was decided that he should be Patient Zero, the first of the undead, sent from the underworld to claim the rest of the TAYbies in eternal brain-addiction. After butchering a couple more metaphors we started up a round of Zombies. In short, Mark was the first zombie (no gun) and if he tagged anyone else (who had guns) they yelled out to let everyone know someone had been tagged and joined the undead horde. See AlexPants’ write up for a much more entertaining account of our real life Day-Z-esque adventures. I’ve already read it twice, its that good.

    Picking up the story after His Pantsness and I split up, we really had gone a lot further than anyone had in the previous CTF rounds, so in the interests of fairness, I decided to circle back around towards the starting area. However between me and my goal was a large, very open area covered in mulch and bark chips. No trees, no cover and me in a bright red jumper. Not exactly subtle. I paused on my side of the field, still in the bushes but open enough that I could see across. Coming back to the start was Zombie Mark, Zombie Doc, Zombie Flu, Zombie Masha, and possibly Zombie Shiggy. Granted they were a good 200 odd metres away, but given my brighly coloured attire I was sure they would spot me quickly, and I really had no retreat option, the bush was very thick behind me. Thankfully they decided to head away to the North, and after waiting to make sure they weren’t coming back, I sprinted across the field from the East and made it to the starting area unseen. Feeling quite confident after surviving this long I thought I’d play some mind games with anyone who came back. There in front of me was the flag we had used previously and all the guns the newly formed zombies had had to relinquish. I moved the flag off into the bush, and had planned on either moving or taking all the guns. However, all the guns were quite large, and I really didn’t have the invertory space/arm strength to carry them all. So I left them, and satisfied myself that someone was bound to notice the flag had moved (I found out afterwards that no one noticed in the slightest).

    As the sun set, and it got harder to see, I had my first encounter with the undead. Specifically Zombie Flu. I had left the start area heading West, where I hadn’t been before and after stumbling a few times noticed Flu heading towards me. He saw my weapon, knew I was a survivor and paused. He said that he didn’t know if I had any ammo left, and so was unsure what to do. After a tense stand-off I started backing away, but as he came towards me I answered the ammo question. With one bullet heading straight between his eyes…. Only to be stopped half a metre or so short by a particularly frustrating bush that stopped my bullet cold, saving Zombie Flu from dying, again. At that point, Flu himself was also caught up the bushes, so I bolted. Back through the trees, leaping fallen branches, pushing through the scrub, hiding behind a couple of trees and double checking that Flu had fallen behind. I thought I was safe, at least for the moment. Until I turned around and saw Zombie Mark creeping up behind me. “Well balls” was my thoughts at that point in time. Keeping my gun trained on him, I backed upand got out into the open field I’d crossed before, in hind sight not the best move, but as it was getting very dark at this point, I kinda guessed we’d call it a night soon. I had been spotted, the rest of the zombie hoard (Doc, Flu, Shiggy) were surrounding me, and as my attention was drawn to them Mark charged. And god he is definitely not one of those slow, shambling zombies. No, he’s more like the HL2 leapers, only with more skin and a less creepy voice. Backing up I pulled my gun up and fired one of my last 5 remaining bullets. It missed well off to the right. Quickly reloading, I swung my gun up a la the movie Wanted. Perhaps I have some skill at bending nerf bullets because somehow I managed to nick Mark’s ear, and being the honest gent that he is, he gave up the chase and sat down, leaving me to my fate. Unfortunately, I didn’t last much longer. As I was dealing with Mark, Doc and Flu had come up on either side and were slowly closing in. I was down to 3 bullets and with Shiggy and Masha also coming up, I knew I had to make a run for it. I backed up slowly before quickly switching direction and attempted to split Doc and Flu. And I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky kids. And by kids, I mean my feet, as they got caught up on something sending me flying, and splat face first into the dirt where I was promptly set upon and converted to the ….. BRAAAAAINS

    It was well and truly dark at this point, so while Shiggy called up Alex, Heather and Hollie, we spotted Powalen standing dead still (no pun intended) behind a tree right near the start area. I don’t think he had been there the whole time but if he had, nice work. As the zombie had given up at this point, we lazily attempted to surround him, but as the semi-circle closed in, he exposed our apathy for what it was and bolted through a gap we’d left in our defences. We all had a good laugh at that.

    We headed back to the house again and chilled out for the rest of the night. Among other things, Flu tried to convince us that the PSVita is a good system. He had some good points too. Shiggy’s forearm was covered in many layers of latex by Hollie to be used as a prop for the zombie film (at least I think thats what it was for). Shiggy suffering through much pain as the latex was removed from his arm, along with a number of hairs. Streetpasses – so many streetpasses. I don’t understand the appeal just yet, but then, I am looking at getting a 3DS XL soon, so I imagine I’ll have the bug too. I got to complain to Mark, Adam Ruch and his wife about Coles and their fascination with self serve checkouts. And other things that Coles do/have done. Basically I just like whinging about Coles. Chatted with Powalen about Pokemon Conquest and discovered that despite having the game for a much shorter time, I’ve put about 5 times the amount of hours into it (I’m above 80 now).

    As time went by and the number dwindled, the six of us who remained headed over to Heather’s place to cmap for the night. But we are all a bit fragile so instead of being out in the yard in a tent, we were curled up in front of the fire place in the living room. Also, Doc had rolled his ankle while we were zombie-ing and it had swollen up and he could barely put any weight on it. So it was probably for the best that we all stayed indoors. And I have to say that sleeping on a recliner was much more comfortable than I thought it would be, even if at this point my knee was starting to bruise from the tumble I took when I got zombied and having it curled up for most of the night probably didn’t help. Being up on a lounge also stopped me from being attacked (read: licked to death) by Heather’s multitude of cats and dogs.

    Morning came and we gradually stumbled out of bed and decided to go out for breakfast. Went to a place called The Oaks Pantry. Banana Pancakes and a caramel milkshake – breakfast of champions, or in this case me. Gave Doc a hard time because he got a lime milkshake (seriously, who does that?). Discovered that AlexPants really a morning person. Basically sat there watching us eat, while staring off into the middle distance. Also learnt that he is lactose intolerant, which everybody seemed to forget as we kept offering him cake, ice cream, milkshakes, chocolate, etc etc. Really, its not that we don’t pay attention to you Alex, honest.

    After breakfast we went our seperate ways. I gave AlexPants a lift back to Penrith station because it would be easier for him to get home from there than from Campbelltown. Not really knowing which way to go, I was happy when there was a sign to Penrith. Which we followed. Straight onto a back road through the country side that didn’t have another sign for at least 20 km. While it was a nice drive, I was getting a bit concerned. I knew we were heading in roughly the right direction, but I was also getting a bit low on fuel. I was especially worried when we came over a crest to be confronted with a sign that said speed limit 40km/h – gravel road ahead. Thankfully when, we finally came to the end of the road, there was a welcome sign waiting for us, pointing us right towards Wallacia and Penrith. Alex was dropped off at the station and I made my way home from an epic weekend. Cheers to everyone who came, and especially to Doc_What’s sister and Heather for allowing us to use their homes.

  • Looking at the work spam email filter, why are the majority of spam email campaigns targeted at men?

    Hot girls in your area, herbal enhancements and the like.

    Honestly, I’d just like to see what sort of baloney the spammers could come up with that would be female specific (although those bloody coupons and other spammy newsletters tend to go almost exclusively to my female co-workers).

    • I laughed when I once saw a “Hot girls in SuburbIDNotFound” one evening on an Ad while browsing, that’s when you know you live in the middle of nowhere πŸ˜›

  • Started reading Nova’s post up above (I appreciate the insanely long link to my blog, friend) and when I hit the stuff about Journey it reminded me of a question I wanted to ask.

    Are there any moments in games for you guys where, despite watching/playing through it multiple times, you still get chills, a moment that is so good you find it gives you the exact same feeling no matter how much you see it? Watching Nova play the end part of Journey I just got chills at the last part where that amazing Apotheosis track kicks in. It’s such a great moment.

