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    Question for those with more experience with EB - what are the odds that I can get them to price match with JB's price and then get extra off for the trade in of my DS lite?

      Cant see why they wouldnt do it. They'll call to check if the nearest JB has them in stock usually though

      Depends mostly on how close the local JB is

      As long as there's a JB close enough to be considered "local" (same suburb is definite, though I've heard some managers try to get out of that...), they'll do it.
      Price matching doesn't affect trade in. I'll be trading in a DS Lite soon for my 3DSXL, and I've confirmed with the store that they're happy to price match my pre-order and do the trade in (can't be wrong if you check first). The JB I'll be matching is in the same mall.

      EB don't advertise it but they do price match as far as I know, as long as the JB selling the DS is local you shouldn't have a problem.

      Of course I have heard of some EB's denying the existence of their price matching policy so it just depends on if your local EB manager is a jerk or not.

      Thanks guys. The stores are actually next door to each other, so no issues on being local. Let's go see how this works out

    Oh Batman. You're almost as surly as surly Bish!

    Hmm... auto-approved comments seem to be going a little weird. My details aren't automatically in the name and email boxes anymore and I can't see an unapproved comment that I just made, despite the fact that it should have been auto-approved.

      Comments may or may not be working again.

      typo in your handle / email?

        Nope. It's just not there when I go to make a new comment. Have to type it in every time now, normally it's saved.

          actually, yeah... same here now. weird.

            Serrels has said that Ben said it was some sort of caching thing.

            Apparently it's been fixed. This is really just an excuse to test it.

            So what do we all have planned for NYE?

            I figure if I start talking about it now, we may be able to hatch a feasible plan :D
            I'd like to get off the eylandt and experience some semblance of the futuristic society you all live in.
            So, I propose a NYE meat somewhere. On NYE. My only concern at the moment would be... where?
            What's the easiest place for the most TAYbies to converge?
            IDEAS PEOPLE, I WANT THEM \o/

              Gold Coast, you know you want to.

    I would very much like to go home now. Would anyone care to join me for beverages in the sun this afternoon? Seems like a rather pleasant idea.

      I'm in Canberra. We don't believe in the sun.

      Other than that, I'd join if I could :P

        Hey man, the 'berra summer gets rockin'. Also fire. ALL the fire.

    Dicovered Gangnam Style today.....

    I am now a believer... Kpop!

    Dicovered Gangnam Style today..... Also Byantae Style...

    I am now a believer... Kpop!

    I replyed to your post on the previous page mate, hope it helps :)

    Ok who broke TAY? This typing in my details every time is getting old, fast.

      Blame Lambo.

      It's not his fault. But blame Lambo.

        *Shakes fist*


    Dear new 3DS owners,

    Your friend codes. I need them. Now.


      First order of business: install Nintendo Letter Box so I/we can send you hilarious/terrible drawings.

      Ohhhhh yeah! I hadnt even thought of that! I too would like ppls friendses codes and stuff, despite having no idea what I'm talking about and just hoping I can figure this out along the way.

      My code appears to be 2063-0450-0746

        Most peoples friend codes are listed here!

        Added you!

        I've already added everyone else from TAYnames but some people still haven't added me :'(

          I see you! I SEEE YOUUUUU! My first friend <3

      I assume friend code remains the same when transferring from OG to XL.
      My FRAND COD is on TAYnames already.

    @ Loops
    Are you holidaying in the Queensland sun in November as well?
    I think you might be right...MELBOURNE INVASION!
    But a very small one :)

      Yeah, Bee and i have a romantic getaway in Noosa planed!
      It's going to be nifty!!!

      This is going to be the best micro-scale invasion EVAR!
      They'll be watching AFL and sipping Latte's before they know it! MUAHAHHAHA

        We have to start small mate, then we'll work our way up to getting them on daylight savings time!
        *evil cackle*

        Good luck with that. If it's not beer they don't care those Queenslanders I tells ya.

    Just had a 4 hour training course for WH&S. Fun, fun!


    I would like to join you in some Diablo 3 too but it looks like you have a full party so I will just do my usual thing of sitting by myself in the corner weeping. Yelling "ALL BY MYSELF!".

