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    I have no idea what I'm going to play tonight, but I get the feeling it'll be a combination of Pokemon Black on threedeeexessell and Dark Souls on PC.


        In other words, I'll be playing Fall of Cybertron tonight.

        They're the worlds most fearsome fighting team? They're heroes and the half-shell and they're green?

        (Don't mind me, I'm just jealous there's no awesome new Turtles game for my childhood nostalgia.)

          Someone should totally make a TMNT game using a similar brawling engine to the Arkham games.

            Action RPG would work too. There was a rumour Rocksteady were working on one. They shot that down. Too bad.

              I don't think we'll ever see an awesome new TMNT game, now that Nick owns the rights :/
              Which is a shame. I'd love for a "Fall of Cybertron" type game to push the Turtles back into the general public

              Also, today I rescued a turtle trying to cross the road. I think it may have been of the ninja variety, because it wasn't there the first time I drove past, but suddenly appeared in the middle of the road when I came back 10 minutes later.

      Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark Souuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuls!

      Im torn between Darksiders 2 (ah thank you) and Counter Strike/TF2 fest, or maybe starting Arkham City, or continuing on with Uncharted 2 on the PS3 decisions de-motherfucking-cisions!

        Yeah, I'm trying to limit how much time I spend thinking about how many games I have to get to at som e point soon...and how many are coming.
        First World Problems :P

          Don't speak to me about unfinished games or decisions.
          I know the game I want to play, but I can't play it until I clean my room ;_;

          I did buy an rf adapter so I can use my 360 controllers on my PC, so I guess I'll be able to play Darksiders with the controls it was made for.

          Price - $13 - (Ebay)
          Qualtiy - Unknown
          Packaging - 3/10 - Ziplock bag in envelope

            My dodgy $13 ebay adapter has lasted a lot longer than the official one, and is still going.
            Only downside is manually forcing drivers every time it's plugged into a different USB port.

        I'm sorry to highjack, but everytime I see your user name, I think of this
        It could be not safe for work, it could be lots of things, none of which I'm sure of.

          I thought his name was a reference to Ace Ventura Pet Detective 2.



                Haha, now I NEED to re-watch both of those movies.

    So, SCP-050 is probably one of the greatest things I've ever read on the Internet, and I'm only half way through. Oh, and it's a very busy day at work :P

    Hmm so Holden called me for a phone interview on Tuesday but I was in a class at University so I told them to call me again and they said they'd do it on Wednesday.

    They didn't call me on Wednesday.

    Flash forward to today and they called me twice at different times for the same interview...


      Are they hiring you for the position of being responsible for calling people for interviews on time?

      But you managed to do the interview, right?

        Yep, not very well though :)

        But they asked very basic questions so who knows

      Dude, did I ever tell you about the time that I had an interview with DSTO in Melbourne and they told me to come on a different day to when they expected me and fucking [i]armed guards[/i] were all like WHO ARE YOU YOU'RE NOT MEANT TO BE HERE. And then I get into the interview and halfway in I realise they think I was another guy who was in my honors class at the same University? :(

      Getting called on the wrong day is just to see if you can think on your feet. :P

    One for the Leaguers:

      That was a terrible intiate from the other team. one at a time :P You sure that wasnt us.


    So, just out of curiosity...
    Does anyone not have their taskbar situated on the bottom of the screen?

      I guy I work with has his along the left-hand side of the screen.

        I guy...

        I'm pretty sure I meant "A guy I work with...."
        or I'm talking about myself.
        I have my bar at the bottom of the screen, so probably not.

        Does anyone use the "auto-hide" on the taskbar? I remember being fascinated by it when it first appeared as an option (Win '95 iirc), but I've long since returned to "always on" taskbar.

          I've been using auto-hide for a while, but have recently changed the taskbar to being on the right hand side of my screen.

          I've been using auto-hide for a while, but have recently changed the taskbar to being on the right hand side of my screen.

      Also, regarding this:
      I hope Yellowius doesn't feel cheated...

      I used to always have it up the left hand side of the screen. And I always used autohide until my current laptop.

    Continuing with my day of playing the demos on my PS3:

    Game 1: PES 2013 Demo version 1
    The game is looking promising, I haven't played the last few PES games but this one seems polished. Some of the movement still feels a bit off but I think I'll wait for demo version 2, which is releasing next week, before I can make more educated judgements.

    That being said there have been some good previews on Eurogamer in the past by writers who know what they are talking about so check them out

    One problem I had during the demo though, is the crowd noises. They just seem flat, they are not dynamic and I hope they get fixed. Granted it could be because it's still a demo but the crowd noises and general audio presentation was not very good.

