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Talk Amongst Yourselves

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    So I’m having a party THIS WEEKEND! any peeps wanna join in at the last minute, shoot me an email. I’m emailing out the address and directions and stuff at lunch time so git movin’!

    Sydney! Saturday! Can YOU make it!? cronotriggr[at]gmail[dot]com

    Also, apologies to the guys for missing the Gorzy/Pyrean meat. My birthday dinner with the folks went on till pretty late. πŸ™

  • I love my rare days off. Got up at 6 this morning and have since been rediscovering my love for the Prodigy (Fat of the Land, so awesome, shut up, it’s not ancient. 97 wasn’t that lo… oh jesus) and Atari Teenage Riot.

    Plans to finish Spec Ops and head over to pay for Darksiders 2 are there as well.Wonder if you can still get the LE. The cover looks so much better.

  • Who knew playing golf was so tiring? Yesterday I planned on playing in the morning with some friends and then spending the afternoon doing work… but when I got home I just slumped down and had a nap, then went to bed early. So productive. (Olllllllddddddddd!)

    Hope everybody had a good weekend!

    • You play golf?
      Its such a fun way to spend a afternoon with mates, i used to play fairly often in highschool. 4 dudes one golf cart and a free golf course. So much awesome . We also wore terrible old men hats sometimes πŸ™‚
      yeah its tiring though.

      • No, it was my first time playing. A couple of my friends go every now and then though. I just tagged along this time. It was more fun (and cheaper :P) than I thought it would be.

        Ended up with a score of 163… The total par of the course was 70… So yeah, I’m not the most skilled haha. Was still a good time though.

    • Calmness buddy if you get worried and stressed you will freak out and spiral. Just take it one day at a time. You will be okay.

    • What kind of employment are you looking for? I understand it may not be your thing, but the mining boom is still in full force.

      • Yeah, you just need years of mining experience already… cuz you know mining is such a widely available job in Australia that you can magically get your first years of experience from nothing at all

        • depends what kind of stuff you wanna do techy? It really is a case of who you know, not what you know, its pretty easy to get in as a apprentice if you know someone who already works there.

          • This, oh god this.
            From what I’ve experienced, Rocket’s words ring true.
            The insane ineptitude found here is, well, insane. If you know someone within the industry, hit them up for a job. My plan is to drive the trucks in/out of the quarry for my last year here. You know they’re actually turning down people that already have their HR licence? It’s because they want you trained *their* way. I stand a better chance at employment as an outsider by remaining unqualified in the positions I apply for.
            Logic doesn’t seem to have a place here :S

          • I don’t know anyone in the mining industry πŸ™

            I’m doing Tech Support and have been doing it for a while but other places won’t hire me for some reason.

  • Channel 7’s Morning show talking about online hacking and Blizzard’s recent problems are talked about…. Set to images of MW2. *head desk*

      • No it’s not just you. I used to watch the news of a morning but now it’s 95% crap, selling useless products or just plain bad.

        At least Seamus was on this morning. At least he would know a bit about Internet security

    • Modern Warfare seems to be the default footage all media in the western world uses whenever video games are discussed.

      • It fits the image mainstream media loves to portray. Violence, guns, uberalpha character stereotypes (on second thought, I don’t think I’ve ever played a CoD where there was any emphasis on the character).
        Although yeah, Channel 7 (is it still called Prime down south?) doesn’t seem to be the most upstanding of channels. I recall channel 9 (WIN, right?) being similar to T/T with ACA.

  • Recall for work has left me so traumatised I can’t even risk playing a game online or leave the house. I had the whole house to myself this weekend, no parents \o/ and couldn’t do anything or invite people over :'(

    Both days I got recalled for stupid things that took me hours to fix for them (Or couldn’t fix at all since it isn’t really us causing it), with the work I needed to do in both days didn’t match what was agreed to in the job description for recall to begin with… I really hate work today. Dunno why I came in this morning -.-

  • Morning all.
    Now the Olympics are over we can return to our regular horribly crap programming.
    I’m so glad I don’t watch TV

  • Morning guys and gals.

    So i FINALLY started playing saints row 2 on the weekend, and i gotta say, it’s way more entertaining than most other sandbox games i have played and has actually managed to keep my attention. bloody brilliant.
    I’m sure plenty of you have played it before, so, any tips for a noob? lol

    • We’ve still got time! There’s 3 years before this happens. If we manage to get the KotakAU people to spread the word, we may have a chance to rectify these mistakes and save ourselves!

  • So the weekend was fun, one of my good uni friends got married so got to get all snazzied up and take the wife out for a night out.
    One of the readings was Dr Seuss \o/
    I got the crab balls instead of the pork belly /o\
    But I got the 12 hour slow cooked beef (so tender) \o/
    As usual the night we so quickly but everything went mostly to plan and we home before we turned into pumpkins

  • So i just sort of caught up in a way to learn that Bish is going (on gone?) away to canananananada???

    Dude – best wishes to you! I have no idea what you’re doing, but surely it’s awesome?!
    GL,HF,GG – you’re an absolute king!

  • Aaaaannnd now no one will be able to enter the mens at work without a hazmat suit for at least a week.
    Shouldn’t have had that pizza last night… phew…

  • Anyone ever heard of before? They’ve got a contest on where you have to make a game in a week, starting last Saturday. I’ve joined it, because I don’t have much to do this week πŸ˜€ They’re encouraging people to live stream their PCs as they work, which is what I’ll be doing, starting shortly. You can check it out here
    Wish me luck πŸ˜€

    • Good luck Lambo
      Are you going to do a game about making a game in a week and live streaming your PC during the process. Cause that would scare the hell out of me.

      • I heard he was making a game about making a game about making a game about live streaming your PC during the process of making a game about making a game about making a game in a week and live streaming the PC during the process.

    • πŸ˜€

      “Ooo I have some free time, time to catch up on TAY! Ooo I’ll reply to this comment! Oh… new page already…”


      I want to go on a roadtrip interstate meat one time. Maybe mix it up with a tour of the state (if someone offers :P) since I haven’t seen much of Straya

      • I’ve never been on a road trip, but the fact I can’t drive and can’t read a map might prove screwy. (I think I’ve already had this conversation with Strange and NovaCascade a couple of months back. :P)

  • New way to amuse myself. Go through some of the more obscure stuff in my music library and see if Shazam can recognise it. Results have been mixed.

    Demons Souls soundtrack and Black Mages had no luck whatsoever, neither have a few rave mixes.
    It recognised Goblin Cock but can’t tell me what song it is.
    Brocas Helm had no joy.
    Electric Wizard posed no issue.
    No luck with Fredrik Thordendals Special Defects.
    Neophyte and DJ Rankin were found in record time.

  • Woke up at a normalish hour, figured that meant I was returning to a normal sleeping pattern.

    An hour later, fell asleep and only really just woke up.

    So much for that. I blame Bish for leaving us.

  • Happy Monday, TAY!

    So I resubscribed to WoW over the weekend, since I wanted to catch up on the new stuff added, and I’ll want to see Pandaria in September. But oh my goodness; what happened to the writing? It was never going to win any awards but all the new content (that is: Firelands story) is horrible.
    And that “wedding”? That is literally the worst writing I have ever beheld. Blizzard needs to hire someone to beat Metzen around the head with a lead pipe anytime he tries to put pen to paper.

    I stopped playing at the start of January 2011, right after blitzing most of the early Cata content up to raiding. I really liked the position that Thrall was in late-LK/early-Cata, and I thought that the last 12 months of people calling him a “Mary Sue” was just some innernets trolling. How wrong I was. I feel sorry for the people that actually cared about the game’s Lore. Because, yeah, Warcraft is dead.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still get the MoP CE I have on order – I like the art, and I can always make up my own stories.

    • Woah, AND

      Happy Birthday Doc! I hope you don’t have to shave too much of your beard.

      Farewell Bish! I wish you all the best in your attempt to become crowned the new King of Canadia.

    • I suspect that they’ve shifted most of their ‘A team’ off to their new RPG and to Pandaria immediately after Cataclysm shipped, and have basically just moved the game into maintenance mode now.

  • So once in a while I venture out and look for other gaming sites based around AU. Inevitably this took me to IGN AU. I’ve listened to a few of their β€œpubcasts” and I also read some of the comments by the β€œjournalists” in the comments section. What a bunch of embarrassing, foul-mouthed nitwits. A complete lack of intelligence, humour or cohesion. Thank God for Mark Serrells. I promise to never wander again πŸ™

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    Post #1: Freeze S. Preston Icequire on Monday, August 6, 2012 at 8:31 AM

    • I … I tied with Bish for 10th? I will cherish this memory in the coming “Bish free” months. I’m not crying I’ve just got something in my eye.

        • More he doesn’t comment all that much usually. It’s not a bad thing. He should post more. I say it’s more Greenius and Aleph not posting enough and letting everyone down you big meanies.

          • You should’ve seen old new TAY where the total posts were like 6000 a week. Blaghs got over 10% of TAY in one of those weeks :O

          • :'( I knew this was coming, dreaded it all weekend in fact. This week will be about restraint, I swear. In my defence I had to spread the word on Spec Ops. If I didn’t, who would?

          • NOOOOO D.C., POST MORE!

            I thought this too when I was constantly up the top (which I still am because the Usual Suspects decided to stop posting as much πŸ™ ) but some peeps (Strange!) reassured me I wasn’t too bad. Strange knows everything so I take her word for it :).

            It’s not like you’re spamming a bunch of things, you’re genuinely talking and sparking up conversations and discussions.

          • Thanks, Greenius. Always a class act. Just spent the last hour analysing every thing I wrote last week. (!!!)

          • Heh no problem man, you worry too much! πŸ™‚

            You posted a bit when I first joined but then you disappeared for a while. Good to have you back though! Strange said something along these lines when I was in the same situation “take a break from TAY for yourself and not for others”.

            At times I feel like I’m posting too much or being annoying but I can never really tell… just know that you’re not as bad as me since they’re not calling you D.TROLL.C. (the meanies call me Trollius, I’m Helpius I SWEAR :P)

          • The Green One speaks the truth.
            Not necessarily about me knowing everything, but about being up the top not instantly meaning you’re spamming and should slow down.
            Your posts are interesting and quite often insightful, and I don’t recall seeing you ever post just for the sake of posting. You shouldn’t worry, D.C.. πŸ™‚
            Only a few months ago your amount of posts probably wouldn’t even have gotten you into the top ten, anyway. πŸ˜›

  • Ladies, Gents and Greenius, I come to you in an hour of need. Actually, thats a bit over the top. I find myself in need of some new music. So throw some recommendations at me. Probably looking at game soundtracks as thats what I usually listen to, but you can suggest anything. If I like it, I’ll grab some

    • And Greenius πŸ˜›

      Billy Talent! I have other artists I can recommend but it’ll be hard since I’m not sure what you’re into (I have a feeling you might not like BT but they’ve had their songs in games before, that counts right?)