      I won't be around for a few days after tonight, but there's a not unreasonable chance that other people will get sick of playing before I do.

      If all else fails, you can sit in the main channel of TeamSpeak and listen to other people play LoL. That's always a great way to spend the evening.


          What have I told you about trying to work out if I'm being sarcastic or not?


      No Perth? Boo! Mam won't be happy - she loves Rick Astley.

    Due to yet another replyfail by yours truly, I repost this for your viewing pleasure:

    "So what do we all have planned for NYE?

    I figure if I start talking about it now, we may be able to hatch a feasible plan :D
    I’d like to get off the eylandt and experience some semblance of the futuristic society you all live in.
    So, I propose a NYE meat somewhere. On NYE. My only concern at the moment would be… where?
    What’s the easiest place for the most TAYbies to converge?

      I vote we all go to canada. Its equally long distance for all.

        Wow thanks for buying me a ticket Tross, you're the best!

          If you can fit in my bag and don't dirty up my clothes you can come with me. :P

        Why Rocketmang


          Im sorry i have so much hat for you nob frond. I DIDNT MEAN TO HURT YOU.


      Sadly I will be unable to attend a NYE meat of any kind, for 'tis the day of my birth and there is always something on...

        Of course there's something on, it's NYE!

          But deep down...I party alone.
          I find it too hard to organise a damn thing for NYE so I generally let other people decide what is happening.
          Mostly it works.


      Do it in Melbourne, clearly. Then I can go.

      I have no plans for NYE.

        See, I'm open to pretty much anywhere, so long as accommodation is cheap and people will say hi to me :D
        If Melbourne isn't feasible (taking into account the majority's locale and travel times etc.) you should definitely come to wherever the party be at.

        I wanna meat ALL the people!

          Road trip!

            Too old and frail to hitchhike, too young to hire a car.
            (Well, I could hire a car, but <25yo male is a rort, mang)


              Where are you coming from?

                He's from Aliensgula in whoop whoop (NT)

                  Could always fly down to Melb...airfares are generally pretty good.
                  Provided you don't mind a 16 month old trying to stuff Lego up your nose, you'd be welcome to crash on the couch.
                  It's a comfy couch.

                  You are just the best for that. It's odd that I don't find it creepy, but hey. The best.

                Buttfuck, Nowhere.

                I'll be coming from far NT, to wherever there may be advanced life-forms and such. Adventures!

    Are we fixed again?

      Define 'fixed'? :P. I wasn't here for the whole name and email thing resetting but TAY was acting weird on my mobile. Now that I'm on my desktop the name/email fields are being normal but the font has changed and the bottom bit of the page that shows Gizmodo, Lifehacker and Popsugar are white with light grey font, making it hard to read :/. The top bit of the page where the Kotaku logo is seems to be the same.


    So, I discovered one of these ( in my flat last night.
    What is it, and does this mean I can get cable internet?

      You can send messages through the tube there. Just make sure you have a adapter and use grease paper.

      I think its a TV antenna port....

        Nope, antenna looks different and is usually completely recessed into the panel. Foxtel and Telstra coax has to be screwed in thus the threading on the outside.

          I say that because I have the exact same plug at my house that has 'Optusvision' written on it. And the Foxtel one looks nearly identical. I'm pretty sure it's for cable TV....

          I probably should have clearer when I said TV port...I meant PayTV cable.

      That's a copper cable and it's probably either cable internet or Foxtel - generally speaking if you can get one, you can get the other as well.

      You don't by chance have a satellite on your roof? That connection is just a standard coaxial connector that most cable/satellite tv/internet providers use.

      Without knowing where you live it could be all of the above or something else.

        We have Foxtel Satellite at home and it has a pair of Coax connectors rather than a single one, though that may be a more recent box.

    So After my iPad being broken by a cat last week, my brother bought me an iPod to replace the ability to play songs in the car yesterday. So I decided to get the old music I havent listened to in ages off one of my old external HDD's (managed to sync most of it before it carked it) so I've spent all day listening to awesome music and cleaning my room. amazing day :)

      I thought I told you to stop throwing iProducts at cats!
      Gorramit Chris, we can't take you anywhere...

        Lol, But he left the mop out! He deserved it!

