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    Man, Sleeping Dogs is awesome. I get the impression the end is nigh, so have been just wasting time roaming the open world finding lock boxes. It'll be sad to see the credits roll!

      I was super tempted when I last played it to print out a big map of all the lockboxes and health shrines and take an hour or two and find them all. The in-game map shows you all the ones you already found. Super handy, I wish games like Assassin's Creed did that with their collectables.

        The girls you date in game give similar perks along the way, just so you know.

          Money and extra health?

            Nah, everytime you go on the date they teach you a skill. Amanda, the first girl you meet, shows you where all the health shrines are on the map. You go to the map screen and toggle the collectables mode on, it'll show you were they all are -- the ones you don't have will be grayed out.

        Yeah or have items that show the remaining ones on the map. Batman AA and inFamous are some good examples. If I know the general area then I have more motivation to go out and find them :)

          I only find collectables in game if I'm having fun finding them. No chance I was going to look for flags and feathers in Assassin's Creed. :P

            (Looked for all the animus shard dealys in AC: Rev... and they did nothing. Never again. :P)

              I've only played 1 and 2 but I never bothered in 1. By the time I played 2 (late last year) I had a smart phone so it wasn't too hard looking them up with a map but it was incredibly boring :P. I just did it for the trophies and because I didn't want to start a new game yet (I think something was coming out soon).

              Yeah... not too fun when they're all hidden and you don't know which ones you've already gotten.

              I also like games that give you a 'reward' for getting collectables. Whether it's a sort of upgrade or just unlocking concept art etc. I find it gives me more incentive rather than some cheevos or trophies.

    Did/Is anyone buying the PAL release of Tales of Graces f?

    I have a pre-order on Zavvi but I've still got my unplayed US copy that I imported at release :(. I've been trying to eBay it for the past 3 weeks or so and even though there's 1-5 watchers every time, NO ONE BIDS. It's cheap as well and I'm selling for a loss.

    I'm just annoyed since the PAL edition has more stuff and costs less (although with the loss I'm making if the US one sells it'll be more). Stupid BAMCO and their delayed releases! And stupid Play-Asia for giving me a $5 off voucher, making me want to use it to buy a game I haven't even played yet...

    I want it since Tales games get really rare in PAL regions but if my US copy doesn't sell this weekend I might just have to keep it and cancel the Zavvi order :(.

      Actual game content is identical between them though. The only game stuff you get with the PAL version is a costume which was a retailer-exclusive preorder bonus in the US.

      How much are you asking on eBay for your game, o Green one?

        Originally $50 with ~$7 shipping (that's whatever price AusPost charge for the satchels) but local pickup was also available. A used copy sold a week earlier for $50 so I figured I had a chance. It didn't sell at that price so I dropped it down to $45 for two more times and now it's sitting at $40. I think I paid ~$60 at launch.

        It's brand new and never been played but it's not sealed so people might not believe it's "brand new" (I don't blame them :P)

        5 watchers at the moment so hopefully it sells and I can own a PAL copy!

          I've been wanting to grab this so if it doesn't sell this time I'll give you $60 including postage for it. Rather not go through eBay though because I hate it. :P
          If I'm going to buy it anyway, I'd rather give my money to you than a game retailer.

            Oh cool! I'll keep you updated if it sells or not but just let me know if you want it if it doesn't :D

            Thanks Strangey!

    The weather today has been nuts.

    First it was a clear day, then it was cloudy and windy, then there was heaps of thunder and lightning, then it rained heavily, then it hailed, then the sun came out but it was still raining, then it stopped raining and some clouds cleared and now it's sort of sunny.

    Why's your weather so crazy, Australia?

      Yup! Are you in Melbourne? (if I recall you're in NSW?) The exact same thing happened over here. I'm glad I had Uni when it was sunny and a bit windy and I'm all nice and cozy at home during the rain/hail/thunder/lightning.

        I'm a Victorian. Live about an hour out of the city in the south east suburbs.

        There was just some thunder that shook the whole house. I'm thinking it might be best if I turn the computer off if there's a bad storm coming.

          Oh, I always thought you were from NSW :P

          I'm in the South-East as well.

            Maybe you're neighbours!1!

