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    Kate Beckinsale around the front page now... I could really get used to this :)

    Also greetings humans of TAY!

      Kate Beckinsale \o/

      Morning Tech Knight and rest of TAY.

    Chocolate coated coffee beans are pretty rad.

      They really are awesome, I had some while I was in Tafe :)

    Hey is there a way to transfer game saves between profiles on PS3?
    Mr. Strange started Kingdoms of Amalur yesterday and played it for a fair few hours on my profile.

      Yep you should be able to go to your profile and saves then press triangle to copy them. It might let you transfer or at least copy it to a USB so you can transfer it back. Only thing is that it might not let you do it if it's locked to your profile and it might disable trophies.

      Oh, man. First time I played Mass Effect on 360 I used my sisters account. Don't think there's any way to do that on an Xbox. (Correct me if I'm wrong, Greenius.) Hopefully you have more luck on a PS3.

    I think I can say it SOUNDS like I had a good weekend.

      I saw the pictures with the boom mic, man. Brought back uni flashbacks. Your arms sore?



        I'm sorry, but you're both wrong. Burrito is where it's at!

          Fajitas are the best. But he said fajita, so I couldn't.
          I'm actually making tacos for dinner tonight, anyway.

            No no no. Enchiladas. Gotta be enchiladas

              Tacos are always breaking and falling apart and shit, but that crispiness is pretty great. Its inda worth the struggle

      Good thing about mexican food is, if you don't like what you've been given you just refold it and you've got a different dish.

    Mornin' TAY! I expect to hear plenty about the Zombie fun(?)-times that were had over the weekend!

    I burnt a good chunk of time screwing around in SWTOR. Turns out I'm a pretty great Sith. So much for consistently being the good guy...

      I was a good Sith. Like an actual good Sith. Using my dark powers to save kittens from trees and stuff.

        Using Force Lightning to power an orphanage and the like?

          Of course. What else would you use force lightning for?

            Medical experiments and lightsaber testing.

        That's always what got me. How can you be a good sith? I would prefer if it was a Lawful/Chaotic or Pure/Corrupt system.

          Good/light side Sith as presented in TOR is more about putting the Empire first over your own personal gain. For example, you'd come accross a weapon cache and you'd give the weapons to Empire troops, rather than keeping them for your own use. It's also not needlessly causing pain, you kill, but you're not a sadist like some Sith, and giving people second chances, if a commander fails you, you give them a chance to redeem themselves rather than strangling them to death.

            Isn't the whole point of the Sith that they're selfish and competitive?

            Jedi use the Force for the benefit of all, Sith use the Force for themselves. Maybe I'm not really up to date on my lore (there are probably like seventeen "good" Sith in the EU that have fought Boba Fett, barely won and then went on to do something or other and things) but that does seem odd.

            Yeah but that's not really good / evil because in the end you are still evil. What you described sounds more like Lawful and Chaotic.

              The game's a bit odd when it comes to alignment. In lore, lightside is about letting go of your emotions and darkside is about embracing them, and that's represented in the game, but the game also uses lightside and darkside to simply mean good and evil. It leads to some odd encounters where you'll be playing a Sith character that is very emotional (and not in an angsty teen sort of way) and you'll make lightside choices that will benifit the Empire, but than you'll have characters act like you've gone full on Jedi, when you're anything but. It's quite jarring at times.

                The jarring sensation is the result of bad writing though.

                The game contradicts KOTOR 1 & 2 on more than one occasion - a bizarre feeling that's only compounded by the fact that it's supposed to be the same company behind the games.

                Try playing a Chiss as an actual tactician - probably 90% of my choices were Light Side, until I got to the end of Epsiode 1 (~level 35) and every choice I made - using the same logic I had made in choosing the Empire over myself - resulted in HUGE Dark Side gains.


    I have a story, recently (I think about 2 weeks ago) the family cat disappeared. Unfortunately she has not returned which is sad. Just this morning I went to pick-up a kitten from my cousin. Her boyfriend's dad's cat had a litter of kittens 3 weeks ago. So now I have a 3 week old kitten! He's so FLAPPING ADORABLE, I wish I didn't have to work today.

      Nawwwww! I wish I had a kitten. I want a kitten.

        I want one too!
        A few years ago I begged Mr. Strange to let me have a kitten to keep me company while he was at work and he kept refusing. I jokingly said "Well if you won't let me have a kitten we'll have to have a baby instead" and he replied "I'm fine with that". So now I have a three year old.
        But I still want a kitten.


