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    Squenix appear to be teasing something related to TWEWY Sure looks like it. Japanese title for The World Ends With You was Subarashiki Kono Sekai, subaseka would be a pretty normal Japanese abbreviation for the title.

    Looking at the work spam email filter, why are the majority of spam email campaigns targeted at men?

    Hot girls in your area, herbal enhancements and the like.

    Honestly, I'd just like to see what sort of baloney the spammers could come up with that would be female specific (although those bloody coupons and other spammy newsletters tend to go almost exclusively to my female co-workers).

      I laughed when I once saw a "Hot girls in SuburbIDNotFound" one evening on an Ad while browsing, that's when you know you live in the middle of nowhere :P

    Started reading Nova's post up above (I appreciate the insanely long link to my blog, friend) and when I hit the stuff about Journey it reminded me of a question I wanted to ask.

    Are there any moments in games for you guys where, despite watching/playing through it multiple times, you still get chills, a moment that is so good you find it gives you the exact same feeling no matter how much you see it? Watching Nova play the end part of Journey I just got chills at the last part where that amazing Apotheosis track kicks in. It's such a great moment.

      That moment has never failed to be amazing.

      Happens to me during the end of Kingdom Hearts 1 every time

      Final Fantasy VII. The part between the intro scene and the outro scene are awesome!

        The intro scene itself is pretty rad. No need for an elaborate long 15 minute explanation of everything. Just that slow zoom out through Midgar, the title card, then zoom into the train arriving and you're right into the action. The tech at the time meant Squenix had to be so much more succinct with their storytelling in FF IMO.

      The moment in Xenoblade when you put the game disc in.

      There's a couple of moments in KOTOR that do it for me. The first is when Darth Malak orders the destruction of Taris. "Wipe this pathetic planet from the face of the galaxy" is the quote I believe. Seeing someone so willing to destroy an entire planet, one that also happened to have many of his own army's troops on the surface, just to kill 3 people wasquite chilling. Also the big reveal of Revan's identity was almost a perfect moment, particularly the way they went back and showed quotes from earlier in the game, that you could have put together before hand.

      Mass Effect 1 and 2 - The conversation with Vigil on Ilos. Mostly for the music. Even without playing the game, whenever I hear that music I get chills. Hearing about the fall of the Prothean Empire from a cold, near emotionless voice was a brilliant moment, one that really cemented the series as a favourite of mine. Then in 2 on the Collector ship when EDI tells you that gur pbyyrpgbef ner npghnyyl nqncgrq cebgurnaf, chills every time. Again, there's a short bit of music to accentuate the moment.

      Quite often for me it comes down to music. Or in some cases the lack of it. Journey on the weekend has a point where its completely silent that really hits you hard. You know the bit I'm talking about Alex, because everyone was commenting how by talking they were probably ruining it. But no it still worked. The other one that comes from silence for me is from Xenoblade. When you exit the first cave, after defeating the first boss after leaving colony 9, you come out on a cliff and look across the ocean to the Mechonis. Dead silent, and to me it perfectly encapsulated the scale of the game. Everything in it is almost too big for Shulk and the others to deal with, but somehow they have to find a way

        Since you mentioned Mass Effect, I still think that that conversation where Sovereign is revealed is awesome. The effects they used on his voice made him sound so incredibly sinister. Always felt that Harbinger was weak and uninteresting in comparison.

        I think you're right on the music though. Well used music makes the whole moment stick in your head.

          Oh yeah for sure, can't believe I missed the conversation with Sovereign. Facepalm moment right there

    Splicer! The package arrived. Or rather it probably arrived a long time ago but I only just found it, along with a whole pile of stuff I had given up on ever arriving. Turns out the local postie had been forcing up the garage roller door a bit and sliding the packages under there. The problem with that being that we use the garage as another room and has a wall built over the inside of the doors, meaning that we never open the roller doors and can't get or see from inside.

    Seriously, there was about 30 packets under there with games, books, credit cards and DVDs.

    Remind me to wait in ambush for the postie and do something terrible to him...

      Yay! i was getting a little worried that it hadn't turned up! Glad you got it!
      Now to inflict horrible things to that postie....
      At least your postie can read the address though, we live at Unit 3, number 4 of our street and always end up with Unit 4, number 3's mail...sigh
      Anywho, enjoy mang!