              Hermit mode dictates that I'll never find out. There's a few TAYbies near me actually :P

                True enough, can't say I've ever spoken to my neighbours. I couldn't even tell you what they look like.

                  Hahaha same...

                  They (the ladies) used to want me to play with them when we were younger but since they were a bit younger or older than me so I never bothered. I'd be sad if they all turned out to be attractive :P

                  I used to go out all the time but ever since I moved house mid-way through primary school I just never bothered meeting the new neighbours. I want my old friends back :'(

    Have any of you guys and gals read Oglaf before?


      Olgaf? Well I'm at work so I can't go investigate right now, so what's the gist?

        Just looked it up and read some random comics. It's basically a medieval fantasy porn comic

        Pretty funny but very NSFW :P

          Soooooo funny. lol
          The fountain of doubt is damn good and safe for work

            and the fountain of death

            which is followed up by the fountain of girls... which is where it gets nsfw lol

            Interestingly the comic is actually done by an Australian woman! So it's not a perverted dude... probably why it's actually funny

              this one is great for people who love beards

              also sfw... but it does have the word "slut"... so you know... depends on how safe your work likes to be

        Basically it's a webcomic

        It's set in a fantasy dungeons and dragons type world... but with wayyyy more sex.
        Not ALL of the comics focus around sex, but A LOT of them do... but yeah, it is side-splittingly hilarious quite often!

        Put it this way... it has cum sprites.

        Freakin' cum sprites!

          It's an awesome webcomic.
          Been reading it for a while now.

      I've never heard of it but Yup, you're right, definitely NSFW but they are funny.
      I hope there aren't too many previous comics because I might start reading from the start. The first story is already silly but funny.

        Hit the archive - it doesn't take all that long to go through.
        Awesome stuff lol

          Wow, an Australian author(?) as well. I've discovered some good Australian media this year.

          EVERYONE GO WATCH LAID. It's really good.

          I'm already half way through the archive and they are really good. The titillation is in the background most of the time and the dialogue and stories are genuinely funny not like others I've seen which are just excuses for nudity. I'm not a huge web comic guy but subscribed.

          Thanks Loops.

            Not a problem at all, mate. Anytime.
            I'm just glad someone else is appreciating the comic too, and you're pretty much spot on with everything you said there. :)

      You guys should read up on Order of the Stick, I find them hilarious. It's set in the D&D universe :)

      Yes, oglaf is amazing! Both in its NSFW-ness and also in the way that often really interesting fantasy concepts are explored - often leaving me wishing that more serious time was devoted to them to fully flesh them out.

    Hello everyone! How is it all going?


        That's, uh, good to hear?



          How are you, Miss Scree?

            Moderate your yelling, Blaghs!


                LOUD NOISES!!

                I'm okay Blaghs, I just feel hungry and sick at the same time. I hate it D=



      Hey Scree!

      My copy of Dark Souls arrived today \o/

      I installed it then I remembered it uses Window's Live /o\

        D= That's terrible.
        I might get Prepare to die edition on PS3. =D
        I'm just glad Gametraders is so patient with me. But they should be, I told them they should go to Manifest. Now people can't imagine it without them =D

          Not before you pay of Xenoblade! >:(

            I'm paying it off! /o\
            $130 left on the 3 operation rainfall games

              Transfer the payments from the other two into Xenoblade :D

            Dark Souls >>>>>>>> Xenoblade!

            That's right, I said that

      Good, but I'm a bit too sober for my liking...
      That shall change in five minutes...

    I live streamed almost every minute of my game making last week. This week I downloaded all the footage and made a time-lapse. 7 days shrunk down to five minutes.

      Safe to say I have no idea what's going on :). Well done though! Did you teach yourself everything?

      I made a game once using Game Maker for an IT assignment. It was pretty rad* but I had no idea what I was doing.


        There's stuff! Flying everywhere! And then, a video game magically appears! :P
        Yeah, I taught myself everything. I've messed around, learning stuff over the last few years, but this is only the second game I've ever finished. Wait, no! There was that one I made for Mark's birthday too! I forgot about that one.

      I've no idea what went into that, but seeing you make your own sprites was quite cool :D
      Loved the audio too!

    @ Greenius.
    It makes me sad to read about you not having local neighbourhood friends after moving house during primary school.

