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    @ Queensland TAYbies

    Hoping a QLD TAYbie can help me here...whats the best(and easiest) way for an out-of-towner Melbourne TAYbie to get from Brisbane to the Gold Coast? It appears i'll be on holidays there in November...

      There's a train that goes along the Beenleigh line (you can catch it at any of the major stations such as Central, South Brisbane or Roma St) that runs express to the Gold Coast every half hour or so.

      Or you can just take a 45 minute drive if you have a car.

        I used to take that train to Coomera pretty often. Tends to get crowded quick and is a decent sized trip. If you're spending more than a day or so on the coast, probably best to rent a car.

      Hire a car...
      It's a 1 hour drive and depending on what you want to do on the gold coast, it's handy to have a car to get around.

        Should've specified cheapest as well, thanks anyway!

      Probably won't bother hiring a car...mainly for the cost and the fact we're staying on Cavill avenue which is pretty close to everything. Courtesy buses run to most of the theme parks anyway(pretty much why i'm going)...
      Thanks for the input guys, i'll definitely have to check out a direct train trip. Sounds easy :)

        Cavill Ave is pretty much the centre of the touristy parts of the Gold Coast but Surfers Paradise is a pretty small area, so anything there is in walking distance of most of those things.

        By the sounds of it, you're going straight from the airport to the Gold Coast? So that would mean a train to Central and then the Gold Coast express. Or you could just fly to the Gold Coast. Fairly sure you can do that and say the hassle of dealing with Qld Rail and their hatred of paper tickets (seriously, you won't be happy with how much a train costs).

          Sorry, should've specified. I fly up to Brisbane on the 3rd of November where a 7 night cruise around the South Pacific will be waiting for my wife and I. Then when we dock, i'm meeting a mate of mine who is flying up from Melbourne on the 10th to the Gold Coast and we're spending a week together at Surfers. Hence why I couldn't fly direct to Gold Coast. But i'm flying back home from Coolangatta Airport.
          Oh and hiring a car for the trip is actually a lot cheaper than I thought. So i'm seriously considering just paying the extra $30 or so and drive myself there. I'd probably enjoy it more too :)
          Thanks for all the help though Trjn and Inquisitorz, it's very appreciated!

        For some reason I assumed you'd be commuting back and forwards from Brisbane. If it's only once to the coast and back the train is more than fine.

          Found out I can hire a car for about $60 for 2 hours. And the car drop off point is only about 500m from the hotel. Which works out well :)

            Yeah go with the car, last time I took the Airport "express" train from Robina (last train stop on the southern end of the GC) it took 2 & a half hours to get to South Bank Q_Q was not worth the 25 bucks or whatever I paid.

              Yeah I just booked one through Avis. I'd rather pay a couple extra dollars and not have to spend ages on public transport.

      That's hilarious!
      We'll both be in QLD around the same time!!



    I feel I haven't plugged Crusader Kings 2 today.

    You lot, go get it, it's freaking addictive.

    I noticed all the page-gets were pushed back which meant an in-moderation comment is out of moderation. Since I'm bored and procrastinating I went back and it's most likely this one by Virus__

    He's offering 75% off codes for Nexuiz DLC. Thought it'll be lost on the last page so I'm reposting it here if anyone wanted them :)

      I have had my pageget denied.

      I don't know how to feel about this.

        You should feel like playing Crusader Kings with all those mods you bought the game for and take over the world with Sweden!

        And everyone else should too!



          Actually, I did buy it for the GoT mod, but have been suckered in to the vanilla game that I haven't even looked for it.

    Someone doesn't like dubstep cat ;____;

      At least the human said "please"

        I thought they were talking about the Alpha Protocol one at the top!?

          I thought that way too, but my analysis in the tone in his text concludes that it was highly likely to be towards his avatar

          I didn't think of that.

          Could be, since I was talking about the "Ask Kotaku" feature in general.

            Either way, don't ever change. :P

              I do kinda miss the old one though

                Oh, yeah. You make a good point. *strokes patchy stubble on chin* Only change if YOU want to. (I was peer pressured to change mine. They said my BioShock booze hound looked like balls. :P)

                  Well, Pey'j is awesome so I love it.

