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    Remember when wireless networks WEREN'T a viable alternative to Ethernet for a business?

    ...can we go back to that?

      Here? They're still not. It's great so long as no-one new comes to the eylandt claiming they have all the answers :P

      I'm like some archaic network overseer. Seriously though. Ethernet is great.

      I tried wireless for gaming once... never again. Got sick of small lag spikes every 30 seconds

        So laggy when I play games online :'(

          Worst thing ever for even Guild Wars. So many got mad at me for not healing as my monk.

            Back when I played COD *shudder* it would give me such an unfair disadvantage.

            "Oh look a person! *shoots a whole clip into them before they shoot me* ...oh I'm dead"

            And the killcam shows me not even getting any shots in... WHAT THE F (followed by multiple other swears)

      I should have said *"viable alternative".
      Note the quotation marks...

    I have no idea what I want for lunch. Possibly Indian... *rubs cro...... chin*

      I've got a Vietnamese roll. Boy am I happy that this place opened up near work.

    Continuing the Breaking Bad convo...

    "It's like eating a scab" XD

      I just thought of it caus I am ironically eating a lasagna I just nuked


      Hahaha I forgot that line. Man that scene was hard to watch...


      You are super cool, I am glad to see you posting again!

        Nawww shucks, you're super cool too! Technically i started posting a couple weeks back but it's been a lazy uncommitted return :/

    Regarding running Xenoblade in Dolphin, I tried it and was tantalizingly close to playable but not quite there. The whole thing is extremely CPU-bound, and my old i5-750 @ 2.6 gHz completely lacks the single-core processing power to handle it without the sound breaking up and the framerate dipping a lot. Apparently you need around 4ghz to get a completely smooth experience in Dolphin, so you're talking a brand new Ivy Bridge i7 with some overclocking. :( On the upside if your CPU can keep up, then the graphics side of things are less of an issue. Going to upgrade my PC in a few months (I'm currently CPU bound in a few games and not able to use my GPU effectively so upgrade time) and will probably re-try then.

    I played through most of Borderlands as Lilith and then finished it with Mordecai. Borderlands 2, if the Mekromancer ends up being out day 1 then I'll play with her, otherwise I'll probably play with Zer0 (NegativeZer0?) or Maya.

    @Ser Nobulus:
    I felt exactly the same when I finished Darksiders 2 on the weekend. The second-last boss was an amazingly fun fight (I love that character too, seems like there's a lot of hidden plotting going on behind the scenes based on the events of both games, and that character is strongly involved with it. As is the other character revealed in that final zone. I am being vague to avoid having to ROT13. Incidentally is it just me or does the second last boss sound like he's got a bit of an Australian accent?) though I found the second half once it pulls the separate parts of the zone together to be quite difficult due to the fact you couldn't beat on the boss for very long before it started making the ground explode and you had to go to dodge around. Took me several attempts. Final boss was cake in comparison, a bit of a letdown. Should have simply ended with that second-last boss. It definitely felt like they ran out of time & money at the end, I was disappointed at how short the final two zones were compared to the scope of the main two hubs. Felt like it was going to be a 40+ hour epic and turned out it was pretty deceptive. Great game though. Didn't like it at first but after a few hours it hooked me completely. Bring on Darksiders 3! I wonder if we'll be playing as Strife or Fury next?

      I'll bother you about Xenoblade in a few months then :D

      Yup the second last boss and the other character seem like really interesting characters. I'm especially interested in the second last boss. I'm not quite sure who will be next, Strife or Fury.

        I was a bit disappointed that that other character basically shows up for a cutscene then disappears after giving you what was one of the most interesting abilities in the game (tragically only used for the one dungeon).

        Speaking of that dungeon, the enemies with the big pots that hurl fireballs at you. Worst enemy ever. Totally unbalanced, wiped the floor with me several times. :(

        I suspect we'll get Strife ahead of Fury, simply because Fury is a girl and our hobby is populated by marketers who think everyone is a thirteen year old boy who still thinks girls are icky and/or playing as one is teh ghey. :\

        If they want to quickly iterate on this game i.e. re-use the same engine and concepts and just build new content, Fury would probably be a better fit since her weapon appears to be some kind of whip / chain sword thing, wheras Strife as a gun user would probably need a different combat system to work well.