    Some of my best childhood memories are of all the local kids playing together. Especially in summer.

    Huge games of 'gang chasey' that covered several blocks and could sometimes last up to a couple of hours. Things were never really planned. Someone would knock on someone elses door and ask "Is Simon allowed to come out and play?" and it would snow-ball until there could be as many as 20 kids running riot. And when we all had bikes - well, there was no stopping us!

    This was never an every-day thing, but there was always someone you could visit to play with.

    That's how I got my video game fix too. A few kids had Atari machines, one lucky kid had a CBS ColecoVision , and later on others had C64s or NES.

    Anyway, I guess I'm just feeling a little nostalgic. I sometimes wish I could be a kid again.
    But back then, not now. Because I'm old by TAY standards, and things have changed. Sure, to be a kid now would give me so much more cool stuff, but I doubt kids now have the freedom to enjoy stuff the way we did.

      Oh, and what is a CBS ColecoVision?

        ColecoVision was so cool. Mouse-trap, carnival, smurfs and was the space game Gorg?

      One of my best memories as a kid was "World War Water". An impromptu water fight between the kids of my street and the enemy kids from the next street over. We were at war for an entire day with water bombs/pistols and our bikes. I think we may have been the cause of the drought.

      So much fun. Damn this nostalgia.

        "enemy kids" hahaha!

        Oh man now I'm remembering all the water fights we had in primary school, fun times!

        World War Water sounds like heaps of fun!

        Water pistols and bikes are a great combo. Just add sprinklers and I'm in heaven!

      Haha it's okay man, I was doing that back in my old house up until I moved when I was in year 3 of primary school (so until I was like 8 or so). Some of my best friends were my next door neighbour and there were kids my age all throughout the court and down the street. When I moved I just didn't bother again since they weren't really my age.

      I get what you mean about kids these days probably not going outdoors and enjoying stuff the way we did. I used to go outside all the time when I had neighbourhood friends but now I sit at home on my ass all day doing nothing productive. With all the technology and stuff now kids can probably just sit at home and play a game and get just as much fun out of it compared to going to *gasp* the outside world.

      I grew up in a somewhat poorish area so we didn't really play video games but good times were still had! I can still clearly remember some of the things that happened over a decade ago :). Wow thanks for making me remember stuff Smurfy, too bad I don't keep in contact with them any more :P.

      When I was younger, there were a lot of kids in the neighbourhood as well. We would play on the street almost every day after school and all day on weekends. We played a lot of soccer, hopscotch and marbles. We built cities out of clay and drove our toy cars through them then inevitably stomped through them like giant monsters. :-)

      One of our favourite and most dangerous games was called Chobo Ua in Swahili . Chobo is nutmeg and Ua is kill .Think of it as 'nutmeg death' in English. I think it's called a nutmeg, when you kick a ball in between someone's legs when playing soccer, right? Anyway the goal of the game was to avoid getting the ball in between your legs but you couldn't stay still. If the ball went between your legs everyone had to beat you up before you reached the safety pole. The faster you reached the safety pole the less you got hit. And these were full on kicks and punches. I think about it today and it's a miracle most of us were not seriously injured.

      Unfortunately most guys slowly moved away over time and by the time I was in high school only two of us were left. :-(

      I did get more involved with gaming thanks to my friends there though. We used to play PES (pro evo soccer) non-stop once I got my PlayStation and Speed Freaks as well.

      We also used to play some bootleg games on a bootleg SNES or NES I'm still not sure to this day /o\

        It's great to see that other TAYbies have such good memories of times running about with kids in the neighbourhood!

        I'm sure that our parents all kept an eye on us without us knowing, but it felt like we had free run of the entire world! Until Mrs Smith (or whoever) started calling us in for dinner. Once the first kid had been called in, we all knew the rest of us would soon follow. Then it was game over. :(

        @ masha - where did you grow up?

          @SmurfyDog, I grew up in Kenya.

          I also remember that one kid whose mother always called him back home early for dinner or when it got dark outside. And as if the mothers communicated secretly we were all called back home as well minutes later. One day our version of Mrs Smith Went on Holiday and I think we stayed up till 10pm just messing around on the streets in the dark.

          Ha Ha, it's strange how a lot of stuff is the same even countries apart.