                  I ran into trouble a few times with my McGarnicle avatar. he was frowning, so people often thought I was being a jerk when I wasn't. Skifcha is just cheeky, which is far more accurate I reckon.

      Man that guy is cranky, at least he apologised but god damn.

    Having dinner with my family in my new flat tonight.
    Pizza and champagne, sitting on the floor.
    Probably the most lavish meal I'll eat for the next 25 years.

      This is the best part of moving for me! Sitting around with no furniture.

      Thinking about it now, that's an odd thing to look forward too :P

      Congrats, man! A place to call your own!

      Congratulations Flu! Pizza and champagne is the best way to celebrate!


    I'm in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

    Currently studying Business so I'm trying to apply for internships to hopefully give me an advantage when applying for graduate positions. I have a feeling I might not easily get a graduate position as of now because I've never had any prior employment, and I also have a feeling I'm not getting internships because of the same reason :(

    So I'm looking for a casual/part-time job mainly for experience to help me get a graduate job after I finish my degree but also for money! :D. I'm young and still living at home so I don't need to pay bills/rent etc. but I'd like money for vidya gaems and whatnot.

      Hey mate, sorry for the delayed response. Work is pretty busy today. I live in Highett so I know the SE suburbs pretty well. If you aren't too bothered by what you do for work, theres heaps of work around the Dandenong/Hallam area for factory hands etc...not glamourous i know but it brings in a bit of coin. Otherwise retail might be a better option, plenty of shops hire around Oct/Nov for the summer season and if they like what you do, they generally keep you on. Put together a resume and canvas your local shopping centre, your bound to score some hits. Also nightfill at Safeway pays well but you will have next to no social life. Or Bunnings(my wife works there), they generally start the hiring process in September.
      Any questions etc feel free to email me at aaronanddel(at)
      Cheers mate
      Dress well, but not too well. A shirt and slacks(a tie if you like) but skip the jacket for now.

    People! buy my shirts so I can afford a bed! \o/

      I can't afford to buy your shirts, but maybe people who could afford it would like a link? ;)

        I'm sure they would.

        Oh right, I get you.
        ^^;; It was part a joke anyway

      I dont think your shirts would fit me Scree, and I dont think I'd feel comfortable in a second hand womens shirt either.

        No, I design shirts using RB. I get $4 a shirt \o/

      Just had a look through your portfolio, and 'Melting' caught my eye. You mention that it's to be interpreted by the viewer, and while I have some ideas, I am rather curious about yours!
      Forgive my prying, but what is the inspiration/reasoning behind this piece, from the artist's point of view?

      Oh man, there's something i haven't done for a little while now!
      My sales have slowed down massively since the hype from ME3 dropped lol
      Still, i sold a couple the other week, which was good...
      How are you finding the demand for your gear recently?

        Demand? What is this concept?

    Really not enjoying Fall of Cybertron very much, which is surprising and unfortunate :(

      That sucks :(

      Do you need a hug?
      I'm sure someone here will offer you one if you do :P

        No I need there not to be goddamn stealth missions in it. I hate hate hate stealth games. Not that the actual shootery is that much better, and the checkpointing is absolutely awful as well. Very frustrating.

        Also wouldn't mind if the PC interface would recognize that I was using a controller and not require me to switch to an ultra-clunky mouse interface to browse the shop.

        I'm super tired though, going to try it again tomorrow night and maybe I'll be in a better frame of mind.

          That whole stealth thing would put me off too.
          And, while I don't use controllers, if I did, I'd expect to be able to navigate all areas using it.

          Hope it's better for you tomorrow.

          Stealth section =\

          That's kinda disappointing ... Kinda VERY disappointing.

            It wasn't so bad at first. You basically cloak, sneak behind a dude and whack them. Problem is later they introduce an enemy type which can see through your cloak so you have to sneak behind pillars and stuff or it will transform into an ass-reaming monster. :(

            I beat it no real issues, then Jazz is all MOVE ON TO THE NEXT ROOM DUDE and so I go up to the door and another one of them is on the other side with two extra dudes that immediately aggro me because I'm right there. And if Optimus feels like his armor is made of cardboard, Cliffjumper is like tissue paper :( So I said 'fuck this shit' and went to bed.