      They've said that the Mechromancer will be out approx 60-90 days after release. I plan on playing her as my main when she's available. Death-Trap looks amazing.

        Isn't she free?

          Free with Preorders IIRC. Or maybe with the CE/Loot Chest. Not sure. But they said initially 60-90 days but recently (when that whole girlfriend mode bullshit exploded everywhere) they said they were way ahead of schedule with it. The game's been done since June I believe, they're going through certification on consoles now.

            She's absolutely free if you preorder the game in any way, shape or form. You only have to pay for her if you don't preorder.

      Damn, I'm still running an old core 2 duo.


    I'm still hanging.

    Ya jerk.





              And thus concludes another riveting chapter.

              One day, children will tell tales of us, and bards will sing of these very happenings.
              And what a depressing world that would be, where their only source of entertainment are legends of two old men bickering very poorly.

                On the plus side, we'll be legends. Literally.

                So it worked out rather well for us. Future generations, not so much.

                  This boring thread has justified my life choice to not high five.

    Holy crap, it sounds like the upcoming update for Final Fantasy XIV is a heck of a lot more extensive than just a major patch, according to Gamasutra:

    The old Final Fantasy XIV will perish in a great cataclysm, and the new game, dubbed A Realm Reborn, will launch sometime after that. The server architecture, the engine, the UI, the game design, and even the game world itself will be completely different -- in fact, there will be an unavoidable lapse in service as Square Enix converts thousands of accounts from the old game to the new one.

    Cautiously optimistic. I always thought that game had some promise but the first go at it was woefully badly executed. Hopefully they offer a free trial to people who had bought the original game.

      Anyone else read that and get reminded of the write-up for WoW:Cataclysm?
      Is FFX!V an MMO? THe last one I played through and finished was X so i'm a bit rusty on my FF knowledge.

        *that should read as FFXIV, not that abomination i have typed up there^

        FFXIV is an MMO, yes. It was a very very pretty game with a super terrible UI, weird mechanics, grind-heavy gameplay and felt like an alpha of a game developed in a vacuum, without anyone on the team looking at any other MMOs out there and figuring out what worked and what didn't.

        The original designer (Squenix vet who'd been there since the NES days) fell on his sword and is no longer at the company. The guy that took over is a younger guy that seems to understand the space much better and he's saying a lot of the right things, eg the UI has been redesigned to be flexible and mouse-friendly, the game progression is quest-based rather than grind-based, they're using a new graphics engine that scales to lower-end hardware than the old one but also can scale better to current high-end stuff as well.

        If they pull off a resurrection of the game it'll be a miracle, but the new guy in charge will be a hero internally - FFXI was and still is Squenix's most profitable game ever, XIV should have continued that and failed badly.

      I'd like to give it a go, but...subscription. *shrugs*

      They earned a fair amount of good faith for FFXI.

      They spent far more than that with the first attempt at FFXIV.

      Until it is out and there is a playerbase giving positive feedback, I'm going to have fairly low expectations on this one.


      Aleph, do you have a file on your computer called TueSchnitzel.txt that contains the exact post above that you copy/paste to TAY every Tuesday. If so, I commend you!

        Naw, that removes any semblance of person from it! This is genuine, scheduled excitement. I live a very fulfilling life, you know. Tuesday night schnitzel is a thing. Everyone else just doesn't know it yet :D

    Hello TAY!

    Dunno if this has been said or not... But I just picked up Dark Souls for PC at EB Games... Pretty sure the release date was for the 23rd... Guess not! ermerhgerd street break.

    So yeah. Time to die many times!

      Its locked to steam, it wont matter if you have the game, you are gonna has to wait unfortunately.

        Hawkward. At least I can use this cool mouse it came with!

      Woooo! Dark Souls!!!!!!!

      Even though I have the game in console I bought it for PC aswell. What? I don't have a problem, I can stop playing whenever I want to! I just don't want to!

        I re-purchased on PC as well, despite owning both Demon's and Dark Souls on PS3 and having played neither of them.

      Think I might grab one this arvo...I like it, but playing on Xbox is annoying me...for reasons.

    Just got paid! \o/

    Just paid bills, and I'm already broke! /o\

    Soundwave tickets go on sale tomorrow! Do I want to buy one, or do I want to eat this fortnight? /o\

      Depends on how many nights in a row you can stomach beans on toast...totally worth it though.