        But no the cat accidentally kicked it off the table. I was very upset, and then he gave me apology cuddles so I couldnt be so angry anymore

          I hate apology cuddles, for the same reason I love them.
          They're cuddles. You can't stay angry.
          That means you lose, yet again >.<

          Glad to hear you've remedied the situation with awesome music though :D

    ATT LoL peeps
    What night would be best for you all for a 10 person everyone we can find game?

      All of the nights...



            i don't know i have been having a great deal of fun in any ARAM game i go in now, i really just like playing them even if its dumb and we lose horribly.

          NO! Do a Tiamat game. Rules are you are NOT allowed to target eachother only minions!

      While we are in the subject of LoL here are some public beta patch notes.

      Any day that's not a Wednesday and I can plan for it :)

    Hello TAYpers! I can't stop looking at my 3DS XL. It's so big! (That's what she said, yeah yeah). I've sent everybody a Nintendo Letter as well! It's so much easier to draw on the bigger screen. Also, everybody download the Mutant Mudds demo on the eShop. It's great! I'll definitely be buying the full version at some point.

    Anyway, just letting you know I'll be away for a few days. I'm going on a mini-holiday with my Dad for a combined birthday/fathers day thing. Which is an awesome present because I don't have to pay for it :P So I'll be in Queensland over the weekend! (Unfortunately I don't think I'll have the chance to meet up with any TAY people though. Next time!).

    ps. Pokemon Conquest looks quite good on the XL, Nova ;)

      No mini QLD meat? :(

      Have fun man, I'm considering getting an XL but I would need to transfer my ambassadors program over which I am too lazy to do.

      Play-Asia need to hurry up and ship :(

        Oh I thought you'd already got yours! Didn't you order it a fair while ago? Make sure to give us your friend code once you've got it!

          Nope, US version only came out on the 19th and Play-Asia always get US stuff a few days after b/c they don't buy through normal supply chains I think, so it has to be shipped from the US to Hong Kong.

          I'll add my friend code to the TAYNAMES document once I get mine. Hopefully pretty swiftly after P-A get them, since I'm getting it shipped UPS to work. But on the list is two games that were in stock at the time I ordered but are now backordered. :(

            Which games did you order? Are you going to buy Abyss again?

    @Aleph - Wouldn't be a NYE meat, but I have LANS every few months and you're welcome to come to one - Mackay is a bit of a stretch from your island though.

    @Rocket - Keen for later on tonight (9ish?). Going to check out the War-Machine miniatures earlier on.

    @Flu - I'm pretty sure that's a tv antenna socket. I have one that goes to a satellite on my roof. (Same color, shape and everything).

      I've got a standard antenna in a normal spot, but this one is up above some kitchen cupboards. I'll have to take a look around the building for clues.

        plug something that fits in to it and see what it does!

    This commenter on the keyboard article? All Class.

      What a charmer.
      But I'll see that & raise you this WTF comment :

      Also, I think perhaps some realtion of Freeze is posting in there. either than, or conicidental handle of the year.

        Well that was unexpectedly hilarious.

      I think that might have come from the comment above

    3DS XL get \o/
    Managed to talk EB down to $204, price match with JB of $229 plus $25 trade in on DS lite. Now adding all the friend codes from taynames. Mines up on there too if anyone wants it

      Whoa, Mr. Bargainer! I'm not brave enough for that, I just point to the sign and say gimme

    Someone please explain this article to me, because I'm finding it hard to make sense of it. (I just watched Inception. That's left me with only a little brain power left to use for the rest of the day)
    What she's basically saying is that Windows 8 is bad for gamers because it has a new feature that no companies are using yet because the OS hasn't even come out??
    And other things:
    "The list of “all apps,” the way to launch programs that don’t have Start or Desktop icons, highlights the messy way games get tossed around everywhere. I installed both Fable III and Portal 2 via Steam, but they don’t show up in the same place. Portal 2 is considered a Steam app; Fable III, which uses Games for Windows Live and, therefore, the same gamertag as the rest, does not." Uhhhh... if you check your Windows 7 start menu, you'll see the exact same thing. Derp. And it's not because of GFWL. I've got Prince of Persia SoT under both Games and Steam in my all apps screen. "Meanwhile other Microsoft apps, like Solitaire and Minesweeper, show up somewhere else entirely." Hahahaha. Wat. They're right there, in the screenshot you've shown us with the rest of the apps.
    "Apps that are installed in Metro can be uninstalled with a single right-click in Metro, but don’t show up in Control Panel’s Programs and Features listing." That's okay. Why do they need to be in there? If I can uninstall them with only two clicks straight from the start screen, why would I want to go through the Control Panel?
    The only thing I could slightly agree with was her point about Microsoft being in control of the games. I don't think they've talked about how Xbox for Windows games are going to be distributed yet, although I'm hoping it'll be like GFWL; it's a part of the game and it doesn't matter where it's sold from.

