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    FINALLY! Someone with a brain in their head talking about gaming on Windows 8!
    Waaaay better than that stupid 'Windows 8 is bad for gaming because it does stuff the same way as Windows XP/Vista/7 and has a new feature no old games are using because the OS isn't even out yet' drivel the other day.
    I think he needed to expand on a point he made in the last paragraph though. Windows 8 is probably the biggest opportunity for indie game devs ever. First of all, it's easier to get onto than Steam. I don't know why people keep comparing getting games onto the windows 8 appstore to getting games published on XBLA. Isn't it pretty obvious that it's more like Windows Phone 7? And you should see some of the rubbish that has! Secondly, Microsoft is planning to sell 3 million Surfaces this year, something that is rather plausible, given that the 5 million Kindle Fires where sold at the end of last year, and that was only in the US. Seeing as the Surface will be available worldwide, and might be priced like the Fire (like the rumors say) or even if it's a bit more expensive but still cheaper than the iPad, I can see them hitting that goal. Plus you've got other companies selling their own Win 8 tablets too. So if everything goes to plan, there could be maybe 4 million win 8 tablets sold this year (just a guess). And then there's laptops and desktops too, so add a few more million on to that too. So I'm just going to say maybe a minimum of 5 million devices running Win 8 by the end of this year? Probably way more than that seeing as though laptops and desktops sell quite a lot each year. Now look at Steam. Over the last 48 hours the amount of users logged in has peaked at only 4.3 million.
    So, the Windows 8 appstore is less 'closed'/easier to get onto than steam, and will have more people using it too. It's an indie dev's dream.
    I expect we'll see quite a lot of innovation and experimentation in games on Windows 8, which is quite exciting. Sure, we'll see a lot of rubbish and Angry Birds and Words with Friends, but this is Windows, the domain of indie games. I can't see Windows 8 being anything but good for gaming.

      Some people will hear only what they want to hear.

    Filming of Doc What's Epic Extravaganza has begun!!!!
    We are currently sitting outside Milsons Point train station.... The sitting is awesome.

      Take as many behind the scenes pictures as possible. Have fun guys.


    I know EXACTLY how you feel. I loved the PS2 god of war games. I enjoyed the PSP games. I was super, duper pumped for God of War 3. I had the special edition all pre-ordered, and I won the press edition and I really enjoyed GoW3. But after ascensions reveal, it just felt like more of the same. Multiplayer looks like fun, but the demo at E3 was just more of the same, with a few new weapons and tricks.

    I guess i'm not that excited for it because, well, Kratos' story is over, as far as I'm concerned, and they fleshed out more of his character in the PSP games. This just feels like a sequel for the sake of it, the story doesn't sound interesting, it's a very iterative sequel (few new weapons and stuff). God of War 3 was also something of a iterative sequel gameplay-wise, but it had (very) pretty graphics and is was the conclusion of the trilogy, so I was fine with that.

    Yup. I sound jaded and cynical like you! I'll probably buy it anyway (not sure if at release day or when it's cheap) because I still enjoy the combat and I haven't played a hack and slash like it in a while, but yeah.

      Holy shit those press kits go for $250+ on eBay :O

      But yeah, I agree with you both. I really enjoyed GoW 1 and 2 and even though I was excited for 3, I was left feeling a bit disappointed. It was still fun but not as fun as the first two. I played the first PSP one and enjoyed that too but I'm not excited for Ascension at all. When there was that whole rumour about a leaked trailer all I thought was "meh".

      I just feel like they're milking the franchise now and I don't blame them (from a business perspective) but yeah... couldn't care less about Ascension. Sure I'll probably end up buying it as well if it turns out good but I'm in no rush.

      Exactly. Well said.
      God of War 3 looked fantastic, the battle with Chronos for example. Wow!

      I know many people make fun of Kratos as a character and the God of War story in general but I like it and I was really invested in it. God of War 3 was a great culmination of Kratos' revenge tale against the gods who had wronged him. Ascension just feels like you say, 'a sequel for the sake of it.'

      Like you though , I'll probably buy it but most likely a few months later when it's cheaper. The gameplay is so slick and fun. At the same time are we supporting the company for an unnecessary sequel? Maybe I'll buy it used :-)
      Also, that press edition looked sweet. You're so lucky.

