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    Sup gang?

      So tired. Was awake until 3:30 playing pokemon conquest. Just-one-more-turn syndrome to the extreme

      Tired and slightly in pain :P

      Mosh pits are death especially if you're wearing 4 layers of clothes :/

        Mosh pits are great. Not sure 4 layers of clothes would've helped you much though. T-shirt is good, singlet is better. Also boots. All that's left after that is to go nuts!

          Singlet, t-shit, hoodie and jacket aren't good at once :P. In my defence it was bloody freezing outside... Stupid weather!

      Tired and bruised from a long weekend involving paintball.

    Morning Fronds!

    I finished Darksiders on the weekend. I am psyched for Darksiders II this week!

    So I just read that Bish is gone... This leaves a Bisher taste in my mouth.

    How's everyone this fine morning?

      Who else is going to say "Ugh Trollius..." :(

        Ugh Trollius...

        You're right Trollius, it's just not the same :(

      Wait, what? Bish is gone? Where?

        He went to Canadialand. From what I can tell, he kinda just mentioned on TAY "oh hey fronds, I'm going to Canadialand; the land of Canadia and maples. Y'all take care now!" and then he was gone.

        I poured one out for my homie.

          He'll be back. He'll miss our poisonous animals.


    So I'm having a party THIS WEEKEND! any peeps wanna join in at the last minute, shoot me an email. I'm emailing out the address and directions and stuff at lunch time so git movin'!

    Sydney! Saturday! Can YOU make it!? cronotriggr[at]gmail[dot]com

    Also, apologies to the guys for missing the Gorzy/Pyrean meat. My birthday dinner with the folks went on till pretty late. :(

      I'm a 99% yes at the moment! Just need to confirm I can get there, basically! I'll know once I have an address! :D

        I'm a yes as well.
        I hear you offer lifts Pow? Can I get in on this ;-)

          Hah, sure. I'd have to drive past your place to get there anyway. I don't think I'll be staying there overnight though.

          Anyway, I'll let you know what's happening when I confirm everything.

      Unfortunately I can't make it, but Happy Birthday for whenever your birthday is/was Doc!

      Happy birthday Doc. Can't wait for Saturday. Nerf guns \o/

      Doc What! Did you get my email? Sorry for taking so long to send it.
      Just want to know if you got it, because I was having a few troubles with the new Outlook/hotmail around the time I sent it.

      I'll try popping in for a bit earlier in the day but have dinner plans that evening in CBD so won't be for long. I'll try bringing those AE things for you what.

      See you guys then.

        Cheers dude! I'll bring an external HD to copy them to!

      I'm coming to eat all of your Chicken Tikka. Seriously. This is going to happen.

    I love my rare days off. Got up at 6 this morning and have since been rediscovering my love for the Prodigy (Fat of the Land, so awesome, shut up, it's not ancient. 97 wasn't that lo... oh jesus) and Atari Teenage Riot.

    Plans to finish Spec Ops and head over to pay for Darksiders 2 are there as well.Wonder if you can still get the LE. The cover looks so much better.

      Why would you get up at 6am on a day off? That's madness!

    Day 1 of using a standing desk for work. This should be interesting.

      That pain you feel in you calves, that is just the productivity slowly rising in you

        My stupid legs! I have no idea of what to do with them!

        Oh but several weeks from now I shall have legs stronger than Chun Li!

    Eat bacon err'day

      I made some crispy habanero bacon last night. Shit's amazing, yo.

        Habanero bacon!?

          Cheese/spinach tortellini with creamy mushroom and crispy habanero bacon, topped with salmon and parmesan!

          Leftovers for lunch today!

            Aww that's so cute, you think it'll still be there at lunch time.

            *yells into hallway*
            Fetch me my jetpack, I have a lunch to steal!!

              We've run out of jetpack fuel! You'll have to use the catapult instead.

              If ever I see any TAYbie on the eylandt, I'll give them ALL the lunches. This, I promise.

    Who knew playing golf was so tiring? Yesterday I planned on playing in the morning with some friends and then spending the afternoon doing work... but when I got home I just slumped down and had a nap, then went to bed early. So productive. (Olllllllddddddddd!)