    I've been meaning to write up some thoughts on Sleeping Dogs, but can't seem to construct words together in interesting ways today. I will say I like it a whole lot, though.

    The city is beautiful and foreign: neon lights on wet pavement, unique architecture and a real sense that you're somewhere new. The gameplay is constantly surprising. It could do with some polishing, but there's so much to like about it. The martial arts aspect clearly differentiates it from GTA as well. In fact I find myself disappointed every time I'm forced to use a gun in a mission. So much more satisfying with hand-to-hand combat. The story is interesting, but I can't help to think there's more they could've done with the premise. Still only half-way through, though, so could surprise me. If you're on the fence and these types of games appeal to you, play it now pals.

    I'll be happy to answer any questions if you have any?

      I've visited HK a few times so I am VERY keen to get this game and see if it has that same HK feel :)

      D.C at first I didn't like you couldn't carry a gun, then I thought about it. It's *far* more realistic than the others. In the real world you wouldn't want to be caught carrying a gun, so you'd likely only use it if you came across it in a dire situation, the game represents this well. The fighting is brilliant isn't it??? I almost rejoice everytime a badass brawl breaks out :D even the driving is great fun!!! Hopefully GTA 5's hand to hand is a little bit better. They fixed the gunplay with 4, now the hand to hand just has to be fixed. They could take some cues from Sleeping Dogs, not with kung fu but just with combos etc that makes it so much better.

        The feeling of getting in a brawl is almost as awesome as mid-drive hijackings. So fun. L.A. Noire probably spoiled me a little, but it'd be nice if there were more building interiors, though. That's just nit picking.

      I just finished it. Pretty cool dude.

      Though, hmmm, need to wait for other people to finish, so I can discuss that ending...

        I'll let you know when I'm done, then we can rot13 like crazy. :P

    Well, Falling Skies finished its 2nd season today with a great episode. Won't spoil it for any fans but the final 90 seconds, damn!!!!Cannot wait for season 3. Breaking Bads 6th episode was great and now I shall revel in True Blood :D

    What do you guys partake in weekly?

      personally, I dont like the weekly wait. Especially when its a series like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones where each episode generally ends on a note that makes you need to see the next episode asap.
      So, I wait til the whole season is out then smash through it over a few nights.

      So yeah, currently waiting for Breaking Bad to be avialable & I'm pretty keen for Doctor Who to start up again.

        I don't mind that but then I blaze through a whole season too quickly and I'm too impatient to wait for everything to come out :P. There's also the risk of getting things spoiled from friends or accidentally stumbling upon something on the internet.

        I supply a co-worker with Breaking Bad. I kind of forgot to give her last week's episode.

        I'm going to advise her to set aside two hours to watch last week's episode and then this week's.

        Also, get into The Newsroom.

          Haha there's something meta about supplying a workmate with a stolen show about someone supplying people with illegal meth I'm sure ;) lol

      Currently just Futurama (not that great but I just watch it anyway :P), Breaking Bad (so awesome!) and Louie (awesome too!)

      All my weekly stuff is done until Dr who starts. I had been watching GoT and Legend of Korra weekly but they finished.

      The thing with TV is when it rains it pours. Bit of a dry spell at the moment, though. Only thing I'm watching at the moment is The Newsroom. September's fast approaching, then my beloved Fringe will be back. (Boardwalk Empire and Treme as well. J.J. Abram's Revolution looks cool too.)

      I've just been watching whatever's on at the time.
      Should probably get around to watching Breaking Bad/The Wire/Mad Men/All the other stuff people gush over.

        Mad men Ive never gotten into. God knows Ive tried. I can tell its quality? Just never appeals to me. I wont trash it because it IS good, its just not *me*. Breaking Bad is great however. The Wire was fantastic but I'm a Shield guy at heart :)

        If you have never watched six feet under do it immediately. One of the best shows ever.

          Starts today again on Foxtel, gonna make it right and finally watch the damn thing!