        Kratos is an awesome character who I love to bits, may even be one of my favourites, but there's nowhere else to go with him. We know his story from start to finish. Anything else is only really filler.

        What I was hoping for was a change of setting. Norse or Egyptian would be cool. Even if they didn't want to change too much it could be interesting if they showed the Roman gods replacing the Greek ones after Kratos murdered them all.

          Man, when did page 10 turn into the God of War fanboy convention :-)
          (Just kidding)

          I like Kratos too, the reason why is because he is not complicated. Dude is angry so he does something about it. You made me kill my family so I'm going to kill you. You either help me, get out of my way or you die. The other characters around him are dicks, so guess what, he becomes a dick as well and a stubborn one at that :-)
          I understand the call to make him more relatable, but why should he be relatable to the day to day person? Kratos is who I imagine we could become when we are unhinged, when only one solitary raw emotion is driving us.

        Well supposedly the collectors edition has a Kratos statue, and I'm a sucker for those, so I'm torn. What do!?!?

          They are also releasing all the 5 God of War games in a 'saga collection' in the US later this month(not sure about an European release) They haven't confirmed if all the games will be on one disc, but I doubt it.

          I will not buy that though because they seem to be double maybe even triple-dipping now, they already released the PS2 and PSP games in a HD collection .

          They haven't announced the price but I guess it is a good deal for people who have not played the series.


    You and I seem to have rather close tastes in games, so I grabbed Sleeping dogs based on your latest batch of enthusiastic championing of said games :). Also, because you don't seem to have the tweetars, here's the tattoo as it stands until I go back to finish it.

      Haha! My ramblings are influential. Now I feel an odd sense of pressure for you to like it. In my experience, though, I found it wasn't until Sleeping Dogs got out into the open world that I became properly hooked. So don't judge it on the first half hour or so, that's just the standard hand holding tutorial stuff.

      Thanks for the link too, man. Looks insane! I'd be impressed if that was the final product, so you must be happy with it so far. When do you expect to get it finished? (Probably for the best I'm not on Twitter too, considering how many hours I spend here.)

        You are influencing me to go back and play Brutal Legend again.
        ... Maybe I can convince someone else to play it instead.

          You know you want to, friend. Remember the awesome menus? Doesn't that make you wanna play? :P

            Ha Ha. I really like that intro. I especially like the part where the action pauses and a warning comes up asking you to choose whether you want to keep the swearing on or not.

            I stopped playing the game for some reason, I think I got bored at some point. The game didn't gel with me. I still own it, maybe one day I'll try again.

              I think my problem with the game came from expecting an action adventure. There's a lot of elements of that there, but the strategy stuff came as a surprise. (Not a welcome one too, I found it unintuitive. Borderline unpleasant too.) Definitely got Double Fine's sense of humour and awesome story though. There's plenty to like if you're willing to ignore the more than usual flaws.

                ^ this

                The demo was action adventure-y and so was the first bit of the game. The RTS sections felt really out of place and was a bit meh IMO.

                I can't help but to think it would've been better as a straight up action/adventure :(. Too bad that sequel was cancelled...

        Yeah, I understand that pressure you feel when you recommend a game to someone. It's exciting but scary as well. Will they like it? Will they hate it? Will hating that one game put them off the genre for good?

        Sometimes I even go overboard offering gameplay suggestions and tips to try and ease them into it. :-)

          Yeah, man. I find myself doing that too, but it's probably just for the best to let 'em go in sight unseen. Hoping they'll fall in love with it for the same reasons you did. People play games differently too. (When I play Uncharted I spend hours just taking in sights and sounds. I'm shocked watching my sister play through it, taking ten minutes for something I took an hour on. :P)



            Totally would if I didn't have a deep seated hatred of JRPGs. :P

            Write an effervescent email to Monolith and Nintendo asking them to port it to PS3 so a guy you know from the Internet will play it.

              Or said guy(s)/girl(s) can just play it on Wii/PC :-)

                Where can I buy Xenoblade? I'm open to playing it, although I need to finish all my other games first. Yes... that may take a while.

                  Just had a look and OzGameshop have stock for $48 for the game itself but Zavvi has the red classic controller bundle for 38 pounds (~$60). I originally bought it at OzGS for $40 before they increased the price and for $12 more you might as well buy it from Zavvi for the controller. I played the whole game using the classic controller pro but it's one of the Wii games that doesn't have motion or waggle controls and I hear it plays fine with Wiimote + Nunchuck. So buy it for the controller if you don't have one or just get the solo game.