            Ha ha ha! That is so funny!
            You're right - some things are the same wherever you are!
    (it totally is...)

    I had no idea what the hell I was talking about to be honest, rambling just to have some form of audible filler. Decided to take you guys on a trip to the cave paintings about 20 minutes away from work. Also back through Angurugu on the way home.

    Also skinny video. I'll hold the iphone sideways next time so it doesn't come out quite so derp.

      Wow! That was great!
      I have a friend who works in mining as a geologist. He seems to work in a different part of the country every 12 months or so, and he has seen a lot of remote areas and shown me pics and vids, , but it still seems pretty foreign to me.

      Thanks so much for that little glimpse of a different Australia to what I know!

        No worries mate, glad you enjoyed it!
        You're right, it's completely foreign. It's almost as if I live on another planet some days. Socially and economically, we're probably 10-15 years behind the rest of Aus in many aspects, if not more :D

        I'll likely take some more footage from time to time, and I'll be sure to post it here if/when I do!

        (As an aside, I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about the merits of being a geologist. I can understand that people have differing interests, but c'mon, it's just rocks :P)

          My mate still sometimes wears the t-shirt he got at his Uni orientation.
          It says "Rocks are Fun!" There's no helping some people.

          He does have a pretty cool collection of rocks and stuff he's collected over the years though. And he gets paid a metric s**t-ton to look at dirt. I'm a little jealous to be honest.

      Yeah, that's not your voice, you're more robot-y!

      Driving while recording? tsk tsk. The video was cool and informative, I wouldn't mind more of these :). I've never been to the more outback parts of Australia and wouldn't mind seeing them but I don't think it's such a good idea for someone like me (a non-bogan) to go :P.

      So how nasty does it get at night? and is that directly related to the death-rate (which I assume is incredibly high for what I'm guessing is a small town) :/

      Btw what's your job again if you don't mind me asking?

        Are you insinuating that I'm a bogan, dear Greenmang?
        It's not all that bad, there's social stigma about being a 'city-kid' if that's your concern, but aside from that it's fine.

        Driving while recording because I'm not gonna walk :P I didn't record when I was going through the actual trails, as 2 hands are most certainly needed there!
        Angurugu lights up like a christmas tree at sundown. This stems from cultural belief/superstitions. The "Gadaichi-man"(SP?) will hide in shadows and prey on anyone within, so to prevent this floodlights are placed in most yards, facing out from the house. Loud noise also wards him away, so HUGE stereos are left outside too, blasting music almost 24/7.
        Those in the community that don't work (a very large amount) are essentially nocturnal due to this, so daylight hours are largely owned by the workers, and the dogs that roam the street. Even the shops here reflect this, and open hours are typically 11am-2pm, 5pm-10pm.

        Violence is quite big, although has diminished with the prevention of substance abuse. Marijuana is an economy unto itself here (I believe it's $100 per gram), and appears to be the only remaining substance that is constantly traded and consumed. Again, beliefs hold a big part in this, and medicine-people (I believe they're actually called poison-doctors) will use it for cultural/spiritual reasons. Those same people are also considered magical, and practice mamajinga (SP?), or Black magic.
        This could range from calling a storm in to rain on an enemy's family, to putting a curse on a building (which happens so often it's not funny) which results in that building being evacuated and off-limits until someone from the opposing moite (I'll explain that in another post) exhumes the curse, allowing the location to be populated once more.
        All this magic and curses, along with drugs and such make for a volatile community, and murder isn't all that uncommon, although it can go unnoticed for some time.

        My rule? If someone's angry, get the hell out of the way.
        If someone's in my yard? Get the gun ;)

          Wow interesting culture over there but yeah not the most ideal place for me (should I say a non-white/indigenous person :P)

            I cut myself short on it, haha :P

            One of the most interesting things I've found is that have a very non-linear familial construct. This place is so interesting once you dig under the surface. I'm sad to say that the culture is diminishing though...
            As broad a comment this is, I'm a firm believer that the white folk are both the best and worst thing to ever happen to this place :(

        Oh, in order from best to worst, I'm a:
        Sysadmin(sortakinda), desktop support, phone technician, linesman, payroll officer, counsellor, freight courier, receptionist, scapegoat and drinks-bitch.

        I forgot about your last question, sorry!