      • The intro scene itself is pretty rad. No need for an elaborate long 15 minute explanation of everything. Just that slow zoom out through Midgar, the title card, then zoom into the train arriving and you’re right into the action. The tech at the time meant Squenix had to be so much more succinct with their storytelling in FF IMO.

    • There’s a couple of moments in KOTOR that do it for me. The first is when Darth Malak orders the destruction of Taris. “Wipe this pathetic planet from the face of the galaxy” is the quote I believe. Seeing someone so willing to destroy an entire planet, one that also happened to have many of his own army’s troops on the surface, just to kill 3 people wasquite chilling. Also the big reveal of Revan’s identity was almost a perfect moment, particularly the way they went back and showed quotes from earlier in the game, that you could have put together before hand.

      Mass Effect 1 and 2 – The conversation with Vigil on Ilos. Mostly for the music. Even without playing the game, whenever I hear that music I get chills. Hearing about the fall of the Prothean Empire from a cold, near emotionless voice was a brilliant moment, one that really cemented the series as a favourite of mine. Then in 2 on the Collector ship when EDI tells you that gur pbyyrpgbef ner npghnyyl nqncgrq cebgurnaf, chills every time. Again, there’s a short bit of music to accentuate the moment.

      Quite often for me it comes down to music. Or in some cases the lack of it. Journey on the weekend has a point where its completely silent that really hits you hard. You know the bit I’m talking about Alex, because everyone was commenting how by talking they were probably ruining it. But no it still worked. The other one that comes from silence for me is from Xenoblade. When you exit the first cave, after defeating the first boss after leaving colony 9, you come out on a cliff and look across the ocean to the Mechonis. Dead silent, and to me it perfectly encapsulated the scale of the game. Everything in it is almost too big for Shulk and the others to deal with, but somehow they have to find a way

      • Since you mentioned Mass Effect, I still think that that conversation where Sovereign is revealed is awesome. The effects they used on his voice made him sound so incredibly sinister. Always felt that Harbinger was weak and uninteresting in comparison.

        I think you’re right on the music though. Well used music makes the whole moment stick in your head.

  • Splicer! The package arrived. Or rather it probably arrived a long time ago but I only just found it, along with a whole pile of stuff I had given up on ever arriving. Turns out the local postie had been forcing up the garage roller door a bit and sliding the packages under there. The problem with that being that we use the garage as another room and has a wall built over the inside of the doors, meaning that we never open the roller doors and can’t get or see from inside.

    Seriously, there was about 30 packets under there with games, books, credit cards and DVDs.

    Remind me to wait in ambush for the postie and do something terrible to him…

  • I’ve been meaning to write up some thoughts on Sleeping Dogs, but can’t seem to construct words together in interesting ways today. I will say I like it a whole lot, though.

    The city is beautiful and foreign: neon lights on wet pavement, unique architecture and a real sense that you’re somewhere new. The gameplay is constantly surprising. It could do with some polishing, but there’s so much to like about it. The martial arts aspect clearly differentiates it from GTA as well. In fact I find myself disappointed every time I’m forced to use a gun in a mission. So much more satisfying with hand-to-hand combat. The story is interesting, but I can’t help to think there’s more they could’ve done with the premise. Still only half-way through, though, so could surprise me. If you’re on the fence and these types of games appeal to you, play it now pals.

    I’ll be happy to answer any questions if you have any?

    • D.C at first I didn’t like you couldn’t carry a gun, then I thought about it. It’s *far* more realistic than the others. In the real world you wouldn’t want to be caught carrying a gun, so you’d likely only use it if you came across it in a dire situation, the game represents this well. The fighting is brilliant isn’t it??? I almost rejoice everytime a badass brawl breaks out πŸ˜€ even the driving is great fun!!! Hopefully GTA 5’s hand to hand is a little bit better. They fixed the gunplay with 4, now the hand to hand just has to be fixed. They could take some cues from Sleeping Dogs, not with kung fu but just with combos etc that makes it so much better.

      • The feeling of getting in a brawl is almost as awesome as mid-drive hijackings. So fun. L.A. Noire probably spoiled me a little, but it’d be nice if there were more building interiors, though. That’s just nit picking.

    • I just finished it. Pretty cool dude.

      Though, hmmm, need to wait for other people to finish, so I can discuss that ending…

  • Well, Falling Skies finished its 2nd season today with a great episode. Won’t spoil it for any fans but the final 90 seconds, damn!!!!Cannot wait for season 3. Breaking Bads 6th episode was great and now I shall revel in True Blood πŸ˜€

    What do you guys partake in weekly?

    • personally, I dont like the weekly wait. Especially when its a series like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones where each episode generally ends on a note that makes you need to see the next episode asap.
      So, I wait til the whole season is out then smash through it over a few nights.

      So yeah, currently waiting for Breaking Bad to be avialable & I’m pretty keen for Doctor Who to start up again.

      • I don’t mind that but then I blaze through a whole season too quickly and I’m too impatient to wait for everything to come out :P. There’s also the risk of getting things spoiled from friends or accidentally stumbling upon something on the internet.

      • I supply a co-worker with Breaking Bad. I kind of forgot to give her last week’s episode.

        I’m going to advise her to set aside two hours to watch last week’s episode and then this week’s.

        Also, get into The Newsroom.

        • Haha there’s something meta about supplying a workmate with a stolen show about someone supplying people with illegal meth I’m sure πŸ˜‰ lol

    • Currently just Futurama (not that great but I just watch it anyway :P), Breaking Bad (so awesome!) and Louie (awesome too!)

    • All my weekly stuff is done until Dr who starts. I had been watching GoT and Legend of Korra weekly but they finished.

    • The thing with TV is when it rains it pours. Bit of a dry spell at the moment, though. Only thing I’m watching at the moment is The Newsroom. September’s fast approaching, then my beloved Fringe will be back. (Boardwalk Empire and Treme as well. J.J. Abram’s Revolution looks cool too.)

    • I’ve just been watching whatever’s on at the time.
      Should probably get around to watching Breaking Bad/The Wire/Mad Men/All the other stuff people gush over.

    • I haven’t really being watching anything on TV lately. I’ll tune in on Mondays and Thursdays to watch Dollhouse and Star Trek: Next Gen, even though they’re old shows that I could easily pick up on dvd I like having something to watch on TV. On Saturday morning I’ve been watching the reboot of Thundercats, but that’s finishing up soon. Aside from that I’ll just have on Ben 10, Young Justice, Brave and the Bold repeats on during weekend mornings and Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy repeats on during some week evenings to keep me company while I’m playing vidya gaems on the computer.

  • In the last two weeks, I’ve been asked several times what I want for my birthday.

    A friend just tweeted:

    Choosing a gift for @TrjnRabbit – much with the brow furrowing.

    (She does really talk like that).

    I actually hate this time of year. Not really a fan of making a fuss about birthdays and can never really think of things that I would like to receive. Oh well, it’ll be over soon.

    • Hrmm, what to ask for for your birthday.

      Oh yeah, VIDEOGAMES πŸ˜€

      I find this is a great time to ask for peripherals that you’ve been holding out on, like a new controller or an xbox steering wheel or something similar πŸ™‚

        • Yes but what about the things that you have wanted but have been on the fence about.
          Things that you felt the money could have been better spent elsewhere?

          Now you can delegate those maybe-purchase to someone else’s wallet and not only will you conquer your doubts but you will be relieved of the pressure of needing to tell someone what you want for your birthday.

          Although to be honest people shouldn’t be asking you what you want, half the fun of birthday gifts is surprising the person with something awesome.

          • Those sorts of things tend to be a bit more expensive and I’m not really willing to ask people to pay for them.

    • When it comes to birthdays and christmas I always get all panicky about what I want. Often there’s nothing that I really want to ask for which leaves me with lots of things I sort of want and I never know which of those things I should ask for in case I ask for the wrong thing and later regret it. Then I think about just asking for money but then I think that I’ll also probably regret asking for money since it’s always nicer to recieve an actual gift than it is to recieve money.

      Basically the times of the year that should be happy just end up stressing the hell out of me.

