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    Working here having engraving as one of the main things I do, it's seriously depressing the amount of people I meet that have lost young children. I never know what to say to them either as all I do is have mild panic attacks thinking what it would be like losing my kids.

    /depressing subject.

      Damn dude, that's sad to hear.

      its a hard thing when young children die. I had a niece pass away at only 7 months old. And its niot pleasent. but you know, my brother and his wife are very philosophical about life now, and my nieces short time in this world left a lot of great lessons for the family.

      Every parents worst nightmare I think.
      Did you get that graphic novel yet? Should have by now :)

        Just realised how innappropriate that question is on a reply to your post...
        Mods! Edit button please!

    I'm loving the sound of the new TF2 update. It sounds like a completely different game (in a good way!) The upgradable stuff sounds great! Can't wait to give it a go.

      I said 'sound' three times :P Sounds like I have such a wide vocabulary!

        Sounds like you have a sound grasp on the language! :D

      Oh wow this is awesome.

      Yeah, I'm pretty damned keen on it. Regardless of what's happening this weekend, I probably won't get a chance to play until Monday though :(


    Tearway for the VITA and RAIN for the PS3 are my favourite new gamescom announcements. I love the Tearway trailer, Media Molecule always make really charming trailers.

    Now all Sony needs to do to get me is announce a significant price drop for the VITA.

    Also, the new cross-buy initiative is really good. Buy certain PS3 games get the VITA version for free. The games confirmed so far are: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Need for Speed Most Wanted might be a contender but EA hasn't confirmed it yet.

      Out of interest, why do you capitalize all the laters of Vita? It's not an acronym...

      Personally none of the games that Sony are announcing are system sellers for me. They're games I'll buy because I already own the system, but when it comes to portables I want stuff that's suited to portables, not ports of console franchises. Disgaea 3, Persona 4 & Gravity Rush were my main ones, and also the new Ys and Legend of Heroes games which I'm hoping XSEED will bring over. Those for me are portable-oriented games, or at least games I would enjoy as much on a portable as on a full console.

      Sony doesn't need a price drop. It needs Monster Hunter or even a MH clone like God Eater. It needs that big portable-oriented experience. A price drop would help sales, but only briefly unless there's some actual software.

      Wouldn't mind a DLNA video player too.

        It needs a price drop for me, it's too expensive compared to competitors.

        About the capitalisation of the Vita. I don't know, I just did it.Although you're right it's not an acronym so it doesn't need to be capitalised.

      I haven't heard of Rain until then but I just looked it up. It looks interesting but I need more footage/info before I can make any judgement. I also completely forgot about Unfinished Swan!

      Whaaa serious? That's awesome on the free Vita front! Looks like I need a job to buy dat Vita :P

      Are you sure that the cross-play thing allows you to have both games free? There's a few that do this already when you buy digitally (I think Marvel vs Capcom 3 is one?) but I thought you paid extra to get both.

        Both games free? No.

          Not both games for free! You pay retail price for the PS3 version for example($60 in the US) then you get the Vita version for free.
          You get a download code for the Vita version of the game.

          According to the EU playstation blog

          'Vita Cross-Buy:
          As of later this year, buy either the PlayStation 3 or PS Vita version of a compatible game and you’ll be able to download the other at no additional cost. PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, Ratchet & Clack: QForce (yes, that’s now a Vita title too) and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time are the first games confirmed to support this new feature.'

            You have to buy the games off PSN though. It's a trojan horse.

          Both for the price of one. i.e. you get the other one for free. That's what I meant at least.