      I haven't really being watching anything on TV lately. I'll tune in on Mondays and Thursdays to watch Dollhouse and Star Trek: Next Gen, even though they're old shows that I could easily pick up on dvd I like having something to watch on TV. On Saturday morning I've been watching the reboot of Thundercats, but that's finishing up soon. Aside from that I'll just have on Ben 10, Young Justice, Brave and the Bold repeats on during weekend mornings and Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy repeats on during some week evenings to keep me company while I'm playing vidya gaems on the computer.

    In the last two weeks, I've been asked several times what I want for my birthday.

    A friend just tweeted:

    Choosing a gift for @TrjnRabbit - much with the brow furrowing.

    (She does really talk like that).

    I actually hate this time of year. Not really a fan of making a fuss about birthdays and can never really think of things that I would like to receive. Oh well, it'll be over soon.

      Hrmm, what to ask for for your birthday.

      Oh yeah, VIDEOGAMES :D

      I find this is a great time to ask for peripherals that you've been holding out on, like a new controller or an xbox steering wheel or something similar :)

        I have a fairly decent amount of disposable income. If I want something, I just get it :p

          Yes but what about the things that you have wanted but have been on the fence about.
          Things that you felt the money could have been better spent elsewhere?

          Now you can delegate those maybe-purchase to someone else's wallet and not only will you conquer your doubts but you will be relieved of the pressure of needing to tell someone what you want for your birthday.

          Although to be honest people shouldn't be asking you what you want, half the fun of birthday gifts is surprising the person with something awesome.

            Those sorts of things tend to be a bit more expensive and I'm not really willing to ask people to pay for them.

          That's my philosophy.
          Except I don't actually have an income.

      When it comes to birthdays and christmas I always get all panicky about what I want. Often there's nothing that I really want to ask for which leaves me with lots of things I sort of want and I never know which of those things I should ask for in case I ask for the wrong thing and later regret it. Then I think about just asking for money but then I think that I'll also probably regret asking for money since it's always nicer to recieve an actual gift than it is to recieve money.

      Basically the times of the year that should be happy just end up stressing the hell out of me.

      That's the beauty of having no friends, never been an issue for me. (I made myself sad. :P)

      Even in school my birthday was always during the summer holidays.

        There's always the fun of having a reputation for being completely useless.

        My friends organised a 21st for me, decided that I needed a phone, and just told me to turn up at the appropriate time. Makes life easy.

      I know what you mean, though the only people I usually receive presents from are my immediate family so it's not too big of an issue. My friends and I have an unwritten rule that if you're not throwing a party, you're not getting a present. haha

      I saw something last night that this reminded me of;

      "What to get the man who has everything for his birthday; cocaine, so next year he has nothing." I laughed for a good few minutes at that.

    Any one have a link to the TAY contact details list? Thanks in advance, friends.

      If you mean PSN/XBL/Steam/Twitter deets, here:

        Heh, that's exactly what I meant, only phrased eloquently. :P

        Much obliged, Cracks. You're a scholar and a gentleman.

          Eloquently? Haha. Ha. I'm pretty sure 'deets' disqualifies that post from ever beeing considered eloquent.

    So, manifest was fun.
    8 people recognised me over the weekend (as Elizabeth), mostly with "Hey, you're that character from that Bioshock game, the one from the trailer, I've forgotten her name." The one time someone came specifically after me for a photo, I looked confused and asked if it really was me she wanted to take a photo of. The part that makes it funny is that no one else I was with was dressed up.
    I went to the maid cafe, that was fun. =D I also drew for an hour and chatted etc.
    Oh, the contact lens in my left eye was hurting. Turns out I didn't clean it properly and it was making my eyes water. A lady at a stall helped me with my contact lens \o/ She helped me take it out and gave me a container for free as well as showing me how to wash them properly. I was so grateful that I offered money but was refused. D=
    So I went back the next day and bought a corset =D
    I saw Hell girl, Gosick, Gantz and a few other shows. I was sorely disappointed with the Iron chef AMVS though.
    Yeah, that's all I can think of right now.
    Oh pictures

      Sounds and looks like a blast. Your outfit looks pretty awesome too.

      And \o/ for Lollipop Chainsaw!

        She made her own costume. Made me feel stupid. /o\

        I couldn't pull it off. D= Even then my Elizabeth one has errors

          Why feel stupid? Your outfit looked great. If I recall correctly you did make your own as well. And it seemed to take a lot of work.