                  Both sites regularly have vouchers so remember to take a look. But since both are in the UK it can take a while before you receive the game and there's always eBay and whatnot.

                  And pfft who needs other games when you've got Xenoblade! Your unfinished games have been unplayed for years, it's time to move on! :)

    @ Nobshot, Techy, B-funk, any other GW2 players.
    Just logged on - two hours before the 3 day head start is supposed to begin and Crystal Desert is already at medium capacity.
    Maybe consider a different server? At this rate it will likely be full by the official launch.

    Does anyone know of any good reliable proxy shippers based in the US who will ship stuff to Australia? Sick of not being able to buy stuff from Amazon etc because of region.

      P4:Golden Gold Sexy edition? :P

      Haven't used any myself but there's links to threads there which should provide enough information.

        Yes, that is exactly what I'm after. Fucking Atlus. They've told Amazon not to ship their CE outside the US but the standard edition is fine.

          Really? Bugger :(. I don't even own a Vita but I'd totally buy that Gold edition if it was easily available to us (which it isn't...). Seems like Atlus have made some pretty annoying decisions lately, what with that and the whole region locking of P4:Arena.

          It's stupid how we miss out on things just because we don't live in certain places. There's things I want but can't import so I'm forced to either not get it or pay for an overpriced local version. Bah!

            It's pretty normal for them to do this actually. Anything Atlus specific that's awesome like this I usually get through VideoGamesPlus in Canada because those guys ship to Australia. But in this case, they're not getting the super LE version. :(

            Made myself a shipito account but it looks like they have manual activation or something, haven't been able to log in yet.

              Logged in, ordered. Hopefully this works out. I've used proxies before but only from Japan, and the Japanese one was a lot less manual (these guys require you to fill out your own customs declarations etc)

    Guild Wars 2 may be a fantastic game, but I guess I'll never know. One of the worst server systems in place. Seriously, locking a server after X amount of players have logged onto it. Good thing I can just play on another one and roll a new character when there's an open spot...oh wait, no, let's make it so once you select a server you're locked to it. Because, you know, that's handy when everyone I know is playing on a full server. Who the hell thought this was good design?

      Why would they lock you to a server? I'm trying to think of a reason but I can't seem to think of one. Locking you out makes sense in a "let's not overload everything" way.

      I can sorta see where they are coming from - if they lock the sever once it's capacity worth of players has chosen it then you will never get server queues.
      But it still sucks.
      Did you end up picking one?

        Also limiting players to one server at a time is partly to stop abuse with the server vs server pvp.

        Nope. Everyone I know is playing on Sea of Sorrows. No interest in playing an MMO without people I know. Cancelling my pre-order tomorrow.

          Fair enough. A few taybies have yet to pick a server though, trying to co-ordinate it.

          Can you cancel if you purchased from them directly? Because I played it a while back and don't want to touch it again.

    oh man. I keep thinking, "I really want to play Project Zero 2!" and then I remember I have to clean my room before it's even possible. -_-

      That's a weird way to turn on a console

        Well, I need to move the TV into my room because the HD TV the colour is drained on the game i want to play. To put the TV in my room, I have to move my gaming cabinet into my room because the TV will sit on that. To do that I have to clean my room.

          Did you ever get your game shelf thingy? Or are your poor games still covered in dust and dog hairs :(?

            No, you've been put away, but not in a shelf =P

              No one puts Greenius in a shelf.

                Except for Scree :(

                What a monster!

                  I'm sorry Greenius! It was a typo! A typo!


                *on, not in.
                I am terrible.

                  You know what? I might just give up on typing for today.

    Do you guys happen to know whether I can use the dial before you dig service to find the location of utility lines on the property if I'm not the owner (renting) and have no actual intent to dig?

    I'm trying to locate my Telstra pit b/c I'm having constant line noise issues and both a Telstra subcontractor and an electrician have come out but neither can actually find it, I suspect it's been buried somewhere.

    GW2 kicked me off and now it won't let me log back in -_-

    Oh well, at least I got 5 - 6 hours of game time with it. One of the smoothest MMO launches I've been in. You'd think with the starting zones been packed with dozens of people all running the same quests they'd be heaps of lag and disconnects but nope, everything ran as smooth as silk.

      kicked me off too, something about firewalls?

      but yeah, the game runs as smooth as butter, even on high settings

    Fuck yeah!