    Man... reading up on Sleeping Dogs (downloading it on Steam at home at the moment) and now I'm torn. Do I continue with Darksiders II and finish it, do I swap to Sleeping Dogs? Both seem like they're ~25-30 hours of content, both are also seemingly really solid games. But Fall of Cybertron is on the 24th and I don't think I can finish both the others before it comes out. And then Borderlands 2 isn't far off too. Release rush :(

      If you're enjoying Darksiders I'd keep playing that. Sleeping Dogs will keep. September is pretty light on the gaming front too so might be nice to fill the void then. I will be playing it tomorrow, though. :P

      Give up on all of them and play Xenoblade! :P

      Could always swap between the two, hour here an hour there. Or do as D.C. said and just stick to Darksiders II until you beat it then worry about Sleep Dogs after Fall of Cybertron or play it before if you have enough time. Only problem with swapping between so many games is that you'll often get sidetracked and never finish them :(

        I can't swap between games. I stop playing one to play another, I don't graze. I hate leaving things unfinished and the only time I'll actively drop a game is if something more interesting / important comes along, or I get stuck or lose interest.

          Might be my heritage as an adventure gamer, but I don't swap between games either. I play primarily for the story and that would be like pausing a movie to watch another movie then going back. It's not right.

      Watching some of the sleeping dogs reviews has reminded me that I actually liked the first true crime. For a GameCube game.

    If there was any remaining debate over whether games are art, then Beck's 'Cities' level in Sound Shapes (and Sound Shapes in general) is the final nail in its coffin.

    @Virus__ I'm not sure how your friend would go about it, but Macquarie uni in northern Sydney always had a ton of international students when I was there. They get a lot of support, accommodation organised for them, all that jazz. Most of them came over and did internships through the uni as well.

      Most international students have to pay their ridiculous fees upfront, which the uni is more than happy to accept.

        And you said you'd only be around at 3 in the morning. I knew you couldn't keep away :)

      Spose it woulda helped if I mentioned she's in new Zealand lol.

    I get out of Toronto Domestic. Tim Hortons.
    Getting driven back to my uncle's place. Tim Hortons.
    Randomly lost near downtown. Tim Hortons.

    So I finally ask, What's the deal with Tim Hortons?
    "Well, Tim Hortons was a [local sportsitem player], very famous, and when he passed away, he was sort of honoured by the Tim Hortons shop; a coffee shop."
    "Is... that how it works?" I ask, but am ignored.
    "I find Tim Hortons coffee to be the best, it's... very Canadian. You know how Canadians are sort of mild, not very loud, and laid-back?"
    "No", I say to myself.
    "Well Tim Hortons coffee is like that; it's not all loud and strong like Starbucks, an American coffee."
    Canadian coffee pride. There exists such thing.

    Bish goes to Tim Hortons
    I'm walking 'home' a few kilometers lugging my brand new laptop, and I stop in Tim Hortons for a drink. I struggle with the door system for a while (why would you have two doors leading inwards, one that goes in and one that goes out where is the consistency /o\). There's no bottled water apparently. I spy a Peach flavoured drink, but the label is in French, and although it says Peach, it kind of looks like a lemon and I do not know if it is juice or tea or what. I settle for an apple juice, and ask the counter lady for it, and she gives me a look of disgust. I... what? Is apple juice not good enough for you lady? Huh? HUH? I exit with my apple juice, taking another embarassing stop trying to figure out how doors work.

    So what was Tim Hortons like? nobody asks.
    Well let me tell you.
    I may or may not have tripped on a completely flat footpath walking home from Tim Hortons and got apple juice up my nose.

      You did it wrong, sorry.

      Tim Hortons is where you go for the disgusting horrible hot water dripped through dirt scraped off the bottom of old sewage pipes that North America thinks is coffee, and Donuts. Donuts are thus the only reason you would go to Tim Hortons.

      (Yes, I suppose I'm a coffee snob)

        no i am pretty sure drinking tim hortons apple juice through your nose is the right way to do it
        man what country do you even come from not knowing that

      Wait... what was the name of the coffee shop again?

      Tim Hortons is the fucking bomb. Awesome candy coffee.

      Get the double double. Always the double double. The largest double double they sell.