      /End Fanboi rant

        Shush you :P

          Hey man i am not criticising your rant, it has alot of good points, HOWEVER
          I like 7 and am not changing, 7 is my new windows XP, stable as hell, and awesome.

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Lambo you have put the words from my mind into text! I have quite a few issues with that article, including that terrible screen shot, I mean what did she expect with a screen res that is only 900 pixels high? The absolute minimum res for Metro is 1024X768, so of course its going to expand horizontally, especially with the large tile size! It's article like this that will darken the publics perception of Windows 8, with most people already on a downward stance about it without even trying it out fully, its a shame because if you start using it(anythingreally) with a negative stance towards it, chances are you will continue to have that stance towards it.

        Love it or hate it, at least use it first and don't blame the OS for software that hasn't been updated to run on it.

          Yeah, the worry is it'll be painted as another Vista, which was sunk not by people actually having bad experiences, but by early issues causing bad word of mouth which caused everyone to just assume it was terrible. It wasn't actually terrible if you had drivers etc. Obviously it wasn't fantastic, but it wasn't ME.

      "For the past several days, I’ve been playing with a very nice laptop that has Windows 8 Professional installed on it." And then you go on to talk about how clunky the OS is and how dodgy the two OSes stuck together is, how it's so clunky to navigate. Well, you wanna know what I've been doing for the past several days with my own very nice laptop that has Windows 8 Release Preview installed on it? I've been working non stop making a game, using a combination of desktop and metro apps, not because I had to, but because I wanted to, and it was pretty damn sweet, and I had no problems being productive at all. None. Nada. Zip.

      " I installed both Fable III and Portal 2 via Steam"
      By not the same spot she means they are under different categories. It isn't much of a problem when you only have a few things installed like the screenshot but when you start having a large number of things installed the different categories will be confusing.
      If I go into steam and install a game (fable) and the GUI has a section that displays my steam games I will be searching through that list for the game I just installed. Having to remember if a game I installed in steam is in the steam area or a different area is confusing and annoying.

      I actually don't mind that windows games like minesweeper are separate as I think of them that way. The point they are trying to make is that there is 3 different places where games are shown. It is on the same screen but in a different location.

      “Apps that are installed in Metro can be uninstalled with a single right-click in Metro, but don’t show up in Control Panel’s Programs and Features listing.”
      The issue I see with this is that it is being treated as two distinct OS rather than a system. If I need to free up some space on my hard drive I want to be able to look at what is installed and remove what I don't need. Having to do this in two locations because I have two OSes running doesn't make sense to me.

      It sounds almost like a dual booting system with interaction rather than an integrated solution.

        You can drag the icons around and put them into any location you want in the start screen, create your own columns etc.

        Personally I always run Steam games from inside the Steam GUI anyway.

          I personally haven't had any experience with win 8 \, this post was more trying to respond to Lambo's request for an explanation of the previous article

        "By not the same spot she means they are under different categories." I know what she meant, she just failed to mention that this is something that's been happening in Windows since Vista (I think) for no fault of Microsoft's, and used it to make Windows 8 sound bad. Something I don't think many people know/realise: the 'All Apps' screen is just 'All Programs' from the start menu, except instead of folders, everything is in groups. That's it. No other difference, except that it shows Metro Apps too where the rest of the programs that don't have folders now sit. If you went into your start menu/all programs, you'd see the exact same thing with games being in different categories/folders. It's just irresponsible how she's used that as a reason for why Windows 8 is bad when it's been in windows for years.