        Mi Goreng!

          Also a wise choice for the budget-concious shopper!

      The price seems a little steep this year. Pah, I'd rather eat well man. Difficult call!

      They go on sale on the 23rd I thought?

    Spoiler free gripe about The Newsroom:

    Aaron Sorkin, please stop it with the love triangles and romantic plot tumours. The best relationships you've ever written had no romantic subtext at all. Stop shoving them in there where they don't belong.

      I watched most of the first episode of that with my parents last night. It's not the kind of show I'd normally ever watch, but I recognised the actress who plays Maggie(? the assistant?) so that grabbed me for a while. Seems like a decent show, though I've never wanted to throw someone out of a window more than I do with Will right now.

        I spent most of the first episode playing "where do I know this guy from?"

        Most of them were easy.

        Jim was the one bugging me the most. Then last night, I found this picture online.

        He was the teenage kid driving Josh and co around rural America during the election. He was in a single episode of the West Wing and according to imdb, that's the only thing I've seen him in.

        He does look a little like the guy from The Lonely Island though.

        Oh and it's a very good dialogue driven show. If you liked The Social Network or A Few Good Men, you will probably like this even if you don't like the subject matter.

      I agree, there's already enough set up that it doesn't have to be a focus. Just work on the slow burn, Sorkin. (Although I read that every year on The West Wing he wanted to get Josh and Donna together. The other production, Thomas Schlamme I think, kept on telling him it worked better subtle. He was right!)

    The peg balance on the treetrunk of the second largest tree in the woods. Every creature feared the animals that lived in the second biggest tree. Firstly they thought they were hipster because they got in the second biggest tree. They knew how the woods worked and soon the biggest tree would get cut down then they would have gotten into the new biggest tree before it was cool. Secondly they weren’t very nice animals Occasionally the squirels from the 4th biggest tree would need some sugar for a cake and go ask some of the 2nders(what the animals in the second biggest tree called themselves). MAn they would bitch and moan and begrudgingly give them the sugar but only if a pinky swear was made that the squirels would return the favour. Thirdly and most importantly all the 2nders were 6 foot high sabre toothed molebears who hated dubstep. They wouldn’t even listen to it , if played the molebears usually started punching each other in the dick. They really really hated dubstep. That is where our story begins a young mouse who enjoyed making music is sitting in his home underneath the tree of the 2nders.

    I wrote this last night, i have a mental issue i think.

      I like squirrels.

        because they make baked goods?

          Um...yes that's it. I only like the bakey ones, mind. None of those non-bakey squirrels, thank you very much.


    I believed my willpower just freakin' caved.

    Pretty sure I'm going to go pay for a 3DSXL this arvo...

      Where are you planning to give your dollarydoos?

      Are you near an EB that's near a JB? I have a feeling that the former will be aggressively price-matching the later on Thursday.

        Yep, that's the main reason I go past the EB in Westfield Woden . both stores in there, and like 100 metres from each other.

          I went in to pay off my pre-order at EB (up to $229, since I was going to ask to price match JB) and I was "convinced" that I should just pay up to $199.

          I don't know exactly what will happen on Thurs; if I can walk away paying $199, I will be very happy.

            I sometimes luck out at EB, which is why I shop there. Well...not so much my luck as good staff members with good customer service skills...but yeah...hopefully I can preorder for the decreased amount.

      I'm still really unsure where I'm going to buy mine. EB just sent me an email advertising trading in my 3DS for the XL + NSMB2 for $149, which is pretty tempting but I don't really want to trade in my 3DS (I'll just sell it to a friend or something :P).

      I'm hoping Kmart tries to undercut JB HiFi's $229.

        You definitely don't want to trade in the old system unless they let you transfer your data to the new one in the store when you do the exchange!

          Yeah, exactly. People are saying that it can take over an hour to complete the transfer as well.

    The peg balances on the treetrunk of the second largest tree in the woods. All of the creatures feared those that lived in the second largest tree. At first, they thought those in the second largest tree were hipsters because they had picked the second largest tree to live in. They knew how the woods worked. Soon the largest tree would get cut down then they would have lived in the new biggest tree before it was cool.