    Regarding Darksiders / Darksiders II borrowing all its ideas from other games, I think John Walker at RPS has the best quote regarding that:

    There’s barely a single original idea in here – and yet that never proves a bad thing. Instead this is a lucky dip of great game ideas from everywhere else, compiled together in one enormous project, dwarfing its inspirations in terms of size, if not always in design. Within the game you’ll find one huge chunk of Prince Of Persia, a generous slice of Zelda, no inconsiderable lump of Metroid Prime, and a car park full of Ratchet & Clank. Then there’s the bucketfuls of Shadows Of The Colossus, all served with a massive side order of Diablo. And these aren’t reaches – these are bold, clear influences, and what a bloody good thing that is. What a fantastic list of games to be reminded of, all at once.

      Playing through the first one, I felt much the same way. Except every time I was reminded of another game, I was reminded that they did whatever they did better.

        This is true, but it's not as if Darksiders did any of those elements badly.

      My only problem with seeing the prince of persia 2008 style grooves(the things he grabs onto when he wall runs), wall running and platforming in darksiders is knowing that that game may never have a sequel. :-(

    Random boredom induced rambling -
    got up today feeling like utter crap (nothing unusual about that. I'm not a morning sort of guy). get on thetrain to work, coffee in hand & These Arms Are Snakes on the headphones & then I felt it - the first hints of spring.
    I like spring. its got its own vibe to it. stuff happens in the spring.

    Other stuff. Just finished re-watching the original Neon genesis Evangelion series. Nowhere near as much of a mind screw as I remeber it being the first time through. Still, sitting there with a hot chocolate (total comfort) watching the last few eps (total philosophical & exestential horror) was a nice contrast. Now I want to track down the alt-ending films. but it seems they've been discontinued in Australia. TO THE INTERWEBS!

    Also, MELBOURNE FRIENDS!!! flights down your way have been booked. going to be there 28th-30th Sep. At some point I think we should meet up & exchange pleasentries / get noms & stuff.

      Evangelion \o/
      Yes, the mind screw doesn't really hit until the alt endings, of which I own a couple of different versions, which you are most welcome to borrow.
      If you wish to view these WTF alt endings, just send me a postal address via;

        thanks for the kind offer Mr Barbarian, but I'll probably just torrent it *ahem* I mean acquire them legally from the internet.

      I tried rewatching it recently and the amount of fan service and navel gazing was just too grating for me these days. 

      That said the 1.11 and 2.22 redos are amazing and they are taking way too long to finish them all. 

        I enjoyed the remakes, but I despised what they did to Asuka.
        She seemed a pale comparison to her original and with far less screen time, grrr. It made for one unhappy barbarian.

          She has actual character depth and development. But yeah, she kind of gets shoved aside roughly. :(

          Based off the trailers for the third film though, she comes back as a pirate!

      Looks like the third Rebuild of Evangelion movie isn't out in Japan until November. Which could mean quite the wait for the next English dub/release.

      Why are they taking so damned long? The third one is where everything looks to be deviating quite a lot.

        for the first two there was a two year wait between the Japanese & western releases... so yeah... mid 2014 for 3.0?

        & yeah, 1.0 was pretty much the series, but 2.0 really began to go somewhere different toward the end... Pretty keen to see what happens in the next ones.

          It's meant to be how whatshisface wanted the series to go. Seeing as there were severe budget issues and the whole sarin gas thing, the show took a pretty big turn from what was planned.

          I think it was pretty neat that they didn't really deviate from what we knew until towards the end of the second one. Makes the hype for the last two so much more and changing too much early on would make it feel like a completely different show.

          So overall, I'm pretty happy with how it has panned out so far.

            Sarin gas? I don't think that had anything to do with it. Anno was suffering from clinical depression, they were way over budget (Gainax had never made a profit of anything they animated pre-Evangelion) and their content was way over what their timeslot should have been showing and was getting a lot of complaints.

            Also it's pretty clear watching it they were making a whole lot of it up as they were going. It's amazing how much twisting and turning the fanbase does trying to make sense of some of the stuff. I know, I spent many years doing that when I was younger and less cynical.

