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    exactly zero motivation to do anything at work today....

      o/ I also have a lack of motivation.
      Could be a lack of food though

      At least you're living in Friday.

        Don't forget to bring some baseball (or hockey) cards with you when you come to the future. They'll be worth a buttload.

        Your living in the past man! You need to learn to let these things go or you'll be stuck in the past forever.


    Dear Scree,


    Soo... I like PES games better than FIFA games...


      Is this a theme? Hmm, Ok.

      I think Uncharted 1 is better than Uncharted 2


        It wasn't intended to be - but i like this - i like this very very much!

        I really enjoyed the first Prototype

        COME AT ME BRO!!!

          I liked the second sex in the city movie better than the first
          COME AT ME BRO

          The first prototype is basically a re-skin of Hulk:Ultimate Destruction on the PS2/XBOX and that is a better game. Why? Because Hulk!.

          I CAME AT YOU BRO!

            This just made me think of Cum Sprites...

          COME AT ME BRO!!!

            I thought the story and characters in Too Human were bloody awesome and would love a sequel!

            COME AT ME BRO!!!!

      I think NFS: The Run is the best NFS game since Most Wanted. Way better than Hot Pursuit (and by the looks of things) the new Most Wanted.

        I still haven't played NFS: The run but Most Wanted was and still is a fantastic single player game. So much variety and the cop chases and bounty missions. Wow.

        I really really hope Criterion does a good job with the new one.

    Decided to finish Sleeping Dogs this morning instead of going for a run. Now I feel a crushing guilt. On the bright side, I finished Sleeping Dogs. I liked it. :P

      Did you run in sleeping dogs?
      I'm sure it's the same thing

        You better believe I ran, I held that A button down like a freakin' maniac man. :P

          This might be an article relevant to you D.C


            Haha! Awesome! Those dogs are pretty damn insightful!

          Did you should quotes from 'The Running Man' for added effect?

    dear people who have PCs and do not yet own Just Cause 2 or Mirrors Edge but would like to own them,
    they're both on sale on steam for $5 & $2.50 respectively

      JC2 is also free for PS+ people *squeee*

      As is Just cause. Is it worth getting or is it just a lower visual quality derpbox game like just cause 2

        havent played Just Cause 1, but JC2 is more than enough chaos causing derp fun for me

        Just play Just Cause 2. Just cause 1's grappling mechanic is not as fleshed out and the game gets boring and repetitive really fast. Just cause 2 looks much better, plays better, the grappling system is so much fun and while it does get repetitive over time you'll be having too much fun blowing stuff up and causing CHAOS to notice.

    Wow, this extra credits video makes some really bold claims about Spec Ops: The Line.
    (No spoilers in the vid btw)
    I guess I really need to play this game soon.

      @masha2932, I don't think you can change the controls for shooting in Sleeping Dogs, alas. Weirdly when you're shooting from cars the controls are switched around. I'm sort of used to alternating between trigger and buttons, 360 and PS3 always seem to have different ones on default. There's also some cool leveling up you can do that makes the gun play more satisfying. (Slow motion, almost Max Payne style and the like.) If you're not a fan of shooting don't worry, though. I think 90% of the game I just used hand-to-hand combat.

        (Haha, obviously this is a response to your comment on the other page. :P)

        Thanks for the information.

        Well that's unfortunate. The PS3 triggers are not the best for shooting(they're perfect for racing games in my opinion) so that's why most shooters have them on the bumpers(L1/R1).

        I guess I can live with that when I pick up the game in the coming months when it's cheaper.

      Neato - i've been hearing lots of good stuff about it.
      It's currently sitting on a shelf at home - i may have to play it after SR2...

        Spec Ops? I'd do it in the reverse order.
        I needed the derpiness of SR3 to get over the grimness of The Line. bloody fantastic game though.

          I played Rayman Origins before Spec Ops. Now there's a contrast for the ages. :P

          I'm already playing SR2 - about 25% completion so far.
          I thought i'd finish that, then play the line, then move on to SR3

      Yeah I saw this as well. What makes it even more interesting was in the post show notes a couple of weeks back, they said something along the lines of "I've been feeling a bit down recently, maybe this Spec Ops game will pick me up" Apparently not.

      I"m really interested in getting it too. Ozgameshop have it for $47 (console) or $37 (PC). But I just bought a 3DS so I think I better leave off for a little while

    I'm playing Squash for the first time ever tomorrow... this should be interesting...

    @Tigerion re: screen capture. Someone at work was asking around with a similar question.
    Responses included Camtasia, Screenflow, BlueBerry FlashBackExpress, and Jing.
    I know nothing though, so good luck.

      Thanks Beav (and bunny)
      You interested in some Iron Brigade Co-Op this weekend? Maybe I'll be able to get past the first boss fight with your help

        Hell yes. Stompy stompy boom.