          Wow! What a life!
          What is the attraction? Why do you live and work there?

          By the way - a little googling tells me that the inventor of the flight data recorder, (aka Black Box), was born on Groote Eylandt. This has no relevance to anything, but is interesting nonetheless.

            I initially left Canberra due to wanting a change of scenery. I came to Groote Eylandt because my parents offered for me to live with them (I wouldn't be here without them. It's certainly a case of "it's not what you know, it's who you know" up here), and I had managed to tee up a job prior to coming.
            I've stayed because my quality of life has increased. I live in a geographical paradise, I've managed to almost triple my annual income (granted, I was on a pittance prior to moving) and I finally feel that I'm getting ahead.
            I'm planning on staying longer predominantly because I'm aware of the job market here. It's easy to get a job, so long as you've got accommodation. There's not much room in mainland Australia for uneducated workers.
            ...Although, I do know how to say "Would you like fries with that?".

              Ah! Sounds like you're on a pretty good wicket.
              And it's great that you have family there too. One of the things stopping me working as a fieldy in mining is the remotness from family and friends. As a skilled worker I'd get fly-in fly-out, but as a fieldy they want you to move there. That, and I don't like hot weather. And a bunch of other piss-poor excuses. ;)

                Oh man, I hear you there. Without family here, I wouldn't have lasted the first 6 months (I've only been here 16-18 months so far, but still :P). I originally came up here with my partner, although she left maybe 12 months ago now. If you don't have the people to connect with, you go crazy rather quickly. I still make a point to leave every 4 months or so, and chatting to TAYbies helps a lot too :D

                If you have family of your own, it'd be unimaginably tough leaving them. Some of the workers here stay here for 6-8 week stints without seeing their family. It's tough to see.

                As for the heat, I'm actually surprised at how quickly I adapted. For the first week, I was physically drained. No energy, couldn't move etc. After a month, I was pretty much fine. I still sweat like a pig, although I handle the heat FAR better than when I initially moved here.

    Diablo is down for maintenance.

    This seems to have been scheduled for the exact worst time for those of us who wanted to see how the game is now.

    I did play a bit beforehand. It was a definite improvement but it's hard to judge from just solo Inferno act 1. Needs much more play to decide if it's worth continuing to play.

      My vote is no. But then I had little interest in Diablo 3 even before I played it. Now I've finished a play through they'd have to do something very impressive to get me back into it again.

        Fair enough.

        Diablo is a pretty shallow game, at least Diablo 3 was on release and probably still is. You need a certain mentality to enjoy it and I can see why other people wouldn't.

        They, like you, are wrong, but I can understand their wrongness :p


    It may have taken well over a year but finally I can progress. So ridiculously happy right now

      You've basically passed the hardest point in that game \o/

    Just finished Crysis 2! Another one off the pile of shame (not that shameful it was a fun game, and definitely much more fun in the last third - from where you go to retreive Hargreave - than in the middle section of the game where you're barely surviving against overpowered aliens!)

    Kudos for a great game and a story which got better the further in you got - but what the hell has happened to the multiplayer (360) it's a ghost town. Most of the games in my collection (Even Crackdown 2, War for Cybertron, Monday Night Combat) have populated lobbies, but Crysis has just shut down. :(

      Hmmm, that's interesting, in Crysis 1 I found the game became "not as good" in the last 1/3 of the story.

    Tried Xenoblade on the dolphin emulator, but my poor old CPU couldn't really keep up.
    Ah well, maybe it's one for the Wii U if I don't get around to it in time on Wii.

    Greenius... before you say anything... you need to play Iron Brigade!

      Ha ha, I'm with you on this Beavwa, these Xenoblade sympathisers* need to be hounded as well. Play Driver:San Francisco you guys!

      And like Beavwa says Iron Brigade as well( although I haven't played that either /o\)

      *sympathisers makes it sound like Xenoblade is a bad game. I know it's not, I just could not think of another word. :-)

        I'm sorry Masha... I have a confession to make.

        I bought Iron Brigade with the money steam refunded me for Driver: San Francisco.

          Oh snap! Wow. :-)

          Buy it on console when you can, it's much better there anyway, no silly DRM.

          Steam gives refunds? What happened with D:SF?