            End of Evangelion was Anno - who was clinically depressed and had a whole load of issues - effectively making a feature length "fuck you" to everyone who complained about the TV series ending. There's a whole series of angry fan rant letters which are shown rapid-fire at one point in it, even. Elements of it may well have been things they planned to do all along, since there's several character shots etc in the TV ending which make sense in that context but the tone has such a massive switch to it that it's impossible to think it was the 'planned' ending.

            The Rebuild films are effectively Anno going back and doing it all with a more mature worldview and without his crippling depression problems, fixing the continuity up a bit and improving characterization and so on. There's also some not-so-subtle hints that the whole thing is happening after the original End of Evangelion...

              I'm fairly sure the sarin gas attacks were at least partially responsible for a subplot being abandoned in the original series.

              Something I remember hearing a long time ago and may not be entirely accurate.

                Sounds like bunk to me. I mean it's possible, but the Aum terrorist attack on the subways was March 1995 and the anime started in October that year, so if that was the case that plot element was canned in pre-production.

                  Considering the turn around time on pre-digital animation, 7 months is long enough that they might have had half the season in the can before having to make changes.

                  It might have been mentioned in some making of featurette on some random Eva DVD I watched. I'm sure that I've seen the attacks mentioned in relation to the production of the series.

        They're deliberately timing things so that the final film hits home video in 2015, in time for Third Impact :V

      Wait what, the Rebuild films are discontinued? How the hell did that happen. Or do you mean the old films? B/c you only need End of Evangelion there, and IMO it sucks crap. Rebuild films are where it's at. Third one should be hitting Cinemas in Japan later this year.

        no no no... Sorry, I meant that the End of Evangelion DVDs have been seemingly discontinued in Oz. I'd be mighty pissed off if the Rebuild series was canned.

      I've always wanted to watch this series, but sort of got intimidated by all the different... stuff. Different shows, different mangas. Doesn't feel like there's a point I can just start and get my teeth into.

        The TV series is the starting point. Everything else is remake or spinoff. It's not like this is Gundam or something where it's super complicated with multiple timelines and stuff.

      Dayum, I'll be busy the 28th and 30th with the Lame Game Marathon.
      But yes the End of Evangelion episodes are a total headfook, love it :D

    So, I nearly choked on my pie.
    Fun times.

      *high five*
      Man you are so extreme!!!

      *headbutts a wall*

      Today I sneezed and no-one was there to bless me.



        Can I have your stuff?

          Just amending my will.

          "To Trjn I leave... all my stuff."

            You said it on the internet, so it must be true!

    Lost two hours today cause I didn't set my alarm properly. Now I can't walk around the zoo before class and I'm falling behind of Gamescom news and there was something horribly wrong with my short black and I can't decide if I'm at fault or the Barista.

    Truely my problems are the worst anyone have ever had to deal with.

    Hai gais - is it just my imagination or is this a stupidly good deal???

    Is this a gaming laptop that should last for a while???

      Not sure if I'd call it a gaming laptop, but that is definitely a good deal.

        awww man.... but it's in the gaming section.. damn it to heck.
        Budgets suck.. i got all excited for nothing

          how is it compared to the top 2 options here:

            Definitely better than both of them.

              Oh seriously???
              Cause that's what i was considering getting because $600 is pretty much my buidget....
              Maybe the laptop is worth a go... ohhh i don't know!!!

                Have a look at MSY if you're on a tight budget. Recently picked up an Acer laptop with almost the same specs for under $450...

                  woah... what the. That's pretty awesome.
                  How is is for games?

          With the budget you have I would only be looking at desktops. You are going to lose a huge amount of power when you drop down to laptop level.