      As for game stuff (apart from the usual) Lost Odyssey, Nier, VVVVVV and probably others I’m forgetting πŸ™‚

        • Anything Katamari is good (preferably the PS2 games as later ones tend to just have remixes of the older tunes), Journey (the game) and The Last Story isn’t too bad (I can’t really remember much tunes but the main theme was good).

    • Dark Void may have been an average game( I still enjoyed it) but it had a great soundtrack. It was by Bear McCreary the composer for Battlestar Galactica so it’s pretty good.

      This is one of my favourite tracks

      I hope you enjoy it, if you don’t that’s ok. In my experience I’ve found that game soundtracks are often intrinsically linked with the gameplay experience and sometimes the music on its own does not elicit any emotions if you haven’t played the game.

      • Oh wow, sold. Thats a great song.

        I know what you mean. Some soundtracks have never clicked with me, just because I didn’t play or like the game (Bastion is the biggest offender for this). But then there are others where I find a soundtrack to a game I’ve never even heard of and fall in love. Most recently Shadowrun and Terranigma, after watching one of the recent Extra Credits episodes.

        • Wow, good to know you liked it \o/

          Also thanks for this topic. Now I’m listening to a bunch of soundtrack videos on YouTube and realising that I still love the soundtracks to games like :

          God of War – especially the ‘God of War 3 – Overture – Main Theme’ which acts as a recap of the previous games

          Driver San Francisco- the game has a good mix of licensed tracks but the original tracks are pretty good as well. Try out the ‘Driver San Francisco Demo Theme Song’ for example. It sounds like it’s ripped straight from those cheesy but awesome cop shows

          Finally, I’ve discovered that flash games have some really great music as well. If you don’t play them try some out, most are crap of course but there are a few gems. This game called Escape from the underworld for example is a fairly decent platformer but I love this track that plays as you navigate the world.:

  • Morning friends!

    I realise it isn’t actually morning anymore. I blame Stevo for booking a flight out that involved me taking him to the airport at 0430.

    I’ll be working on a meat wright up soon but apparently I have to go to work for an hour or two even though I’m on holidays. Hooray!




  • Morning TAY people, or afternoon Powalen to keep you quiet.

    Over the weekend I rekindled my love for ArmA by playing ArmA 2 for the first time, not DayZ. Nothing quiet like a foot patrol with some old team mates turning into an ambush crossfire. The rush of trying to get an injured man out of heavy fire and electing to stay behind cause the car could only hold 3 people.

      • I kept accidentally stabbing my fingers with the needle. It was sharp =P
        Oh god, I feel like playing Aquaria now, dammit.

        • Me too, I think I played the first hour or so before I went away. Then when I came back I started again and got to the same point before I got distracted by Pokemon Conquest which is just devouring my life at the moment

  • So I was going to go to Sydney in October to visit my sister. Except now she’s moving back to Melbourne next month. Plans = ruined. πŸ™

    Will probably still head up there (have some event tickets paid for) but now won’t have transport. Thinking road trip instead because fuck playing for plane tickets & rental car / public transport.

  • Is anyone going to manifest as well?
    Also, would you like video footage of manifest?
    I can video for people interested

    • I’m sure a few people will be interested (me included) of photos / videos. Don’t feel obligated to do it though.

    • Rayman Origins is super awesome. Love that game.
      From what I saw of the 3DS demo of it, though, it wasn’t worth getting on that platform. Otherwise I would have bought it again.

    • Rayman origins is a great game. Good choice.

      I enjoyed the RAGE demo on PSN but I haven’t played the full game. Let us know how it goes, opinion is split about its quality on online forums and reviews.

  • Howdy Tayberinos!

    I’m bogged down at work analysing our annual survey, I have my Excel hat on.

    So, my Monday ARVO question: Best video-game-as-a-spreadsheet? By this, I mean complex game that requires tweaking of numbers and factors to win. I’m getting into Crusader Kings 2- yourselves?

    • I don’t know if it is the best but the most involved I got was with Luminary: Rise of the Gonzu.
      I got right into the crafting in that game and spent quite a lot of time in spreadsheet mode

    • The only game I’ve ever used a spreadsheet for is XENOBLADE. Though that’s not really what you were asking, hah.

      Anything that involves a large amount of micro-management I generally steer clear of πŸ˜›

      • I enjoy it, but it’s one of those games that would take a very long time to master. I haven’t got around to putting the GoT mod on yet (Which is what I bought it for) because I’ve been having fun being King of Sweden.

    • Gran Turismo 3 got into that territory a bit. There were 2 races (Lotus and Yaris) that had a certain limitation on what you could have in the car so fine tuning everything for each track was absolutely crucial.

    • You really can’t pass up Runescape in this regard. I think that’s why I loved the game so much, for so long.
      Seriously, deliberating over the most efficient ways to gain experience per hour, finding how you value (in terms of hours/in-game-gold) time thus determining which training methods you could “afford”.

      Tweaking the way in which you level your character’s combat stats so as to skew/manipulate the game’s mechanics in your favour.

      That game is just one huge number-crunching-gasm.

    • wouldn’t EVE online be the logical choice for video-game-as-a-spreadsheet?
      otherwise, hardcore WoW character and gear optimisation is very mathematically heavy. Or any reasonably complex RPG really.

  • @ Masha2932, The Cracks, et al
    Yeah I lurk here from time to time. Usually check on you lot once a day at least if can.
    Family is going well, the young fella is recovering from his surgery very quickly and is almost back to normal…almost. If I could only get him to sleep through the night again.
    Still, just glad he’s home and healthy. I can understand now how its a parents worst fear that there is something wrong with your child and theres nothing you can do to fix him/her. It certainly takes its toll.
    Anywho, how’s everybody else doing? I spent my weekend refereeing paintball. I refereed and played for years before my son was born and had to give it up when he came along.
    Now that he’s a little older i’ve gotten back in to it all. About 4 months ago a mate of mine asked me to come help him out and i’ve been back doing it since then. So now I ref whenever I can( and play when i’m not reffing) and hopefully next year i’ll be playing with the club guys in the PAV tournament(if you’ve ever seen paintball on TV, it’s just like that but without the massive sponsorship deals).
    So all blabbering aside, how is everyone? All is good I hope…

    • Good to hear your son is doing well.

      I’m ok, still looking for work but I’m staying hopeful.
      I’ve never actually played paintball but it has always interested me.

      • Have you looked at your local councils? I recently applied for a job that was a comfortable $50,000 a year plus super, penalties and benefits. 9 day fortnight with no weekends. Thats just driving around, maintaining parks and gardens…

  • Today’s highlights from The Numbers Show

    *Tal Bachman – She’s So High

    *Evermore – Underground

    *Supertramp – Give A Little Bit

    *Barenaked Ladies – It’s All Been Done

    *Teddy Geiger – These Walls

    *Skyhooks – Livin’ In The 70s

    *Verve – Bittersweet Symphony

    *Toto – Africa (You’re welcome Rocketman)

    *Steve Miller Band – Fly Like An Eagle

    • At least it’s Toto’s Africa not that horribly butchered version the radio stations use as every second song.

      • I remember when covers were a fun B side, not the main single for someone who doesnt have the talent to write their own song to make it with.

        • Kids these days probably think those covers are the original version. Like how everyone thought the Green Manalishi was a Judas Priest song back in the 80s.when it’s actually a cover of Fleetwood Mac. Except not like that because they were talented, wheras the manufactured autotuned twerps doing covers as their lead singles are not.

          • If I had the choice, originals would beat out covers every time, but since I put that song in myself, I had the original version play , not some crappy cover

          • Maybe I should have put my comment below in this thread anyway. I don’t have too much of an issue with people doing covers, but prefer if you are going to then have your own take on it rather than trying to copy the original artist.
            But old man Freeze does make a point that you should have to earn the right to release a cover by writing and performing your own stuff first.

    • Skyhooks, man I wish I got to see them at their prime in the 70’s the old man got to see them open for Deep Purple, so much envy Q_Q

  • Even though I got home at like 1:30am this morning after pretty much a full day out, I’m not really tired at all. I only managed to fall asleep around 2:30am and I woke up at 6am yet I’m relatively fine considering the lack of sleep/coffee/energy drinks. I also had an extremely boring lecture and tute yet I’ve been more tired in previous weeks despite sleeping for double the time…

    My ears are constantly ringing and it’s getting kind of annoying :P, hopefully the damage isn’t too bad :/. Any advice on how to get rid of/prevent it? I tend to avoid places with loud noises so it’s a first.

        • I saw them live accidentally once. I thought the lead singer was taking the piss with the South Park style Canadian accent until I realised that was actually him.

    • I wear ear plugs at concerts. It saves your ear from any damage, and lets you go right up the front and still hear everything clearly.

      • This. I do this for the gigs in the tiny places or even open arenas where I literally in ear shot of the PA System, I found though I didn’t need such at Soundwave or Big Day Out though.

        • Yeah the venue was fricken tiny. Anyone know where I can get some? πŸ˜›

          I saw one guy with them in so I guess that’s the norm. Thanks all!

          • I get mine from Bunnings or the local safety store, just the disposable foam ones, like a dollar a pair or something. Totally worth it to protect your hearing!

  • Has anybody else watched the Goyte clip on Giz that is at the bottom of the page?
    In an era that has artist’s issue DCMA and sueing people for inappropriate use of their songs (putting a cover on youtube) it as fantastic to see somebody embracing the fact that people like their music

      • This and that ^ ^

        I was thinking about letting TAYbies know about it. Ya know I don’t go on the other Allure sites but ever since they’ve started popping up down the bottom I’ve been clicking on them (yes, even Fabsugar ones :P). It’s good though since there’s a lot of stuff I would have never seen if it wasn’t for them being advertised there.

        • Ha ha, I’ve been clicking on some Popsugar/bellasugar/fabsugar articles as well since they started popping up at the bottom. The weird thing about those sites, other than the beauty stuff that isn’t relevant to me , is the fact that most articles have no comments. None at all.
          It’s really eery, especially when you’re used to seeing at least one comment on every article.