    That's 2 assignments down, 2 more to go... 4 assignments due within a week is death :P

    I have 2 due on Wednesday. I'll have all of tomorrow to try and get one done and I'll have a bit on Monday and Tuesday night. I know I'll probably end up having to finish both on Tuesday night so I'm not looking forward to that at all :/

    One of them is for Brand Management, a Marketing subject. It was a weird one because we get to choose our own topic as long as it's relevant to Brands. I went with "The Role of Brands in Video Games". Now it's a pretty broad topic so I'm still not sure where to go with it and any help will be appreciated :). Here's a general idea of what I was going for in a topic confirmation email I sent a few weeks back:

    In my essay I will aim to explore the role of brands in video games. This includes the roles of existing brands in video games (through mediums like branded video games and in-game advertising) as well as video game brands. I will also examine the brand extensions that these are, and create, the influence of brand equity and how these can add brand loyalty. The parties likely to care about the outcome are the customers/consumers (do they want in-game advertising for a game they’ve paid for?), sponsors (increase awareness and brand loyalty) and management (chance for profits in a growing industry – increase brand loyalty) just to name a few.

    Writing about the topics itself isn't going to be hard but apparently it's a very small part of it and it's mainly about the Marketing theory (blergh!). Since "the role of brands in video games" is quite broad I'm thinking of just focusing on one area. So something like branded video games, in-game advertising, video game brands, brand extensions based on video games but they generally cross over :/... oh godddd I hate essays!

    At least past essays were specific "write about this! write about that!" now it's CHOOSE UR OWN TOPIC TROLOLOLOL.


      I also have no idea what the heck I'm doing for the other assignment but that's a whole 'nother story :P

      And I haven't started either, BEST STUDENT :)

      (other stuffs)


      So I kind of want Sleeping Dogs now... I can't say I was interested in it from what I originally saw but I was open to getting it if it turned out good (which it did!). It's also the best on PC and since I'm getting my master race on it'll be good to play to increase my smugness level by 1. But... I've already got a huge amount of games to play anyway, some of which I just acquired...

      I also need a job so I can acquire more games to look at and never play.

      You could talk about the official licensed games like Fifa, madden etc but you could do what I often tried to do with my essays and turn the topic on its head. Talk about games that have basically becomes brands in their own right, in particular CoD. The game has a bigger following than almost any other series, those sort of numbers have huge power. Where you'd go from there I have no idea, but it's a start

        This. You can attach the name CoD to just about any useless product and almost guarantee it will sell out ie: those $80 "gaming glasses" branded with Black Ops.

      I think the FIFA suggestion might work in this case. The FIFA games are licensed and even in gameplay the game endeavours to have a TV like presentation with advertisements on the pitch and off the pitch as well.
      1.There's stuff like the music in FIFA and how various bands have gotten more fans because of their appearance in the games-look at many music vids on YouTube and how many fans comment that FIFA brought them there etc
      2. EA sports actually advertises during official matches and on the official site as well
      3. The fifa interactive world cup
      4. Live challenges where fans can replay real life scenarios in the game minutes after a tournament match. These usually have co-branding with brands like coke.
      5. Fifa is the top uk videogame brand beating mario and COD which are in 2nd and third place respectively.

      I'll look for some links, if you want?

      Also if you wish to go back into the past there are things like:
      1. How Sony used the power of its brand to launch the original playstation. There are a lot of articles on the 'cool' of the playstation brands marketing and how the brand eventually moved out of the Sony shadow to become a brand of its own.

    I take back what I said about Fall of Cybertron. Once I got past the Cliffjumper section it was pretty reasonable though still a bit frustrating at times.

    Still pretty flawed. Main issues:
    - You don't interact with enough named characters. They should be all over the place. Maybe not as targets but you should be encountering them more often, instead of just random robots.
    - The Cybertron setting is kind of limiting so I hope the follow-up to this is on Earth, with the classic designs and stuff, so maybe they could do some interesting things with the transformations.
    - Aside from the fact you're way stronger in vehicle mode, there's almost no reason to transform. I'd like to see more stuff where you need to shift around a lot.
    - Bumblebee not talking is fucking terrible, I hate you Michael.
    - No Wheeljack.