            Yeah i know - i have only been looking at desktops, but stumbled across that as i'd really prefer a laptop as i just don't have the room for a desktop.... catch 22 lol

      He is a benchmark on the graphics card

      You should be able to play most modern games (but you will get stuttering) if you turn the graphics down but certainly not going to have any future proof

        That's massively helpful - you're a gem.
        That's a bit of a shame.. maybe i should keep looking.. hmm

      I really hope you see this ASAP!!!!!
      If someone has his email - let him know

      This is a good laptop - and it's a great deal. How do I know? Because that's exactly the same laptop I just put in my bag 1 minute ago as I get ready to head home. Mine has 8GB of RAM though. Just ask MLN to chuck some more in there - it will cost you like $50. (or do it yourself)
      I got my laptop about 3 months ago from good guys (on sale) for $810. So $600 for a bit less RAM is pretty damn good.
      Very happy with the laptop it's nice and powerful and battery life is great (as long as you're not trying to run diablo3 on high on battery).
      I gotta say I havent tried to put BF3 on here yet but it's run everything else i've thrown at it fairly well. Obviously it's a smaller resolution because it's a laptop screen but you could always plug in a monitor...

        actually I just checked - mine is the GT630M that one is the GT640M so slightly newer.
        Looking at the comparisons that Tigerion posted - it's a bit silly comparing a $600 laptop with an alienware laptops... Those retail around the $2K mark.

          The main thing there was the graph of framerate for the different games, not that it was worse than anything else.
          Having somebody with the actual laptop provide advice is much better. I've dropped him a message on twitter as well so hopefully he sees it.

          What do you currently run and how do they perform?


    What's your email address?

    I've had a lot of experience with this, as well as cross-Tasman scholarship grants.

      ah cheers man!

      My email is; marc[dot]c[at]

    Can't stop watching Siglemic. This will be the run!

      What hours is he usually on? I know it's 12 per day, but I think it may be well out of my schedule aside from weekends...

        Early morning to mid-afternoon for us. Pretty good for "I can't be bothered getting out of bed just yet" type days.

      I've never been able to sit for longer than 10 mins watching it. Respect the skills though.

        I watched it (read: it played in the background) whilst doing other things the other day. It blew me away not only the skill involved, but the amount of patience it really takes to get "the run".

    Anyone had any experience going to Bali? Being the sheltered untraveled shut in I am in half terrified of going. The smart traveller website isn't helping either as it's making it sound as if being killed in a terrorist attack is a forgone conclusion.

      My sister was there last month and did not die in a terrorist attack.

      My human older brother went to Bali for his honeymoon, he didn't have any issues at all... except running out of money but that was more his fault :P

      Havent been to Bali, but have friends who have and survived! Just don't drink water that isn't from a sealed bottle (even then be careful...) and don't have ice in drinks (made from tap water). I'd probably stay away from hiring motorbikes/jet skis as most places will take your passport (might just be for security but I wouldn't trust them..), respect the locals, and don't be a typical Aussie yobo abroad and you will be fine, Bali is great, cheap and beautiful place to visit.

      I've been to Thailand and soon to go to India, and the one thing that stands out is how bad some Aussies are over seas, I don't know if its because I can pick out someone from my own country better than a Yank or Pom, but more Aussies tend to be drunken, shirtless dicks abroad!

        According to my sister, Bali is worse than a lot of places if you want to avoid yobs and bogans. It's close to Australia and cheap to get to unfortunately.

        And yes, those people are the worst. Especially the ones that believe that showering is optional and that it's okay to talk really really loud on overnight flights while everyone is trying to sleep.

      My mother went there some years back. She's now suffering from anxiety and such.

      I guess I should also mention that the two have naught to do with one another :D
      You'll be fine man!

      You're a step ahead of other travellers going to that website, buddy. They don't mess about, if there was something credible they'd tell you. Just be vigilant and smart, you'll be fine. (I've never been there, so can't give any first hand knowledge, alas.)

      I've been to Bali plenty of times. It's fine. Just be a smart traveller, don't drink the water and if they ask if you wants drugs, chances are its an undercover cop.
      I love Bali but I hate the bogan cesspit its turning in to...