          • That’s sorta sad to hear. I wonder how they must feel about the void of comments when they post their articles πŸ™

    • I would say ‘no’, but I’ve really only hear about him when he makes ridiculous that-is-never-going-to-happen claims πŸ˜›

      Unless those ARE all of his predictions…

    • He is quite knowledgeable on the business side of the industry and on some episodes of Pach Attack he actually explains videogame company stocks and finances very well, I just think sometimes he becomes attention seeking and makes ridiculous claims. I think some of the ‘fame’ he has got from always being quoted might have gone to his head.

      I’m not sure if any of his predictions have come true though.

      • Yeah the guy does sound like he knows what he’s talking about, I mean how else would people have listened to him in the first place if he didn’t have some cred to back it up.

        But still I would like to know if even one of his big claims came true, I can’t think of a single one that has off the top of my head.

    • NFI but I was listening to Freakonomics a while back and they were talking about economists predictions. A common thing for them to do is that they make slightly more wild predictions. The one time it turns out to be true, all the times they were wrong don’t matter anymore as they got one big prediction right. A good example are a lot of the GFC predictors who have just as bad a history of prediction as everyone else.

  • So if your husband is looking for work and after an interview last week he’s now being flown to Melbourne to meet the big boss…that’s a good sign, right?

  • Somewhere today I was reminded how annoyed I get about companies copying other companies instead of making sure they do what they already do to the best of their abilities.
    It’s like Microsoft and Sony looking at how well the Wii was selling and thinking “Oh, it must be the motion controls” so they make their own…but in reality it was more the price point of the Wii that was making it sell loads. So instead of spending money to develop motion controls that not the greatest amount of people use, they should have been offering their consoles at a more competitive price.

    • With the Wii stuff, it might not be so much of “hey, we gotta make motion control games, that’ll sell” than “hey, our customers buy our competitor’s software/hardware because we can’t provide this experience. Let’s try to address that, so they can play those sorts of games without needing to shift to a different console”

        • I’m also not a fan of motion controls. Well, probably more not a fan of “using motion controls in situations where they don’t really add to the experience, but they’re new and cool and ZOMG WAGGLE WAGGLE”.


          Mapping actions 1:1 => actions in game is cool, but hard to do well… I guess Okami’s drawing stuff works pretty well? Even in Skyward Sword though, it was pretty much *motion detect one of these motion paths and play the canned animation*. I really had to push myself to finish that game (had about a 6 month break in the middle of playing it, finished it off for shameless gaming). I think I would have enjoyed it more if it had some sort of gamepad support.

          Rant rant rant… I suspect I’m preaching to the choir.

          • This was exactly my problem with Skyward Sword. The motion controls felt utterly pointless and made the entire game a fight with the controls rather than enjoy the game.

          • This is why I didn’t even bother doing the first proper dungeon. Irritating, non-functional controls and bad design decisions (eg the stamina thing which adds nothing but frustration to the gameplay). And the constant desire to hold your hand and explain everything, plus the mindlessly linear level design. If it’s how the series is going to be now, I’ll stick with my happy memories.

          • Okami was born to be a Wii U game. Sadly it was two generations premature πŸ™

            The Wii controls in that game suck just as much as trying to do the brush strokes with the PS2 controller.

        • I’m 6’2 and the way my lounge is set up the Kinect cuts my upper body off, didn’t even detect my arms in The Gunstringer. There’s no way to change the room around and I really don’t want to just to play their games any way. I’m a huge fan of the voice functionality, though. Not so much in-game, but for other purposes. Seems like if they want people to use it, they’ve got to deliver something that’s not a novelty.

  • You guys will probably do it anyway but can you please post your thoughts on Darksiders II tomorrow? πŸ™‚

    I haven’t really been following it but Neg0 said it’s out tomorrow on Steam. I pre-ordered it on PS3 so it won’t be out until Thursday (but I probably won’t play it til the weekend). I really enjoyed the first but haven’t replayed it since launch and I haven’t seen much on Darksiders II so I’m pretty much going in blind and I don’t know what to expect.

    Should be good!

    • I haven’t really paid much attention to the hype either.

      What I know:
      – It’s bigger
      – You get the horsie earlier and use it more \o/
      – The upgrade system is heavily expanded, with random stat drops, more RPG-ish
      – Skulls are to Darksiders as Zippers are to Final Fantasy

      • I dunno, a minor complaint about TV shows for me is that everytime they do a “last time on _____” and they show old clips of characters you just know something is going to happen involving them. Kind of ruins the surprise but at least there’s a mini-recap for whatever happened previously in the show.

      • rot13! Gbqq vf tbaan or rssrq, fb boivbhfyl yrnqvat hc gb gung. Jnyg xrrcf tvivat uvz gur ‘lbher tbaan or qrnq fbbare be yngre’ ybbx

        Also, ep wasnt as good as last, but it was always gonna be hard to follow that scene with Walt and Skyler. But the last scene was pretty amazing. And the interrogation scene was pretty great

        • I hate Skyler, I wish someone would just off her already, she’s much like Betty in Mad Men or Laurie in The Walking Dead, I see what you’re doing AMC making the most intolerable lead female characters…

  • There’s a pair of meatheads wandering aroun the gym abusing and intimidating everyone for not being as hardcore as them. This is why I hate gyms.

  • Arrgghhh! Everytime I try to launch Corel Painter, it freezes and crashes…
    Why won’t the bundled software work for me? πŸ™

  • So I’ve been playing Lego Batman 2.

    Lots of Lego Batman 2.

    As in I’ve unlocked all but 4 characters (that I think are Martian Manhunter, Supergirl, Bruce Wayne and … maybe I miscounted, that might be it). Got to go back and get all the cannisters in all of the story missions, pick up another 90 or so gold bricks (got more than 100 of them today) and get all vehicles and cheats.

    This is disturbingly addictive. Even grinding out this little infinite studs thingy I’ve found was somewhat fun.

    What the hell is wrong with me?

  • You know, judging by SMB 3, I would have thought raccoons resembled middle aged Italian men, not tiny, furry cute animal-like things.
    Just me?

    • Sony stuff and B2 I guess :). I try not to get hyped for things nowadays so I don’t get disappointed. So I tend to not watch as many trailers or read about games so I can go in ‘blind’ and enjoy it more.

  • G’Mornin!
    I finished the Saints Row 3 story missions last night! I was starting to get open-world fatigue so I thought I better finish it off before it became another Skyrim πŸ˜› Anyway, it was pretty good! Well worth the $9 I paid.

    • I was quite surprised by how much fun that game was. (Hadn’t played a Saints Row game before so didn’t know what to expect)
      How awesome is the jump jet thingy?

      • The last mission was really good as well. It was pretty funny how quickly things escalated towards the end. I spent the very last part of the game just thinking “what…”

  • Darksiders II preloaded? Check
    Public holiday (in Brisbane) tomorrow? Check
    I am going to play so much Darksiders II when I finish work. \o/

  • Oooooooohhhhhh. Now it all makes sense. I was wondering why I had zero interest in Sleeping Dogs.

    Now I realise it’s because I never did. It’s Watch Dogs I was keen for. Now I just feel silly.

    • I kind of like the look of Sleeping Dog. Don’t get me wrong, New York City is just about the best place I’ve ever been too but it’ll make a refreshing change to play an open world game not set there. (Or Mafia-like Empire City stylized versions.) Gameplay looks a lot deeper than you’d think too. Hacking mini-games. Disguises like in Hitman. Martial arts. Watch Dogs looks mind blowingly good, though. I can see how it would pale in comparison.

    • Sleeping Dogs was in development for ages so it visually looks a bit dated relative to contemporaries, but I’ve been hearing really good things about it so far. Out at the end of the week so we’ll see.

    • Good month for gaming in general, like usual. Dishonored, X-Com, Assassin’s Creed — then Hitman going into November. It’s probably a good thing Tomb Raider and BioShock got pushed back. It would’ve been chaos.

        • Tough decision. Assassin’s Creed is the end of a trilogy, Dishonored is a quality new IP. There’s only one real option, buy ’em both. πŸ˜› (Just like Fable 2 and Fallout 3 in 2008, Fable 3 and Fallout: New Vegas in 2010. )

    • Little Big Planet – September, but what’s the difference, really?
      Jet Set Radio HD – 16th October
      Street Fighter X Tekken – 19th October
      PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale – 25th October (“But it’s a Smash Bros rip-off” “Who cares?”)
      Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation – 30th October
      Need for Speed Most Wanted – October
      Persona 4 Golden – Maybe in October?
      Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified – Maybe in October? (Probably wrong)

      Possibly others. Not sure.
      Not all games to everyone’s tastes, but games none the less.

  • Day 2 of using a standing desk.

    By 5pm yesterday I felt like I weighed 10000 kilos. I can’t wait for my body to adjust to this.

  • Huzzah, I got us back online! No, no, you’re right. It’s all my fault, and you’re the saviour for calling me in and telling me to fix it. No, I don’t have your keys, perhaps you left them with your common-sense at home. Congratulations on your far superior skillset, sir. No, I don’t want to hear about the time you went to Vietnam in search of orphans.


  • Good morning TAY o/
    Quick question for the more I.T. oriented among you…
    I’m having a new PC made for me and was wondering if I’m getting a good deal for just over $2K?
    i7 3770 CPU, GigabyteZ77X-D3H MB, 8GB Corsair DDR3, 240GB SSD+2TB HDD, 2GB GeForce GTX 670
    Thanks for your input πŸ™‚

  • *Ric Flair style Woo!* WOOOOO!

    Wifey surprised me this morning with tickets for a week in Bali for our anniversary. So we’ll be going there instead of Melbourne or Sydney now.

  • Built my last rig and it’s just a hassle I don’t want to deal with so I don’t mind paying a bit extra for them to put it together. It does come with a case but I’m not sure the model or anything, I told them I don’t care if it’s pretty as long as it does the job, pretty sure it’s a ‘gaming’ case though (meh). Getting a mechanical keyboard too n I still need to check out the mouse yet.

    • Ah fair enough, 2 grand isn’t excessive, and if you’re happy to pay for someone else to put it together/configure it for you then yeah, sounds like a alright deal to me.

      At my place of business, we aim for around 15 – 20% profit on a sale, so $2000 does seem a touch on the high side, but without knowing exact component brand/model you might save $100 somewhere else, which is much of a muchness really.