      That's a bit sad, but I'm glad I didn't message you last night to ask how it was going. Although it might have given you a chance to vent and you would have enjoyed it more

    Just thought I'd play the first mission or two of Spec Ops. Then it was 12:40. Just had the water trucks crash figured was a good point to stop for the night.

      the music in that that mission made it. always been a mogwai fan so that just made that level pure awesome in my opinion.

      also, great game.

        Playing Sleeping Dogs now, first game I've played since Spec Ops. I'm liking it a whole damn lot, but it feels very 'gamey' after the excellent The Line campaign.

          I've played the first 30 mins of Slumbering Puppies & while I like the setting / visual style / combat, it hasnt yet grabbed me.

          But yeah... spending more time playing through Saints Row 3 at the moment. Just as a contrast to the bleakness of Spec Ops.

            Yeah, took a little while for the story to grab me to be honest. It's the gameplay that makes it great, though. Keep at it, you'll be addicted in no time.

    Grr, stupid UBISOFT. Pull your head out of your arse. 95% of PC players do not pirate your game and you would have to be a whole new level of derp to come up with that figure. I regret buying/playing AssCreed 1 now just because of UBISOFT.


      I got your back Nobfrond, we will take out ubisoft together in a series of zany adventures resulting in us being arressted and released on bail

        OK, I can be the tough / grumpy guy that has a heart of gold but doesn't like people knowing it. You can be the guy that always cracks jokes and gets us in trouble.

      Oh man, I totally bought AssCreed 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction for PC. I bet I make up a fair majority of that 5% who don't pirate.
      As such, I believe Ubisoft should consult me on anything PC-related they do, seeing as I am pretty much that entire market.

        You should write a letter to them saying this!

      The last Ubisoft game I got was HOMM6, with its 3 layers of DRM cuz I bought from Steam. I don't pirate your games cuz of this Ubisoft, I just straight up don't buy them from you cuz your business practises towards PC gamers are pathetic

      I always wonder how companies even know how many people pirate their stuff. Do they go around to all the torrent sites, find their product listed and then count the number of downloads or something?

      I own multiple copies of the assassin's creed games and haven't pirated them at all :/

      I haven't bought a Ubisoft game on PC is so damn long. I haven't pirated any either. The thing is they're a publisher with an internal development team that consistantly delivers interesting and new kinds of games. So conflicted. Atleast with Activision you can boycott them and not risk missing out on excellent new games. (From my perspective, at least. I don't mind if you like their games. :P) With Ubisoft a boycott means a lack of interesting titles. That's why I've migrated to the consoles, giving them exactly what they want I suspect. :(

    Sooooo where am I buying my 3DS XL from today? Guys? HALP!

      Looks like Big W has the best deal.

        No ways! Targets and Dick Smiths bundles are way better, and on top of that you can buy Monkey and Rayman for sub $30, making the standalone JB the best offer so far...

      $230 at JB Hi Fi.

        Yeah its what it looks like I'm doing... like nova though, hoping for a further drop. I think it's probably speculation and wont happen

      Yeah. I need help with this too. Does anyone know if JB have/are going to drop to $199?

        I will probably go out and get it 230 at jb, then in the afternoon they will be like oh look here its now 200 and I will cry a bit

        Looks unlikely :( Surely they would have said something by now.

        I'll be swinging by Kmart on the way just to see. They didn't even advertise it in their latest catalogue though so I'm not expecting much :P

          Yeah same. Well, I'm off now to do some XL shopping. I'll let you guys know how I go.

            I'm going to wait until the afternoon. There are no pink ones anyway so what's the point?

    I don't think I've said anything this week so here I am. Saying stuff.


      Stuff is pretty nifty.

      Did you know that words with the letter F in them are 74% more awesome than words without? The awesomeness grows exponentially for each additional F.

      That's why kerfuffle is the best way to describe a scuffle. You know, the type of thing where fists fly furiously as foes and friends biff and boff without thought. The act itself isn't that great but nobody can doubt the greatness of the word kerfuffle.

      F sounds almost count, in case you're wondering.

        You really need a hobby.

          Coming up with gibberish could very well be my hobby.

