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    Dear Tay

    I think I am becoming addicted to Crusader Kings 2.


      Just have a decree that Starcraft 2 shall decide all future leadership challenges. Sweden would rule Europe quite comfortably.

        What about France?

          Silly Rocketman, Stephano is American.

          Also, just serve booze at the events. He'll get too drunk to play (or be too hungover on the day of the finals) and then Thorzain and Naniwa can battle it out to see who is King of the North.

            I don't even get points for knowing stephano?

              USA! USA! USA!

        In that case, Korea is the next superpower. What have you done!!

          Better make it a gaming triathlon and throw in Counter Strike and Quake. Problem solved.

    Finnaly a meat write up!

    Pre Meat - Stevo

    Wednesday afternoon and Stevo is flying in. Bish is also busily arranging a mini-meat in the city.
    I drive Pyrean and myself into the airport and then hang around awkwardly realising that I have no idea what Stevo looks like. I wish I'd made a sign but somehow that didn't happen. Fortunately Pyrean had seen a picture of stevo so had some idea of what to look for. I considered enquiring more about this picture exchange but Pyrean was on the phone to Stevo asking him what he was wearing so I decided it'd be best not to go there.

    Stevo found successfully. We decide to drive back to our place and drop off his stuff then come back to the city for the mini meat. I follow my navman which instantly leads us into tunnels and becomes useless. I do my best but Pyrean and Stevo have little faith in my navigation skills so when we see a sing pointing to where the mini meat was happening we decide to abandon the go home idea in favour of find a pub. As I take that exit I spot a sing to western suburbs. Apparently I was on the right track.
    We find awesome all night parking for $10 recommended by Bish. Have a drink at the first pub we spot and try to work out what's happening for the mini meat. Unfortunately Bish was organising the meat and his phone seems to have died as he's not answering anyone. We stumble around the city a little until we find Techi and then head to where we think the meat was taking place.

    Turns out Bish's organising skills are so mad that even without his phone we've still got a few people there. We find Bish, Mort and NAME. We eat Japanese food which is good. Then head to Galaxy world. Apparently I chose the wrong galaxy world as most of the games have no English instructions. We all play a few games and stevo trolls us at racing. Mini meat concludes with Pyrean, Stevo and myself meeting a couple of friends at Imax and watching Dark Knight Rises. I still only understand half of what Bain says.

    Pre Meat - F4ction

    Thursday begins with Pyrean, Stevo and myself playing some LOL for something different, then bed time. That's right, got back from mini meat and straight into LOL . In the afternoon the three of us head to Ikea to pick up a table Pyrean is buying just for the meat! (and because we need a table anyways). We show Stevo the wonder of Ikea food, get home and listen to McGyver theme as we put it all together and then it's Pyrean's turn to drive into the airport. We time this one perfectly. Arriving at the entrance to the domestic terminals only moments before F4ction sends us a text saying he's just landed. I have a sign and everything this time.

    Unfortunately there seems to have been about ten planes land at once due a bunch of delays caused by crazy winds. This means it's about 30 min later before we get to the pickup area and spot F4ction and his glorious ginger beard. I'm somewhat disappointed I didn't get use the sign as we spotted each other too early.

    There was probably more LOL when we got home.

    Pre Meat- Friday

    More LOL this time with 4 computers all in the one room! I'm going back and forth trying to get Balloonicorn ready in time for the meat. There is another mini meat on in the afternoon but Stevo has his concer to go to (the whole reason he came down in the first place) F4ction, Pyre and myself spend the afternoon getting ready for our meat.
    Bish kindly meets us at our place so he can help Stevo find his way to his concert. I'm still working on ballonicorn when they both arrive with Harli in tow from their return trip. Stevo is very proud that he made a good impression on some random guys he met. There was much helloing and then Bish and Harli went home.

    Pre Meat - Blaghman

    Bish was kind enough to organise Blaghman catching a bus up to Sydney so I printed off my second sign. I was going to get Pyrean to meet him a central station but LOL addict that he was he couldn't help himself from starting a normal game with himself , F4ction and Stevo 10 min before we had to leave so instead I had him pretend he'd been disconnected so he could drop me at the train station.
    I arrived in central about ten min after Blaghman and instantly recognised his beautiful flowing hair. I really wanted to use my sign though so I walked up to him with it held forth like some flimsy magical ward.

    We then caught a train back to Parramatta and I forced him to walk to my place from there on his injured foot as F4action, Pyrean and Stevo had apparently just left to buy booze. We both tripped over a time or two on the way but otherwise made it unscarred.

    Blaghs and I had been home for all of 10 min and I was just lovingly putting the last finishing touches on Balloonicorn when people started arriving.


    Bish arrived with Cackesmith and Pants and my plan to keep Balloonicorn as a surprise was rapidly falling apart (though fortunately, he wasn't.) Suddenly there were 3DS' everywhere and whist they were all busy street passing each other (or whatever it is the kids do these days) I went and stashed Balloonicorn in my room.

    People go hungry so we went for another walk and whilst Bish and I went shopping for some party essentials the rest walked on to McDonlads. I'm on the phone to Stevo because I have no confidence Pyrean remembered to get anything other the alcohol (he didn't) and stevo sees someone who looks just like Blaghman, Cackesmith and Pants walking down the street and jokes about it until I realise that no, that was them.

    We ended up at home at some point. Shiggy turned up with his lady friends Patience and Girl germs who also had with them a tub of mash mellow paste. We headed to Youtube for entertainment which may have been a mistake as things quickly spiralled downward into trying to out weird video each other.

    The alcohol started to flow by this point and Bish, with a little encouragement, made himself a beard from the mashmellow paste - snake moustache included. Stevo volunteered to lick it off for him which Bish looked like he enjoyed as much as a trip to the dentist. Fortunately for Bisssh he soon worked out it was more efficient to shave with a spoon then Stevo's tongue.