          Is co-op just like competitive survival type multiplayer or is it like co-op through the whole campaign? I'd prefer if it was the latter but both are good. I'm busy this week but I'll be keen to play with you guys next time :)

            I believe it's for any / all of the campaign but haven't tried it yet. Will be bloody handy for the later missions with several lanes and defensive points to worry about.

    I'm hungry, but it isn't lunchtime yet.

      its always lunch time somewhere.

        It's past lunch time in New Zealand...

          well... if lunchtime has passed in NZ, and is yet to arrive here, then that leaves you with only one obvious solution :

            SWIM LIKE A BOAT PERSON!!!!

            .... oh man that was wrong on soooo many levels....

      It would be irresponsible to ignore your hunger! There's always a justification. :P

        But... but what will i do during my lunch break, then???
        I am bound to be hungry again by then!!!

    You know what, I've just discovered that interviews with poiliticians are much, much better when watched on youtube with the sound off & the subtitles turned on.

    "Anne bicycle on this this... splits the silver bullet. Email." --Kevid Rudd on Rove Live, 2009.

      I never knew K-Rudd had such a way with words.

      splits the silver bullet sounds like an awesome band name.

    So, I've decided to take part in Ludum Dare this weekend. I'm in a game making mood. Still not sure whether to enter the 48 hour solo comp, or the 72 hour jam. I'll be going solo either way. The 48 hour one sounds more fun, but the 72 hour may be better for someone who's new to these kinds of comps. Hmm, decisions, decisions...

      I'm assuming the 72 hour jam is team based? If so, try the 72 hour one. This way you get to meet other developers and maybe learn some tricks from them. It also improves your teamwork and general people skills.

        Nah, you can do the 72 hour one alone or in a team. If I was going to do it as a team, I'd much prefer to do it with people I already know than just randoms. I'm not the best at meeting new people.

    Hey guys! Harvey Norman have a deal on this weekend (Friday through to Sunday) where if you buy a Toshiba laptop over $700 you get another Toshiba laptop free!

    Ad thingy about it!

    Toshiba laptops (from my experience) are pretty decent, but I will assume it comes with the same catch as last time if you end up returning the laptop you bought for a refund you have to return the free laptop as well.

      Yeah my laptop for the past 5 years has been a Toshiba.. i've dropped it sooo many times but it still runs! Solid little soldier!

        That being said, i don't think any of those laptops on their site are worth the asking price on their own... but i mean, i guess you do get a bonus lappy.. but stilll... not the best offer.

        Hahaha! Only issue I know of them is my mates Qosimo laptop, that things been warrantied about 5 times since he got it 3 years back..

    I'm not one for politics, but this clip of Tony Abbott getting slammed is HILARIOUS!

    My god - this guy is such a clown.. if he ever gets into power, i swear this country will fall to poop! lol

      Oh boy-o-boy he got absolutely HAMMERED on the asylum seeker issue!! Bahahaha!!!

      My god, he's fumbling left right and centre!

        check out the interview he did last year on the 7.30 report about the NBN. man has absolutely no clue about his own policies.

          He has policies?
          I though he just constantly says "nay" to anything Gillard says, whilst having no plans of his own...

            That's his plan I think, get voted in cuz the people hate Gillard, not because they wanted Abbott

              One thing I can't stand is smear campaigns.
              With that said though, my vote will be going to the lesser evil. I'm going against Abbott because I don't want him in, not because I want Gillard. Ugh >.

                It is horrible thinking, rather than tell people what you're going to do for them, tell them why you shouldn't vote for their opponent... people vote on your policies (Or should anyway), not the amount of negative focus you put on your opponent.

              It's like the Queensland election all over again. Two equally horrible candidates. We're all screwed.

            thats true. Seems that all of the policies he promotes can be summed up by 'take what the government says & say the opposite.'

            still, i thought it was funny to see someone ask him to actually explain his alternative.

              That's the scary thing about the opposition at the moment. Any politician that runs of a "We will take care of everything, trust us" campaign worries me.
              That said before the next election I would love to actually see a list of policies and analysis of the impact of those policies on the country, rather than smear campaigns and full indepth reporting on what a change in the tax rate means for people of different incomes.

              * To dream ... the impossible dream ...
              To fight ... the unbeatable foe ...
              To bear ... with unbearable sorrow ...
              To run ... where the brave dare not go ...
              To right ... the unrightable wrong ...
              To love ... pure and chaste from afar ...
              To try ... when your arms are too weary ...
              To reach ... the unreachable star ... *

              To be fair, the job of the opposition is to oppose the government. Though I do wish he would actually do it in a constructive manner rather than just being contrarian.

    Who knows some mobile friendly time waster sites? Ive got to sit here for about 5 hours with constant pain so something to take my mind off things would be great.

      SCP Wiki.
      Text-based so it's nice'n'easy on your data usage. DO IT!

    Big software update was palnned for today, with certain areas being assigned to certain people.

    I finished mine an hour ago and am sitting awkwardly in an empty office contemplating pulling out my 3DSXL...