        Related (maybe) :
        Words with a hard-CK sound (like quack) are inherently funnier than those without.
        Reason being that to make the -ck sound, the speaker has to pull their mouth back into a sort of smiling position. this then gets a base reaction of the listeners' inclination to return said 'smile'.

          Funniest word ever - brouhaha. Go on, say it. See, you're already laughing.

            Anyone who wants to set up a comedy festival in New Zealand should really consider calling it Brouhaha.

          Maybe we could use words that include both the "F" and the "-ck" sound!

            What a quaint idea, I can't think of a single word that fits that very narrow criteria.

            It's almost like the English language was designed to be unfun.


                All of these words you guys mention are foreign to me.

        Facon :P

    Talking to a friend (Spleen, some of you may know him) about exchange rates (because we lead such mad exciting lives that our conversations turn to foreign currency).
    He just misspelled "days" as "dayz".
    Good game, that. Best typo.

      YOU NEVER TALK TO ME ABOUT EXCHANGE RATES. WHY DO YOU HAT ME. Probably the obnoxious comments and the general aura isn't it.
      I havent played Dayz for a while hackers make it unfun.

        Because you're a terrible haberdasher and Bish is merely trying to train you good an' proper?

    Wow, I'd forgotten how much space video editing takes up. Just exported a five minute vid as an uncompressed avi and it ended up being 40gb :o

    People seem to be rather appreciative of the changes made in Diablo's latest patch.

    Inferno is easier and there is a reason to keep going thanks to paragon levels. The new legendaries are actually quite awesome and with the increased drop rate, there's a non-terrible chance of seeing them yourself.

    Shame that I won't be near a computer this weekend to see this stuff, so I think I'm just going to have to try it out tonight.

      repeatedly doing the same 4 short acts to grind another 100 levels is not adding any replay value in my opinion. I dont think I'm gonna be back into it any time soon.

        Apparently they've made fighting elite monsters a bit more interesting and fighting trash mobs actually worthwhile.

        They haven't added more content but they've made the content they've got better. Which is a nice start and might be enough of a change to make things interesting for another little while.

      Hmmm I might play too, just lemme know when :). Have to beat Hell first though :P

        We'll have to get that out of the way nice and quickly. I really want to see if I can do Inferno now. Had the stats to pull it off but it was an act of attrition as a Monk.

        With a group and the changes they've made, I want to see if I can do a build other than all tank, all the time.

          I'll join you if you'll have me.

            Most definitely.

            Jo makes his return! Now all we need is Farts to get the whole team together again! (please don't bring your friends Jo, they're mean)

              I've already pestered Farts.

              The gang will be reunited tonight!

                I'm near the end of Hell if I recall but I'm not sure if I should ask you guys to help me with Diablo incase y'all kill him without me again :(

                What level is Frey? Wasn't she always a few levels below us?

                  She was 60.

                You have? You just said I won't get freebies anymore. That's not pestering!

      Yeah the level 60 cap was a pretty meh Idea imo. Takes some of the fun out of it when there is no character progression.

        My biggest problem was Inferno.

        Act 1 was a complete brick wall with my Monk. I could get through Hell difficulty easily but even after dumping a lot of money into gear from the Auction House to up my resistances, armour, dex, vit and spirit gen, most elite mobs were just too strong.

        If I wanted to fight them, I would have to go as defensive as I could, meaning that my damage was so low that it would take forever to try and kill them.

        It just wasn't worth it.

        If we can take on those mobs with me using the same sort of setup that I used during Hell (or if I could use my Witch Doctor, because apparently they don't suck anymore), it would be a lot more fun.

        Not to mention the idea of being able to find gear that is actually an upgrade is rather nifty.

          Yeah I got about half way through act 1 I think. Was not too bad, could kill stuff but would die in seconds to the harder packs.
          No amount of kiting can save a lone wizard against extra fast, molten, invulnerable minion dudes camping a hallway.

            Remember how tanky I was in Hell?

            Yeah, that wasn't happening in Inferno and kiting wasn't an option.

      Seems good. I played for about an hour last night. I spent most of that hour not-dead. Enemies are now loot pinatas. I think I scooped up 10-12 yellows with only the MF from nephalem valor.

        I do like the idea of loot pinatas.