    • That’s the beauty of having no friends, never been an issue for me. (I made myself sad. :P)

      Even in school my birthday was always during the summer holidays.

      • There’s always the fun of having a reputation for being completely useless.

        My friends organised a 21st for me, decided that I needed a phone, and just told me to turn up at the appropriate time. Makes life easy.

    • I know what you mean, though the only people I usually receive presents from are my immediate family so it’s not too big of an issue. My friends and I have an unwritten rule that if you’re not throwing a party, you’re not getting a present. haha

    • I saw something last night that this reminded me of;

      “What to get the man who has everything for his birthday; cocaine, so next year he has nothing.” I laughed for a good few minutes at that.

  • So, manifest was fun.
    8 people recognised me over the weekend (as Elizabeth), mostly with “Hey, you’re that character from that Bioshock game, the one from the trailer, I’ve forgotten her name.” The one time someone came specifically after me for a photo, I looked confused and asked if it really was me she wanted to take a photo of. The part that makes it funny is that no one else I was with was dressed up.
    I went to the maid cafe, that was fun. =D I also drew for an hour and chatted etc.
    Oh, the contact lens in my left eye was hurting. Turns out I didn’t clean it properly and it was making my eyes water. A lady at a stall helped me with my contact lens \o/ She helped me take it out and gave me a container for free as well as showing me how to wash them properly. I was so grateful that I offered money but was refused. D=
    So I went back the next day and bought a corset =D
    I saw Hell girl, Gosick, Gantz and a few other shows. I was sorely disappointed with the Iron chef AMVS though.
    Yeah, that’s all I can think of right now.
    Oh pictures

  • Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 6…. I seriously thought this show could not get any better/worse.

    But here’s really the only thing I have to say about this episode. Seeing one of Walt’s quotes from Season 3 compared to his actions in this latest episode…. man, it just makes me angry!

    Don’t click this link if you haven’t seen the latest episode!

    • What do you mean by better/worse? Did you think the episode was good or bad? Slightly confused by what you mean πŸ˜›

      I just finished it a few minutes ago and I enjoyed it. Like any other ep I wanted more at the end but have to wait 1 more week like everyone else… gahhh!

      • By better/worse I mean the show just keeps getting better and better, but the tension just keeps ramping up. It’s almost becoming unbearable.


        Gur irel svefg cneg bs guvf rcvfbqr znqr zr srry nyzbfg culfvpnyyl vyy. Gung fubg bs Jnyg, bcravat gur frpbaq oneery, jnvgvat gb fghss gur xvq vafvqr yvxr vg’f abg ovt qrny? Bu zna. Vg znqr zr srry fb fvpx.

        Gura jura Gbqq gheaf nebhaq naq fnlf, “Fuvg unccraf, lbh xabj?” V jnf frevbhfyl ubcvat Wrffr jbhyq chyy n tha naq oybj uvf oenvaf bhg. Wrffr vf gur bayl punenpgre va guvf fubj V’z npghnyyl ebbgvat sbe nalzber, ohg V’ir tbg n greevoyr fvaxvat srryvat gung Jnyg’f tbvat gb chg n ohyyrg va uvz orsber gur raq.

        • Yeah, I agree completely.

          I had more typed out but I’m trying not to get into too much of a discussion as it’ll just make me more impatient for the next episode.

          IMO Breaking Bad is one of the shows that doesn’t get worse as it goes on and I can’t think of many that fall into that category.

          • Yeah my comment about it being worse has nothing to do with the quality of the show. It’s still the greatest thing on television. It’s just getting harder and harder for me to watch, and much more unsettling.

        • Pbzcyrgryl nterr nobhg gung fghss ohg V’z fgvyy purrevat sbe Unax. Nyfb, ubj terng jnf gur fprar jvgu Fxlyne, Wrffr naq Jnyg nyy univat qvaare? Gung unq gb unir orra n tnt va gur jevgref ebbz gung gurl jrer ybbxvat sbe na rkphfr gb unir unccra sbe lrnef.

          • Totally agree. That scene was amazing. It was laugh-out-loud funny, but tense as hell at the same time.

  • I’m sorry I haven’t been on lately, as you guys know, manifest and all that.
    Hopefully I will update the blog and various other things. And talk about lots of video games! \o/

  • I have decided that I absolutely adore the way Death moves in Darksiders. It’s so easy and flowing its actually a joy to steer him aroun the environments.

      • I was like “oh cool it should Despair permanent speed boost!” but nah just one little extra stamina bar that makes him charge. It was free anyway so eh.

        I’m more disappointed about Death Rides which was supposedly 2 hours of extra gameplay. I’ve found 3 quests from it (which is like half of it apparently) and it’s pretty much just 5 minutes, most of which is dialogue. Actual gameplay from it has been under a minute πŸ™

  • So I finished The Secret of Monkey Island for the first time last night. Now I can officially say that I’ve played the game that sits on top of TAY.

    It was good, but felt very different to modern adventure games. Bit of a shocking difference at first actually (not necessarily a bad thing). I used the hint function more often than I care to admit though…

    • It always seemed that if you could finish the old school adventure games without any help you probably needed your head read and should never be allowed to come up with a solution for anything in real life.

      • I loved The Secret of Monkey Island. I’d spend hours trying to ‘coach’ my aunt along, as she could never get the answers (yet they were so apparent to me… oh dear).

        Is it possible to get copies on steam? What is compatibility like? I’ll probably check tomorrow, but if anyone has any ideas prior to then πŸ˜›

        • The Special Editions are both on Steam. They were only released in the last couple of years so work flawlessly. You can play with either the new or old graphic style. I’ve had Monkey Island 2: SE on my iPad for almost a year now and still haven’t replayed it. :S

          • Yeah, this. The old version is only good if you have nostalgia though. New version has music and voice acting and such. The only thing I didn’t like about the new version was that they took the controls off the bottom of the screen and put them in a menu (which was a little fiddly).

  • Playing through Borderlands again is getting me really hype for Borderlands 2. Do you know which class you’ll be playing on Day One? I’ll be playing a Gunzerker, because a beard and two assault rifles is enough to kill almost anything.

      • There’s Gunzerker, Salvadore, whose action skill lets his duel wield anything in a Gunzerking rage.

        There’s Maya, the Siren, who has a different action skill from last game. She has an ability called Phaselock which locks an enemy and lifts them into the air in an energy bubble. Great for focussing DPS.

        Then there’s Axton, the Commando. Protip: the name Axton means ‘The Warrior’s Whetstone’ – perfect for a support class. sharpens all the other warrior’s skills. he also has a Sabre Turret, which is like Roland’s turrets, but on steroids.

        Last is Zer0, a mysterious Assassin. His action skill drops a holographic decoy on the ground, and puts him into stealth mode where he can cut enemies down from the shadows. He’s the only character which has a weapon speciality: sniper rifles.

        • After playing as Mordecai in the first one i’m shattered there’s no OP Hunter class…guess its ninja-dude for me πŸ™

          • Yeah I played Mordecai in the first one too. But I like the sound of pretty much all of the classes in Borderlands 2, so I’m sure I’ll find something to enjoy.

        • I’ll probably be playing Maya first, and will play Zer0 in co-op with my Housemate. I reckon Zer0 could be a little fragile until you know what you’re doing.

  • I beat Darksiders II last night. It’s a pretty cool guy, the last boss was REALLY easy (even on apocalyptic) but the second last boss was REALLY cool and interesting. I swear just they ran out of money at the second last boss and thought “oh shit, we gotta finish this guys”. I’m not sure if it’s worth it doing NEW GAME + on nightmare. I might just play it through again when all the DLC is out.

  • So I finished AC:Revelations last night…or AssRev as it’s known in these circles(Yes I know i’m a few months late to the party). I’m now up to date and hanging for AC3!
    Although i was a bit sad to see the end of an era with Ezio. And it was nice to see them tie the stories together in the final cutscene. Curious to see what AC3 brings…

  • Something has been bugging me for a while now. For a long time, I’ve been “the dick”. It’s something that I’ve fostered and it comes because I make frequent sarcastic comments and my general attitude. It wasn’t serious and I didn’t care.