      Wow, good job Scree! Your dress turned out great.

      Looks like a lot of fun as well. I've never been to anything like that :P

        I wish some taybies had come.
        They had one of the rarest xbox games set up. Unfortunately I don't remember the name but I do know it was a mech game and it wasn't released in Australia.
        I wish I'd managed to get the met 100 miis achievement. I didn't though D=

          Someone didn't invite us!

          (sarcasm, don't worry!)

            I was going to say, it's not invitation only! It's whoever wants to go, goes. You have to pay for entry too.

          Steel Battalion?
          The one with the giant controller?

            Probably. That would have been hilarious to behold.
            Didn't they plan at one point to erase your save data if you didn't eject from your mech in time?

      Again, foiled by lack of Facebook account. I'm sure the pictues look purdy, though. Unavailable for the likes of me, though. :D

        I'm so sorry. Would you like a crappy video to make up for it?
        This is me, assuming you do.
        I can upload them to my photobucket as well if you want.

          It's alright, don't go to any trouble. I'm sure most people here have a Facebook account. It's just the price I pay for being a socially inept hermit. :P That video warped my mind. :D

            Ha, no effort. You forget though, that I'm creepy!

            Wait, that's not right.

            Still, I'll post some of the ones I like in not Facebook account requiring form.

            All in their own little comments. Why? Because Blaghspam is... certainly something.



              Boobypop Boobsaw(tilt your head):

              (Of boobs)

                Little town, it's a quiet village, every day, like the one before. Little town, full of little people, waking up to say...


                (Bonjour, Bonjour, Bonjour Bonjour Bonjour)

                  Say it's true, there's nothing like me and you, not alone, tell me you feel it too.
                  And I would run away:

                  (Reminds me of the derp running sonic, but maybe that's just me)

              Blaghman looked me up on Facebook once. True story!

                Heh heh heh. I'm totally not a creepy stalker.

                I promise.

                  You're a Watchful Guardian. Like Batman. A hero of our times! :P

                I searched for "Greenius" but nothing came up.

                I'm starting to think that's not your real name at all.

                  Try harder because Greenius is pretty spot on :P

            Sorry about the crappy quality. It was better until youtube got to it.

              Great photos! Thanks! (Although the people in giant animal costumes freak me out for some unknown reason. :P)

                It's a totodile. Can you believe that it only took him three days to make that?

              TAY has been lacking the 'sorry's in your absence :P

              But well done scree! Now you don't need to procrastinate and can Minecraft all you want! :)

                \o/ I was looking at the minecraft at Manifest wistfully. And then I realised I could play again and got very excited =D

              Looks like a great weekend! Thanks for pics Scree.

              Highlights? What did you see?

                Maid cafe was a highlight. I'm certainly interested in seeing more of hell girl, oh and I bought a wind up pocket watch =D

      Wow, you look great. You really did an awesome job scree. One of the best costumes out of all the photos you took. It must be nice to have all that effort pay off. Now you can relax

        I *could* relax, but I'd much rather try and fix the little errors that are annoying me. =P
        I plan to hopefully wear it again for conventions next year

      I can finally put a face to the name. First pic I've seen of you.

      Nice job on the costume, it looks great.

        I don't actually look like that...If that makes sense. I was wearing makeup to make me look quite different. ^^;; I'm normally a huge tomboy

      What you taking 'bout Scree? Costume looks good to me. All you need is a giant mechanised bird-thing to carry you off and you'd be set :)

      You look great Scree!
      Thanks for sharing pictures :D And I think your costume is pretty good - it's hard work to make your own.

    Made it past the first gate for selection in the Police Force \o/

      Awesome! How long does the process of applying take? How many hurdles left to jump?

        It's a 6-9 month process. It's been a month already. 3 more steps left. Got past the initial selection, still have to do the psychometric test, fitness and panel interview.

          The year after I finished high school I did a TAFE course, almost every one in the class was there to boost their OP or increase their chance to get into the Police. Not sure specifically why, though. Was a Diploma of Justice. Is that a neccessary requirement?

      What was the first gate? Cage fight against other potential recruits? Answering a Sphinx's riddle? Some sort of death race?

      Uh oh, we're going to have to start behaving now.