      Just make sure you ask about warranty and what not, some places will offer extra warranty than what is actually offered per part (video card might have 1 year warranty, where as your SSD might have 2) or others will just leave it up to you to deal with the manufactures warranty if you have an issue, in which case hold onto your receipts!!

  • From previous page (for those interested):

    Little Big Planet – September, but what’s the difference, really?
    Jet Set Radio HD – 16th October
    Street Fighter X Tekken – 19th October
    PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale – 25th October (β€œBut it’s a Smash Bros rip-off” β€œWho cares?”)
    Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation – 30th October
    Need for Speed Most Wanted – October
    Persona 4 Golden – Maybe in October?
    Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified – Maybe in October? (Probably wrong)

    Possibly others. Not sure.
    Not all games for everyone’s tastes, but games none the less.

        • All-Stars might be an outside chance as well. Hard to say.

          I hope it picks up for the Vita if only to give Nintendo another big kick πŸ˜›

        • Yeah, this.
          CoD is known to sell units – and a CoD that people can play anywhere? I dind it hard to believe that wouldn’t get quite a number of people on board.

      • I would buy a PSV for AC:Liberation. It sounds really cool.

        I’m actually considering grabbing a PSV for my husband for our Anniversary in October. And then borrowing it. πŸ˜›

      • I wanted to facepalm when i read that… but in actuality i have to agree and disagree with your there, mate.
        The system, in a way, sells itself – it is an amazing piece of hardware with some AMAZING games.
        Uncharted is awesome, modnation is awesome, fifa is awesome (if you’re into that kind of thing). Metal Gear, Disgaea, Lego batman 2, Resistance, Mortal Kombat, an entire back-catalog of PSP games and upcoming support for PS1 games, plus digital content and the aforementioned awesome upcoming titles like Assassins creed, Persona 4, Need for Speed, etc…

        I’d argue there is nothing wrong with ‘system seller’ thing with respect to games.

        What they do have, however, is missed opportunities and a complete failure to market and advertise it and its games/features.
        Sony never shows any love to its handhelds – it just lets them free and sort of hopes for the best, meanwhile we’re constantly assaulted with images of 3ds and its games.

        For me, personally, there is far more on offer in the Vita that what there will ever be in the 3ds, plus a much higher ratio of great games compared to shovel-ware and utter pap – the problem is Sony itself and the perception they allow people to have that it has nothing on offer.

        Case and point – E3 – what the hell. That was the perfect time for Sony to really get people excited about the PSV – but they just tossed it aside almost completely.

        The Vita and its games are much MUCH better than the general public gives it credit for.

          • Gravity Rush does look awesome but besides that, every single title you just mentioned has a superior brother on the consoles. There’s nothing to elevate it from just an on the go system to something you have to have. Nintendo has Pokemon and in my rather uninformed and useless opinion it’s a smart move to keep on handhelds and not move it properly to consoles for that reason.

          • IMO Sony should do all it can to get the Monster Hunter series to move to the vita and stay there. They could make that one of their “vita only” titles. Although getting Monster Hunter to stay on one console would be impossible.

          • Actually I find the Disgaea games work better on portables than consoles, and Persona 4 Golden is an expanded port so better, not worse than the old one. But whatever, you’ve obviously made up your mind and I doubt anything will convince you.

          • Yeah I find Disgaea better on portables as well. They might as well just keep them on there instead of making it on console, then making a better one on portables later πŸ˜›

          • Yes and no.
            Uncharted is an all new game exclusive to the system.

            And making these game portable and retaining the graphics is a massive thing. It’s whole idea to make games you know and love and make them portable, which is a point some people seem to miss.
            It is good to have original and exclusive titles, which the vita will have, but i don’t think it’s everything.
            But it’s all personal preference anyway πŸ™‚

        • The VITA is worth its asking price alone, that’s true, but in the current climate the price point is not competitive compared to the 3DS and mobile phones. $349 is a lot to ask for when you can get a 3DS and a bunch of games for that price.

    • Battle Royale I’d really like if they refined the combat a bit more so that it’s actually not incredibly jerky to actually defeat your enemy. IIRC atm you have to use a finisher or something to have any chance of beating them, there’s no knocking them off the edge or using strong attacks to smack them off screen.

      • Yeah, the point is to score hits, which basically have no effect other than filling your super meter. Then you use supers to score kills.

    • Hmmm, I’m still not sold on PS all-star battle royal. The SSB series has always had this charm about it but whenever I see “PS all-star blah blah” all I can think is “generic fighting game”.

      • Personally I wish it was a 1-on-1 fighter. Sony games have always had good graphics and seeing the characters up close and in detail would have been nice. Also a one on one fighting game would suit the vita better. Seeing footage of the game on the PS3 is confusing enough as it is, I’m sure it will be even harder on the VITA’s small screen.

        • I think Nintendo is doings something like this. The SSB being released on handheld will supposedly be more story /single player based. Which, when you think about it, is a smart think to do. I agree that it would be hard to follow the craziness that goes on in those kinda of games on a tiny handheld screen.

    • US Releases:
      Ragnarok Odyssey – 11th September
      Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward – 23 October
      Persona 4: Golden – 30 October

      By the end of the year the system will have new Ys and Legend of Heroes games from Nihon Falcom in Japan as well, with luck those will make it here too.

      • I’ve been meaning to ask, is Ragnarok Odyssey an MMO (like a sequal to Ragnarok Online)? Or is it going to be a single player game?

        • Wow I always thought Ragnarok Odyssey wasn’t related to Ragnarok Online :O. I loved ROnline so hopefully ROdyssey is good and it’ll give me another thing to add to my “games to get if I have a Vita list” which is extremely low at the moment :/

        • It’s a single player or co-op action RPG in the same universe as Ragnarok Online, by the same developer.

          I am expecting to be able to collect cute hats.

    • Jet Set Radio HD is coming out on the Vita? I did not know that. That’s cool. I sort of want a Vita, but I don’t know how much I’d play it. I never played my psp all that much.

      • If you didn’t play your PSP much and you only “sort of” want a Vita, then it’s probably not a wise investment for you. Unless something spectacular gets release and you are compelled beyond moderate desire.

        • I think for me, the definite must buy a Vita release would be if they released a Vita only RPG set in one of the RPGs I love. Like a handheld version of any of BioWare’s games, an Elderscrolls or Fallout game or a game set during DE:HR. I’m not sure something like that will ever happen though.

          • Actually, I’d also probably get a Vita if L4D2, with all L4D maps included, was ever released on the system. I remember that video a while ago of the guy who got the game running on his Vita and it looked awesome. Yes please to portable zombie killing.

  • Sigh. Luigi’s Mansion pushed back to 2013. Fire Emblem pushed to 2013. Ni no Kuni 2013. The Last of Us 2013. Bioshock Infinite 2013. Sim City 5 2013.

    The only thing left for me this year is Pokemon White 2! Thank god for my Steam backlog πŸ˜› (and the TF2 update! :O)

    • Sick, hungry, bored and tired πŸ˜›

      So much easy points in WWF! :). I’m surprised people still play that (and Draw Something). I hop on every now and then when I’m extremely bored, heh.

      • Are you sick because of the concert the other night? Or did you catch some form of sickness?

        Also shush you about WWF, scoring that 99 point word this morning. The games been giving me alot of letters with no vowels of late SO UNFAIR.

        • Sure, sure πŸ˜‰

          You were beating me for a while but you keep opening up easy spots for me :P.

          Not sure about the sickness but I had a runny nose last week (before the concert) so I doubt it was that. Went away for a bit but it’s back now but nothing too severe :).

  • Interesting line up.

    Got to admit, I’ve been looking for Liberation, but recently been playing Gravity Rush, TiTS, and the GTA portables. Not in a huge rush to buy something new.

  • Hello guys I need help,

    So I had written a large block of text intending to post it on TAY. However, I wanted to refresh TAY first, so I copied the text I had written then refreshed TAY. Unfortunately as TAY was refreshing I went to another site and saw some interesting text which I copied. Now when I paste whatever I copied it reverts to the latest thing I copied. Is there a way to get back what I had previously copied or is it lost?

    I’m using chrome.

    Finally got some downtime. Enough to prepare a coffee and heat up some lunch at least.


  • Darksiders II has suddenly had $30 Australia Tax added on Steam. I’ve had it ordered for ages so I don’t care, but I’m disappointed in THQ.

      • I think doing so will actually breach the contract that THQ has with their Australian distributors. So on the basis on penalties for broken contract they would not release it on steam.
        So origin would love that, getting another exclusive AAA title

      • To he fair, Valve/Steam is a company and still need to make money. Them cutting a game from their catalog just hurts steam and I don’t think THQ would give a shit.

      • Nope, I grabbed it last night for $US50.

        Kind of interesting, last night the prices were:

        Darksiders 2: $US49.99
        Darksiders 2 + Prima Strategy stuff: $US59.99


        Darksiders 2: $US79.95
        Darksiders 2 + Prima Strategy stuff: $US109.99

        the base game gets bumped up $US30, and factoring that in, the guide gets bumped up $US20.04 (from $US10 to $US30.04) …. that’s even crazier! (Don’t know who buys that stuff, but the numbers are weird.)

        • So they’ve basically bumped it on release day, i.e. preorder it and get the normal price, but now that it’s ‘out’ on Steam you pay the AU tax to stop undermining the retailers. I guess that’s about as fair as Australia Tax can be.

          • Yeah that seems how it often works. I would assume that’s a loop hole in the contracts that allows them to offer pre-launch sales or the wording of the contract happens to have the term, for the date of launch or something in it

  • To the parents on TAY with children old enough to play games and to follow game series, I have a question.

    How do your kids feel about the game series they like? Do they still look forward to each new entry, are they still excited about games?

    This question could apply to younger TAYbies as well.

    The question came to mind after I watched this Jimquisition video:

    The short of it, If you don’t have the time, is that Mario games are not what they used to be. This is a sentiment I’ve seen repeated hundreds of times, not only about Mario but about other game series as well. Especially when it’s about franchises people enjoyed when they were younger
    While a lot of the time these criticisms are correct sometimes I think it’s also an issue of age and where we are in our lives as adult gamers. Games or industry trends may be different compared to what we remember, but is it all bad? Maybe the kids enjoy what’s on offer now.