      Oh and the change of voice for Shockwave is absolutely terrible. He sounds like a Gears of War reject. At least attempt to get someone like the original guy :(

      I was also disappointed by no Wheeljack, and the no-voice Bumblebee is horrific.
      Last mission is so brilliant, though. Best way to finish the game, IMO.

    I am inebriated and full of mirth and appreciation and admiration and affection and alcohol and love.
    Just wanted to share that with you all.

    ...The mirth and appreciation and admiration and affection and love. I'll keep the alcohol and the herpes* to myself, I promise.

    *I don't have herpes.

      It was awesome, I wish they'd been doing that more though. Loved the autobot-to-decepticon logo flip whenever you changed as well, though wish it had had the classic fanfare when swapping.

      I just really feel like they have this huge pile of G1 characters and they used just a handful of them while making you blast through thousands of nameless guys. Would have been much cooler to be working with or against characters you know. Like, where the hell are Skywarp and Thundercracker? If Silverbolt and Air Raid are around, where are the other three Aerialbots? The Constructicons are mentioned but never actually seen. Where are all the original G1 Autobots? We see Bumblebee, Jazz, Cliffjumper, Sideswipe and Ratchet, but where are Bluestreak, Prowl, Hound, Mirage, Sunstreaker, Brawn... Playing as the Combaticons was super cool because they're a cohesive unit and you're interacting with the other members of the squad, they needed more of that.

      How come the Insecticons all had different names, incidentally? Kickback kept his name but Shrapnel and Bombshell didn't?

        Wow, reply fail. :( Swear I was aiming at The Cracks above :(

        Fall of Cybertron was fairly limiting where War for Cybertron was not. Hasbro decided that War for Cybertron and any follow-ups would be considered part of a cohesive franchise-wide established lore, which Transformers Prime is also a part of.

        That's the reason Bumblebee can't talk, because he can't talk in Transformers: Prime.

        As far as the Insecticons names go, they lost the rights to the names Shrapnel and Bombshell a while ago. That's why Bumblebee was reimagined as Hot Shot in the Armada/Energon series. They had lost the rights to the name Bumblebee.

        Anywho, I wrote an actual review over on my blog if anyone's interested in having a read:

    HOLY SHITBALLS Gangnam Style is up to 56 million views at time of writing.
    This guy knows what's what.

    So I decided I will save up and get Mum a Samsung Galaxy 7" tablet.
    Apple have now sued Samsung and it may be removed from shelves. Do they have any idea how much I hate them right now?

      :( I heard about that. If your looking for another tablet the Sony one is pretty good.

      I heard that's happening in South Korea, not so sure where else though.

        No, Samsung is a south Korean company. If it's decided that the Samsung tablets are the same as the iPad then they will be removing them from the shelves in America. Knowing Apple, they'll want it everywhere else too.

      if i've heard correctly, apple is losing that court case...

        although, that information was on my S3's news app thingy... so it could be bias xD

          They're appealing. They were ordered to pay a billion to Apple and they may have to remove the Samsung products off the shelves

            It'd be nice if the industry tried to out do each other instead of fight over patents, especially these really odd patent battles. It's not like Apple invented the wheel here. :S

    So as far as I can tell from what people are saying, Dark Souls PC is a perfect port with little to no issues but it's the worst game ever because it's not shiny enough.

    Really? It was kind of shoddy looking on the consoles yet no one complained (almost no one.) PC finally gets possibly the best game made in a long time but eff it in the aye for not having enough pixels.

    I despair sometimes. I really do.

      I thought the port was a bit dodgy? No wait, that was Darksiders. Never mind, ignore me.

      I don't think I have the tenacity or patience for a Soul's game. I prefer progressing to dying repeatedly :)

      I've heard it wasn't perfect with stuff like "press B (the xbox button) for ____" while using a K+M. I don't think I've ever played a game like that and I didn't even know they existed until recently when I saw some gameplay for that London 2012 game. Is it really that hard to not have controller prompts when you don't use one?

      Like you'd be silly to play with a K+M anyway but it's still an issue for those who do.

      I think the real complaint is that it renders at 1280x720 regardless of what resolution setting you use. The final window is rendered at the correct resolution but it's using a 720p framebuffer and then up/downscaling to the desired resolution. That's kind of crap because changing the size of the buffer is trivial.