      Leave your boogey board at home
      Also watch out as the ATMs can act the opposite of australia and will give you your money before they spit your card out. So don't take your cash and leave without your card.

      Thanks guys. I've never been outside of the country really (does NZ really count?) and find the thought of a completely different culture a bit intimidating. I barely fit into my own. But I can't miss out on life from being nervous so off I go!

        That's the spirit, I'm a crazed hermit and I freakin' love to travel. I was nervous at first, though.

    OK, so im in desperate need of a new controller for my xbox. To i go the classic official controller, or do i buy something different? I also dont want to pay a bazzilion dollars for it.

      I'd go with the classic controller, atleast you can connect it to a PC and it'll have native support. (Assuming you have a bluetooth dealy or wired version.)

      Sent this on twitter :P

      Found it on OzBargain and the wired was $22 yesterday so it looks like they increased the price by a bit. Shipping is $4.90 I believe but it's still a pretty good price.

        mightyape reliable? never heard of them before. admitedly i dont shop online that much.

          Yep they're perfectly fine! Me and some other TAYbies have bought from them before.

          They can be a bit hit and miss with preorders but are generally reliable. I believe they're New Zealand based, one of the bigger online retailers there.

          Mighty Ape are pretty good. They have good daily deals with usually at least one game in there, and they still have some great deals on collector's editions of games. Plus they sell stuff from QMx and ThinkGeek so there's a lot of cool stuff there.
          Which reminds me, one of their 'daily deals' yesterday was The Witcher 2 on 360 for $39 and I forogt to grab it. :(

      While we're talking controllers - who has the cheapest PS3 controllers, now that my 360 is gone ? :(

      Also, the Razor Onza is a great option if you feel like somehting different - i have the regular version and it's awesome, if not a little different to start with.
      I think it's pez who has the Tournament Edition which, if i remember correctly, he speaks very highly of and has the added bonus of adjustable sticks, although is a bit more expensive.

    should i buy Diablo III y/n?

      Depends. I enjoyed my time with it, and don't regret buying it, that said, I haven't played it in a while, and have no urge to. However, their upcoming patches do look interesting. Hmm, not really helping here, am I?

        i enjoyed chapter 1 with the demo......thats all i have to go buy other than people complaining bout the lack of end game.

      I'd say yes since I had fun with it but it depends on whether or not you have friends to play it with.

      Most of my fun came from co-op with the TAYbies and other friends, just dropping in/out with whoever was online at the time was really fun. But... since pretty much no one plays it anymore that'll be harder to do.

      Wait until Torchlight II is out and then get whichever is better.

        never got into touchlight, so thats not a decision i need to make.

    Just had a thought, does anyone remember an old late 90s game called Gazillionaire?
    Basically ,it was a trading simulation set in a far off galaxy where an emperor grants companies the right to begin trading .
    The player who got their company to a net worth of one million kubars would be declared the winner.
    That and it had some cool looking ships.
    It was a really enjoyable game, if I say so myself.

      I think I played a demo that came with an edition of PC Gamer. Was fun.

    Just had a thought, does anyone remember an old late 90s game called Gazillionaire?
    Basically ,it was a trading simulation set in a far off galaxy where an emperor grants companies the right to begin trading .
    The player who got their company to a net worth of one million kubars would be declared the winner.
    That and it had some cool looking ships.
    It was a really enjoyable game, if I say so myself.

      Why does it go through twice when I only clicked "Submit" once?

        Because it loves you so much =D

        Also, Is it worth getting Sniper Elite V2 just to shoot Hitler in the groin?

          As far as i can recall i never got to shoot Hitler in the game. But for a sniper game it was loads of fun. The Mortal Kombat style x-rays make it worth it.

      And now available to play free

      I vaguely remember that one, it has positive memories though

    Semi-set up now.
    I has laptop and I am totally stealing my cousin's internet (but not really, sort of).