            Actually truth be told I want a puppy. Put a kitten would suffice. I just dont like the pee smell that seems to take over houses with kittens.

              I want a husky pup! :D

                No, you don't. Trust me. Huskies destroy everything.
                Then again, Huskies are awesome.
                So it all balances out I guess.

          Bug him for a kitten again! And point at the three year old when he says no :p

            hahaha!!! ^^^^^THIS!!!!! eventually at some point he'll give up! you might be up 5 or 6 kids till then however :)

      Kittens are the best. I hope your family cat returns home too.

      I want a kitten, but i dare say my current cat would eat it. which is a shame, coz my current cat is pretty damned cute when she isnt being psycho.

    Guild Wars 2 is pretty fun. The story and questing is a bit lame but the dynamic events are fun. Divinity's Reach looks amazing. World vs World vs World pvp is a blast.

      We should make a TAY guild.

        We should, but I have no idea what servers everyone is on. I rolled on Sea of Sorrows because it's the unofficial oceanic server.

          I think many have rolled Crystal Desert because Nobshot is on there :(

            Yeah my school friends all started on there. They are also in a guild, if you want, we can probably join them or we can do a TAY guild, I'm not too fussed.

              I'm happy to join that if they are cool with it; I just don't want to be running around all ronery.
              My character's name is Gloomshroom if anyone wants to add me.

              If GW2 adopts the same system as GW1, we can make a TAY guild and join your friends' in an alliance.

                I think I read somewhere that you can join as many guilds as you want in GW2, you're not limited to one guild per character like most mmos.

                  Oh wow, that sounds awesome.


    How are we all this fine day? I am full of positivity and rainbows and not a shred of cynicism.

    Anyway, HI!

      Morning Aleph! Hope this day finds you well!

        Oh it found me, alright. I tried hiding under the covers, but it found me :(

        I replied to your comment on the last TAY, although it's possible you didn't see it due to it being oldTAY. It was in response to the "chained to your history, bound to sink fast" post. So I guess that means you shouldn't go back and read it :P

        Hope you're well mate :D

          I did read it, man. Was going to bring it up here, but didn't want to contaminate your optimistic mood. :P Thanks, though. Made me feel a little less crap about it all. :S

    Guys! Guys! I love my 3DS XL. That is all.

      We need to organise a Meat for Streetpasses. Or I'll just leave mine on and you can drive past my house. :P

        Hahaha! I went to Garden City on the weekend and my first thought was 'ohman there's so many people - I could have got so many street passes!!'. Also, so far, I have exactly no street passes :'(

        Probably because I have not left home with the 3DS. Because... its big.

      Me too. Haven't got any 3D games yet but so far it's awesome. So many streetpasses this weekend :)

      I love mine too! We can be 3DS XL buddies! BIG 3DS LOVE

    Week 3 of using a standing desk.

    I nearly gave up on it last week when I had a moment of tiredness and my stool didn't suffice. I wanted to laze back in a chair. But I set out to do this for a month (roughly, 4 weeks) at minimum so I will stick to it.

      What made you decide you were going to do it?

        This video -

    Hi everyone,

    The two year came down with a trifecta of infection: middle ear, upper respitory tract and conjunctivitis. Fun times. I've slept 4 hours and 10 minutes in the last two nights, and am starting to catch it all, too. Pretty miserable nights, but a good excuse to hit the Play School hard during the day.

    In other news, I have a big stack of The Lesser Evil books at my place going nowhere fast. Anyone looking to buy any missing volumes or see what all the (non)fuss is about? Email me: shane AT

    Hope you all are well.

    Sincerely yours,
    Shane (aka Who's This Guy?)

      Good to see you around these parts still, Shane. You still on leave? How's fatherhood 2.0 treatin' you?

        One more week of leave. Fatherhood is a pretty good deal, but thoroughly exhausting at times like this. The addition of a second small person increases the work by a factor of at least four. I have no idea how that maths works.

        How are you going?

          Same ol', same ol'. We're just all holding the line until your triumphant return! :P

          Mr. Strange spent most of his paternity leave playing Valkyria Chronicles. :P

          Hope the little one gets better soon, I hate it when they're sick. You just feel so helpless.
          Hope you get better soon, too and it doesn't just keep making the rounds of you all. *hugs*

    So I had an amazing time at the weekend (for the most part). Got some great shots done and went through a whole lotta blood. A WHOLE LOT!