    Game 2: The expendables 2 the video game.
    This game is not good. It's a dual joystick shooter, one of the most repeated genres in gaming and somehow the developers managed to get it wrong. One of the most important things in this genre, the aiming, feels off. You could be aiming using your right analog stick to the left at an enemy to the left of you and for some reason your player still misses regularly. The audio kept cutting out during busy times and it gets really hard to distinguish between your characters on the screen during these busy times. The overall shooting also feels really lacklustre, you don't get that Oomph you expect when you shoot enemies, vehicles and red barrels. The signature kills are kind of cool but that wasn't enough to convince me to buy the game.

    If you want a better dual joystick shooter play Renegade Ops instead.

      Yay for playing demos! Although something tells me even though you've played (and probably deleted) two demos you're going to download more :P

    How's the tattoo coming along, Freeze? Hanging in there?

    So I think the girl from the heart foundation was hitting on me when I told her I support the heart foundation by doing the door knock appeal every year with my father lol. Still not sure, she was super friendly cute too..

      Virus__ and girl from the heart foundation sitting in a tree

        LOL, you are just the worst Greenius =P

          Don't go breakin' her heart. (I'm sure the foundation wouldn't approve if you trieeeeed.)

    /o\ I almost forgot there's a new ep Burn Notice out. God damn Minecraft taking up my time >=[

      But minecraft D=

        Burn summer finale of Burn Notice /o\

          Why do you want to burn it?

            I meant but, oh well I fail. Nothing new!

    Just finished Spec Ops, loved it.

      The only thing missing was The Doors' The End somewhere in the game. Would've been amazing. I'm sure I heard the guitar riffs early on in the game. Was waiting for it.

    so that The World ends with you related countdown?

    reports are that it's a port of the game to IOS...

    however, they are saying that there may be more... but yeah... if squeenix have hyped me up for a sequel and instead give me a port i can't play... then i'm gonna be a bit mad...

      link? I haven't heard of this.
      I completely agree with you though as I am not an apple fan

      I need buttons damnit!

      I never beat the first (or legally owned it, shhh) but I wouldn't of mind an enhanced 3DS port. If all the countdown timer was for was just a port to iOS then MEH.

        I also need buttons and a sequel!

        iOS is perfect for point-and-click adventures, though!

          I have Broken Sword 2! (never played it though :P)

            I'm in a minority here, but in some ways it's better than the first. (In most ways, it's not.) Still, play it. :P I've got Monkey Island 2 SE, Machinarium and the Broken Sword games on the iPad.

      this is the link, can't say it's too reliable...

      i jus tdon't think that they would put this much hype into an ios port... they'd have to have something else up their sleave.. please oh please may they have something else up their sleave!

    Don't your feet get cold in the winter time?
    The sky won't snow, the sun won't shine,
    It's hard to tell the night time from the day.
    You're losing all your highs and lows,
    Ain't it funny how the feeling goes away.

    This song kills me. :'( *shakes fist* Damn you cowboy metaphors.

    Seems to me that Desperado by The Eagles speaks to all men at some point in their life.

      I freakin' love the Johnny Cash version too.

        Johnny Cash's cover of NIN's "Hurt". Oh man, emotion. All the emotion.

          Hell yeah, tells a completely different story to Reznor's version too. Cuts deep.

      I was listening to Desperado earlier, and it was amazing. So amazing.

        Started learning the piano at the start of the year, I got as far as playing the opening of that song. :P

          Oh yeah I remember that! How did that end up?

          I think when you mentioned it you linked a YouTube clip of an amazing piano arrangement or maybe I just looked it up myself :P

            Not well yet, got as far as identifying the keys and knowing where they line up on the sheet music. I guess that's a start. Something I've wanted to do for ages, though. I'll do it, just a matter of when.

            Speaking of awesome arrangements, this is what I linked to last time. Wasn't Desperado though:

   -- Bear McCreary -- Wander My Friends

              That's not what you linked to last time!

              I'm guessing Desperado isn't that easy on piano and probably isn't best for a beginner :P, best to start easy and build up. I took piano lessons for a few years when I was younger so if you need help I can try to help :)

              SHAMELESS PLUG starts a bit slow but it's a nice song!

                Holy crap, man. That's awe inspiring! A lesser man might be jealous. :P

      Desperado, why don't you come to your senses?
      Come down from your fences, open the gate
      It may be rainin', but there's a rainbow above you
      You better let somebody love you, before it's too late...

    I think I have a problem...

    Lately I've been watching clips/episodes on YouTube of those stupid messed up kind of talk shows like Jerry Springer, Steve Wilkos and Jeremy Kyle. I guess they're entertaining but goddamnit it's so stupid and the people on there are absolutely terrible...