    Secondly, they weren’t very nice animals. Occasionally the squirels from the fourth biggest tree would need some sugar, for a cake or other baked goodies, and go ask some of the Seconders (as that is what the animals in the second largest tree called themselves). They would bitch and moan until they would begrudgingly give them the sugar but only if promised by the sacred rite of pinky swear that the favour would be returned.

    Thirdly and most importantly all, the Seconders were six foot tall sabre-toothed molebears that hated dubstep. They wouldn’t even try to listen to it. If the molebears heard this music, they usually started punching each other in the dick. They really, really hated dubstep.

    This is where our story begins.

    A young mouse who enjoyed making music is sitting in his home underneath the tree of the Seconders...

    A peg balance?



      Of course.

      Bunny, you know how much i hate your in your face style of sarcasm, but you are my editor now.

        Trust me, you don't want that.

          Also, largest* largest* squirrels* for a few more things I forgot to fix.

      The whole idea of that was to just write what came to my head, Occasionally i have to release the crazy and this was trying to do that. I didn't even reread it i just typed until i felt the weird leave my system.

        Don't worry. I wasn't trying to make it make sense.

          Yeah it wont make sense to anyone. But it isn't meant to.

        That's called a stream of consciousness exercise, Rocket. They're good fun.

    The Seconders were feared by all of the creatures in the forest. They lived in the second largest tree, which is why they are named the Seconders.

    Some of the other creatures thought this was because they were hipsters. At one point, the largest tree in the forest will be felled. Then the Seconders would be able to claim they were in the new largest tree before it was cool. They would probably also have to change their name but that thought never crossed the mind of the other creatures.

    Mainly, they were feared because they were mean. The squirrels of the forest loved to bake delicious goodies for their friends. Sometimes, nobody would have enough sugar for them to make their goodies and they would have to turn to the Seconders. The Seconders would always demand a terrible price for their sugar. One far greater than you would expect for a mere cup of sugar. Yet the squirrels would agree to it because they loved their friends and loved to share their baked goodies.

    The Seconders were also six foot tall sabre-toothed molebears. That helped generate a little fear too.

    An important thing to know about the Seconders is that they hated dubstep. They loathed it. To hear it made them miserable and they would often punch each other in the dicks just to make it stop. The Seconders were not terribly intelligent beasts.

    A young mouse sat under the second largest tree in the forest. He had made his home there and in his home he loved to make music...

    I really can't be bothered doing any of my real work right now.

      Gosh dang flippity flopping reply failing dang sarnit rooting tooting what the darnit.

      How did I reply fail twice with this story now?

      You are making me look bad. Stop it, i am the creative genius you are just the other guy nobody knows because he just sits in his office all day doing nothing.

        But I'm really bored.

    "Leather-effect" counts as a present for a 3rd (Leather) Wedding Anniversary, doesn't it? :P

      I guess it does.

      Maybe you could buy a leather book strap for him to carry the book around with

      Absolutely, and not just because that's what I did

    I was cleaning out stuff today. I also slept \o/
    And cosplayed again =P I got quite a few stares and tricked several people =D

      Fine, don't respond. Leave me to be bored

        I'm already talking to you on TS, what would be the point of talking here?


          That's my fault. And I finished my ramune.

            It's not your fault. I'M SORRY, IT'S ALL MY FAULT. ALLLLLL MMMMIIIINNNNEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

              No, it's mine! I knew I should've bought more ramune, I knew it!

                Actually, that was my fault too. I've been sneaking into your house to drink your drinks, and food your foods.


      Um... Hi.

        Much happening?

          Not really.
          I've been sick since Friday. Chest infection and fever.
          Also just found out I have asthma :(

            Shit, get some rest. Lots more rest and recover quickly

            Oh, man. That's too bad. I hope you feel better. I here chicken soup is truly a soup for all occassions!

    Gawd its almost wednesday and I dont think I've said anything.

    Hello Scree! (seams to be whats up atm)

    anyway only thing of note is bought Spec Ops Teh Linez. Dont know when I'll get a chance to start it. Prolly Saturday.

      HI CJ!

      Hope the game is loads of fun. I really want to get it eventually

        Got it cheap at JB only 49 I think.

      [Insert rambling fanboy Spec Ops endorsement here.]