    For example, I used to love splitscreen when I was younger. I still do actually. Nothing beats the playful and competitive nature of couch co-op. The competitive and cooperative sessions we have had at meats have been so much fun as well. However as much as I love splitscreen it’s so much more convenient to just play online. My friends’ schedule might differ from mine, they might live far away and maybe online is just better when we only have an hour or two to spare in the day.
    Does this mean splitscreen should disappear? Of course not. The joy I see in my little cousins’ eyes echoes the same joy I felt as a kid. Seeing them jostling for controllers or covering each others eyes during a splitscreen race is awesome.

    Sometimes in this industry all we hear are the voices of journalists and gamers in their 20-50s that it’s easy to forget that their are children under 18 years old who may enjoy what is on offer.

    Thanks for reading and I hope I communicated myself well in this post.

    • Oh no, I read through this thing twice and there are still punctuation omissions and errors. Plus, I confused their with there. Sorry /o\

    • Good post, Mashaa. Sorry you lost the original.

      I can’t answer your core question, don’t have kids and not even close to having kids, but as a gamer I personally feel the NSMB games are trading on nostalgia rather than innovation. Mario HAS been a series that’s hugely innovative, just look at how they’ve effortlessly adapted the classic formula to the Galaxy games. I might be wrong and this is just my opinion, but that’s kind of my feelings with Nintendo as a whole lately — just phoning it in, coasting on past reputation and shovel ware. Even the art direction of that new game looks bland next to Rayman Origins and the Galaxy games.

      Saying that, the New Super Mario Bros. Wii was fun and I had a lot of fun playing two players…

      • (Which is totally not your point at all. If it helps, I try my best not to be cynical and jaded and generally a half-glass full kind of guy when it comes to games. :P)

      • Thanks. Yeah, it sucked that I lost the previous version but I think I remembered most of what I had written.
        I haven’t played a lot of Mario games so I don’t have an opinion on that. However, my feelings on the Pro Evolution series of soccer games echo your Mario sentiments. Despite a lack of licenses the guys at konami always innovated and brought new and exciting feature to soccer games. In the PS2 era the series was king, with this generation the developers seem to have rested on their laurels and were quickly surpassed by FIFA.
        This year’s version sounds like it will be better, I’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Just some thoughts on splitscreen/online.

      Online is definitely a lot more convenient these days, but I’ll always prefer splitscreen. As kids we have a lot more free time on our hands, at least from my experience I was either at a friend’s place or had a friend over nearly every weekend in primary school, and there was a lot of time dedicated to splitscreen play. So I think it’s more that the services have evolved as gamers have grown up, and now, because we are more frequently busy, online play better suits us.

      What is a shame is seeing older series where splitscreen play was an absolute joy simply throw it away in favour of online-only multiplayer. SSX is my primary example. I must have spent hundreds of hours playing Tricky splitscreen with a friend, it’s one of my most memorable gaming experiences, so it was a bit of a downer to find the latest entry had a very stripped down online play as a replacement.

      On Saturday I played some splitscreen Halo with Shiggy and it was an entirely different and much better experience than playing online with a mic. Having the other player/s in the room with you is simply more fun. It’s just a bummer that we don’t get the opportunity to experience that as much these days.

      • Portal 2 was amazing in spit-screen as well. Talking theories with the person next to you. I wonder if there would be an added level of frustration if you couldn’t point with your fingers and had to rely on the in-game mechanic?

        • They actually implemented that mechanic quite well. It’s still not enough for someone who’s been dumped headfirst in the deep end of portal mechanics to begin with (which was my experience taking a first-time player through the game) but it makes it easy enough to get your point across, with just enough obscurity to make it absolutely hilarious without degrading from the gameplay at all.

      • True. More games need split screen options.

        That is one of the major reasons I play COD games. The splitscreen. Spec Ops mode in Modern Warfare and zombies in Black Ops is so much fun.

      • I love splitscreen. My cousin lives next door so when we find a split screen game we love, we play the crap out of it. We’ve poured hundreds of hours into gears, borderlands, Nazi Zombies and Uncharted 3 is our current kick.

        I understand the convenience and why people like online (and I do too), but I always get sad when there’s online only MP and no split screen, especially with Co-op!

    • My daughter’s been obsessed with Spyro since she was really little. She even played the bad ones and struggled through them (with tears and tantrums) because she loved Spyro so much.
      These days she’s more obsessed with Zelda and Paper Mario. Um…I forgot where I was going with this. Oops. πŸ˜›

      I do feel the voice of the jaded/older gamer/journalist is louder than that of the incredulous kid (and the incredulous kid in all of us) though. Like who cares if the PC port of Dark Souls is just a “straight port”? It means that more people get to experience this great game.

      • are people really complaining about that? *sigh* internet

        and i will probably pick up dark souls now that it’s gonna be on PC

      • …and that was a submit fail…I wasn’t done yet. πŸ˜›

        I was going to continue by mentioning how I see things like reviews for Skylanders and games based on Pixar movies and the reviewers are not looking at the games from the point of view of the intended audience, but more from their own as a player of more “mature” games. Kids have very different priorities than adults. And while we celebrate that games as a medium are growing up and we can have games with mature themes, we shouldn’t decry games for being too focussed on the young. This is where we all came from and there’s room for all types of games and gameplay in the medium.

        • At the same time there’s a lot of terrible things made for kids, just because they’re young doesn’t mean gameplay and design has to be an after thought.

      • Yeah. Sometimes it helps to let that little kid in all of us out a bit. Criticism is important and I wasn’t advocating we get rid of it, it’s just that sometimes it’s good to look at a game(s) in a different light.

    • If it wasn’t for split screen, my daughter wouldn’t be able to reach over, touch my hand and with big moist eyes say “Daaaaadddyyy. Pleeeeeaaase?” when she is losing at Mario Kart.

      The dirty cheater. πŸ˜›

    • (this is my 2cents on the issue)

      I will probably be killed for saying this but I don’t think the quality of games has decreased at all. Infact they have vastly improved over years I have been growing up. I think a lot of it has to do with, when you’re a child, everything is new and exciting and fun. We all say “back in my day things were much better” but were they? I personally don’t think so. It’s just, when you’re a kid you have no responsibilities the reality of life hasn’t crushed our imaginations (that sounds a little dark, I don’t mean it to be). Do I think in 20 years people are going to say games aren’t as good as they were today? Hell yes! Infact I van guarantee it.

      A great example of this is that most people in our generation would say the original series of Star Wars is the best. But, younger generations say that the later trilogy (episode 1 2 3) are superior.

      I’m not quite sure if any of that makes sense. I have no children so I cannot answer your question.

      • Why would you be killed for saying that? πŸ™‚

        Actually, I agree with you about the games. Today, there is an abundance of games for everyone. Whatever type of gamer you are, I bet there is a game for you. Do you want retro style games? check out the downloadable stores or the various indie games being released. Want big budget explosions? There’s a game for that.
        Game mechanics have also become polished to a point where even the worst games today are playable compared to some of the stuff that was released in the past.

        For me, it’s just some of the business models today that are a bit off-putting.

      • I actually get a bit disillusioned playing HD remakes of games. There are some points where I’ve reached a part of a game I loved as a kid and thought ‘hang on, this is actually kinda bad.’

  • Dear Master Race – are these specs good for $450??

    Gigabyte MA790FX-DQ6 motherboard
    AMD Phenom X4 9750 2.4 Ghz processor
    ATI HD3870 512MB ASUS Video card
    Thermaltaketoughpower 759W PSU
    750GB Harddrive
    3GB RAM
    Pioneer DVD-RW 20X
    Asus DVD-RW 20X
    Antec 900 Case
    Proview 22″ Widescreen monitor
    Microsoft Sidewinder X6 gamin keyboard
    Logitech X540 5.1 surround speakers
    Microsoft IntelliMouse
    Genuine Windows XP home edition
    Genuine Windows XP Professional

    • Its a little dated by considering your getting a whole setup for a little more then then what my Graphics card costed me I’d say its alright. Is this a custom build? or premade?

        • I… dont know… πŸ™

          I’m so out of the loop (no pun intended) on cards, have been for years now. I just ask my brother all the time XD

        • Well your card is a HD3800 series, mine which I bought almost a year ago is a HD6900 series. But yeah RAM is cheap get RAM and a 64bit OS so the RAM isnt wasted. Also what sort of budget are you looking at?

          • I’m sure a lot of us have plenty of spares that we can provide you for that. I’ve got lots of mice and keyboards that I can hand over to you, one’s a Razer Arctosa, not great on low lit desks but still good πŸ™‚

          • Might be an idea looking at a few “premade” custom builds a la whirlpool’s budget box, etc.

            For example, a “basic config deluxe” will run you ~$600 including peripherals.

            The “Gaming/Multi-Purpose Config El Cheapo” is the same price.

            A little over budget at $950, you get the
            CPU: Intel Pentium G850 $82
            Mobo: Asrock B75M $69
            RAM: Kingston 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3-1333 $49
            HDD: Seagate Barracuda 500GB (ST500DM002) $69
            GPU: 2GB AMD Radeon HD7850 $245
            Case&PSU: Thermaltake V3 Black Edition w/ 500W Litepower PSU $71
            ODD: DVD burner $21
            Peripherals: [ 24″ LG E2441V-BN / Coolermaster QuickFire Rapid / Logitech G400 / Edifier M1350 2.1 ] (+$327)

            Total: $606 ($933)


            It’d be worthwhile checking other sites too, as they quite often come out with new best-bang-for-buck builds.

          • Oops, didn’t notice you had OS included there. Could always try a linux distro (WINE or similar for windows gaming etc.) or just run an unactivated version of windows.
            Additionally, how come you’ve quoted both XP Home and XP Pro?

          • I had that series of card, it didn’t work well with Windows 7, but did fine with XP when I used it. Basically when I used windows 7, after installing the drivers from CD I got a black screen on windows after rebooting. Hopefully you won’t have as much trouble as I did.
            That was my first and last Radeon card, never leaving nVidia ever again πŸ˜›

    • While we’re talking all MasterRace-like, anyone know where the HELL I can find another HIS Radeon 6990?! I’m most likely not going to buy it, but I can’t for the life of me find another one!

      • yeah, they sort of disappeared since I got mine 6 months ago… not that I think I’d need a second one, but well… you never know.

        theres no kill like overkill after all.