    For a while now, people have become increasingly aggressive towards me because of this. It’s starting to get a little grating, particularly on TeamSpeak where I’m starting to get the impression that there are multiple people who would genuinely punch me in the face at the slightest provocation if we met in real life.

    Give it a rest.

    I have always made a point to step back if I felt like I was crossing some sort of line and my little sarcastic comments are in line with the general things that everyone else says. There has never been malice in any of my actions and my general response to some actually pissing me off is to be overtly kind to them.

    In fact, if anything I’ve dramatically scaled back my dickishness and even general involvement in TeamSpeak in the last few months yet people are even more aggressive lately than before.

    So I’m done with this. If you don’t like me, address it and get over it but I will not let other people take out their frustrations on me just because I’m “the dick” and thus a fair target.

    • For what it’s worth, you’re one of my favourite commenters here on TAY. (Not that I play favourites. That wouldn’t be ethical. :P) *shrugs*

      • Thanks.

        But this isn’t about being liked. It’s about people being aggressive and taking out their frustrations on me because I’m apparently a fair target. I don’t really mind if people like or dislike me, although it is nice to hear that people do like me.

        • Perhaps you’re seen as a stalwart within the community. I’m not sure about aggression, but ‘venting’ and such is only really done to those we feel we can trust, surely?
          Either way, you’re A-OK in my books, for what it’s worth Bunny!

          • Unfortunately, the main offenders are not people I get that impression from. Even if that was the case, I’m not okay with people using me to vent that way. Not anymore.

    • Not having a go here, just curious really. If you’re being a self-described dick, how would you expect to be treated? I have no problem with you at all Mr Trjn sir(to be honest i don’t think we’ve ever actually spoken) but speaking from experience, if someone is being a dick to me and they continue to do so after i’ve asked them to stop, yeah, i think i would feel like punching them in the face. If you’re being treated unfairly, by all means, call people out on it, but if you’re being a dick, don’t expect people to sympathise.
      I’m not writing this to have a go and personally, as i said, i have no problem with you. I’m just wondering why you’re surpised at peoples reactions to you being a dick as you said.
      Hope it all gets worked out mate.

      • I think the simplest explanation is because it was never serious and I have never actually been that dickish. There is a bit of a culture of making sarcastic remarks, I contribute to it but I’m not the only person who does.

        • Ah ok, now i’m on the same page. There’s a big difference between being witty and being a dick. I think you come off as witty. Well if people are being overly aggressive, cut them off or call them out. See them stand by their attitude as you have.

    • Just wanna let you know, if I ever punch you in the face, it’s probably more because I am tripping or having some other sort of accident, not because I don’t like you πŸ˜›

    • Have you spoken to these people directly about it? Not on here, somewhere more private to avoid making TAY at large uncomfortable.
      It might not be a fun thing to do (I know I dislike it), but if the person/people causing the problem don’t actually know they’re causing one, then nothing will change.
      If they’re doing it with the full knowledge that they’re offending you, then don’t waste your time with them πŸ™‚

      • One of them, with no success.

        The problem is more that the general tone of how people are treating me is getting very caustic. This isn’t one or two people crossing a line that I can just call them out on it, it’s a persistent way in how I’m being treated.

        Tonight, it’s very likely that I will tell the worst offender directly that I’m sick of what they’re doing. I fully expect that they won’t care or will feel justified in how they have treated me. That doesn’t address the issue of people in general.

      • I’m with Rize on this one, talk to the guys who are causing trouble. Maybe the people don’t realise what they are doing.

        Hopefully you resolve any issues, it would suck to have disagreements on TAY and among friends.

    • Let me preface this by saying that I have absolutely no problemo with you Trjn. I like hanging out with you and the rest of the Brisbane TAYbies, and I don’t believe there’s a bad one in the whole bunch of us. I’m sure this statement will also apply to Sydney TAYbies once Sughly and I come visit. But I think if you’ve cultivated the reputation as being β€˜the dick’, it does paint a target on your back, whether intentional or not.

      And like it or not, if someone acts like a dick, they’re more than likely going to be treated like one. Even in such a great community as this. There’s bound to be personality clashes, and sarcasm and snarky comments rub a lot of people the wrong way.

      I don’t go on TeamSpeak at all so I honestly can’t comment on anything that’s been said or done on there, but I hope that if anyone has an issue with anyone in this community they can discuss it civilly and openly, and hopefully come to some kind of understanding.

      • Yes, I did paint a target on my back and I was okay with that for a long while because people seemed to know where to draw the line. Lately it has been going too far.

        I’m okay with people disliking me. I’m not okay with how people think they can treat me.

    • I personally don’t understand why you cop 1/2 the flak you currently do. You have never done anything that has personally offended me. If I have done anything to offend you then I apologise.

    • Usually when I have issues like that in Teamspeak I just mute my mic or even my sound if somebody does that to me. I hope I’m not one of those you mentioned, sorry if I am. I do enjoy hearing your contributions and points of view to the discussions we have too, even if they don’t interest you or not anymore. Truthfully I do get bothered by certain individuals in the Kotaku community as well, so I just stay quiet rather than cause conflicts when others are about. If it gets bad enough I do privately call them out on it, just so the atmosphere doesn’t get upsetted by what may turn into a heated argument.

      • You’ve never been a problem, Techie. You never took part in the “Bunny’s a dick” joke and definitely not in the recent escalations of it.

    • Being sarcastic/witty and having a friendly dig at someone is all part of the fun.
      What you’re describing isn’t. And it makes me disappointed.
      Can’t we all just get along?

  • Wow, the transition between Dollhouse season 1 and season 2 is crazy. It’s like going from playing Human Revolutions to a Fallout game. I have no idea if the entire season will be like this (and for those who have seen it, please don’t tell me because I’d like to find out for myself) but I’m not complaining. I’m not normally a fan of timeskip/flashback story telling and I would have loved if they’d kept the show going down the same path as season 1 but the story is still good and I’m willing to forgive them since they got canceled and were forced to rush to a conclusion for the series. The whole show also reminds me of a theory I had about the future of humanity. My theory was much less dystopian, but it’s still cool to see some of what I’d thought of being explored in Dollhouse.

    • I never finished watching season 2. I didn’t hate it, I just didn’t enjoy it as much as the first. Eventually got pushed aside as other shows came out.

      I’ll rewatch it all one day though.

    • They rush it because they knew they were getting cancelled at the end of the season. So everything they had wanted to do, as well as everything they set up in Epitaph One had to be addressed in a rather short space of time.

      Season 2 is worth it for Sierra. That’s really all there is to it.

  • borrowing my friends 2DS just to play Kingdom Hearts…

    god dammit does that game love to make it’s plot as complicated as possible…

  • @Beavwa/Greenius
    Regarding running Xenoblade in Dolphin, I tried it and was tantalizingly close to playable but not quite there. The whole thing is extremely CPU-bound, and my old i5-750 @ 2.6 gHz completely lacks the single-core processing power to handle it without the sound breaking up and the framerate dipping a lot. Apparently you need around 4ghz to get a completely smooth experience in Dolphin, so you’re talking a brand new Ivy Bridge i7 with some overclocking. πŸ™ On the upside if your CPU can keep up, then the graphics side of things are less of an issue. Going to upgrade my PC in a few months (I’m currently CPU bound in a few games and not able to use my GPU effectively so upgrade time) and will probably re-try then.

    I played through most of Borderlands as Lilith and then finished it with Mordecai. Borderlands 2, if the Mekromancer ends up being out day 1 then I’ll play with her, otherwise I’ll probably play with Zer0 (NegativeZer0?) or Maya.