      Congrats! :D

      I couldn't do that myself. I couldn't even consider it.
      Also, police officers get half price maccas

    Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 6.... I seriously thought this show could not get any better/worse.

    But here's really the only thing I have to say about this episode. Seeing one of Walt's quotes from Season 3 compared to his actions in this latest episode.... man, it just makes me angry!

    Don't click this link if you haven't seen the latest episode!

      What do you mean by better/worse? Did you think the episode was good or bad? Slightly confused by what you mean :P

      I just finished it a few minutes ago and I enjoyed it. Like any other ep I wanted more at the end but have to wait 1 more week like everyone else... gahhh!

        By better/worse I mean the show just keeps getting better and better, but the tension just keeps ramping up. It's almost becoming unbearable.


        Gur irel svefg cneg bs guvf rcvfbqr znqr zr srry nyzbfg culfvpnyyl vyy. Gung fubg bs Jnyg, bcravat gur frpbaq oneery, jnvgvat gb fghss gur xvq vafvqr yvxr vg'f abg ovt qrny? Bu zna. Vg znqr zr srry fb fvpx.

        Gura jura Gbqq gheaf nebhaq naq fnlf, "Fuvg unccraf, lbh xabj?" V jnf frevbhfyl ubcvat Wrffr jbhyq chyy n tha naq oybj uvf oenvaf bhg. Wrffr vf gur bayl punenpgre va guvf fubj V'z npghnyyl ebbgvat sbe nalzber, ohg V'ir tbg n greevoyr fvaxvat srryvat gung Jnyg'f tbvat gb chg n ohyyrg va uvz orsber gur raq.

          Yeah, I agree completely.

          I had more typed out but I'm trying not to get into too much of a discussion as it'll just make me more impatient for the next episode.

          IMO Breaking Bad is one of the shows that doesn't get worse as it goes on and I can't think of many that fall into that category.

            I guess Vince Gilligan learnt his lesson on The X-Files. :P

            Yeah my comment about it being worse has nothing to do with the quality of the show. It's still the greatest thing on television. It's just getting harder and harder for me to watch, and much more unsettling.

          Pbzcyrgryl nterr nobhg gung fghss ohg V'z fgvyy purrevat sbe Unax. Nyfb, ubj terng jnf gur fprar jvgu Fxlyne, Wrffr naq Jnyg nyy univat qvaare? Gung unq gb unir orra n tnt va gur jevgref ebbz gung gurl jrer ybbxvat sbe na rkphfr gb unir unccra sbe lrnef.

            Totally agree. That scene was amazing. It was laugh-out-loud funny, but tense as hell at the same time.

      My torrent has 11 minutes to go and has had about that much to go for the last five minutes.

        Everyone's internet connection seems a lot faster than mine. :'( Still waiting on The Newsroom. (Which starts tonight on SoHo on Foxtel if you're interested in watching via more conventional means!)

          I don't have Foxtel and had already finished watching it when you posted this :p

            More a general advisory to other TAYbies. :P

    I'm sorry I haven't been on lately, as you guys know, manifest and all that.
    Hopefully I will update the blog and various other things. And talk about lots of video games! \o/

      Finish skyward sword!!!!

        Buy Xenoblade!!!!!

        Nob, Nova and Steve-O finish Xenoblade!!!!!

        Neg0, Doc, Beavwa start Xenoblade!!!!!


          If I get the dolphin emulator up and running I might even play it with an Xbox controller.

            Hey, as long as you play (and finish!) it then it's all good :D

    I have decided that I absolutely adore the way Death moves in Darksiders. It's so easy and flowing its actually a joy to steer him aroun the environments.

      Really? One of the preorder bonuses is that Despair moves faster? Really?

        I was like "oh cool it should Despair permanent speed boost!" but nah just one little extra stamina bar that makes him charge. It was free anyway so eh.

        I'm more disappointed about Death Rides which was supposedly 2 hours of extra gameplay. I've found 3 quests from it (which is like half of it apparently) and it's pretty much just 5 minutes, most of which is dialogue. Actual gameplay from it has been under a minute :(

          To be completly honest I just wanted the LE as I liked the cover better :D

            Isn't this the cover for all of them though? (excluding the collector's edition)


              Looking around now it seems to be. Per release was just showing a black background with the words Darksiders 2 on it with the Limited having the current one.