      Hope this day finds you well.

        Where's the essay about how good Spec Ops is D.C.!?

          I've said enough. The rest is up to you. :P

    Oh god they changed the date for Fall of Cybertron on Steam and it's out in 3 hours or so. Guess I know what I'm spending some download quota on tonight!

      Someone should probably tell them they forgot to add the Australia Tax again too


      SO HYPED. I don't even care if the game turns out to be crap because I'll be regressing to being 8 years old again and I won't even notice. Like in the first one, you play part of the Autobot campaign as Air Raid. Air Raid was the first Transformers toy I ever owned and it was so amazingly cool even though the controls sucked ass.

        Whaaaaaaat?? The flying controls in War for Cybertron were amazing!

    So, season 5 of Breaking Bad (spoiler free).

    Not really loving it, TBH. Nothing in it is surprising me - it's feeling very much like a follow-the-dots-to-the-inevitable-conclusion final season.

    Hai, guys!
    I have another crash cymbal, but I'm waiting for the stand I also purchased...
    How is everyone?

    oh my god
    oh my god
    if this is a Sequel to The World Ends With You i will cry
    i will cry big man baby tears

    first their appearance in kingdom hearts 3D, and now this? oh man oh man oh man so much excite

      I pointed that out a page ago and no one noticed :(

        I noticed! I just didn't comment because I never finished The World Ends With You :P

    It fills me with an odd sense of joy, seeing my 17 year old cousin play Fire Emblem on the GameCube.
    There do exist young people out there who can appreciate good games.

    Now excuse me while I go yell at a cloud.

      Hey you are yelling at clouds on MY lawn you hooligian

      I feel a similar sense of joy seeing my daughter playing Wind Waker and Paper Mario on my old Gamecube and becoming so inspired by the worlds and characters that she draws them all the time.

        Speaking of's going to be sad when this generation of consoles is not being made anymore. Our PS3s and 360s will not last long enough to be able to pass over to our children even though our Gamecubes, Dreamcasts, N64s and even SNESs are still working fine and will be for a while yet.

          I don't think that's necessarily true. I know early 360s are nortorious for red ringing but I could easily see the current slim models of the 360 and PS3 lasting for many years, provided they're taken care of.

            Yeah no. Taking care of them has nothing to do with it. Our PS3 slim has broken twice now and we take the utmost care of it. And there's a reason I didn't include the original PSX and PS2 in my list of still working consoles. The Sony consoles are the least hard-wearing, every single one of mine has broken. I'm on my third PSOne, my third PS2 and my fourth PS3.

              You must have had a bad run because my experience has been that the Sony consoles are by far the most reliable.

      My 13 YO cousin played through Majora's Mask recently because he enjoyed the OOT remake on 3DS. He has started playing Links Awakening on his 3DS (bought it when it went on sale). If I can pass on my unhealthy Legend of Zelda obsession to one child in the future generation then I can die happy.

        My 8 yr old asked me to put on Ocarina of Time for him the other day. It was like... like one of those things you wait for in life, never knowing if it will happen to you or not. It was magical.

        Half an hour later he was like I dont get why everyone loves this so much and turned it off :'(

          Fry, you know how I told you about ending your stories one sentence earlier...

    Aleph! How was your schnitzel?

      They're getting smaller as time progresses. But it had green avocado this time, and they provided me with fresh chilli, so I guess I'll let it slide this time.

      Really though, I do enjoy my schnitzel. First meat I attend, we're all getting schnitzel. Which invariably means that the meat has to be on a Tuesday.
      And on that day, there shall be much schnitzel, and green avocados, and the cider shall flow forth from the heavens. And the subjects shall rejoice, yea, and be merry, yea, for there will be plentiful food and drink for all. None shall hunger, nor thirst, on this day.

    Last night, I started to rewatch Death Note.

    Light goes from zero to genocidal dictator amazingly fast. I do like his reasoning for why he isn't a bad guy though. He's an honour student.

      I definitely preferred movie-Light to anime-Light. Anime-Light was pretty much just a dick.

        I haven't seen the movies, so I kind of thought that was the point.

        I saw some of a live action Death Note movie on SBS once. It was surprisingly good. The demon looked a bit freaky though, what with his giant plastic smile and all.

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