    Bad news: Ozgameshop have informed me that my copy of Fall of Cybertron was shipped this moning. Meaning I won't have it for at least a week.

    Good news: They upgraded my copy to the limited edition for free, meaning I get a G2 Bruticus skin and... thats about it I think.

      Is that even good news? I don't even know.
      Anyways that gives me at least a week to get as much Lame Game Marathon work done before it shows up, it can be like my reward for working so hard :P

        G2 Bruticus is cool and all, but G1 Optimus is where it's at. Also, my Scientist in multiplayer is Swoop. He even flaps his wings!

    Hi all, I was watching that good game show with the kids the other night and they mentioned this game called "lonliness" an basic flash game that apparently is based on the concept of lonliness. It apparently sparks emotions of sadness etc

    I played it but... .I just dont get any feeling one way or the other, it just felt like i was steering a block until the screen went black. This is nothing against the game but with so many people saying they developed some kind of emotional response Im a little worried that I felt absolutely nothing....

    Would be interested to hear others thoughts

      Never heard of the game till now. Just gave it a play. I really didn't feel anything. Maybe if I played it with sound on and in a room by myself at night instead of in a room full of people in the middle of the day it'd help. I'll give it another shot this evening and see if I can't get it to make me feel all emotional.

      Look on PATV for an extra credits episode along the lines of 'mechanics as a narrative', they use this game as a primary example.
      Didn't evoke anything in me since I was mostly just thinking about what code the 'game' would be made up of.
      Highly recommend the Extra Credits analysis though.

        Oh well glad Im not the only one that didnt have an epiphany....
        Ill check that PATV out though.
        Strange that a game that hasnt caught me at all really is piquing my curiosity on a meta level.

    So looks like I won't be going to Soundwave, apparently Brisbane sold out within 5 minutes this morning, I might have some luck later in the year if they release more/people return theirs for a refund.

    and no Slash & Myles Kennedy gig for me tonight either, today is a sad day. I'm just gonna go sulk over in the corner.

    Alright dudes, just back from 3DS XL shopping. Kmart is 240 for just the console so they suck. JB has a few things going, $229 for the console, or $248 with console, monkey ball, and a starter kit with screen protectors and a case etc. Also you can pick up games for $44 with the console when you buy it, like Zelda, Mario 3D, Res Evil Revelations, and Mario Kart. There were some others I dont remember.

    Soooo, I got the $248 starter kit one and just got the guy to give me credit for monkey ball, so he's written on the receipt 229 for the console, 5 for the starter pack, and 44 for zelda (which I also obviously got). Win!

      Actually no kmart was 250 for the console come to think of it. Even worse.

      Cheers Sughly. I'll be heading off to get mine soonish. Also going store to store with a bunch of resumes, see if I can't find someone to give me a job. Its a good plan, at least if I don't get a job, I still have a 3DS to drown my sorrows in :D

      Cheers for the heads up! I'll be price matching my EB one, and potentially haggling my way into discount on games again, cause it's awesome fun to do :D.
      Now that I'll be running around with a 3DS, I'll be grabbing Ocarina of Time ASAP \o/

      Yeah Kmart let me down. They had one little display box off in the corner and no price tag to be found. The guy at JB seemed to be disappointed that I just wanted the standard console with no extended warranty/games/etc.

      This thing is pretty immense though.

        Lemme know how the transfer thing is. I heard you have to re-download the games :/

          As far as I can tell, it transfers everything over. Like a full clone. I'll let you know though :P

        I reckon! Heavier than I expected... i'm used to the DSXL which is way way lighter :O

        Also I screwed up the screen protector and there's a bubble right in the middle giving me the shits >:(

          I have to remember to pick up a bunch of accessories while I'm getting mine...the usual screen protector, case, etc. sort of stuff.

            If possible, get a case that allows you to see the top right corner of the XL without opening it. It's so much more convenient to check if you have any Streetpasses (which you will be doing. A lot.) without having to open the case.

            Haven't found a suitable I like yet :P But apparently it fits in DSi XL cases.

          I know that feeling of the failed screen protector.
          I feel for you, man, I do.

            Which is why I buy 3 screen protectors. One to screw up, one to apply properly, one in reserve.