      We've all got our vices. In high school I might've become addicted to The Bold and the Beautiful, just because it was on when I had nothing to do. :S I'm glad I kicked that habit, though.

        I... I used to race home from school so I could get home in time to watch Passions...

          Oh, thank god. I'm not alone in my shame.

          OH, MY GOD.



            I went to school with a guy we called Timmy because he looked like an older version of that doll/kid/creepy looking thing. Now he's in the navy and has access to all sorts of weaponry. Hopefully he doesn't remember...

              Did he have a lady pal named Tabitha? Then you're in trouble.

      My parents let me watch Jerry Springer as a child so I learnt pretty early the word 'brothel'. Didn't learn what it meant though. So on those old town/road mats you'd play with your toy cars with as a kid I used to proudly say 'AND THIS ONE IS GOING TO THE BROTHEL. SURE IS TAKING HIM A WHILE."


        Those mats were the best! No brothels on mine though :(

    Hey D.C.!!! Thanks for the noms today man, mucho gracias!

    And grats to that Blagh guy too :D

      Haha, no problem, man. Just keep on keepin' on. :P

    I was looking at an old TAY when I found this:

    People describe me as indescribable, I have the intelligence of 10 men minnus 9 and a half, I move like the wind if the wind was really slow or not moving at all. I can leap off tall buildings in a single bound but only once. I can stop a train with my bare hands that i would use to call 000 and say there is a bomb on it. Thats all you need to know i guess!

    The person who said this is amazing. CAN YOU GUYS WHO IT WAS?


      Probably not but CAN YOU GUESS WHO IT WAS?


          I’m Trjn and I like the sound of my own voice. When that won’t suffice, I just write a whole bunch of words around places like here.

          He did say that though!

          I’m mostly like the shady guy in the trenchcoat lurking around the party on this site.


        I'm going to go with "Rocketman."

          What gave it away? :P

            It could have been the misspelling of minnus, or the language used, or the fact that I think I remember him typing that.

              That was sarcasm and I felt it was a very Rocketman type of post. He needs to do more things and write stories about them :P

                I'm perfectly aware that it was sarcasm. I just felt like answering it earnestly.

                  See I know you know sarcasm (you are the master of sarcasm afterall) but because you answered so earnestly I got confused :/

                  Uh oh I'm becoming Scree!

    Somehow I missed the Community Kudos that went to Pyrean and myself. I just stumbled across it.


      No, thank you and Pyrean for being awesome :)

    When I was in EB yesterday I saw that Myst was on the coming soon shelf for the 3DS. It's one of those games that I've been told I "have to play". Has anyone played the original? Should I get it when it comes out?

      Hmm, Myst has dated quite a lot. It also features some extreme "adventure game" logic. That said, it is quite a deep game, and there's a lot to it, but it takes quite a bit of an investment.

      No idea what it's going to be like for the 3DS but it's a pretty old game so I'm not sure how it'll hold up or whether it's worth a full price purchase on 3DS compared to (what I'm guessing) a cheap purchase on PC.

      What games have you got for your 3DS and which games are you planning on getting? Have you got the "must-haves" like Zelda, Pullblox, Marios, RE:R, Kid Icarus etc.? And have you got some of the free eShop stuff like Letterbox? I hardly use it but it's cool getting letters from TAYbies :)

        I haven't got any games yet. I want get as close to 100% in Conquest first. My first game will likely be MGS3, then probably Mario 3D land or Kid Icarus. Have you played Kingdom Hearts: Stop Drop and Roll? I've always been interested in KH but didn't have a playstation so never got to play them. Would be easy for a beginner to jump into?

          I haven't bought or played a 3DS game since Feb or so :P, but I'll give a brief description of the 3DS games I do have or know about:

          - I guess Pullblox/Pushmo from the eShop would be the only 'must-have' for 3DS owners since it's unique
          - Zelda is Zelda, whether that's worth a purchase or not is up to you
          - Mario 3D Land is a good mix of 2D and 3D Mario which I really enjoyed, definitely worth checking out
          - Mario Kart 7 is probably my favourite Mario Kart (previously it was Mario Kart DS). An improvement over the average Mario Kart Wii IMO
          - Resident Evil: Revelations is fun. I've only played a bit of 4 and 5 but I like RE:R. Feels more horrory than actiony but there's still some action heavy shootery bits. Much better with the Circle Pad Pro (I assume you'll get one anyway for MGS3)
          - Tales of the Abyss is an okay port of a pretty good JRPG. If I recall you weren't a huge JRPG fan so I'll assume you've never played a Tales of game. They're really fun and battles are in real time, sort of like a fighting game where you can chain together and pull off special moves.
          - Street Fighter IV probably isn't worth getting since there's better versions on console
          - I don't own Link's Awakening on 3DS but I have it on GB and it's awesome!

