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    Ah, its good to be an All Blacks fan. It truely is.

      I couldnt of asked for a better PAGE GET, or 1500 comment.

        actuallu I think it was 1501 but w/e

          Who knows! My comment was also posted at 10:59 PM :P


            Revolvers at dawn is the only way to settle this

    I got bored and looked at some old TAYs, it's funny how many people forget there's a new TAY :P

    And god it was madness trying to keep up in the 5000+ comment TAYs :O

    Guuuuuhhh. Need to pee so chroniclly. Instead sitting in line at an ATM to get some girls some money out. Yes i know the girls. I'm not that sad. Yet. Also Taying irresponsibly. Don't drink and Tay people. This PSA was brought to you by Budweiser. Lots and lots of Budweiser.

    Darksiders 2 is huge. I think I'm about 2/3 the way through and sitting at 23 hours. Also played until 3am, completely absorbed. Haven't gotten sucked in like that in a while.

    Unfortunately I'm stuck on a puzzle involving the (sigh) Voidwalker. Though when combined with some of the other abilities it's pretty interesting. Shame the game only lets you have 4 ability quicklots and the usable abilities are shared with the wrath attacks. :\ I've also encountered a few weird glitches that required me to quit and reload. Thank god the game is immaculately checkpointed (Darksiders 2 should be the textbook example of how to do checkpoints and how to handle deadly falls correctly) and autosaving all the time.

      Should I sell my old rarer loot? I know some games let you break them down and whatnot for parts and I'm not sure it it has that system. Should I also bother with buying gear?

        You can use gear to "feed" possessed weapons which basically increases it's level. Also I have found no use in having gold. I bought all the abilities / combos like 1/2 through the game and, like all RPG's, I keep getting gold with nothing but "meh'" gear to buy.

          Buy gear to feed weapons!

            Don't do this. There's a white artifact you can buy from Vulgrim for 25k which is good for about 3/4 of level for possessed weapons. Currently I've got insane amounts of cash (~600,000) because there's really nothing to spend it on.


      Boss you have to fight with the goddamn fucking portal gun that DOES NOT AIM WHERE YOU POINT because the PC version of this game is so buggy :(

        Beat him. Easy enough once you figure out the method.

          I never ever want to see a portal gun in this franchise again, ever.

      Wow, turns out I was actually nearly finished. Just one major dungeon & a few bosses (the second last one was fucking crazy difficult and the final one a pushover that I nailed first go).

      Kind of a non-ending in the end. I haven't done all the sidequests and there seems like there's a few gear slots I haven't unlocked. I did notice some enemies which were invisible except for a faint outline, was expecting to get a mask to see them like in the first game, but Death already wears a mask... dunno what's up with those. Maybe need to do more sidequest stuff to find out but honestly I think I'm all Darksidered out now. Steam says it took me 26 hours, probably about right.

      Now for some Sleeping Dogs I guess.

    This video completely sums up my feelings on the 3DS XL, and adds in a completely awesome LOTR video twist:

      I kind of agree but don't see why people get so worked up about it. We've known all along that Nintendo would do a hardware refresh on the 3DS pretty fast, the original release was fairly flawed and the XL is effectively the same thing as the DS Lite. They always fuck their early adopters.

      Disagree that the Vita's only got 3 games though. I've got about ten and a fair few more ordered.

    Just realised, I was in a car with Nova for at least 40 minutes and didn't call him Novahkin or the Driverbon. I've failed!

      And I went to a whole Meat with Nova and didn't once harass him to finish Xenoblade. I've failed as well!

    New version of my game!
    Version 1.1
    Made the flashlight beam larger
    Fixed text so it doesn't disappear as quickly
    Fixed the player being to use stuff when dead
    Showed what the goal is at the beginning of the game
    Made a logo for the title screen
    Added a story
    If someone/s could try it out and give me their opinion, that'd be great thanks :)

      Wooo... died 35 times. I'm not very good at this.

      So from what I can tell, once I hid behind everything it was the end of the game?

        I don't think I'm very good at making the aim of the game clear. *headdesk* :P
        You're trapped in the laboratory for the night, and all you can do is just wander around. When morning comes, the lights turn back on and you can hop in the elevator and go back to the surface. There's also a watch you can pick up that will tell you the time. Each 'hour' lasts for 1.5 minutes real time. You don't have to do anything to make it morning. You could even just sit there in the elevator for 15 mins and win the game that way :P Maybe I should just give the watch to the player at the start of the game. That might help a bit.

      I played for a short while.
      At first I died many times.
      Then I found the flashlight, found how to hide, and died several more times.
      But no bugs and no complaints. Your game does what it says on the box.
      Good luck! :)

    If anyone has an iOS device and likes puzzle games and/or wants Eets, World of Goo or Puzzle Agent on Steam then I suggest you check out The Heist application. It used to be $1 but it's currently free. It has 60 puzzles in 4 different categories, some of them are more fun than others but the main catch is when you beat them you get emailed a code for Eets and when you beat them all you get emailed codes for the other 2!

    Can't really comment on the games other than World of Goo which is good fun and is worth $10, let alone free :). World of Goo is apparently supposed to be for the first 25,000 to beat the game but the promotion has been going on for months, the app is #1 in many countries and I just got mine so I doubt it's really that limited.

    Oh and best of all is that ALL the solutions can be found online. While I did some of the legitimately most of them were kinda tedious rather than fun. Woo for cheating!

    I'm alive, I'm just dead tired

      You must be looking forward to when you can sit back and relax


      I'm probably a bit late with this, but I spotted a whole stack of those LED shower heads that you were after at one stage. At the Queen Vic markets.

    450km to Ottawa and not a single Streetpass.
    Do people hate fun there or something? I don't understand.

    So, the Premier League is back on.
    And my beloved Chelsea are 2-0 up over Wigan in the 65th minute.
    Good times. :)

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