        • I hear you, brethren. Great card, just wanted some unjustified security in knowing that it was possible to purchase a second one at some point. Turns out we can’t T.T

    • It just depends what you are after…. If you just want something to check your email on or play some indie games, then you’d probably be better off dropping $500 on a mid range laptop.
      It will be newer, comes with the OS, doesn’t require assembly etc.
      If you’re after something that can run battlefield 3 and any of the “current” AAA games, then this won’t cut it.
      A few other points…
      I didn’t even know motherboards supported odd numbers of RAM. Also more RAM is better and RAM is cheap. That being said XP doesnt support more than 4GB… which brings me to my next point – WHY OH WHY XP? Do you have some special old software you have to run?
      Other than that I would say away from AMD and ATI but that’s more of a personal preference. The slightly cheaper cost is not worth the drop in performance and support.
      Also I have no idea about “Proview” for the monitor, I’d stick to more reputable brands.
      Happy to answer any more questions. =)

      • $600 … I’m dropping over $2K on my new rig (β•―Β°β–‘Β°οΌ‰β•―οΈ΅ ┻━┻

          • I’m upgrading from my old gaming laptop. An MIS job, can’t recall the model exactly. Think it runs a GeForce 8600M. Forever crashing though, I’m not sure if it’s the video drivers or just overheating, still cost me $1800 when I got it though πŸ™

  • Man, the internet sure is extra-strength crazy today. Here’s my attempt to off-set some of the gaming angst with some good gaming stories. Feel free to add your own/ignore. πŸ˜›

    When my brother was in the second grade he had trouble reading, didn’t interest him and there’s nothing the teachers could do. After the school holidays, the teacher pulled my mum aside and asked what happened, my brother suddenly could read like freakin’ crazy. That was the summer we got our NES and Amiga, the summer we hunched over the monitor playing type parser and point-and-click adventure games. Exploring Maniac Mansion. Unravelling mysteries of The Colonel’s Bequest. Investigating a Cruise for a Corpse. Taught him how to read and spell properly almost single handed. Time-and-time again on adventure gaming sites foreign folk told similar stories of how they mastered English through this method out of sheer will to get through the story and be part it.

    Long before Hurricane Katrina put New Orleans on the map I explored the city and its history in Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father. Frequented Jackson Square and the French Quarter, spoke to the locals about their culture and mythos. A complex, exceptionally told story seen through the eyes of a local writer and his research assistant. This captured the imagination and explained history in a way school never had. (I’m certain Assassin’s Creed is doing something similar to this day.) Years before the issue of women in gaming was brought up Jane Jensen wrote and designed this classic at Sierra Online, a company whose very existence was built on the shoulders of Roberta Williams. (King’s Quest, Laura Bow, etc.)

    Women might be considered niche gamers, I’m not certain how true that is, but can be thanked for some of the finest work in games today. Kim Swift with Portal. Amy Hennig from Naughty Dog, making incredible games from way back including the insanely good Legacy of Kain series. Jane Jensen continues to work in gaming to this day, pioneering at the crowd source funded Pinkerton Road studios proving there’s still a place for strong stories and clever adventure gaming. The idea that girls don’t game is kind of surprising to me, because my sister has been an avid gamer for as long as I have. We discussed the dramatic end of Gabriel Knight 3 back in the day, just like we discussed the dramatic end of Spec Ops last week.
    This is an industry that is maturing in an awesome way, even if it might be finding its feet still. We’re truly in a golden age, as pretentious as it is true. Fact we’re talking about all these controversial issues might be irritating but it’s a necessary evil. The kind of discussions that coincide with games exploring ethics in war (Spec Ops) and the limits of a father’s love (Heavy Rain) means something. Fact we care so much means something too. It’s a good thing. These days if given a choice between a great game or great film, there’s no hesitation — gaming’s going to win every damn time. They’re only going to get better as well. This is all part of the process.

    Bottom line is gaming’s fun. Gaming’s a source of good. If you want to dig a little deeper that’s cool, there’s room for that and it’s not something to fight. If you just want to play a damn game just for the fun of it then that’s fine. It’s good to live in interesting times. It’s good to be civil too.

  • Permission to say something about the whole ‘girlfriend mode’ thing? Don’t worry, it’s rather positive, and I’m not trying to start a big discussion/argument that will only end with weeping and gnashing of teeth, plus numerous fist fights and broken bones and maybe someone being thrown out a window and someone else being dunked in the toilet…wait, what was I saying?

  • Dear Doc,

    14th August 1885: Japan issues it’s first patent to the inventor of rust proof paint.
    Much like this paint, I hope, as the years go by, that you maintain your glossy lustre and resist oxidisation… What the hell am I going on about!?
    Who cares what happened in 1885!? The only 14th August I give a rats arse about is 1982! ‘Cause that’s when our main man Mr. Watt, Kotaku’s favourite Scot (don’t tell Serrels), burst forth into this plane of existence and graced us all with his genius!
    Happy Birthday you jokey jock!
    See you on the battlefield.

    Kind regards,
    – Effluvium Boy

  • Can’t bring myself to watch the new Big Brother and not for the reasons you might expect. The original production gave me my first industry job, my first production credit after I finished university. Left me with a bizarre sense of brand loyalty, a comradery with the crew and fond memories of the sights and sounds of the backlot. (Still have my credentials burried in a drawer with my degree some where.) Even the little moments attached to it: the late night McDonalds runs, car pooling back to Brisbane while singing loud and terribly to the radio. There’s a sense of bitter sweet nostalgia there.

    To this day, there’s a strong urge to defend the show to any one who disses it. πŸ˜›

    I won’t be watching, though. That’s part of the past…

    • My aunt was a HUGE fan, going to all the live shows etc.
      Never understood it personally, and although I watched the odd epsiode of S1, it quickly lost appeal. Each to their own, though I can’t help but feel bitter about the “creative spark” that causes these kinds of entertainment.

      • Heh, don’t get me wrong, I’m objective enough to see the flaws. The rose-coloured glasses sure are pretty lookin’, though. πŸ˜›

    • I personally can’t stand anything that’s a reality show, it just feels like such a show mainly for attention seekers from facebook and it just makes me shake my head every time I see a commercial about them with the announcer trying to make it sound as epic as possible… sorry if this offends humans that do like reality shows but yeah that’s just how I see it.

  • I think I must be wired wrong. It’s not normal for people to think the best of each other, right? When I first read the article that ‘girlfriend mode’ was mentioned in, I thought to myself, “Wow, that’s a pretty cool idea.” Then I ended up thinking about something like that would be great for my sister, because a few times she’s wanted to play Halo with me and my brother, but she hasn’t been all that good at it, trying to pick up first person controls (it’s because console controls suck :P). Something like this would make it more fun for her while she’s learning, meaning she’d be more likely to stick with it and become a ‘gamer’ herself. Don’t get me started on the word ‘gamer’, that’s a discussion for another time.
    Then, when I started hearing the uproar over it all, I was like “What the..? That’s not what it’s even all about…GAH! They just don’t get it!”
    What’s more important, the words we speak, or the intentions behind those words? Intentions can often get lost when translating from speech to text. I always try to think the best of people, which is what I naturally did in this case. The whole point of ‘girlfriend mode’ isn’t that this guy thinks girls are worse at games than guys, but that this guy wants to make it easier for us to share our passion with those that we care about the most, whether it’s our girlfriend, boyfriend, sister, brother, mother, father, cousin, nephew, niece, friend or whoever. And I think he should be applauded for that.

    • Yeah, I can’t help but think his remarks were just a catalyst for something else that was a-brewing beneath the surface. Probably an arguement worth having, not one worth repeating. (In the sense that I hope whatever the lesson is sticks and it doesn’t have to be said again. :P)

      • Like I said below I haven’t actually seen much about this.
        Do you think that there was a problem with the term? If the developers were adding this with the understanding that a large number of their play base were in a situation that having a way to help their girlfriend join them in the game would be appreciated.
        They aren’t saying that all girls need this, just that the designed goal for this was for guys to help get their girlfriends who didn’t play that style of game to join with them.
        From what I can see it isn’t an actual term used in the game or anything (I could be wrong) but more of an internal development term that was casually (carelessly?) dropped into a conversation

      • Sorry, I’m not trying to be rude, but did you even read the last paragraph? (I’m tired and I haven’t had the best day today, sorry) I was trying to say that I don’t think the reason he called it ‘girlfriend mode’ is because he thinks girls suck at gaming, but because it’s meant to help us introduce gaming to those that are close to us, and who wouldn’t normally be interested in it. In his case, it sounds like it’s his girlfriend that he wants to share it with, a situation that I think many people can relate to.

        • Of course I read the last paragraph. I’ll always read a whole thing before commenting.

          I’m tired too. And I’m also tired of people not understanding why it’s worrisome. I’m just going to direct everyone to the comment I linked to for Tigerion from now on to explain things.

          • Look, I really shouldn’t have said anything here. I feel bad for my first comment at you here. I think you just had the misfortune of being in my way at the wrong time. πŸ˜›

            I really do think that understanding his intent behind the silly words doesn’t mean one can’t still be disturbed at the connotations of it all, though.

          • Grumpy people hugasaurus? πŸ˜›
            I have to disagree with your last sentence though. Understanding his intent goes quite a long way into figuring out if those connotations of big name devs thinking girls need games dumbed down for them are true or not.

    • It’s the internet, you would be surprised how many people will claim to be outraged at something as long as it gives them a soapbox to stand on, and all the arm-flailing usually ends up drowning out most of the rational discourse that these situations require.

    • I agree with you lambo but I have only had a very brief read of any of the drama and nothing as far as what the twitterati are saying.
      Borderlands has a majority male fan base. It is fun to play co-op. If the objective of that skill tree was to give gamers the chance to get their girlfriends to play with them then the term is totally accurate. It is basic understanding your client base and providing a solution to their needs.
      Is that to say girls are worse gamers? I don’t think so, it is saying that this is a mode that guys can use to assist their girlfriends to join them in a hobby they enjoy without as large a barrier of entry.
      Could it be used as a boyfriend mode, sure but the most common use the team who developed it see for it is as a girlfriend mode.

    • Don’t worry, Lambo, how you have interpreted his statement is probably exactly how he wanted it to be interpreted.
      The problem is that statements like these can be interpreted in different ways, by different people. Perhaps if the dev had elaborated and explained it from a personal perspective (that such content would help his girlfriend get more enjoyment from the game), or specified that the same concept could be applied to all people, from all demographics, who struggle with FPS’s (like what you’ve said), it would have saved him from the scrutiny he received. However, he left it as a gender-specific generalisation.
      It’s a simple matter of political correctness, but, when coupled with a community’s frustration with a male dominated industry, it pushes all the wrong buttons.
      Maybe the person who made the statements actually disregarded most females as gamers. I highly doubt it. But in an environment like this, where an industry is trying to escape an atmosphere of sexism that has be prevalent for years, he should have been more careful.