            This, plus Pilotwings (if cheap), Dillons Rolling Western and Mutant Mudds (try the demo)

          If you go into kingdom hearts, you'll be fairly confused about the story, it does have some things that come up that explain the plots of the other games... so if you don't mind being a little out of the loop then go for it.

          as for the game, it's good, but thats because it basically is exactly the same as birth by sleep (the PSP kingdom hearts) which in my opinion was the best KH game released, so it's not as good as that.

          also the drop mechanic is stupid.

          Kingdom Hearts has such a bullshit convoluted story that even if you've played all the games you might not be able to follow it completely

      I wouldn't.
      Original Myst is frustrating and archaic.

      I'm about to invest in a 3DS. I only want one game for the moment I don't clock many hours on my DS.

      I was looking at getting Star Fox 64 as Lylat wars was my fave game ever on the Nintendo 64.
      Does anyone know of any reason I shouldn't?

      Other games I was considering are:
      Threatrythem: final fantasy - I love FF music
      Kingdom Hearts Dream drop - I've never played any of the others though and I was just reading comments about potential confusion this can ause
      Ace combat - I only just became aware of this games existence and know nothing about it other then I loved ace combat 6

        Star Fox 64 on 3DS is so much fun. If you loved Lylat Wars, get it. Holds up extremely well.

          Also, I've spent about an hour just in the sound test section listening to the main theme =D

            Haha, cool. Sounds like it'll be the one for me then!

            I'll have fun trying to remember all the trick to unlock different paths. I remember something about doing a loop de loop on the first level.

    Has anyone got any 3DS letterbox letters from me recently? I wrote some replies to Pants and Powalen's pictures a few days ago and I just drew a new pic but I have a feeling they're not sending :(.

    I also want Kid Icarus: Uprising again but it still hasn't dropped in price... :/. Has anyone played it? Thoughts? My original concerns was that it'll be over too quickly and I didn't think I'll get my 'money's worth' (like 10 hours or so?).

      Well, I've played it for about 10 hours, and I'm only about half to 2/3 of the way through the campaign. It's very fun, but it starts to hurt your wrists after a short while (~1 hour), so it will take multiple sessions to beat.

      I got your letters the other day (the gravatar one made me laugh :P). Don't think I've got any recently, I'll check later.

      As far as Kid Icarus goes... Put it this way. I don't like the controls but love the game. I haven't played it in a while but I've got 5hrs logged and am only on chapter 7 (of 25 if I remember correctly). Plus there's multiplayer.

      Can't type much more on my phone but you get the idea :P

        Oh and I just got your 3DS XL letter hahaha

      Thanks for the replies :). Another game I was interested in was Star Fox as I never played the original but from what I gathered it's even shorter with the whole campaign just taking an hour. I get that there's tons of replay value going back to re-play older levels for higher scores but I generally don't do that with games.

    I've been spoiled, I look upon these Canadian/US 3DS games for $40 and think "OzGameShop" has it for $30.


        hmm, do we come under the same region as the UK for 3DS? I'm wondering if buying a 3DS here is a good idea or if I should import.

          Yep! You can even access the UK and NZ stores with the Aus console for cheaper games.

    I was craving a game of Space Marine today. I just ran into this on reddit

    I really enjoy the God of War series and I've loved the three main entries in the series so far. I enjoyed the games on my PS2 and I was eagerly awaiting the third game in the series. When the third game released, I loved it, it was the culmination of the story I had followed in the past and it delivered the epic set pieces I needed. The gameplay was more of the same in hindsight, but I still enjoyed it.

    However, for some reason I can't muster any interest for the upcoming Ascension. I look at previews and videos and I just shrug. Maybe it's because the main trilogy is finished but none of the stuff announced so far has interested me. When God of War 3 was being previewed I would search for any information possible, scanning previews multiple times and watching videos endlessly. I don't know what's going on. It can't be because the game is a prequel or side story, because I enjoyed the PSP games. That being said, maybe the prequel thing is the issue. I enjoyed the PSP games because they were surprising. How did Ready at Dawn manage to perfectly re-create the God of War experience on a handheld.

    I can't explain it, I guess it could be this jadedness I hear constantly about other series.

    Oh well, I'll try and keep an open mind once the game releases but for now I'm not excited at the thought of another adventure with the ghost of sparta.

    Might replay Brutal Legend this weekend. I loved the characters, setting and story. (Not so much the stage battles.) One of the most beautiful open world games I've ever played, I've got to say.

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