    @Ser Nobulus:
    I felt exactly the same when I finished Darksiders 2 on the weekend. The second-last boss was an amazingly fun fight (I love that character too, seems like there’s a lot of hidden plotting going on behind the scenes based on the events of both games, and that character is strongly involved with it. As is the other character revealed in that final zone. I am being vague to avoid having to ROT13. Incidentally is it just me or does the second last boss sound like he’s got a bit of an Australian accent?) though I found the second half once it pulls the separate parts of the zone together to be quite difficult due to the fact you couldn’t beat on the boss for very long before it started making the ground explode and you had to go to dodge around. Took me several attempts. Final boss was cake in comparison, a bit of a letdown. Should have simply ended with that second-last boss. It definitely felt like they ran out of time & money at the end, I was disappointed at how short the final two zones were compared to the scope of the main two hubs. Felt like it was going to be a 40+ hour epic and turned out it was pretty deceptive. Great game though. Didn’t like it at first but after a few hours it hooked me completely. Bring on Darksiders 3! I wonder if we’ll be playing as Strife or Fury next?

    • Yup the second last boss and the other character seem like really interesting characters. I’m especially interested in the second last boss. I’m not quite sure who will be next, Strife or Fury.

      • I was a bit disappointed that that other character basically shows up for a cutscene then disappears after giving you what was one of the most interesting abilities in the game (tragically only used for the one dungeon).

        Speaking of that dungeon, the enemies with the big pots that hurl fireballs at you. Worst enemy ever. Totally unbalanced, wiped the floor with me several times. πŸ™

        I suspect we’ll get Strife ahead of Fury, simply because Fury is a girl and our hobby is populated by marketers who think everyone is a thirteen year old boy who still thinks girls are icky and/or playing as one is teh ghey. :\

        If they want to quickly iterate on this game i.e. re-use the same engine and concepts and just build new content, Fury would probably be a better fit since her weapon appears to be some kind of whip / chain sword thing, wheras Strife as a gun user would probably need a different combat system to work well.

    • They’ve said that the Mechromancer will be out approx 60-90 days after release. I plan on playing her as my main when she’s available. Death-Trap looks amazing.

        • Free with Preorders IIRC. Or maybe with the CE/Loot Chest. Not sure. But they said initially 60-90 days but recently (when that whole girlfriend mode bullshit exploded everywhere) they said they were way ahead of schedule with it. The game’s been done since June I believe, they’re going through certification on consoles now.

          • She’s absolutely free if you preorder the game in any way, shape or form. You only have to pay for her if you don’t preorder.

  • Holy crap, it sounds like the upcoming update for Final Fantasy XIV is a heck of a lot more extensive than just a major patch, according to Gamasutra:

    The old Final Fantasy XIV will perish in a great cataclysm, and the new game, dubbed A Realm Reborn, will launch sometime after that. The server architecture, the engine, the UI, the game design, and even the game world itself will be completely different — in fact, there will be an unavoidable lapse in service as Square Enix converts thousands of accounts from the old game to the new one.

    Cautiously optimistic. I always thought that game had some promise but the first go at it was woefully badly executed. Hopefully they offer a free trial to people who had bought the original game.

    • Anyone else read that and get reminded of the write-up for WoW:Cataclysm?
      Is FFX!V an MMO? THe last one I played through and finished was X so i’m a bit rusty on my FF knowledge.

      • FFXIV is an MMO, yes. It was a very very pretty game with a super terrible UI, weird mechanics, grind-heavy gameplay and felt like an alpha of a game developed in a vacuum, without anyone on the team looking at any other MMOs out there and figuring out what worked and what didn’t.

        The original designer (Squenix vet who’d been there since the NES days) fell on his sword and is no longer at the company. The guy that took over is a younger guy that seems to understand the space much better and he’s saying a lot of the right things, eg the UI has been redesigned to be flexible and mouse-friendly, the game progression is quest-based rather than grind-based, they’re using a new graphics engine that scales to lower-end hardware than the old one but also can scale better to current high-end stuff as well.

        If they pull off a resurrection of the game it’ll be a miracle, but the new guy in charge will be a hero internally – FFXI was and still is Squenix’s most profitable game ever, XIV should have continued that and failed badly.

    • They earned a fair amount of good faith for FFXI.

      They spent far more than that with the first attempt at FFXIV.

      Until it is out and there is a playerbase giving positive feedback, I’m going to have fairly low expectations on this one.

    • Aleph, do you have a file on your computer called TueSchnitzel.txt that contains the exact post above that you copy/paste to TAY every Tuesday. If so, I commend you!

      • Naw, that removes any semblance of person from it! This is genuine, scheduled excitement. I live a very fulfilling life, you know. Tuesday night schnitzel is a thing. Everyone else just doesn’t know it yet πŸ˜€

  • Hello TAY!

    Dunno if this has been said or not… But I just picked up Dark Souls for PC at EB Games… Pretty sure the release date was for the 23rd… Guess not! ermerhgerd street break.

    So yeah. Time to die many times!

  • Just got paid! \o/

    Just paid bills, and I’m already broke! /o\

    Soundwave tickets go on sale tomorrow! Do I want to buy one, or do I want to eat this fortnight? /o\

  • Spoiler free gripe about The Newsroom:

    Aaron Sorkin, please stop it with the love triangles and romantic plot tumours. The best relationships you’ve ever written had no romantic subtext at all. Stop shoving them in there where they don’t belong.

    • I watched most of the first episode of that with my parents last night. It’s not the kind of show I’d normally ever watch, but I recognised the actress who plays Maggie(? the assistant?) so that grabbed me for a while. Seems like a decent show, though I’ve never wanted to throw someone out of a window more than I do with Will right now.

      • I spent most of the first episode playing “where do I know this guy from?”

        Most of them were easy.

        Jim was the one bugging me the most. Then last night, I found this picture online.

        He was the teenage kid driving Josh and co around rural America during the election. He was in a single episode of the West Wing and according to imdb, that’s the only thing I’ve seen him in.

        He does look a little like the guy from The Lonely Island though.

        Oh and it’s a very good dialogue driven show. If you liked The Social Network or A Few Good Men, you will probably like this even if you don’t like the subject matter.

    • I agree, there’s already enough set up that it doesn’t have to be a focus. Just work on the slow burn, Sorkin. (Although I read that every year on The West Wing he wanted to get Josh and Donna together. The other production, Thomas Schlamme I think, kept on telling him it worked better subtle. He was right!)

  • The peg balance on the treetrunk of the second largest tree in the woods. Every creature feared the animals that lived in the second biggest tree. Firstly they thought they were hipster because they got in the second biggest tree. They knew how the woods worked and soon the biggest tree would get cut down then they would have gotten into the new biggest tree before it was cool. Secondly they weren’t very nice animals Occasionally the squirels from the 4th biggest tree would need some sugar for a cake and go ask some of the 2nders(what the animals in the second biggest tree called themselves). MAn they would bitch and moan and begrudgingly give them the sugar but only if a pinky swear was made that the squirels would return the favour. Thirdly and most importantly all the 2nders were 6 foot high sabre toothed molebears who hated dubstep. They wouldn’t even listen to it , if played the molebears usually started punching each other in the dick. They really really hated dubstep. That is where our story begins a young mouse who enjoyed making music is sitting in his home underneath the tree of the 2nders.

    I wrote this last night, i have a mental issue i think.


    I believed my willpower just freakin’ caved.

    Pretty sure I’m going to go pay for a 3DSXL this arvo…

    • Where are you planning to give your dollarydoos?

      Are you near an EB that’s near a JB? I have a feeling that the former will be aggressively price-matching the later on Thursday.

      • Yep, that’s the main reason I go past the EB in Westfield Woden . both stores in there, and like 100 metres from each other.

        • I went in to pay off my pre-order at EB (up to $229, since I was going to ask to price match JB) and I was “convinced” that I should just pay up to $199.

          I don’t know exactly what will happen on Thurs; if I can walk away paying $199, I will be very happy.

          • I sometimes luck out at EB, which is why I shop there. Well…not so much my luck as good staff members with good customer service skills…but yeah…hopefully I can preorder for the decreased amount.

    • I’m still really unsure where I’m going to buy mine. EB just sent me an email advertising trading in my 3DS for the XL + NSMB2 for $149, which is pretty tempting but I don’t really want to trade in my 3DS (I’ll just sell it to a friend or something :P).

      I’m hoping Kmart tries to undercut JB HiFi’s $229.