          That was the game I was actually going to play over the next few weeks. May have swapped over to Iron Brigade instead, sorry Masha :P

      Okay now that I've 'played' Iron Brigade I can say stuff!

      Well at least you tried :). Not up for playing it on the Wii? If I recall you played Monster Hunter Tri fairly recently. But yeah you may not have the time since it's a fairly long game, just let me know when you give it a crack again.

        Monster Hunter Tri was probably about 2 years ago...
        Pip gave it a go a little more recently (say 4 or 5 months ago), and that's probably the last time the Wii was turned on. I've still got a fairly decent pile of shame for the Wii, so I really should get back to it at some stage.

          Ah fair enough. I just remember you talking about getting your controls mixed up between Dark Souls and Monster Hunter Tri.

            Demon's Souls.

            And yeah, on that topic - the normal layout of A / B available by playing with an XBox controller on Dolphin won't happen now, so Xenoblade will need to not be alongside any PS3 / 360 third person games.
            Shouldn't be an issue anyway since it's all been PC gaming lately. Just need to keep segregating my gaming time on different systems and it'll all be good.
            The only thing that could stand in the way of Xenoblade in that regard would be if a copy of Dragon's Dogma mysteriously appeared in front of me any time soon...

            I kept doing that switching between sr3 and darksiders. I would throw the crossblade when trying to run faster

    Do we now have instant reply without having to have the page refresh itself after submitting?

      OMG! I just thought of a new feature that could be implemented (but won't).

      It'll be similar to how YouTube queues up new comments if you're already on the page viewing the video. So new comments will come up under some sort of "There has been ___ new comments, click here to update" message/button and clicking it will refresh the page with the new comments that were posted since the last time you refreshed. And they should be marked in some sort of way so it's easy to find where the new comments are :O.

        We should send an e-mail to Mark regarding that.

        Good idea.
        The Kotaku comment system needs some changes. Even if it's only TAY at first , since this is basically the site's forum.

    Teletraan 1 told Jazz to 'stay smooth'. Fall of Cybertron continues to amaze me. I love it.

      Those little interactions between the characters and Teletraan 1 are amazing.

    I really want to go to PAX now

    Apparently this is a League of Legends Sona skin you can pick up there

        Yeah, I just discovered that. I hope I have enough riot points saved

        I love all the talk of adding trinity force to peoples Sona build in celebration of Phreak delivering the news. Tones of damage.

          I'm not sure if that's a purposeful pun, or just an awesome mistake. Either way, good work Gorzy.

            omg glahman awake before 10pm toronto time

              ... Not quite the same ring to it.

                Keep trying though Bish. I'm sure you'll get there one day.

    Morning Fronds!

    What? No there's no particular reason why I'm holding my hands behind my back. Anyway does everyone know what day it is? It's not any old Friday, IT'S DARKS SOULS PC RELEASE DAY WOOOOOOOO.
    *throws streamers & confetti in everyone's face / eyes (again)*

      Again?! Nob whyyyyyyyy, I need my eyes!

        Don't worry Greenmang, you don't need your eyes to pick up the ladies. All you need is the C chord.


      *goes and cries in the corner* Damn you manifest and pretty pocket watch!

        Aww, Don't be sad. D: Would you like some streamers / confetti?

          No thanks. I'd just have to clean it if I did that. Sorry Nob D=

      Woooo, Thursday :/

        You ser are some kind of wizard!

      MY EYES

      I'm not supposed to get confetti in them!

      HEY!! HEY GUYS!!

    Anyone who has the retro pack for Fall of Cybertron, can the G1 Optimus Prime skin be used in the campaign or only in multi?
    If it can be used in the campaign, how do you change to it?

      It can't be used in campaign as far as I've seen. Only Multiplayer. But maybe it'll unlock once you beat the campaign once?

        The Giant Bomb Quick Looks showed that you could use the G1 skin in mission 3. So there must be a command to toggle between them in the campaign screen. Seeing as it was a dev copy, that might not be something you get until NG+ but it's still something.

        Make sure you go to the mission select screen before playing Campaign - pressing 'x' (360) iirc toggles FoC/G1 Optimus. I played through Cqmpaign bits with G1 Prime. Was so, so awesome.