      In addition to that, when one side of the community responded with outrage, the other side responded with dismissal. There’s nothing wrong with people having differing opinions, but one opinion doesn’t cancel the other out. This caused conflict on its own behalf, separate to the original divergence.

      Anyway… It’s unfortunate that something like this, which is meant to encourage people to take interest in the genre, has caused such division due to a minor case of miscommunication (or something more sinister – if you’re inclined to believe it).

      • I think the main problem may actually be people not taking/having the time to look into things properly, and just going on what they’ve heard other people say. Right after he said ‘girlfriend skill tree’* he said “This is, I love Borderlands and I want to share it with someone, but they suck at first-person shooters. Can we make a skill tree that actually allows them to understand the game and to play the game? That’s what our attempt with the Best Friends Forever skill tree is.”
        *the term ‘girlfriend mode’ isn’t mentioned until later when they talk about the hardcore mode.

        • Yeah, I suppose he did elaborate.
          Oh well, what can you do?
          He upset some people for whatever reason and now it’s spiralled out of control. Probably best to just sit back, relax, and wait for 20th September.

    • This is the first I’ve heard about this whole thing. My opinion is, if a straight male gamer comes up with this sort of idea, than initial thinking “girlfriend mode” is perfectly fine, as the thought process behind it probably went something like “hey, I wish there was a way for all those non game girls I’ve dated to share my passion, I know, how about a girlfriend mode”, but to keep on calling it girlfriend mode beyond that initial “hey I’ve got an idea” moment, to keep calling it during that during it’s development, even if that’s not what it’s actually called in the game, and to call it that during interviews, is a problem, for the same reason Strage said in her post she linked, because it’s indicitive of a larger problem that’s still plaguing gaming to this day.

    • Friendly reminder: Everything you read about Borderlands 2 for the next two days is going to be knee-jerk reactions, fuelled by base emotions.

  • Some of you may be aware that the world is ending this year. That’s right. Ka-blooey. Bye-bye world. Except for those of you with beards. For you, you shall inherit the Earth when the rest are ashes.

    And by that, I mean The Beards are touring this year, and they’re playing The End Of The World (for beardless people) Tour. Tickets are cheap as chips (twenty bucks mate. Bargain.), and they’re playing pretty much all over Australia. I’ve already got tickets for their show on the 6th of October at the HiFi in Brissie. Beards are not required, but are encouraged. As is the act of bearding for you lovely ladies who love beards.

    Tour info

    BEARDS! \o/

      • Seeds arrived today!
        In ascending SHU measurement, we’ve got:
        BrainStrain 7pod
        Bih Jolokia (Bhut’s big brother)
        Trinidad Scorpion Moruga

        SO HYPE \o/
        Only issue is, from plantation to harvest is 6 months or so >.<
        On the plus side, the climate up here is optimal for capsaicin production within the fruit, meaning hotter chillis on average πŸ˜€

  • I’ve been putting up some designs on redbubble and getting them printed because I want them, I figure I may as well share them with you chumps. There’s no commission on any of these, mainly because a lot of these are just images downloaded from the net that require a bit of tweaking. Some required more effort (ND and Dishonored ones), but yeah.

    It has:
    25 years Naughty Dog
    Last of Use
    25 years of Metal Gear

    • Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind a shirt with my Journey emblem on it. Those are unique to your username, right? Would be kinda cool.

      (Not that I want you to make one for me. Just thinking out loud :P)

        • A quick Google is telling me that they’re not unique. I always thought they were generated from your username (like you see on some forums). Bit let down now πŸ˜›

  • “Hot Robert Pattinson Emerges For Cosmopolis Premiere in NYC”
    Actually, no. He looks more creepy than hot in that pic.

  • So, Darksiders 2.

    I’m not convinced.

    I’m enjoying the game a lot, but it feels like it’s in spite of the changes they’ve made, rather than because of it. They’ve made it all RPG. You’re picking up random loot drops rather than unlocking appropriate upgrades as you play. You’re picking up gold coins that you use to buy said loot, instead of souls. There’s no more bottles that you fill with whatever, you’re just picking up potions now. Gear has level requirements and you’re getting XP from killing stuff and doing quests. And there’s even a talent system.

    It just gets in the way. It feels like they saw all the people saying ‘this is just like Zelda’ and took that as being a criticism. It wasn’t.

    Thankfully the level design is roughly the same, though with faux-open world areas (effectively large corridors) linking stuff together that you have to traverse on your insanely slow horse. I stumbled upon a couple of dungeon areas which I assume are side areas but I don’t know.

    Also, most terrible of all, I found a pair of portal panels. The portal gun is back πŸ™

    • To be fair, a lot of people who remarked “this is like Zelda” did mean it as criticism.

      πŸ™ at that damn Portal gun. That part completely did my head in in the first.

  • So I found this Facebook page this afternoon i’ve spent the last 2 & a half hours looking through the pictures, Brisbane you have some fantastic buildings that are now abandoned, it is so sad.

    But at the same time it’s fascinating to look at all these places.

  • Reposting from the end of Page 4:

    Darksiders 2.

    I’m not convinced.

    I’m enjoying the game a lot, but it feels like it’s in spite of the changes they’ve made, rather than because of it. They’ve made it all RPG. You’re picking up random loot drops rather than unlocking appropriate upgrades as you play. You’re picking up gold coins that you use to buy said loot, instead of souls. There’s no more bottles that you fill with whatever, you’re just picking up potions now. Gear has level requirements and you’re getting XP from killing stuff and doing quests. And there’s even a talent system.

    It just gets in the way. It feels like they saw all the people saying β€˜this is just like Zelda’ and took that as being a criticism. It wasn’t.

    Thankfully the level design is roughly the same, though with faux-open world areas (effectively large corridors) linking stuff together that you have to traverse on your insanely slow horse. I stumbled upon a couple of dungeon areas which I assume are side areas but I don’t know.

    Also, most terrible of all, I found a pair of portal panels. The portal gun is back πŸ™

    • Hmmm…

      The loot thing in Skyward Sword wasn’t too bad but it was barely implemented and used. Hopefully Darksiders II does it a bit better. It’s sounding more like your standard action/adventure which I have nothing against but I love it when games have that ‘Zelda’ aspect of using X to solve Y.

      And I didn’t mind the portal gun πŸ˜›

      • It also appears to be $50 again? Judging from previous posts they added the Australian tax during the day? Hmmm strange…

        I also looked at the season pass and it looks a bit meh

      • This is loot in the way Diablo has loot. Stats, green / blue / purple / yellow for rarities etc. Not what I expected and I don’t really like it. But I suspect for a lot of people this makes the game ‘better’.

        Also makes it easier for them to churn out shitty DLC items I guess.

    • I forgot to mention: the platforming is fantastic. Death is lighter and more agile than War, he platforms like the Prince in Prince of Persia. Wall running and stuff. Feels fantastic. And the level design in the dungeons is pretty much exactly the same as the original Darksiders so I’m pretty happy with that element. I just feel like the loot and stat building is unnecessary.

        • I haven’t unlocked any new gear yet – two main dungeons down. Bosses are just straight up tank & spank or have a simple gimmick.

          There’s no pieces of heart to collect. πŸ™

  • Is it just me or is there something rather unsettling about that picture in the David Jones Spring Summer Fashion Show article down there?

  • @ Strange (HI STRANGE!), @Lambo

    It’s nice to see a more mature level discussion about the story than elsewhere on the net.

    I’m still of the view that he was coming from a place of context and experience himself, which was not explained properly, and by not explaining it properly it definitely should not have been said.

    I really believe the context of “I’ve had gf’s who aren’t really gamers, but would love to get involved, so….” could have completely turned this into a positive situation. It’s a shame it gets covered in crap. That said, it could have equally been “I’ve had friends who aren’t good at FPS’s, so…”

    Calling it something like “girlfriend mode” with no contextual explanation really leaves the door open to all sorts of misunderstandings and bullshit, as seen.

    Also, man, the internet sucks. So many people making this into both extremes of “WOMAN HATING MYSOGINIST STUDIO!” and “STUPID PC FEMINAZIS” replies and articles.

    Makes me glad I don’t do twitter.

    • Not to sound like I’m repeating myself, but he did try to give it some context in the sentence right after he first mentioned ‘girlfriend mode’.
      “I want to make, for the lack of a better term, the girlfriend skill tree. This is, I love Borderlands and I want to share it with someone, but they suck at first-person shooters.Can we make a skill tree that actually allows them to understand the game and to play the game? That’s what our attempt with the Best Friends Forever skill tree is.”

      But anyway, enough about that. Time for something cheery instead

    • I opened twitter and it was full of people asking if it was safe to come out yet…

      But yeah, this is why devs get shielded behind talking PR heads so much these days.

    • Zap, for avoiding controversy, I will say that twitter is among the best websites. The reason is you only converse with people you want to. I follow some people who engage in discussions I’d rather not, and it’s annoying, but I choose to still follow them because other things they say are worthwhile for me. I could easily unfollow anyone who is spreading discussions I don’t want to be part of. Or, with some twitter software like tweetbot you can actually create mute filters. I mute all Q and A and Big Brother discussion, for example.

      I suggest starting an account and just follow a developer or two you respect and also Raygun Brown.

  • It’s controversy time! I just came across a post on facebook that’s garnered quite some attention:
    “first of all i would like to say that this comment is in no way offensive to 9 news.

    Im 19 years old and feel the need to express my opinions.
    When seeing the ads on t.v about the news story coming up with refugees and illegal immigrants getting housed in australia with families etc, i don’t need to see the story to know what its about. in fact i am ashamed to see australia for what it is today, WE as a country need to realise that before we put hard earned tax payers money into housing and looking after refugees and those less fortunate from other countries.. WE need to think about our OWN first. Take a trip down to melbourne or sydney or brisbane just to name a few, look at all the homeless on the streets, in freezing winters and rough conditions, why cant we house those people first? why cant we put them in a detention centre with tv’s and a nice comfy bed, food and a nice warm shelter. WHY do we just look past this and leave them on the street and give people from other countries an opportunity and somewhere to stay before we do with our OWN? WE as a country need some form of real leadership, to take priority with our own born and bread before we as country will lose what we once called “home”.

    Please take the time to read this.