      • You definitely don’t want to trade in the old system unless they let you transfer your data to the new one in the store when you do the exchange!

  • The peg balances on the treetrunk of the second largest tree in the woods. All of the creatures feared those that lived in the second largest tree. At first, they thought those in the second largest tree were hipsters because they had picked the second largest tree to live in. They knew how the woods worked. Soon the largest tree would get cut down then they would have lived in the new biggest tree before it was cool.

    Secondly, they weren’t very nice animals. Occasionally the squirels from the fourth biggest tree would need some sugar, for a cake or other baked goodies, and go ask some of the Seconders (as that is what the animals in the second largest tree called themselves). They would bitch and moan until they would begrudgingly give them the sugar but only if promised by the sacred rite of pinky swear that the favour would be returned.

    Thirdly and most importantly all, the Seconders were six foot tall sabre-toothed molebears that hated dubstep. They wouldn’t even try to listen to it. If the molebears heard this music, they usually started punching each other in the dick. They really, really hated dubstep.

    This is where our story begins.

    A young mouse who enjoyed making music is sitting in his home underneath the tree of the Seconders…

    A peg balance?

  • The Seconders were feared by all of the creatures in the forest. They lived in the second largest tree, which is why they are named the Seconders.

    Some of the other creatures thought this was because they were hipsters. At one point, the largest tree in the forest will be felled. Then the Seconders would be able to claim they were in the new largest tree before it was cool. They would probably also have to change their name but that thought never crossed the mind of the other creatures.

    Mainly, they were feared because they were mean. The squirrels of the forest loved to bake delicious goodies for their friends. Sometimes, nobody would have enough sugar for them to make their goodies and they would have to turn to the Seconders. The Seconders would always demand a terrible price for their sugar. One far greater than you would expect for a mere cup of sugar. Yet the squirrels would agree to it because they loved their friends and loved to share their baked goodies.

    The Seconders were also six foot tall sabre-toothed molebears. That helped generate a little fear too.

    An important thing to know about the Seconders is that they hated dubstep. They loathed it. To hear it made them miserable and they would often punch each other in the dicks just to make it stop. The Seconders were not terribly intelligent beasts.

    A young mouse sat under the second largest tree in the forest. He had made his home there and in his home he loved to make music…

    I really can’t be bothered doing any of my real work right now.

    I was cleaning out stuff today. I also slept \o/
    And cosplayed again =P I got quite a few stares and tricked several people =D

  • Gawd its almost wednesday and I dont think I’ve said anything.

    Hello Scree! (seams to be whats up atm)

    anyway only thing of note is bought Spec Ops Teh Linez. Dont know when I’ll get a chance to start it. Prolly Saturday.

  • Oh god they changed the date for Fall of Cybertron on Steam and it’s out in 3 hours or so. Guess I know what I’m spending some download quota on tonight!

    • SO HYPED. I don’t even care if the game turns out to be crap because I’ll be regressing to being 8 years old again and I won’t even notice. Like in the first one, you play part of the Autobot campaign as Air Raid. Air Raid was the first Transformers toy I ever owned and it was so amazingly cool even though the controls sucked ass.

  • So, season 5 of Breaking Bad (spoiler free).

    Not really loving it, TBH. Nothing in it is surprising me – it’s feeling very much like a follow-the-dots-to-the-inevitable-conclusion final season.

  • It fills me with an odd sense of joy, seeing my 17 year old cousin play Fire Emblem on the GameCube.
    There do exist young people out there who can appreciate good games.

    Now excuse me while I go yell at a cloud.

    • I feel a similar sense of joy seeing my daughter playing Wind Waker and Paper Mario on my old Gamecube and becoming so inspired by the worlds and characters that she draws them all the time.

      • Speaking of that…it’s going to be sad when this generation of consoles is not being made anymore. Our PS3s and 360s will not last long enough to be able to pass over to our children even though our Gamecubes, Dreamcasts, N64s and even SNESs are still working fine and will be for a while yet.

        • I don’t think that’s necessarily true. I know early 360s are nortorious for red ringing but I could easily see the current slim models of the 360 and PS3 lasting for many years, provided they’re taken care of.

          • Yeah no. Taking care of them has nothing to do with it. Our PS3 slim has broken twice now and we take the utmost care of it. And there’s a reason I didn’t include the original PSX and PS2 in my list of still working consoles. The Sony consoles are the least hard-wearing, every single one of mine has broken. I’m on my third PSOne, my third PS2 and my fourth PS3.

          • You must have had a bad run because my experience has been that the Sony consoles are by far the most reliable.

    • My 13 YO cousin played through Majora’s Mask recently because he enjoyed the OOT remake on 3DS. He has started playing Links Awakening on his 3DS (bought it when it went on sale). If I can pass on my unhealthy Legend of Zelda obsession to one child in the future generation then I can die happy.

      • My 8 yr old asked me to put on Ocarina of Time for him the other day. It was like… like one of those things you wait for in life, never knowing if it will happen to you or not. It was magical.

        Half an hour later he was like I dont get why everyone loves this so much and turned it off :'(

    • They’re getting smaller as time progresses. But it had green avocado this time, and they provided me with fresh chilli, so I guess I’ll let it slide this time.

      Really though, I do enjoy my schnitzel. First meat I attend, we’re all getting schnitzel. Which invariably means that the meat has to be on a Tuesday.
      And on that day, there shall be much schnitzel, and green avocados, and the cider shall flow forth from the heavens. And the subjects shall rejoice, yea, and be merry, yea, for there will be plentiful food and drink for all. None shall hunger, nor thirst, on this day.

  • Last night, I started to rewatch Death Note.

    Light goes from zero to genocidal dictator amazingly fast. I do like his reasoning for why he isn’t a bad guy though. He’s an honour student.

  • Just won an ebay auction at the very last moment last night for Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon on the N64. I can’t wait to play that game again. It’s been far too long!

    • Right now heimy is completely useless at anything other than pushing the shit out of a lane. Thats the pro of heimy you can loos your lane by like 4 kills and still push the enemies turrent over before they can touch yours. the postioning of his turrets are pretty much key to playing him and the addition of another one will be awesoem but he is SOOOOOO man dependant and they don’t do nearly enough damage.

      The rockets that work with the cursor will be pretty awesome. I will read it more tonight.

      • Honestly the remake kind of looks like it will make him WAY OP, h e will get nerfed again but i don’t care, i love playing as him.

        • Yeah the effects of that ulti are a bit ridiculous, so many rockets at an enemy, grenade bombing, but the three turrets at once was a neat one. I agree, right now it’ll make heimer a bigger mana drain than Anivia and Orianna. The rocket targetting will be a biggest improvement, since the main thing that put me off about Heimer was the rockets don’t prioritise champions at all, so things like jungle ganks could fail cause minions were still too close as the enemy made a break for it in the river (This happened with Steve-O as Alistar and me as Heimer in mid against a Morgana).

          Still I’d love to see him played again, he was always fun every time I played as him, despite the clunkiness of his main DPS (rockets) targetting.

    • When Zyra came out and people declared her as Heimer 2.0 and said he’d be obsolete, a staff member came out saying that they were semi-remaking Heimer, just as a small side note in the forums.

      Eventual Heimer re-make, it would seem.

      • He does need one but i don’t really like the fact that riot want to make every champ viable in tournament play. How bout you make balanced champs instead of buffing everyone then nerfing them to hell..

        • But … If a champ is viable in Tournaments it generally is balanced. Also I can’t really think of a champ that they have recently nerfed into hell.

          • Yeah, this is the problem. I’m not having a go at you specifically Techy but the second a nerf for champ x is announced people instantly say “oh champion x is trash tier now”. I feel sorry for Riot, they have made an amazing game that is fairly balanced (a heap more so then others) and people still bitch to them.