    So I finished The Secret of Monkey Island for the first time last night. Now I can officially say that I've played the game that sits on top of TAY.

    It was good, but felt very different to modern adventure games. Bit of a shocking difference at first actually (not necessarily a bad thing). I used the hint function more often than I care to admit though...

      It always seemed that if you could finish the old school adventure games without any help you probably needed your head read and should never be allowed to come up with a solution for anything in real life.

        I loved The Secret of Monkey Island. I'd spend hours trying to 'coach' my aunt along, as she could never get the answers (yet they were so apparent to me... oh dear).

        Is it possible to get copies on steam? What is compatibility like? I'll probably check tomorrow, but if anyone has any ideas prior to then :P

          The Special Editions are both on Steam. They were only released in the last couple of years so work flawlessly. You can play with either the new or old graphic style. I've had Monkey Island 2: SE on my iPad for almost a year now and still haven't replayed it. :S

            Yeah, this. The old version is only good if you have nostalgia though. New version has music and voice acting and such. The only thing I didn't like about the new version was that they took the controls off the bottom of the screen and put them in a menu (which was a little fiddly).

              Some might argue that Secret of Monkey Island SE has a questionable art style. :P

        I loved that game. It's probably still in my top ten and I still play it sometimes.

    Playing through Borderlands again is getting me really hype for Borderlands 2. Do you know which class you'll be playing on Day One? I'll be playing a Gunzerker, because a beard and two assault rifles is enough to kill almost anything.

      He kind of looks like what i expect you to look like :P

        Yeah it's pretty accurate, except I don't have a mohawk, and have more gut/manboobs.

          You should transfer that gut into a mohawk. I'm sure that's how it works.

      Haven't even looked, even though this is probably a day 1 purchase.

        There's Gunzerker, Salvadore, whose action skill lets his duel wield anything in a Gunzerking rage.

        There's Maya, the Siren, who has a different action skill from last game. She has an ability called Phaselock which locks an enemy and lifts them into the air in an energy bubble. Great for focussing DPS.

        Then there's Axton, the Commando. Protip: the name Axton means 'The Warrior's Whetstone' - perfect for a support class. sharpens all the other warrior's skills. he also has a Sabre Turret, which is like Roland's turrets, but on steroids.

        Last is Zer0, a mysterious Assassin. His action skill drops a holographic decoy on the ground, and puts him into stealth mode where he can cut enemies down from the shadows. He's the only character which has a weapon speciality: sniper rifles.

          After playing as Mordecai in the first one i'm shattered there's no OP Hunter class...guess its ninja-dude for me :(

            Yeah I played Mordecai in the first one too. But I like the sound of pretty much all of the classes in Borderlands 2, so I'm sure I'll find something to enjoy.

              Although Mechromancer sounds interesting...

          I'm thinking Zer0 at this stage, because sniper rifles.

          I'll probably be playing Maya first, and will play Zer0 in co-op with my Housemate. I reckon Zer0 could be a little fragile until you know what you're doing.

    My return to TAY has been lacklustre. Someone fill me in on yesterday caus I'm tres lazy

      Also Breaking Bad, zomg!

        Stoopid cliffhangers... Ugh.
        Makin' me stay up late and stuff. Also dat awkward dinner. I feel sorry for Jesse.

          as I said to that Sughly guy, Jesse was such a social retard there it was hilarious.

      There were a ton of summaries and writeups on Doc's birthday bash and they all sound amazing.
      You should have gone. Why didn't you go?

      I made a game in a week for a competition! You should try it! :D

        Hey pretty rad! I got a few files, but then I didnt really know what do and kept getting killed :(

    I beat Darksiders II last night. It's a pretty cool guy, the last boss was REALLY easy (even on apocalyptic) but the second last boss was REALLY cool and interesting. I swear just they ran out of money at the second last boss and thought "oh shit, we gotta finish this guys". I'm not sure if it's worth it doing NEW GAME + on nightmare. I might just play it through again when all the DLC is out.

      Wait, is nightmare harder than apocalyptic? That doesn't seem right.