    Saturday went pretty good. Every one seemed really excited and we tried to film the shots in a sort-of order, shuffling what had to be shuffled. I was pretty out of my depth as we started shooting by by the end of the day's shoot we'd definitely worked out a system. We didn't shoot nearly as much as I'd hoped so finishing the movie off on Sunday was looking like less and less of a possibility. We did perform a daring escape of a locked car park! (see twitter or Alex's upcoming documantary)

    I managed to get 4 hours sleep on Saturday night (edited together a sequence for the guys to watch and finished the Kotaku special) and was ready to start again.

    We met up and reviewed the scene I'd edited. People seemed genuinely surprised at the quality of the footage so we may be on to something. We spend a great deal of time faffing and waiting and then it became a bit of a mad dash to film the work scene and then Blaghs' scene before he had to head back to Cranberry. We got there but I think this is about the time when enthusiasm began to wane. We rushed to get ready for the zombie fight (having FAR fewer zombies that we'd hoped.) and boredom began to set in. I tried to rush through the fight as fast as I could but that didn't stop Shiggy getting so bored he started to play with nerf guns and constantly shout out about how he wanted lunch. (He missed his afternoon nap). We walked to an area to shoot Mark's death-by-chainsaw. We then discovered that we had lost the bag of clothes and I lost my chance to make my reappearance on screen. By now it seemed frustration had well and truly set in so, rather than risk having everyone stop talking to me forever, I shot everything that was left in one take shots so we could break and go home.

    I was still having fun though.

    And I'd do it all again!

    Also:[email protected]/sets/72157631249454258/

      I don't think we were really bored on Sunday arvo. Just hungry. Guess I shouldn't speak for everyone there but I had a blast the whole time.
      Also those one take shots at the end looked great anyway! And sounded great. That death cry...

        You know you guys could have just eaten, right? :P

        The one take shots, not so great. The chainsaw scene really suffers. To the point where, if I could, I'd reshoot the whole thing.

        And that's not because I'm really picky. It's just way too rushed and quite a few shots just don't work.

        The fight scene looks pretty awesome though. Flu is terrifying. TERRIFYING!

          Oh? Damn thats a shame. D:
          And all of the zombies were pretty terrifying!

            The were. But Flu growlong with the phone in his mouth!? Terrifying?

          did the shots turn out poorly, or was it just a bit rushed?
          I mean, it was pretty dark by the time the chainsaw scene was done...Still... hopefully its workable.

            The shots were pretty poor. I think all we needed was a few more takes, but we were losing light and we'll just have to make do.

      Gotsta keep busy on a set. The devil makes work for idle hands after all.

      Photos look great man. (Listened to Potaku on the weekend too. Did not care for the ending song. :P)

        Yeah, I remember shooting a film when we were 15 and we had problems staying amused on set. The director stopped talking to all of us for a week.

      Who's the guy on the left, here?

        That's #35 I think

          I think so too.
          Hi Strange!

            Hi Mr. #35!
            I recognised all the other people but I don't think I've ever seen a picture of you before.

      Good times.
      I think I looked at the camera too much and kind of just stopped doing stuff before you called cut. Hope I didn't botch too many takes.

        It was all great, dude! I think kids will have nightmares about you in the future.

    Coco Crispex: Breakfast of Men

    Good Morning TAY

      Morning, man. I'm cooking vegetable pies. I can taste the remorse already. :P How are you?

        Great, going on air @ midday so I have that to look forward to, then I get the rest of the day all to me, Mwuahahahahahaha! Ha!

    Soooo... Over the weekend they announced the new Warhammer 40k box set - Dark Vengeance.

    This is BY FAR the coolest set they have EVER released - and as a Dark Angels man, myself, my loins yearn for it...

    But sooo many money points :(

      I actually spent a lot of the weekend looking at this set quite longingly. lol

      You could be addicted to all the drugs and still shell out less than with Warhammer

        Crack is cheaper.

        It's the slogan of many a nerdy hobby.

          Indeed it is.
          Although, for all that is in the pack, its actually realllly good value.. but still... $180... lol

            loops, buy from the US. It's that simple.
            Discount Game Shop on Ebay that I told you about previously are doing it for $77 +about $20 international shipping. Apparently that's not the limited edition though, so you miss out on the chaplain. That being said... sub $100!