          • No I didn’t think that way ever, for the record, however I really thought he was in trouble due to the range nerfing. I initially thought his harass is much weaker. It is but not to the point where it was making him trash tier, I was still able to hit Darius from out of his range (Barely but still effective).
            Yeah I wish Riot was treated with more respect in this regard. Besides I do see why Urgot’s range on Q was nerfed above all else cuz as soon as his E hits you, you basically couldn’t get away from the full salvo of Q combos, and was basically Kog’Maw ulti range. I consistently show appreciation for what they do by purchasing RP in the first place πŸ™‚

  • Got an sms last night telling me my Fall of Cybertron PS3 will be available ot pick up tomorrow at EB.
    Only problem is, I ordered the 360 version…
    Printed out my order confirmation just in case – really hope I don’t get screwed out of G1 Optimus 😐

  • Looks like CounterStrike: Global Offensive is out today.

    Not sure I want to play but it does hit me right in the nostalgias.

  • Anyone else listen to the BBC documentary β€œThe Culture of Gaming”? It’s a light discussion on video games as art, its contribution to culture, ability to tell a story and some of the changes over the last 5 years. The only minus is there’s a Peter Molyneux interview in there and we all know how ridiculous is ramblings can get. Still worth listening to though, especially as it is the first part of a series.

      • I don’t have too much against the guy but when he starts talking you realise that he doesn’t understand the importance of subtetly at all. Instead he goes on about manipulating peoples emotions and then attempts to do it in some of the most hamfisted ways.

  • Wondering if anyone here is familiar/competent with actionscript 3/flash develop? I have a question for anyone who is.

  • HI, every TAYbie!

    There is apparently a suspicion that JB are going to be dropping their price for the 3DSXL to $199 on release, according to an EB staff member. So, anyone that wants one should keep a lookout for that tomorrow.

    Oh, and if you’ve preordered, you can still price match that. Not sure if this works if you already paid the preorder in full or not.

    • Interesting. I asked EB what I’d get as a trade in on my old DS lite, which was $25 (not bad considering how old it is) but if JB drop to $199 thats still cheaper. Decisions, decisions

    • If you’ve preordered at EB and paid in full and want to price match, you can get the remainder refunded in the same way it was paid – if you paid via trade-in credit, then that stays trade-in credit, and generally that is required to stay in store.

      But for $50 you could just about buy a copy of Theatrhythm if they have one. And you should buy Theatrhythm. Everyone should. It’s so good.

  • Also I’m just going to throw this out there, because I sure won’t be attending one anytime soon (HOW DEPRESSING), but melon-wrapped prosciutto at next house-Meat with home-cooking.
    It’s not bacon, but it’s close enough.

    • I hate to say but i agree with the comments, those little gags that make you die to realise your mistake aren’t fun IMO, Some people might enjoy the silliness of it but that sort of game design annoys me. Its not really clever or groundbreaking it just works to frustrate the player without reward.

      • By the way scree in no way am i making fun of you for liking it or the game itself, its just those particular mechanics that the game employs annoy me.

        • I know. But this would make a nice troll gift I think.
          This is the company I work for, Nyu media, so when someone says it’s a mario rip off, it upsets me a little.

          • Don’t let it bother you too much. Every single side scrolling plateformer will get called a Mario ripoff by some idiot at some point.

      • I agree. I’m not a fan of these sorts of mechanics where the only way to know about them is to first fall victim to them. It just feels like a cheap way to try and make your game harder.

        • Yeah.

          Kazio traps are cute and all but they’re not a solid gameplay mechanic. They’re just great for Let’s Plays.

          Seriously, this is awesome (NSFW language) but the gameplay itself looks terrible.

        • I said hate to say it cause i didnt want to agree with the comment because even though he had valid points the guy seemed like a douche.

        • Pffft, what’s a 19 hour flight.
          Plus, if I do it enough times, I will be like Mazer Rackham. While I’m busy travelling I will age very slightly less. While you would have aged 19 hours, I will have aged 18 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.
          Oh hoh hoh!

          • Silly Wolf, Bish doesn’t need to discover the secret to immortality, he’s already 11237 years old.

            That being said, if that’s the secret to immortality, then surely going on a cruise ship is the secret to rapid aging. The presence of a metal festival on said cruise ship may cancel out the aging effects though, I’m unsure and this will need to be investigated thoroughly.

            By someone that isn’t me.

          • Or…a lot of old people wearing swimwear….
            Seriously, not a lot of people wore leather on the metal cruises I was on. Not exactly weather-appropriate. πŸ˜›

          • Hot half naked ladies who like metal, PICS OR IT DIDNT HAPPEN.
            i mean i dont want to see you but i also dont want to see my mum in a bikini, doesn’t mean i dont like you. Wow i’m sorry strange that was weird. πŸ˜›

          • You should start an excavation business.

            Seriously, if you can make money doing what you love, it would be foolish not to and you sure do love digging yourself into holes.

          • Life-extension, perhaps. I think it’ll take a little more than commercially available options to achieve true immortality.
            I mean, he’d still age, just slightly slower than the rest of us. If he were to simply *not* age, it’s another story. It’d be difficult trying to find equilibrium I’d imagine, as the difference between aging, not aging, and getting younger (anti-aging?) is, at it’s core, only a very fine line.
            Anything’s possible!

    • Oh my god, that little kid doesn’t even realise how much of a badass he is. He is the best bit of the whole thing.
      Also elevator dude.

      • Aww yeah not bad thanks Rockets! I’ve been buried (literally) in Minecraft last 5 days on my mates server, it’s so fun.. Curse him!

        • haha buried, yes it is quite fun, the problem being that when minecraft was in beta and we had a TAY server i was on there most nights making stuff and after 2-3 months i can’t look at the game without cringing at all the time i have wasted in it.

          • Yeah what’s worse is he’s running Tekkit a Minecraft mod so we’re making all kinds of awesome stuff, like Nuclear Reactors powered quarry’s, jetpacks & other cool stuff.

    • Virus Frond!

      Nothing new with me really, I beat DarkSiders 2 and am eagerly awaiting Dark Souls for PC and GW2.

      How you going man?

      • Hey Nob! Yeah not bad, addicted to Minecraft it would seem, there goes my GTA III play through before Mists of Pandaria comes out D=

        Were you up at 5am to get in on the GW2 server stress test like my mate supposedly was before he had to go wot work?

  • Hey Bish, what part of Canalandia are you staying around? I could be visiting family over there at some point next year and could bring a couple of bags full of TAYbies for you…

  • So if anyone has Nexuiz on Steam, you can have these 75% off DLC codes, I also have another TWO in the form of a coupon & a 75% off for the 4 pack of it, the codes are valid until March 1st 2014. So if anyone wants the 4 pack coupon or the other 2 DLC coupons hit me up on Twitter or Steam please!

    Codes are here for the 75% off DLC.
    Duel DLC 3: KHXH4-07GMD-XCKW0

    Desperate for the G1 Optimus Prime skin, I pre-ordered a copy of TRANSFORMERS! with *shudder* EB, however knowing there was no chance in hell that I could get to a store before the weekend I did it online with delivery, fooloishly thinking they had a “delivered on release day” policy (could have sworn I had seen that declaration once).
    So yesterday arvo, chipper as a chipmunk, I expected an email saying that TRANSFORMERS! had been posted and that I should receive it tomorrow (as in today… wait me confuzzled) but to no avail.
    Get to work this morning, still nothing, Hugo very concerned by now. So I check the staus on my account AND THE BLOODY THING IS STILL BEING PROCESSED!!!
    Just checked about 10 minutes ago and it still hasn’t been posted.
    So I reiterate;

    • Oh, Hugo. Silly silly Hugo.
      I ordered online, pickup in store. Not having them deliver to me again after it took over a week and a half to send out my Mariokart 7 (yeah, yeah, I’m in WA, but still…).
      Let’s just hope I don’t have any issues getting it on 360 (see earlier post).

      • A WEEK?!?
        *falls to knees*
        By Talos, it better not take that long.
        It is strange (HI STRANGE!) I didn’t have the option to pick up from store when I ordered it, however I probably still would have done delivery (in my ignorance of stupid EB processing time).

        Saw, about the ps3 360 issue, that sure is a kick to the plums, however as Puppylicks said, if it shows the correct system on the order form, you should be right.