    @Aleph - I'd probably renew again for that price but anything more than ~$1 a month is kind of a rip off.

    And yes, unfortunately you need a Gold subscription to play games online :(. Basically Gold gives you things you should probably get for free (like playing online or accessing in-game community content) plus some other unimportant stuff (early access to betas/demos, discounts, other apps I've never bothered with) and Silver/Free gives you pretty much nothing.

      YES! And that's why I stopped using my xbox.

    About three weeks ago I deleted all the contacts in my e-mail account and all the numbers in my phone. Impulsive, maybe, but symbolic too. A response to something that had bothered me for some time; a pressing need to stop living in the past. I thought about people all day that probably haven't thought about me in years. It's not their fault, I know that, it's mine. I felt like I had to make a clean break to finally move on. Get some perspective and all that wanky stuff. (Except for full disclosure that's all I've thought about for the past three weeks. Here's to being a screw up!) There's a line in a Patrick Park song: "When chained to your history you're surely sinking fast." The man's got a point.

    Why vent here? No one else to ramble to, I guess, seems I deleted all my contacts. :P

    Everyone have a good weekend? One for the ages I hope!

      You can't delete us. We're always here. You're one of us. Also, venting is good here. Everyone does it. Even me. And mine are usually over stupid shit that no one can relate, sympathize or even agree with :P

      I have a few mates that can't really move on either. The main thing they talk about is what happened in High School. You're 30. It's been over 10 years. Is there really nothing you've achieved in life more then when you saw that guy trip in front of class once? That's the main reason I don't really get Facebook. 95% of anyones friends list are people they never talk to or haven't seen in years and the the only people that give a crap about your posts are those that already know. It's just showing off to people from your past that no longer care.

        That's not creepy at all!
        I know exactly what you mean though. I've done it myself and tempted to also do it on Facebook too.

        Yeah, I agree except in my case high school wasn't that long ago :P

        But seeing that guy trip in front of everyone was hilarious!

      I dunno, guys, I probably just need to lighten the fuck up and stop being a walkin', talkin' cautionary tale. :P

        Everyone wants to be normal but no one can actually point out some one who is.

          True enough, man. Just would be nice to get out of bed and feel happy one of these days. (Lighten up, D.C. Lighten up. :P) Thanks for the encouraging words, though. You rock! :D

            I know what it's like. I was there not all that long ago. Borderline suicidal, doctors trying to ram antidepressants down my throat. It sucks and it's hard to get out of but you do. Something happens, you may not even realise what, and you start getting a bit more cheery about things. Just remember that there's always somebody who's willing to listen without judgement, even if it's someone you've never met online.

              You're a good guy, Freeze. That means more to me than you know.

              You know i'm always down the road if you need a mate dude!

              and D.C. I know how ya feel man, I did something similar the other week, just removed a bunch of people from my life, people who I thought were close mates, pretty much the only people I gave a shit about from school still.. But it's been growing more & more recently they were just rude to me for no apparent reason so off with their heads!

              Sometimes you just need to let go of those holding you back or that are no good for you!

      That's to be commended man. I keep quite a few of my contacts on Facebook in particular, in some bizarre effort to feel as if I'm connected with people, regardless of whether I converse with them or not. It's cowardice and fear, nothing more.

      I don't think about these people, I don't wonder how they're doing in day-to-day life. They're just noise, and I realise that. But I'm fearful of silence.
      Well done on doing that mate, you're far stronger than I.
      I'm currently weighing up the options of dropping everything (including the proverbial microphone!) and disappearing overseas indefinitely, although I'm still trying to decide why I'd be doing it, etc.

      "When chained to your history you're surely sinking fast" makes me think of the captain going down with his ship. Proud and noble, yet inevitably doomed. I think it's time we all took a step back from pride and nobility.
      Thanks, D.C., for yet another change in perspective, and well done on ridding yourself of burdens long passed!

    ARGH!!, Nets capped. Wont reset till next Saturday. Cant view TAY anymore on phone cause page is too big now. Cant play for my team tonight and we have two important games on. Gonna get behind on 1 weeks worth of internet that Ill have to catch up on, on Saturday after work.

    But I'm not waiting a week to watch the next One Piece episode. No matter how long it takes to buff.

    Hopelessly addicted to Sleeping Dogs. I think this is my game until Borderlands 2.

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