      I've already ordered my limited edition one.
      Especially since I recently stared a Dark Angels army (before the announcements)

    Guys you should play 30 flights of loving! It's super short but super great. $4.50 on steam, only 10-15 minutes long, but it has more story and interesting characters than your standard modern military fps. You may struggle with the price to time ratio, but think of it as a cup of coffee or a handful of iOS games you play for 5 minutes then give up on.

    Here's two glowing and spoiler free reviews, at least read them!

      I would, but I only have like 23cents in my steam wallet. It's by the guy who made Gravity Bone though, which was an absolutely fantastic game.

    Started watching Six Feet Under for the first time on the weekend. I loved the pilot, but was concerned I wouldn't be able to deal with the bleakness and morbidness for an extended period of time. By the time I got to episode four all that had gone away. What was confronting in the first episode was now strangely funny now. I guess that's that new fangled dark comedy folks are always talkin' 'bout. :P Weird how I recognize most of the cast from their family friendly follow up shows. (Rachel Griffith from Brothers & Sisters, Peter Krause from Parenthood...)

      That is a fantastic series. Keep watching, you'll love it.

      Also if you get the time watch Big Love as well, sooo good.

      Best show ever made, bar none.


          Hahaha, don't hold me to something I said 12 months ago! I've watched a LOT of truly exceptional TV since then. SFU is still in the running though. Totally :D

          Edit: How long did it take you to find this post?

          Last edited 14/08/13 8:23 pm

            Haha! Was just randomly time travelling and stumbled across it. XD

    HI TAY!

    So I'm thinking tonight I might actually play something. GASP. But I can't decide what Borderlands or Darksiders?


      Darksiders! Because I'm about to start playing it, finally.

      Depends on what you are doing. Forever alone mode (singleplayer :P) I would say Darksiders. If you can get 1 - 3 people to join you in Borderlands then I would say Borderlands

    How's the tattoo healing up, Freeze? Hurt at all?

      Actually the sorest today then it's been yet. The skins all gone tight and itchy. Should start peeling soon and feel better.

        Peeling? Peeling is really bad for a tattoo man...just saying. You want to keep it as moist as possible while its healing up. Lightly apply Bupanthen to the whole tattoo until it feels slightly greasy when you touch it. Keep applying every time it gets dry, tight or itchy.
        Source: Plenty of tattoos myself.

    Morning TAY.

    I love Diablo ]I[ .... Just sayin.

    Also i need a new computer. I think i nearly melted the casing on my laptop as it struggled so hard to deal with all those monsters on screen and stuff.

    Also like to say that Naruto ninja storm Generations (yes i shortened the name) Is surprisingly difficult even on Normal mode. It might be that im not getting hang of the controls as well as i thought, but Gaara is a right pain in the ass

    Just read that article "Why I'm Rallying For Shorter Games" and the general response really annoys me.

    People seem to think that a longer game is a better game.

    I take the opposite approach. I think a lot of games are needlessly long, suffer from poor pacing and have excessive padding.

    If a game only has 5-6 hours worth of content, padding it out to 20 hours is a terrible idea and it will just drag on.

    Games like VVVVVV, LIMBO and Portal are fairly short. Most people wouldn't pay full price for them but I haven't met many people who were disappointed with them. They were as long as they needed to be.

    Part of the problem comes from the very rigid pricing structure. Indy and smartphone games tend to get away with having more variable prices and we tend to see shorter games out of them. Major retail games are different. We're locked into this ~$90 pricing for them and we expect ~$90 worth of content.

    For some reason, people have equated this dollar figure with a set amount of hours.

    This makes very little sense.

    Assassin's Creed games are as expensive as Final Fantasy games but they have completely different story structures and pacing, resulting in the FF games being much longer. Call of Duty has incredibly short single player campaigns but the game is sold for the multiplayer, so it is unfair to say it is too short when people are paying for a possibly unlimited length multiplayer experience (that being said, I loved CoD4's single player and felt like it was well worth the price of admission).

    On the other hand, Red Dead Redemption is a very slowly paced game. Most of the time, things just kind of happen when they need to happen. You can stop and do your own thing for a little while, enjoy the surroundings, skin some furry critters and the like and then get back to shooting people in the face for being dicks. It's longer because that style of game simply doesn't work if you tried to cram it in to something less than ten hours long.

    In short, games don't have to be long to be good value.

      I completely agree.