        I see your point with having to uninstall apps from two different locations. Although it's not that big an issue (well, I don't see it as one, can't speak for everyone obviously). To get to a screen where you can see all your metro apps and uninstall whichever ones you want, you just need to hit start, right click, then left click 'all apps'. Then you just right click on the app you want to uninstall and press 'uninstall'. You can do the same with normal programs from the All Apps screen, but it just brings up add/remove programs right now, don't know if they've changed that for the final version.

      I want to comment on that so badly but I worked on part of the OS so I'm clearly biased :(

      Hint to anyone using Windows 8: KEYBOARD. SHORTCUTS. Seriously. Winkey and start typing the name of the app, it auto-finds it. If you want to search for files instead, invoke it via Winkey + F. Winkey + I for control panel. Winkey + R for the run dialog. Winkey + Ctrl + F to search for shares on other computers on your network. There's a whole ton of hidden menu options and stuff for power users which are a single keypress away.

      Also, pin the shit you use to your taskbar. If you're doing it right you will see the start screen roughly the same frequency you saw the start menu previously.

      Seriously, half this shit works in Win7 too.

        hmmmm not sure about pinning stuff to my taskbar.
        I have a few things currently pinned but in general I like to keep that with just my open stuff. The rest of the commonly used apps I have pinned to the start menu.

        Interesting to note the run dialog, if that ties in more to the install filse it could be good, in win 7 I only use it for known programs as it doesn't pickup other apps if I don't know the "proper" code

          In Win 7 and Win 8, hit the Winkey and start typing the name of the program you want to run. It autocompletes and it remembers what apps you run most often I think too, eg if I hit winkey and type C on my current box (win server 2k8 :( ) I get Google Chrome and then Command Prompt and some others. By the time I have typed Co it knows I want command prompt, then I hit enter and it runs. Ctrl + Shift + Enter to run as admin.

          Regarding the taskbar, the whole point of going to icons only in Win7 was to make the taskbar more like the OSX tray. Pin your frequently-used stuff there and it'll appear in that specific location when it's running. More organized. I have maybe 8 programs pinned and then the rest of the space is used for other stuff that's running. Almost never hit the start button as it is.

        I don't really like pinning stuff to the taskbar, it's really annoying when I go to click on an open app, but instead accidentally miss and open a different program instead. Yes, I am accident prone even on the computer :P
        I don't get why people don't want to use the start screen. It's so much quicker and easier to use than the start menu.
        I also like how right clicking in the bottom left corner brings up all those shortcuts for things like device manager, control panel, command prompt, things like that.

          The way I see it, Start Screen is basically the OSX Dashboard & Launcher combined into one more useful environment.

    So a storm just hit and i'm the only one at work...

    ...hold me...

      I will never leave you, not till the end of...
      hey breakfast burrito see ya later loops.

      We had hailstones hitting the window in front of me, pretty cool! I got such a view of the storm from up here!

      A storm just started here and it's been super windy as well. It was all sunny and hot in the morning though :(

    @Splicer HOLY CRAP you're right. If I were to take a month to drive around, I'm far better off just buying a car and leaving it at the airport when I leave.
    Seriously, for a 5 seater, it'd cost in excess of $1500.

    So, who's up for buying a car with me? :D

      Ha! Yeah, better to fly down IMHO

      I would be like the first stop. Woot
      I could chip in.

        Totally up for it if you are man. Depending on the price/dates etc, I'd be happy to invest a couple hundred to get a decent stereo going for the trip too :D

          I would be keen driving down the east coast of australia in a dreadful car meeting people i met on the internet what could possibly go wrong.

            So long as ONE of us is mechanically minded, and NONE of us brandish hatchets, we SHOULD make it through safely :D

              hahaha, i can change a tyre and battery and put coolant in the radiator. Thats about it. Also I would only be able to depending on times and dates and although in theory i should be fine. I am moving next year and should be saving :|

                Goshdarnit :(
                Yeah, that's about the extent of my 'mechanical' know-how too

                  I admire your confidence, man. Seriously. I can't even work up the courage to go to a Brisbane meat and you're conspiring to tour the coast meeting folks. Crazy!

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