    Now, I’m not well versed in the politics of the situation (else I’d be a politician. I like arguing, and I like decent perks in my jobs), but I think it’s fair to say that the homeless Australians have made some untoward decisions in their past. I hate to say it, but it’s a genuinely rare case when people are simply kicked out on their arse for no damned reason. They’ve chosen – one way or another – to be jobless, homeless, helpless. There are solutions available.
    The people “jumping the queue” from overseas are – so far as I’m concerned – far more deserving of funding and assistance. Why? Because they’ve actually done something to change their situation. Sure, we may not be able to handle the influx. Maybe we can, who knows. But I hardly think it’s fair to say that the bums and parkies of Australia are more deserving of a handout than a (assumed) hardworking international visitor.
    Sure, we’ve got issues as a nation. Yes, this whole ‘boat-people’ debacle is a sham from the get-go. Personally, I’d like to see a nice little swap between nations.

    I’ll take a refugee over a bum any day.

    • As I briefly just mentioned on twitter, I was a homeless child for some time and the statement that I made an untoward decision or that I chose “one way or another” to be homeless is so horrifically insensitive I don’t know what to say.

      • Again, it does happen. I know this. But where are we now? Neither you, nor I are homeless any longer. We’ve managed to do something with ourselves, MAKE something of ourselves.

        • So because we managed to get out it should be a case of stuff everyone else they are clearly doing it to themselves or not trying? I am all for foreign assistance and asylum aid however to say we should be disregarding our own homeless issue … doesn’t make sense? I don’t know how to word it. Is just wrong at it’s very core?

          Oh well, back to my hole of not reading TAY!

          • Ok, I’ve crossed the line in what I had said, and for that I apologise. I guess what I was attempting to convey was that of those homeless and down-on-their-luck individuals, the ones I’ve spoken with, shared food with, 90% of them have said the same damned thing. They don’t want a job, they don’t want to help themselves.
            Perhaps that’s the sign of a broken person. Yes, the world’s been tough. Why bother? I’ve been there.

            I struggle to respect someone if they can’t respect themselves though, which invariably led to the negative comments above. It’s a shortcoming of mine, and I recognize that. I’m sorry for offending you, although I feel that my point still stands. We can’t be expected to provide handouts for everyone that’s cold, tired and lonely if they’re not willing to help themselves too.
            For better or worse, that’s how the (capitalist, at least) world works.

            Once again, I’m sorry I touched on a sore point for you.

          • ‘I struggle to respect someone if they can’t respect themselves though, which invariably led to the negative comments above.’ Self-esteem isn’t something every has, alas. Some people look in the mirror and feel nothing but self-loathing. Some people have felt the burden of depression or addiction for so long that they don’t feel apart of society at large. Some people are born into a situation where they haven’t been taught the means to escape. Some people have been unemployed for so long that they feel useless and a drain on society, resenting the oxygen they inhale. Some people aren’t born grounded with mental health. You’re right, these are broken people, but being broken shouldn’t write you off. Empathy for our own people and the way of life we hold sacred is one of the reasons these refugees are travelling here in the first place. I like to believe there’s room to help both. Optimism is always better than cynicism.

          • That’s not really directed at you, Aleph. Just clarifying what I was trying to say below.

            Everyone is most definitely entitled to their own beliefs.

    • I’m not gonna prattle on much, but there is some truth to what is said. And not all bums are there by choice. I was close to being homeless myself earlier this year, and bankrupt. Not by choice, but because I was married to an ungrateful immigrant. I got screwed over with legal fees and stuff, which is probably a similar situation for a lot of the so called bums. If the govt did more to look after their own before handing out millions in donations to other countries, we might find things improved on the home front. Once things are under control here, then worry about other people. Perhaps if we didn’t send millions overseas, and spend millions on these “boat people”, the govt might be able to help out in situations like what’s happening in QLD, so 20,000 people wouldn’t have to be put out of work. I understand there’s a need to help refugees too of course. Some of them have horrible lives at home, but we’ve got some pretty serious shit happening here too. Some of those 20,000 people in QLD may end up as bums, not by choice, but just as a matter of circumstance. I’m not in favour of one side in particular, but there’s plenty of reasons to accept both sides of the argument.

    • I don’t agree with what you’ve said about the homeless population in Australia. I think they are just as deserving of help and assistance as those seeking asylum.

      I don’t like the general attitude of most of the Australian public when it comes to illegal immigrants, or ‘boat people’ as the media likes to call them. Most of the general public of Australia are unaware of the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees even exists, least of all what’s actually inside that convention.

      Article 1 of the convention defines what a refugee is:
      “A person who owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality and is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country; or who, not having a nationality and being outside the country of his former habitual residence as a result of such events, is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to return to it..”

      The other important part is the section which gives a refugee the right to be free from any penalty relating to the illegality of their entrance to the country, so long as they identify themselves to the authorities and declare themselves as a refugee:
      “The Contracting States shall not impose penalties, on account of their illegal entry or presence, on refugees who, coming directly from a territory where their life or freedom was threatened in the sense of article 1, enter or are present in their territory without authorization, provided they present themselves without delay to the authorities and show good cause for their illegal entry or presence.”

      A lot of Australians who like to talk crap about illegal immigrants coming into ‘their’ country are immigrants themselves at some point down their family tree. On one side of my family, they came here to escape the religious persecution they suffered in Germany. The other side of my family, the Wondunna clan of the Badjtala tribe of aborigines, saw the first influx of white men come into Australia and claim their homes of thousands of years for themselves.

      I think it’s very easy for those without perspective to pass judgment on refugees in a heartless, callous manner. The people I tend to engage in negative discussion about refugees would likely never know what it’s like to have to make the choice to leave their entire lives behind, or risk being killed for their beliefs and choices. I think it’s also very easy for those of us who’ve never found ourselves homeless to pass judgement similarly, because we simply don’t know what it’s like.

      This has been a bit rambly, eh? Ah well. I guess what I’m saying is that you can’t just say either/or. If there’s someone who’s doing it tougher than we are, and we can help, we should help in any way we can.

    • I don’t get why it has to be one or the other. Call me irrationally idealistic for saying this, but we should be helping both equally (as well as other groups not mentioned here). That might not be the way the world works, but I ‘ll always find it wrong to decide that one life is worth more than another like that.

      • I believe it may be irrationally idealistic, although that’s not to say that’s a bad thing. It’s difficult knowing that a line must be drawn, yet deciding where that line is to be drawn. Ultimately, I can’t see a utopian future for all of mankind without that breaching on certain freedoms we maintain as individuals in the current day and age.
        I’m not willing to give up the freedoms I have, just as much as the next person. It’s unfortunate (and damnably selfish) that we as a society possess this mindset, but unless we hold a blanket, worldwide reform, nothing’s going to change.
        The only constant we have currently is change. Tumultuous and violent, yet constant. We get rid of that, and all the problems disappear.
        So does freedom.

        • I tried writing something to explain myself further here but found I really couldn’t. It’s just a moral stance that’s been hammered into me, and I find it very difficult to see things from your perspective here. I’m aware of hose cheesy and ideal/hopeful it reads, but that’s how I see it.

          I’m just gonna go around in circles if I try to stay involved in this further though, because I really don’t have much to say on this topic, so…backing out now.

    • “It’s controversy time!”

      Well, you were certainly right on that point Aleph! πŸ˜‰
      There’s a lot of work to be done on both fronts. A LOT of work!!!

      Regarding the issue of Australians who find themselves homeless – there are any number of issues that contribute to Aussies living rough.
      Some find themselves there as a result of poor choices, as you suggested. Others find themselves there through a combination of sheer bad luck and the lack of a support network of family and friends that most of us take for granted.
      Others slip and slide thier way down there through the huge cracks in our mental health system.

      And then there’s the (very tiny) handful who you refer to as ‘bums’, who have none of the other probelms, yet choose this life over engagement with society and the responsibilities inherent therein.

      As for the ‘boat people’ or ‘asylum seekers’ or ‘queue jumpers’ or whatever the media decides to call them this week, let them come! Let them apply for political asylum, or refugee status, or immigrant status, or whatever the legal trend is.
      And let them do this process on Australian shores. Let them contribute to Australian society while the paperwork makes its lengthy way through the system.

      Perhaps we didn’t hear it enough at the Olympics, but our national anthem even says it;
      ” For those who’ve come across the seas
      We’ve boundless plains to share”

      Anyway, yeah. Two sides and all that.

    • For me, it’s two seperate issues. It’s like folks who insist NASA’s funding should be spent on other things, there’s no need we can’t just prioritize and help both. Doesn’t have to be us vs. them. I’m all for more refugees, in all honesty, but I also have empathy for those broken people too. No one has ever chosen to be broken, their spirit crushed. They can’t be written off, though. Where there’s life there’s hope and they can be fixed.

    • I’m not well versed on the homeless situation here in Australia, but from what I understand, there are quite a few systems already in place to look after homeless people. Housing, foodbanks, people who help them get jobs etc. Those are things that refugees never had access to until they got to Australia, and even then, Australia still treats them like crap. Everytime I hear a politician go on about how we need to “stop the boat people” I just feel disgusted. These are people who are fleeing poverty and violence and trying to make a better life for themselves and the national response is to bar them from coming or send them back. It really makes me ashamed to be Australian.

        • Well that is another kettle of fish. We want to retain the land for the phosphate mines but can’t then disregard it from the laws and obligation of an Australian territory. You then get into the east Timor oil situation, should we even have any rights to the area at all.

    • I think being in charge of a country means sometimes you have to make hard decisions like splitting hairs over what is more worthy of time and money.
      But I also think the “leaders” we usually have these days do not properly feel the weightiness of these decisions and make them according to political agenda/whims instead of according to what’s the right thing or even the smart thing to do.

  • Sleeping Dogs has been getting some solid reviews. 8.5/10 at IGN they praise the story too. (In all honesty, I feared the story would be the weakest link. I’m always more willing to forgive other flaws if there’s a good story so this makes me happy.)

      • Oh, cool! JB lists it for tomorrow, might pick up the console version. Prefer to play these sort of games with a controller, couch and HDTV. πŸ˜›

  • That RE6 sure does look scrumptious. I was tempted to wait a year for the inevitable Capcom DLC to finish but I don’t think I’ll be able to. It’s looking like day one for me.

      • I’d be up for that. I’m very hard to pin down for gaming though, with long hours at work, a long commute, and a newborn at home. But I should be able to find the odd window and just see if you’re free at the same time too! Friday nights are probably my clearest gaming time as I can justify staying up really late.