          Thank you sir! I also have to admit that even though the Throwback blaster (G1 Megatron pew pew laser pistol) isn't that powerful, it made me grin like a loser every time I fired it.

            Same. I felt bad swapping it out for decent weapons =(

    Morning TAY!
    I have been notably absent from here. What a crap week. I had the flu last week, nothing too bad though. But managed to give it to my gf and my son who both got really sick, so I've had to stay home a couple days just to look after them. My gf is still sick, and my poor little man ended up with a really bad rash as well so he had 2 owies.
    Anyways, how has everyone else been?

      Better than you and yours by the sound of things. I've been busy as well, we had the first presentation of our new department this week that seemed to go really well. Gaming wise really good. I defeated tiamat in darksiders last night. I had been stuck at that boss fight for over a year so can now get back to enjoying the game

      Awww buddy - that's no good at all!
      Hope everyone is doing ok.

      If i start getting sick Bee usually threatens me to ensure i'm too terrified to give her any bugs.
      She's my little ball of anger!

    So my Pyramid head colt seems to sell quite well. Maybe I should make some other video game x pony shirts

      Pony Freeman?
      Marcus Ponyix?

      Don't just settle for VG pony - you should hit up super hero ponies, and definately go with the biggest fads right now.
      A Deadpool pony would sell like hotcakes for you, and so too, but to possibly a lesser extent, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman Etc.

      I have never sold more shirts than when ME3 released and i had my ME themed shirts good to go - it was brilliant!! !
      So yeah, think of whatever fad you can, and slap it on a pony!

        50 Shades of Grey pony!

          No! Bad Greenmang! We don't mentioned that abomination if a book around here! Don't make me throw more confetti at your eyes

          No! Bad Greenmang! We don't mentioned that abomination of a book around here! Don't make me throw more confetti at your eyes

            Nooooo double post. Damn smelly phone!

        I'm not huge on superheroes, so I feel like that would be cheating.

          Sometimes you have to think of what other people would like rather than just yourself. If you make shirts just for yourself then you won't sell as much.

          But you could certainly still stick to VG ponies and do well for your self. As i mention, a Gordon Freeman one would do well. Also an assassins creed themed pony.
          There are so many options to choose from! :D

            You should try and do shirts of upcoming games. As Loops suggested an AC shirt would sell really well right now.

              Or Borderlands, ride the hype train!

                Thanks everyone. I will try to do these later as I am buggered right now. BUGGERED!
                Riding will do that to you.

            AC Pony would be pretty awesome.

            Zelda would work too. Have Epona dressed up as Link.

            Maybe a Big Daddy pony with a Little Sister riding him?

      I like the comment on that shirt
      " Is anything safe from being ponyfied" says the person with the pony avatar

    Also, are people still interested in Fall of Cybertron multi tonight? Sexbox version, naturally.

      My poor... poor sexbox....
      *weeps uncontrolably*




        I find this funnier than I maybe should. Well played Sir :)

      Holy crap, how'd I miss that!

        How cool is it!? My fellow member :D


          It's... been a while since I've visited :(

            Take heart, pal. Used to be Adventure Gamer until 2003. :P I quite like the art style. I wish the characters were a little more cell shaded (I think that's the term I'm looking for...), but they had me at Paris in the Spring. Here's hoping there's no freakin' Templars or crates to push.

              Haha, I know, how great was that line! I dunno though, I mean... the cel shaded look isnt reaaaaally 2D, I was hoping for a full proper 2D like the originals. But to be fair it looks quite slick, and the backgrounds look AMAZING

                Also that setup is pretty rad - stealing a painting that appears to mean nothing, someone appearing extremely pushed and desperate to get it. Got me intrigued! Though... I hate that George is just smirking about the situation. I liked when he was more phased by things :/

                  Yeah, the problem I find with Broken Sword is how George always gets into these predicaments, though. In Gabriel Knight it's the man's job to seek out this stuff, but George is always bumbling into an explosion or plane crash or art gallery robbery. Atleast this time Nico's not miraculously working some other case and they happen to meet. (Meat?) I'm a little cynical about Broken Sword, but I agree, what's here looks pretty damn slick.