      Now go play 30 flights of loving :D

      You've got a point. Spec Ops, Heavy Rain and Uncharted are some of my favourite games of this generation and all their campaigns can be completed well under ten hours. Can't fault the pacing either. I think people are more concerned about shorter games really meaning more disposible or lazy games, though.

        All media is disposable these days. We are a consumption culture. Finish something and then toss it aside. Very few things manage to intrigue us enough to keep coming back.

        I should probably point out that many short games are actually better produced than the longer ones. Good pacing comes from knowing what to cut and knowing what to keep. Many of the longer games have additional content that adds nothing. They simply wanted the game to be longer, so sacrificed a good experience for more of an experience.

        JRPGs are an obvious offender but I think the best example here is the first Assassin's Creed. Let's be honest, it was a glorified tech demo. A good idea that lasted a couple of hours and probably two or three of the assassinations before the game just ran out.

        Instead of admitting that they really only had that much content (which would have caused uproar because that would have been at most 4 hours long), they padded the ever loving fuck out of it. Repetitive side-missions, pointless flag collections. Many things that added nothing to the game but time.

        I'd have much preferred that they admitted that they didn't have enough content and polish what they had.

      See this i the thing, i can love a short game sometimes. Its all about the experience. Just like a 3 hour movie can reduce you to a dribbling lump if its bad, it can also keep you on the edge of your seat, but same can be said of an 80 minute movie.

      I think people have the wrong idea of "value for money" when it comes to digital entertainment. I mean, current COD games would in all likelihood sell close to what it does now was no single player campaign. The way the studios gear these games is entirely for the multiplayer aspect. That said, i didnt mind "some" of the single player campaigns.

        Spiderman 3 felt like it was about 5 hours long.

        My point, at least my point now (this was rather ranty and unstructured), is that time spent alone isn't an indication of value.

          I think the point is that yeah the single player is shit in cod. but the value for most comes from the structure in the multiplayer. I'll be the first to say that the mechanics in COD are at best broken, but the way multiplayer works and keeps you coming back for more vs other games is where the value is.

          Value is defined by the individual i guess, thus nullifying all my previous arguments :(

      My issue is with paying $5 for a 10 minute game as she suggested. I have no issue with short games, but price accordingly.

        For example. I think Journey was well priced for why it offered. If they asked $30-40 I probably would have gotten cranky.

          I would gladly have paid double for Journey now that I've finished it (in fact, I bought the other games from thatgamecompany of the strength of Journey, thinking that even if I didn't like them that I could just consider it a donation for how awesome Journey was).

          I wouldn't have paid that much when I first did. It was right at that point where I figured "yeah, this isn't too much".

        Yeah, I agree. In some ways I think if gaming was to go that way it wouldn't inherently be a bad thing, it would just need a subscription kind of model instead. Pay a monthly fee for access to an assortment of games instead of a lump sum for every single one. Maybe. (That goes against me wanting to own a game and have a box on a shelf, though.)

        It was a bad example. Mainly because the majority of the readers haven't played the game so it looks like they're being told $5 for 10 minutes is a good idea. It might be but it's a rather extreme situation.

        you got it! I wont buy anything that hasn't got a good review now. Especially when it comes to mobile games. Having said that, i did fall victim to a game that got a good review on touch arcade, but was way too short for the money and had little to no replayablilty, which sorta upset me a little. The same goes whether you are paying $5 or $100 you want to feel you are getting your money's worth.

        You'd storm out of a expensive restaurant if the food come out and was burnt to a crisp or raw, however you couldn't do the same if you just ordered something you should knew you dont like. (ie vegetarian ordering a steak). Read your reviews, check what your buying into .

    Hola y buenos días señoras y señores

    Over the weekend wifey and I celebrated our 10th anniversary of being together. To celebrate this event she bestowed upon me a pair of Turtle Beach XP500's. They are a surprisingly good set. Very clear, next to no hiss or crackle in them and great sound reproduction. I only just realised Death jingles when he walks.


      Yeah, some times when I'm walking around in DS2 I pay attention to that noise and it makes me feel..I there's treasure nearby, or something? I think I got that from another game...

      Congrats on 10 years! i will be shocked if my wife has not killed me by 8 years...i got just over 2 years to live *cries*

      Also Turtle beach = epic even on their cheap ones.