        IKR, when I beat apocalyptic it said "nightmare is now unlocked". Don't worry! It makes sense (probably)!

        Maybe this game considers "apocalyptic" as par, since we're talking about the Four Horsemen, and nightmare is meant as a nightmare, even for them.

    So I finished AC:Revelations last night...or AssRev as it's known in these circles(Yes I know i'm a few months late to the party). I'm now up to date and hanging for AC3!
    Although i was a bit sad to see the end of an era with Ezio. And it was nice to see them tie the stories together in the final cutscene. Curious to see what AC3 brings...

      Be sure to catch the Assassin's Creed short Embers for a nice bookened to Ezio's adventure. Presented seperatley from the Animus so you see stuff that Desmond doesn't.

        To the internet!

    Something has been bugging me for a while now. For a long time, I've been "the dick". It's something that I've fostered and it comes because I make frequent sarcastic comments and my general attitude. It wasn't serious and I didn't care.

    For a while now, people have become increasingly aggressive towards me because of this. It's starting to get a little grating, particularly on TeamSpeak where I'm starting to get the impression that there are multiple people who would genuinely punch me in the face at the slightest provocation if we met in real life.

    Give it a rest.

    I have always made a point to step back if I felt like I was crossing some sort of line and my little sarcastic comments are in line with the general things that everyone else says. There has never been malice in any of my actions and my general response to some actually pissing me off is to be overtly kind to them.

    In fact, if anything I've dramatically scaled back my dickishness and even general involvement in TeamSpeak in the last few months yet people are even more aggressive lately than before.

    So I'm done with this. If you don't like me, address it and get over it but I will not let other people take out their frustrations on me just because I'm "the dick" and thus a fair target.

      For what it's worth, you're one of my favourite commenters here on TAY. (Not that I play favourites. That wouldn't be ethical. :P) *shrugs*


        But this isn't about being liked. It's about people being aggressive and taking out their frustrations on me because I'm apparently a fair target. I don't really mind if people like or dislike me, although it is nice to hear that people do like me.

          Perhaps you're seen as a stalwart within the community. I'm not sure about aggression, but 'venting' and such is only really done to those we feel we can trust, surely?
          Either way, you're A-OK in my books, for what it's worth Bunny!

            Unfortunately, the main offenders are not people I get that impression from. Even if that was the case, I'm not okay with people using me to vent that way. Not anymore.

      Not having a go here, just curious really. If you're being a self-described dick, how would you expect to be treated? I have no problem with you at all Mr Trjn sir(to be honest i don't think we've ever actually spoken) but speaking from experience, if someone is being a dick to me and they continue to do so after i've asked them to stop, yeah, i think i would feel like punching them in the face. If you're being treated unfairly, by all means, call people out on it, but if you're being a dick, don't expect people to sympathise.
      I'm not writing this to have a go and personally, as i said, i have no problem with you. I'm just wondering why you're surpised at peoples reactions to you being a dick as you said.
      Hope it all gets worked out mate.

        I think the simplest explanation is because it was never serious and I have never actually been that dickish. There is a bit of a culture of making sarcastic remarks, I contribute to it but I'm not the only person who does.

          Ah ok, now i'm on the same page. There's a big difference between being witty and being a dick. I think you come off as witty. Well if people are being overly aggressive, cut them off or call them out. See them stand by their attitude as you have.

      Just wanna let you know, if I ever punch you in the face, it's probably more because I am tripping or having some other sort of accident, not because I don't like you :P

        I don't think you're physically capable of punching someone in the face on purpose :p

      OH GOD, you have said nice things to me in the past.
      What did I do to deserve it! What did I do to aggrieve you /o\

        I said being overtly nice :p

        You're just too awesome to be sarcastic towards Bish-frond o/ (hopefully not too overt there)

          I'M SORRY, OKAY

          But not really.

            Ya jerk.

              You left me hanging!

              Canadia has changed you, man.

                Someone has to make up for their disgusting over-friendlyness.
                Surly Bish makes a comeback.

                  I'm still hanging. Starting to lose feeling now.

                  Comeback? ARE YOU RETURNING


      Have you spoken to these people directly about it? Not on here, somewhere more private to avoid making TAY at large uncomfortable.
      It might not be a fun thing to do (I know I dislike it), but if the person/people causing the problem don't actually know they're causing one, then nothing will change.
      If they're doing it with the full knowledge that they're offending you, then don't waste your time with them :)

        One of them, with no success.