    @Masha, you can pick up Spec Ops at JB for $49 atm (Thats PC not sure if its the same for consol)

      $59.95 for consoles, but totally worth it. I've said it many a time, but it's Game of the Year for me so far. Play the demo if you're not sure.

        Im only at chapter 11 (only played it once so far) but my fave part is deffinately that chase scene with the AH-6 and the DJ singing along over the radio.

      Thanks C.J. I'm on console unfortunately. I think I'll wait a bit or maybe just rent the game .

    So... if Redtube made an app, would it still be software, or could i also be hardware?
    If you know what i mean...
    *suggestive eyebrow raise*

      Software that enables hardware

        Surely a wiser man than I... I bow my head to you, good sir

          Perhaps you could do with a firmware update prior to installation of additional peripherals.
          I'm not sure where I'm going with this.


    Has anyone tried the data transfer thing on the 3DS? My friend bought a 3DS XL and I am contemplating transferring my ambassadors program to him, trading in my 3DS to ebgames for an XL then transferring from ny friends XL to my XL. Anyone know if this is possible?

      Powalen posted about it a few pages back. Basically from what I've gathered and what he's said you have to transfer the stuff over Wi-Fi and it's a one way transfer (so your 3DS would be factory reset and his one would have everything yours had). It took him roughly an hour and you can transfer up to 5 times.

      So it should be possible but your friend is going to lose everything he has though :P

        Well seeing as he bought the XL yesterday night I'm pretty sure he has nothing on it.

      IIRC possible, but system transfers have a cooldown period of several weeks.

        Source: one of the 8-4 play guys ran into this problem and mentioned it on their podcast at one point, I think the one before the most recent one.

        Oh yeah! You can only do it once every 7 days

          I remember reading somewhere that EB might let you do the transfer in-store (but this can take a while) or they might let you buy the XL at whatever price, transfer at home, trade in the 3DS and they'll refund you whatever discount trading in a 3DS gives you. Probably better to just ask around at your local EB, surely they'll know people want to transfer stuff over.


          Oh well no XL for me I guess.

    Any users of Razer keyboards here?
    I got one given to me for my birthday about 6 months ago & last night , I noticed that the 'd' key no longer lights up. still works and all that, its just an aesthetic thing. Anyone else had this problem? is there a fix or is it a return to sender deal?

      Should be under warrenty still if its a problem.

      Yeah basically what CJ said. I've got the Lycosa and so far the only issues I got atm are some keys are getting tough to push down, but I think that's my own fault :P

        Keyboard buddies techy, my lycosa came today :)

          *robo-thumbs up* :)

            I got all freaked out when i touched it an was like, aw man ALL THE FINGER PRINT SMUDGES.

              Hah me too, but I just wipe it clean with a damp cloth before I have the computer on when I come home.

                Genius, Thanks sire.

                  I'm really looking forward to the new range of Roccat equipment.
                  Razer never did it for me....

    Hot, pinchy stabbing with the occaisional feel of an electric shock. More annoying and uncomfortable than painful.

      Yeah, that's what I remember from my tattoo, that it was not really painful, more annoying. But mine was tiny so I'd imagine that 5 hours of annoyance would be sanity-testing. Oh wait, no I don't need to imagine it...I have kids. :P

      Yeah, sorry...not really helping am I? I would re-recommend that SCP thing Aleph mentioned though: . It's kind of a rea,l fake (but way creepier) version of Warehouse 13.

        Just realised I implied there that my kids are annoying. Oops. I meant more that the combined total of 27 hours of labour was sanity-testing.

    Just woke up from a 2 and a half hour nap.
    Mum said "How come you're up already?"
    Best thing ever =D

      Is Scree nocturnal?

        Nope =D
        I sleep through the night as well =P
        I've forgotten to take iron tablets since manifest so I may be lacking in iron again

          At least Magneto won't be able to use you to escape from prison?

          Vegetarian? (Sorry for prying)
          I saw your outfit by the way, you looked great! Very well done :D

            Nope, pensioner.
            Meat is expensive =P

          Why would you want an Iron Tablet!? It would just be too heavy to use and would overheat super fast! :P

            I won't be buying one of them for Mum then =P

              Oh yeah, how goes the tablet search? Got any in mind? Or still just searching around for one?

                Samsung galaxy tab 2.
                I'm not sure if it's worth paying the $200 for an extra 3.1 inches

    This was probably my favourite moment in Sleeping Dogs. No spoilers, just amusing gameplay element. Must've laughed for about a minute when he hit the high notes. Wei can really sing. :P

    I just got a staple remover from my work's stationary cupboard. When I got back to my desk I pretended it was a monster mouth and made it eat my pen ... I'm an adult.

      I almost re-pierced my lip when playing with my staple remover. The phone rang and scared me...
      I haven't put the staple remover near my mouth since then.

    I know this is a long shot but anyone traded in Sleeping Dogs yet? Would like to know JB or EB trade value. Thanks.

      Easiest bet would be to ring up a local store and ask.

        That is flirting dangerously close to social interaction with the general public

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