                  Oh, man. Next year! Double Fine adventure? Check. Tex Murphy? Check. Jane Jensen? Check. Space Venture? Check. Broken Sword? Check. We just need Ragnar Tornquist and it'll be like the golden age all over again. :P

    so i just made a big (gaming) step yesterday... i purchased guild wars 2...

    it's a big step in that i've never gotten into an MMO before, but some friends were getting it, and i thought it looked pretty fun, so i got it. was thinking of playing a thief character, but just to ask any people who know guild wars or have played the beta, you can mix any race with any profession right? like i could have a thief Charn (those really tall guys) if i wanted, but do some races mix better with the thief class than others? same goes for any other race profession combos.

    the background music has been changing every day, each day they seem to add a layer to the track... but oh my god i can't wait for whatever this is.

      Yeah any race can be any class.
      Also, anyone have any idea what server they are going to play on? Would be good to have one all the TAYbies are on.

        Me and my school friends are making characters on crystal desert! So I advise everyone to join that server!

          Roger that! Incoming Charr invasion from the Tech army! And each of them will have stories of their own I'll make xD. I'm actually planning on putting together Epilogues for each of my Guild Wars characters :)

      If any MMO could get me back into the genre, it's GW2.

      So I think I'll avoid this one :p

      Good luck. I wouldn't mind seeing a complete newbie's thoughts on the game and MMOs in general. Most people have some experience with them these days.

        I will share my thoughts here then after I play it

        it should be fine though, I've been wanting to get into an mmo for a while, it was just because of school I didn't have the time to get into one.

        but now I have time and can finally try one out.

      I played GW2 during the beta and really didn't like it, but I'm kind of burned out on click-target-then-hammer-hotbar-button MMOs now. It seemed like it was a pretty solid game.

        Yeah did not leave me massively enthused either tbh. Though I enjoyed some classes and imagine playing with other peeps would be much better.
        But I have already bought it and have nothing better to do anyway.

      Yeah I'm mainly getting GW2 cuz I really enjoyed Guild Wars 1. Yeah it was instanced and clunky but I loved the whole "you're not a god of war level 60 something" aspect. Getting to level 20 in no way felt like a grind, you got there just by playing through the story, what really set you apart is how you used your skills and stats with your class combos. All of the builds I made for my 10 characters I built entirely by myself and over the years of playing it my guys were forces to be reckoned with in any team. Yeah... I had 10 level 20 characters with their own builds I made myself, and they were all awesome! One of each class :)

      I even did some role playing in GW back in the day, since all of my characters I actually had made bios (Not 100% integrated in the lore but still very close to it, just some tweaks like my warrior demon posession or my mesmer whom was half mursaat). Still was really fun as hell the whole time.


    I'm looking for a program that can record what is happening in my browser and audio that is over the top. Wanting it to create a few simple how do I videos.
    Free for company use is preferred but if you have used a quaility product that is worth the money then happy to pay for it (within reason).

    Any advice appreciated

      Screen capture programs will do the trick. FRAPS and Xsplit are the two that seem to get used the most. Should be trial versions of them to see if they do what you want.

      I hear Space Marine is good...

    If anyone is still curious about Sleeping Dogs there is a demo on the PSN store. (I only have a PS3 so I'm not sure about the 360 or PC demos)

    I played through it and the game seems good. The demo doesn't give you access to the open world, you just play through two missions, so I couldn't try out the driving and the other open worlds stuff.I liked the traversal and being able to vault over objects as you chase people and really enjoyed the hand-to-hand combat as well. It feels like the slightly unpolished version ofArkham Asylum/city combat but much better compared to many open world games.

    Finally, for people who have the full game, is it possible to change the game's controls? I'm playing the demo on PS3 and the developers put the aiming and shooting on the L2/R2 buttons instead of L1/R1 like most games. Also the shooting doesn't feel that great and where I could, I just resorted to vaulting over cover and disarming my opponents.

    Also this is a small thing but I love the little chime that plays when you pause the game. :-)

    I might pick this up when it's cheaper, seems like it could be good.

    For the two of you that haven't played Borderlands, It's free on PS+ atm.

    Go now, I'll wait.

      To the two of you who do pick it up on PS+, I wouldn't mind doing a co-op session with you one of these days :-)

      No! *folds arms defiantly*

      Dont understand why you guys like running around a desert shooting things aimlessly. Boooorriiiiiing!

      / troll

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