    Pretty cool things that have happened:
    - Being stuck in Vancouver for hours after immigration made me miss my Domestic flight
    - Air Canada delaying my checked-in luggage
    - Being questioned by Scotia Bank about whether or not I had enough valid ID to open a bank account.
    - Getting sick
    - Toronto's lacklustre Classic Hits radio stations
    - Their taxes aren't included in the final price of stuff. Also retail tax is like 13%. What an odd number.
    - One cent coins. Why.

    Actual cool things:
    - Seeing my aunt for the first time in 15 years, and her ending the first thing she says to me with "eh".
    - Food is amazingly cheap here. $3-5 for a pound of Lobster. So 10ish bucks for a small lobster.
    - Canadian government efficiency. SO yesterday I went to Scotia bank, HSBC, Service Ontario, Service Canada and somewhere else semi-important. Head to Service Canada for my Social Insurance Number, I'm told to wait, so I sit down, and one minute later I'm called to a desk, 5 minutes later, I have my SIN and I'm good to work in Canada. Whaaaaaaaaaat.
    - Speaker for the Dead is pretty awesome

    Okay I will stop being boring and being all OMG CANADIA
    How are y'all?
    How about dem games?
    Anyone willing to shoot me the TeamSpeak details? Twitter or email or what have you would be super.

      Okay, 97.3 is playing Under Pressure.

      Hi Bish!




      Probably not your thing but Canadians love Billy Talent :)

    Darksiders II mini review thingie!

    Combat had been improved.
    Multiple secondary weapon types is good, each weapons feels different.
    Loot system is OK, very basic but it gets the job done.
    Dungeons, and there are a lot more of them, are still puzzle-ee (shut up it's a real word).
    Game seems much bigger.
    Early horsey & fast travel system means you spend lest time running from place to place.
    I really like the skill tree system (it could have been laid out a bit better though). You are never locked down to one skill tree like so many other games seem to love doing.
    Wrath abilities are actually useful and worth using.
    Death moves around a heap better then War.

    Final thoughts: Darksiders II is a "jack-of-all trades but master of none" but that doesn't mean its bad. Infact that's what makes it brilliant. If you want to only play a Zelda game, then don't get this. If you want to only play a God of War game, then don't get this. If you want an RPG, then don't get this game. IF you want a brilliant game with dungeons filled with puzzles, very action orientated combat and a basic RPG elements then what are you waiting for? BUY THIS AWESOME GAME ALREADY!

      Thanks for the insights, man. Sounds pretty decent! Will post some thoughts on Sleeping Dogs later too!

      Has anyone played the DLC? I'm supposedly supposed to get 'Tomb of Argul' and 'Death Rides' since I preordered from EB. The latter is supposed to add 2 hours of gameplay. However, the season pass on Steam doesn't mention either of them :/

        I got a message when I openned the game that said the DLC will be out soon.

    Just had a moment of game nostalgia...for some odd reason Onimusha just popped in to my mind. Man i loved that series of games. Then Jean Reno got on board and something about time travel...wat.
    Still, I really enjoyed that samurai Resident Evil clone.
    Anyone else get gaming related nostalgia?

      Dude the intro to Onimusha 3 is still one of THE BEST videogame intros ever, period.

      Remember panda suit mode? That panda could kick some serious ass.

    Back to work after a week and a half off.

    Where did all this paper come from? I'm going to have to do something about all this...

      Shredder? Paper planes?

        Practice your origami skills?

          Start a spit-ball war?

            Make a giant paper machè model of Lego Batman?

              Make a flip book featuring yourself punching a Nazi?

                Get a papercut from a radioactive piece of paper and become "paper man". Then dish out justice in the form if papercuts.

      Fire. The solution to every problem.

    Just downloading my MSDN copy of Windows 8 Pro, so far I'm downloading at 2 MBps which is great! Will be Windows 8ing shortly. Will be interesting to see how different it is from preview builds.

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