    Hope everybody had a good weekend!

      You play golf?
      Its such a fun way to spend a afternoon with mates, i used to play fairly often in highschool. 4 dudes one golf cart and a free golf course. So much awesome . We also wore terrible old men hats sometimes :)
      yeah its tiring though.

        No, it was my first time playing. A couple of my friends go every now and then though. I just tagged along this time. It was more fun (and cheaper :P) than I thought it would be.

        Ended up with a score of 163... The total par of the course was 70... So yeah, I'm not the most skilled haha. Was still a good time though.

    I NEED A JOB*!

    *yes still, I'm getting worried now :(

      Calmness buddy if you get worried and stressed you will freak out and spiral. Just take it one day at a time. You will be okay.

      What kind of employment are you looking for? I understand it may not be your thing, but the mining boom is still in full force.

        Yeah, you just need years of mining experience already... cuz you know mining is such a widely available job in Australia that you can magically get your first years of experience from nothing at all

          depends what kind of stuff you wanna do techy? It really is a case of who you know, not what you know, its pretty easy to get in as a apprentice if you know someone who already works there.

            This, oh god this.
            From what I've experienced, Rocket's words ring true.
            The insane ineptitude found here is, well, insane. If you know someone within the industry, hit them up for a job. My plan is to drive the trucks in/out of the quarry for my last year here. You know they're actually turning down people that already have their HR licence? It's because they want you trained *their* way. I stand a better chance at employment as an outsider by remaining unqualified in the positions I apply for.
            Logic doesn't seem to have a place here :S

            I don't know anyone in the mining industry :(

            I'm doing Tech Support and have been doing it for a while but other places won't hire me for some reason.

    Oh yeah, I had a video to share this morning, huh.

    I present: two minutes of TAYbies pushing balloons into Cakesmith's hair. Plus a Balloonicorn.

      Haha! Poor Cakey. Those balloons just didn't want to stick.

      Why do you have to make feel worse about missing meats?

      That Cakeman... Such a good sport

      It's me! My balloon is the only one that stuck!

    Channel 7's Morning show talking about online hacking and Blizzard's recent problems are talked about.... Set to images of MW2. *head desk*

      Does Channel 7 have a high standard of piss-poor journalism, or is it just me?

        No it's not just you. I used to watch the news of a morning but now it's 95% crap, selling useless products or just plain bad.

        At least Seamus was on this morning. At least he would know a bit about Internet security

        *General Media body's research method*

        Type "video game" into search engine.


      Modern Warfare seems to be the default footage all media in the western world uses whenever video games are discussed.

        Wait, you mean there are other games other than Modern Warfare?!?

          it's either that or WoW

            Actually it depends on the news story
            If they are talking about violence its MW
            if they are talking about addiction and anti social behaviour its WoW

            That's the thing though, the quote was something along the lines of "Blizzard, the company behind popular online game World of Warcraft..." and they still used MW2

        It fits the image mainstream media loves to portray. Violence, guns, uberalpha character stereotypes (on second thought, I don't think I've ever played a CoD where there was any emphasis on the character).
        Although yeah, Channel 7 (is it still called Prime down south?) doesn't seem to be the most upstanding of channels. I recall channel 9 (WIN, right?) being similar to T/T with ACA.

      And humans wonder why I never sat down and watched TV for years on end

    I'm alive.

      Like that game? I am alive?

      Also Hi Scree! How close is the cosplay event you're going to?


          You will be fine, stress less you will look beautiful.

            I'm sorry, I will stop with the caps, I don't mean to yell. Stress D=

          I've always wondered, are cosplay corsets proper shove your guts into your chest corsets or are they just for looks and are lose fitting?

            Depends on the character and the person.
            Mine fits to my body shape, but it will probably still be a bit hard to breathe.
            If they're lace up corsets then yeah, they are rib crushingly tight.

          Eeek, sorry Scree!

          Anyway you will be fine. You have been working hard on this cosplay so it's sure to be awesome. :)

            It better be!