        • Yeah, my delivery probably only took so long because they shipped to WA from Sydney, and I think they used Aus Post. Sigh.
          And yeah, I doubt I’ll have any problems this afternoon, but you never know…

      • Oh poodoo!
        Well, at least I wasn’t completely nuts in thinking someone delivered on release day.
        Stupid EB πŸ™

    • This is what happened to me with ME3. Arrived 3 days late. Learned my lesson: don’t get it shipped, ask for store pick-up from your local EB.

      • I pre-ordered ME3 with JB Hifi. Shipped about five days after release… then I became aware of the import glitch. Riled up good and proper. πŸ˜›

  • I had the Transformers (1986) OST on in my car this morning – I still have no idea why Weird Al has a song on there.
    Also, Stan Bush is a master of awesome 80’s montage/pump-up tracks.

  • I am not fond of stealth sections in games that aside from that one tiny section do not generally have stealth. I also am not fond of being spotted automatically giving you a gameover screen. It’s a little frustrating.
    The Last Story is doing this to me and it’s unfun. Also unfun is the reason why I’m sneaking in the first place. So eye-rollingly cringe-worthy.

    • Is it the part where you have to sneak past guards? You can use your crossbow to put them to sleep but it’s still not the best πŸ™

    • That’s why Hitman is so damn fun. You can always salvage a mission, even if you mess up the Silent Assassin thing. There’s a game from a few years ago called Dreamfall. Basically one major stealth set piece that EVERY ONE seemed to hate. I can sympathize. πŸ˜›

    • Yes! I completely agree with you Strange (Hi Strange!). Zelda games are a horrible offender of this. I mean I love legend of Zelda soooo much but whenever there’s a stealth section I sigh to myself.

      • Well its not as bad (i.e. you don’t get a “game over” screen but still it is so frustrating being sent back to the start of the stealth section when you get caught.

    • I’m doing a few of them at the moment in Assassins Creed and I don’t really mind them there because the suit the style of the game and are expected
      It is when you don’t expect it or they put it in “for something different” in the same way they add racing vehicle section mini games that it doesn’t work.

      I would suggest punching them but then you would fail the mission /o\

      • Yeah, at least in AC you expect them. I found the whole section in The Last Story pointless. Triply so because the area you’re sneaking through is suddenly just full of guards when before it used to be full of just general NPCs.

  • I’m thinking about unplugging the PS3 and gaming on the Wii for a while. So many games that need finishing! Want to play Xenoblade, Last Story and Pandora’s Tower!

  • Hey Bish,

    Gangnam Style.

    Let me know when your flight gets in, I’ll meet you at the airport so that you can bop me.



  • Do any TAYbies make the musics like stepping the dubs or the pops or even the electros?

    Trying to get an eclectic mix of music for the Zombie Movie

  • @Strange

    I just saw your comment on page 3 about how many of your Playstations have broken. I think you must just have really bad luck. My nextdoor neighbors PS1 and PS2 still work perfectly and I’ve never had any sort of issue with my PS3 slim, which I’ve owned for about two years now. It’s been Xboxes that I’ve had the most issues with, with me having had to replace both my original Xbox and my 360. The Xbox I’ve got now has to be going on 9 years old and it’s still working (though you have to hit the top of it to open the disc tray) and my 360, which I think might be 3 or 4 years old, is still going strong.

    My main concern when it comes to getting future generations to play older games isn’t that the hardware will no longer be working but rather things like always online, titles you can only access by streaming them etc will stand in the way of people enjoying older games in the future.

  • Man waiting for a phone call is so… ‘annoying’

    I’m supposed to be called today for a phone interview for an internship program I applied for. They let me know a few days ago that I proceeded to the next round but all they said was “we’ll call sometime between Monday and Friday”. They called yesterday while I was in a class at University so I told them to call me back, but now I have no idea when they’re calling :/

    I say ‘annoying’ because I’m not exactly sure when they’re going to call. I’d hate to miss the call just because I was away from the phone for just a few seconds. I also don’t know what to expect. Tis making me nervous!

    So stupid though… need a job for experience, need experience for a job :'(. Experience is probably the only thing stopping me getting these things since I’ve never had a job before. Any TAYbies want to help me get a job? πŸ˜›

      • What the internship program is or what job I want help getting? πŸ˜›

        Program – Holden student co-operative paid internship

        Job – anything that doesn’t suck and has a decent pay (so no fast food type places). I think I’d be good at Data Entry type jobs if it is what I think it is (just typing stuff and well… making data entries) since I don’t mind typing and I’m quick and accurate too.

        • Yeah the actual job sorry. What location/state are you in?
          A good place to start is the industrial sector. They usually train on the job and most of the time the pay/hours are pretty good. I work in the Steel industry myself.
          As far as not sucking goes….well…hahahahahahaha! Sorry but most jobs i’ve had sucked. That’s all part of it. The job can suck but it’s the people who matter. Work a sucky job with someone you get along with and you’ll usually not notice how much the job sucks. Working with someone you dislike in a job you enjoy, will quickly lead you to not enjoy it anymore.

  • James Mac was enquiring about the theme park meat in Ask Kotaku. If any one knows details I’m sure he’d probably appreciate ’em.

  • @ Queensland TAYbies

    Hoping a QLD TAYbie can help me here…whats the best(and easiest) way for an out-of-towner Melbourne TAYbie to get from Brisbane to the Gold Coast? It appears i’ll be on holidays there in November…

    • There’s a train that goes along the Beenleigh line (you can catch it at any of the major stations such as Central, South Brisbane or Roma St) that runs express to the Gold Coast every half hour or so.

      Or you can just take a 45 minute drive if you have a car.

      • I used to take that train to Coomera pretty often. Tends to get crowded quick and is a decent sized trip. If you’re spending more than a day or so on the coast, probably best to rent a car.

    • Hire a car…
      It’s a 1 hour drive and depending on what you want to do on the gold coast, it’s handy to have a car to get around.

    • Probably won’t bother hiring a car…mainly for the cost and the fact we’re staying on Cavill avenue which is pretty close to everything. Courtesy buses run to most of the theme parks anyway(pretty much why i’m going)…
      Thanks for the input guys, i’ll definitely have to check out a direct train trip. Sounds easy πŸ™‚

      • Cavill Ave is pretty much the centre of the touristy parts of the Gold Coast but Surfers Paradise is a pretty small area, so anything there is in walking distance of most of those things.

        By the sounds of it, you’re going straight from the airport to the Gold Coast? So that would mean a train to Central and then the Gold Coast express. Or you could just fly to the Gold Coast. Fairly sure you can do that and say the hassle of dealing with Qld Rail and their hatred of paper tickets (seriously, you won’t be happy with how much a train costs).

        • I got bored and checked. $35.50 per person to take the train from Brisbane Airport to Cavill Ave (including a bus from Surfers train station to Cavill).

        • Sorry, should’ve specified. I fly up to Brisbane on the 3rd of November where a 7 night cruise around the South Pacific will be waiting for my wife and I. Then when we dock, i’m meeting a mate of mine who is flying up from Melbourne on the 10th to the Gold Coast and we’re spending a week together at Surfers. Hence why I couldn’t fly direct to Gold Coast. But i’m flying back home from Coolangatta Airport.
          Oh and hiring a car for the trip is actually a lot cheaper than I thought. So i’m seriously considering just paying the extra $30 or so and drive myself there. I’d probably enjoy it more too πŸ™‚
          Thanks for all the help though Trjn and Inquisitorz, it’s very appreciated!

      • For some reason I assumed you’d be commuting back and forwards from Brisbane. If it’s only once to the coast and back the train is more than fine.

        • Found out I can hire a car for about $60 for 2 hours. And the car drop off point is only about 500m from the hotel. Which works out well πŸ™‚

          • Yeah go with the car, last time I took the Airport “express” train from Robina (last train stop on the southern end of the GC) it took 2 & a half hours to get to South Bank Q_Q was not worth the 25 bucks or whatever I paid.

          • Yeah I just booked one through Avis. I’d rather pay a couple extra dollars and not have to spend ages on public transport.