    Howdy Tayberinos

    Hope you all had a good weekend- I went and saw the new Bourne movie (Competent, but unnecessary) and bought and played a bunch of Carcassonne (Thanks McGarnical et al for the twitter recommendations).

    So a Monday Morning Question: What board game or tabletop game do you really want to see make the leap to digital? I'd love Castle Ravenloft as a tablet-co-op game

      Truthfully? None of the ones I've played.
      There's much to be said for the charm and atmosphere that is had from playing a tabletop/card/boardgame. You just can't replicate that, and I think that's half the issue.

      The Magic: The Gathering videogames can't hold a candle to actually competing against someone sitting directly opposite from you. Not only that, but you're heavily restricted with regard to deck construction in-game, etc.
      Board games may be better suited as they're typically very rigidly structured to begin with, although again, I'd much rather play with a group around a real table.

        There's an online version of Magic: The Gathering that is literally the same as the cardboard version. You have a collection of cards to make decks from, there are even sealed deck events and the like.

        The big problem is that it is just as, if not more, expensive as the cardboard version without that satisfying physical side.

        I agree with this. As someone who got into Warhammer 40k at a young age, none of the games in that universe have captures the charm of table top. Nore have any of them succeeded in bringing the full rule set to life. They Day they make a game with space marines, and can have chapter set rules, and full unit/race availabilities i might be close to happy.

          I think the DOW series did pretty well.
          It's a bit tired now but was good at the time.
          I'm still waiting for an awesome 40k MMO with the wealth of lore and history in the universe, it's just asking for it. Though I doubt any current developer would do it justice.
          Also Space Marine was pretty good for a fairly basic hack and slash.

            Yeah my issue comes down to the fact that each chapter of space marine has different rules in table top. Where is my blood angels falling to the black rage! and things like that. Sick of the ultra smurfs.

      I've never actually played one of those table top games. :S

      Dreadfleet, as a large scale multiplayer battle style game.

      I haven't played much of it, but it seems like it would be brilliant, and relatively unique these days.

      Tabletop game to digital:
      probably Twilight Imperium, the obvious would be a 4X game. I'd also play, say, a RPG set in the TI universe. Something like a cross between KOTOR and Freelancer, where you're a starship captain amidst the galactic turmoil, you'd have the option to take different sorts of jobs - espionage, smuggling, transport, assaults, etc.
      In fact, I think maybe a "re-imagining" would be better than trying to simply digitise the tabletop game. Quite often these games have specific rules in place, and often something key gets left out because it's too hard to dev or whatever. A game that tries to amplify the universe with a different perspective would be cool.

      BONUS ROUND: Video Game to Table Top
      One of the many "Tactics" games. I'd probably go with Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 1 or 2, since they're about the simplest.

        If they had Final Fantasy Tactics Advance with larger scale battles, more character customisation and better AI I'd so buy that. The original's AI made the game too easy

          Yeah, it's also lacking in "balance".

          Some classes were outright better than others, heck, some races were outright better than others.
          I guess it's just a case of a too small player base but handheld games are patchable, and those games would have really benefited from some AI and base stat tweaks. One can always dream.

            Yeah like my ninja fighter who had dual blades, doing over 400 damage with basic attacks, he even did 999 in a combo before, crazy!

              Yeah. I had a Ninja Paladin with Dual Wield + Counter. Less per hit, maybe 300-400, but had huge defences, so took almost no damage and iirc Counter could activate multiple times in the enemy round ( I believe they changed this in TTFA2).

              I also had a Moogle Gunsmith Juggler, basic attacks were hitting for 999 from 8+ squares, and Juggler evasion meant he rarely took damage at all.

                Hahaha try Strikeback with Addle, basically making your character completely invincible xD

                I never knew there was a TTFA2 though! :O

                  Blue Mage or Elementalist with DoubleCast.

                  FFTA2 was on DS. It added a bunch of new bits and pieces, the story didn't grab me quite as much as FFTA (I think ending the "dream" is still one of the toughest "emotional choices" I've had to make in a videogame). It's probably the easiest FF Tactics game, and it certainly doesn't compare to, say, Tactics Ogre, but it's not horrible, and does have a few hardcore challenges.

                  I'd love either a new Tactics game on 3DS or Virtual Console FFTA on eShop.

      I just bought the ticket to ride game so hopefully that has made the transition well

        I want this on android.
        I fact, there are quite a few small steam game's that I've purchased lately that are iOS ports and have come to steam before android... they are much better suited to the mobile platform

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