              I do the same. I actually bought a bunch of DSLite sized screen protectors cheap when they started discontinuing a lot of accessories in favour of the DSi and DSiXL stuff... so I'll be able to protect my DS Lites for many years to come.

                lol! Yeeeeah I thought this pack came with 2, but one's just for the top screen. S'pose I could cut it to fit the bottom... maybe later when I'm less lazy.

      I've found Kmart is really, really horrible when it comes to anything game related.

      Thanks Sughly! I'm about to go shopping for mine too :)

    We're making plans for the office christmas party. The person who does all of the arranging is not very well loved. As a matter of fact, she's rather obnoxious about always being overworked (she's not) and resists doing anything on anyone's request.

    So when it comes time for the Christmas party, she will send out menus and then everyone will email her back voting (in unison) for something that she hasn't suggested.

    There have been a dozen emails so far, including this one:

    Once again it is not going to be a boy's club decision

    That was sent right before two of the women voted in favour of the boy's club option.

    I like the cut of your jib

      Sup buddy?

        Same old.
        Got into the Open Beta for MWOnline last night, installed it and it doesn't run on my computer #firstworldproblems.
        Decided i won't be getting a new rig until we move house, as there simply isn't any room in the house at the moment for a decent pc :(
        Also i'm trying to encourage Bee to get a sewing machine. She's taken a sudden interest in it and making bears to sell at markets, and as she has never had a hobby as such, i have been pushing it - only problem is i got my tax return and decided to spoil her with a couple of tickets to Jenifer Lopez (i won't be going, though - she can take a friend) which was a stinging $300. The sewing machine will cost $400-500.
        Women. Expensive. Yes.

        Still haven't replaced my 360 and i probably won't until the xmas sales - so i've been playing Saints Row 2 - such an awesome game.

        How have you been, buddy? Any new awkward adventures?

          Wow you are a pretty generous and thoughtful guy loops, you are quite the catch.

          Awkward adventures follow me around but none for a while the last awkward thing to happen was i asked out a chick in EB who turned out to be a rather effeminate guy. I think thats enough awkward for a year. He was a nice dude though.

            You should ask him out for dinner. I would.

            I mean, what???

            Also, she's pretty neat-o herself.
            Because she doesn't read Kotaku, i can probably say this here - but i'm thinking of maybe proposing to her soon.... *gasp*

              DAwww thats awesome man, you are a cool dude.

                Dawww shucks... You have to be careful there, buddy - i might just marry you.

                  Sorry man, i am flying solo.
                  Aint no cowboy can tame this wild stallion.

      I'm unimpressed by the jib but dat mainsail...


        What about the mizzen mast?
        I know it's not as big, but surely size doesn't matter?

          I guess if you're into that sort of thing.

          Don't worry, I won't judge you. Much.

    Woo! September 16th, Boardwalk Empire returns!!

      Boardwalk Empire Returns?

      Is that the sequel to Boardwalk Empire Strikes Back?

        YES! I should not have included that comma. Oh well!

          Do you think Boardwalk Empire would be better with Lightsabres and Wookies?

            Make it so.

            Sadly no, it would ruin the amazing 1920's bootlegging atmosphere they have.

    @Greenius/3DS XL converts:
    System Transfer was really easy. Just follow the prompts. It made a full clone of my original 3DS onto the XL (no extra downloading or anything). I think where people mess up is that you have to swap your SD card into the new system when it tells you to (the message is a little ambiguous). If you're worried there are plenty of tutorials on youtube.

    It took me about an hour to transfer, so you might not want to do it in-store if you can avoid it :P

      So are the games still on the phat 3DS? Or is it a one way transfer?

      With the SD thing I think the 3DS comes with a 4GB card does that mean it makes you use the old 2GB? A saw a brief transfer video that said you'd have to manually copy everything over to the new card using your computer :P. I want one but then I don't need one... Hmmmm! I love the DSi XL though!

        All data gets transfered to the target 3DS and then gets deleted from the source 3DS (back to factory settings). So it's one-way, no backsies. Also note that you can only transfer once every 7 days and there is a limit of 5 transfers per system (a stupid rule but shouldn't be an issue if you don't buy every hardware revision :P).

        And yup, if you want to use the higher capacity SD card you have to copy/paste everything over via PC.

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