        The problem is more that the general tone of how people are treating me is getting very caustic. This isn't one or two people crossing a line that I can just call them out on it, it's a persistent way in how I'm being treated.

        Tonight, it's very likely that I will tell the worst offender directly that I'm sick of what they're doing. I fully expect that they won't care or will feel justified in how they have treated me. That doesn't address the issue of people in general.

        I'm with Rize on this one, talk to the guys who are causing trouble. Maybe the people don't realise what they are doing.

        Hopefully you resolve any issues, it would suck to have disagreements on TAY and among friends.

      Let me preface this by saying that I have absolutely no problemo with you Trjn. I like hanging out with you and the rest of the Brisbane TAYbies, and I don’t believe there’s a bad one in the whole bunch of us. I’m sure this statement will also apply to Sydney TAYbies once Sughly and I come visit. But I think if you’ve cultivated the reputation as being ‘the dick’, it does paint a target on your back, whether intentional or not.

      And like it or not, if someone acts like a dick, they’re more than likely going to be treated like one. Even in such a great community as this. There’s bound to be personality clashes, and sarcasm and snarky comments rub a lot of people the wrong way.

      I don’t go on TeamSpeak at all so I honestly can’t comment on anything that’s been said or done on there, but I hope that if anyone has an issue with anyone in this community they can discuss it civilly and openly, and hopefully come to some kind of understanding.

        Yes, I did paint a target on my back and I was okay with that for a long while because people seemed to know where to draw the line. Lately it has been going too far.

        I'm okay with people disliking me. I'm not okay with how people think they can treat me.

      I personally don't understand why you cop 1/2 the flak you currently do. You have never done anything that has personally offended me. If I have done anything to offend you then I apologise.

        You're a-okay, Nobfriend.

      Usually when I have issues like that in Teamspeak I just mute my mic or even my sound if somebody does that to me. I hope I'm not one of those you mentioned, sorry if I am. I do enjoy hearing your contributions and points of view to the discussions we have too, even if they don't interest you or not anymore. Truthfully I do get bothered by certain individuals in the Kotaku community as well, so I just stay quiet rather than cause conflicts when others are about. If it gets bad enough I do privately call them out on it, just so the atmosphere doesn't get upsetted by what may turn into a heated argument.

        You've never been a problem, Techie. You never took part in the "Bunny's a dick" joke and definitely not in the recent escalations of it.

      Being sarcastic/witty and having a friendly dig at someone is all part of the fun.
      What you're describing isn't. And it makes me disappointed.
      Can't we all just get along?

    Holy damn, look how cool looking James Taylor was in the '70s! Amazing!

    Wow, the transition between Dollhouse season 1 and season 2 is crazy. It's like going from playing Human Revolutions to a Fallout game. I have no idea if the entire season will be like this (and for those who have seen it, please don't tell me because I'd like to find out for myself) but I'm not complaining. I'm not normally a fan of timeskip/flashback story telling and I would have loved if they'd kept the show going down the same path as season 1 but the story is still good and I'm willing to forgive them since they got canceled and were forced to rush to a conclusion for the series. The whole show also reminds me of a theory I had about the future of humanity. My theory was much less dystopian, but it's still cool to see some of what I'd thought of being explored in Dollhouse.

      I never finished watching season 2. I didn't hate it, I just didn't enjoy it as much as the first. Eventually got pushed aside as other shows came out.

      I'll rewatch it all one day though.

        Well worth it. I won't say more though.

          I stopped watching with only 3 or 4 episodes left as well :P Should've just powered through.

      They rush it because they knew they were getting cancelled at the end of the season. So everything they had wanted to do, as well as everything they set up in Epitaph One had to be addressed in a rather short space of time.

      Season 2 is worth it for Sierra. That's really all there is to it.

    borrowing my friends 2DS just to play Kingdom Hearts...

    god dammit does that game love to make it's plot as complicated as possible...

      I've only played the original KH, and am contemplating the purchase of a PS2 and the game just to revisit it :D
      But screw Gummi ship creator man. That thing was a pain.

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