            I hope


      Someone said he'll be gone for a year, is that true? D:

        From what I have heard, it could be anywhere between 6 - 12 months

        I hope not. :(
        Still, gives us a chance to organise the mother of all welcome home meats

          This idea sounds awesome. A SUPER MEAT!!!!!! :-)

          I will so attend that!

          Everyone from all the states should be there (transport provided by Novahkiin)

      All we need to do is get an eccentric millionaire into TAY. Then it will be "To the TAYplane" for a Canadialand meat

      Also Bye Bish

        I was reading NeoGAF a while ago, some random rich music producer popped in to show his stuff off. He made friends with a guy then he picked the guy up in a limo and took him on the tour of the house. Freaking crazy.

        Maybe we should just try and make pez famous :P

        Can't we just have someone kidnap him & send him back here? =D

    Recall for work has left me so traumatised I can't even risk playing a game online or leave the house. I had the whole house to myself this weekend, no parents \o/ and couldn't do anything or invite people over :'(

    Both days I got recalled for stupid things that took me hours to fix for them (Or couldn't fix at all since it isn't really us causing it), with the work I needed to do in both days didn't match what was agreed to in the job description for recall to begin with... I really hate work today. Dunno why I came in this morning -.-

    Morning all.
    Now the Olympics are over we can return to our regular horribly crap programming.
    I'm so glad I don't watch TV

      I can't even remember what I used to watch. I've watched nothing but the Olympics this whole time :P

      There was Olympics on and it's over already?! All I saw every day I glanced at the TV was Channel 9 doing interviews with very few teams that won gold medals.

      There are a few good shows on, it's just hard to spot them inbetween all the rubbish.

      We got top 10 on the medal tally.
      For for the requests for another $100 million to get top 5 in 4 years time

    This reheated pie tastes like glue.

      I wouldn't be surprised if a few hooves went into making it.

      i read that as redhead pie.

        I do like me some redheads. More so if they don't taste like glue though.

          Depends on what sort of glue we're talking about. Clag is great for flavour, but not so much for texture.

            And that was the exact glue I was referring to. Not good :S


      Cakemang! Is there any chance that I could get admin power rights to the minecraft server? I doubt we will see Bish on it much for a while.

        Whats happened to Bish? I'm so out of the loop

          He's left to go to Canada. He could be gone anywhere between 6-12 months. :(

            I miss him already. And you are now on the OP list nob.

              Mmmmhmhmhm, mwahahaha



              I mean, I will not abuse my power :P

                Oh poop forgot to thank you Cakemang.

                THANKS CAKEMANG!

      Great vid man. Loved how it ended there with Shiggy's Anti-gangnam style face.

        Also Pants' face with the 'heeeeeeeey sexy lady!' line is pure gold. Love it.

          I'll have to investigate this when I get home...

      I have no idea what i just watched, but boy did it look fun!

    Morning guys and gals.

    So i FINALLY started playing saints row 2 on the weekend, and i gotta say, it's way more entertaining than most other sandbox games i have played and has actually managed to keep my attention. bloody brilliant.
    I'm sure plenty of you have played it before, so, any tips for a noob? lol

      Are we talking 2 or 3? I only have 3 so no idea about 2. I understand it was a lot less derpy than SR3

        Yeah, #2.
        I got 3 for $16 when HN had that sale, so it's inspired me to finally play #2.

    So the weekend was fun, one of my good uni friends got married so got to get all snazzied up and take the wife out for a night out.
    One of the readings was Dr Seuss \o/
    I got the crab balls instead of the pork belly /o\
    But I got the 12 hour slow cooked beef (so tender) \o/
    As usual the night we so quickly but everything went mostly to plan and we home before we turned into pumpkins

      "I got the crab balls instead of the pork belly"

      Pretty sure that's also the title of an adult movie i once say.
      It's possibly the reason i'm so messed up.

        Just one of many reason my friend, just one of many

    So i just sort of caught up in a way to learn that Bish is going (on gone?) away to canananananada???

    Dude - best wishes to you! I have no idea what you're doing, but surely it's awesome?!
    GL,HF,GG - you're an absolute king!

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