    I think Harli and Ruffleberg showed up at some point during this and we decided to play Kings. This is where things get much more hazy for me. It involved cards and drinking and the rules were largely made up by stevo. Now things become a buch of events in no particualar order in my memory.
    There was drinking. Floor is lava. Talking and the like. Gungnam stye was played. At some Pont Freyjr showed up and I was too drunk to work out who she was at first even though I'd seen pics. She took this to mean I'd thought she really was a midget. I was too polite to point out that she actually is.
    Bish disappeared at some stage and we invited him back after he finished what he had to do. Little did I know what he had to do was to move to Canada. Invite still stands though.

    Balloonicorn came out at some point and I just kinda threw it at everyone hoping they'd smash it before it hit the ground. I think everyone just dodged and one ear and the horn fell off due to air friction. I regret not taking a picture of it before this stage but there was then a very nice pic of Freyjr nursing the wounded balloonicorn. As the whole thing was inspired by a pic she posted I gave her the honour of destroying it. She proceeded to bob Stevo on the head a few times, Then she held it whilst Stevo and Pyrean head butted it until I decided I'd grab it off her and bring it down on Stevo's head with all my might.

    Luckily Baloonicorn gave way before Stevo's head. Candy, Glasses and a Tiara few everywhere and then someone found $10 .

    At some point there was some Halo going on followed by Perfect Dark. Harli and Faction organised getting dinner from the pizza place across the road. I wanted to go over and make sure it wasn't paid for by then but They wouldn't let me at Pyrean's insistence that I was too drunk to risk near the road regardless of the fact that I'd stopped drinking for a while and he was fare more intoxicated then my by this stage. Fortunately Pyrean had trusted F4ction with is credit card (see, he was sooooooooooo smashed) so they didn't have to pay.

    I noticed Stevo had his concert bandanna out so I decided to give a concert and came down the stairs playing my bagpipes. It was oh so bad. I couldn't even remember how to play amazing grace but I think most people were too drunk to care at this point.

    There was more Gungnam Style. Much drunken dancing. Steveo got his shirt off. Pyrean followed Stevo around trying to put his shirt back on. There was drunken LOL playing and also we decided to share the love on Teamspeak.

    Pyrean, Frejy and someone who I can't recall were sitting on my couch when Stevo decided to give Freyjr a lapdance whilst trying to fondle Pyrean. The couch exploded in disgust. Stevo ran away outside and decided the safest place to be was on top of teh carport. I came out side and had horror images of Stevo being sliced to pieces by corrugated iron as he fell though the carport. Someone took a picture of him looking like a lost possum. People started heading home.

    The remainders played a bit of guitar Hero whilst lying on my couch which is really now just a thick mattress. More people left, we found space for some people to stay. It was good.
    I wonder who ended up keeping the tiara?

    Apologies to anyone I've forgotten. It was a big night.

    Post meat: Seriously you're still reading this? I've written enough already!

      Woah. Write-up and a half! Going to have to get comfortable for this one.

      Still waiting to find out who found $10 post meat?

      Sounds like a great night, day, week

        Was it me? I didn't get to go so I wouldn't want to miss out!

      Great write up. It has been a while since I read one.

      Nice write-up Gorzy! Although I think you've just ruined any chances of me getting invited to another meat! :P

        I'd invite ya to one =P

      From what little i remember it was an awesome night and i had alot of fun, it was amazing to finally meet everyone and we will have to do it again in the near future.

      Like I was really there!
      Man, that seemed so long ago now.

    Hey guys, long time no talk! Just popping in to say hi! I'm sorry I haven't been able to speak to you guys for so long. Work's been really hectic and due to recent restrictions, I'm no longer able to personal browse during work hours.

    Quite a lot has been happening with me, I got the promotion to Senior I had been going for, and the advance in pay associated! Still not earning a huge amount but makes life a lot more comfortable. I'm also getting given a team of 13 people to supervise and coach, which is pretty cool.

    I know I've missed quite a lot in my absence and I've missed you guys heaps. I hope to be able to pop in every now and then now that my schedule is going to be a little more free, but please don't hate me if I can't!

    2nd Soundwave announcement ------ Slayer, Cypress Hill, Billy Talent, and various others. Looking like a decent lineup once again, thankfully my ticket is on its way! :D

      Is it wrong I find it hilarious that Cypress Hill are on it? But I want to watch them anyway.

        I hope they get on stage with Slayer.

          LOL, that'd be kinda cool. Not lame like that rapped 360 getting on stage with The Living End & ruining one of their songs.

      +1 to you for mentioning Billy Talent :D
      -1 for Virus__ for not :P

        Oh psh! I've never really listened to them, apart from when I was made to against my will (lols)

        I have my reasons for not listening though, mainly because someone who is now a total douchebag/hipster/other rude words go here who I once was in a band with creamed on about them like they were the 2nd coming of Jesus or changed music like The Beatles & the bands that came before them.

        But it could be worse, he tried to make us play Papa Roach, now that was pure torture D=

    LOLWUT, just saw the 2nd announcement for Soundwave & Cypress Hill are on it, I did not see that coming. \o/ for Slayer /o\ for no Megadeth though.

      3 outta 4 aint bad though!

        Very true. Though after Mr. Mustaines public appearance this week saying Obama is behind several shootings, I think he might go into hiding LOL.

    I've got a spare beta invite to the new steam community if anyone wants it.. First in here gets it!

      DO NOT WANT. Change is bad, y'see.

        Actually it's just a change to community & friends tab in the main steam window lol.

          I simply wanted to post first, without saying 'first'. Because idiocy.
          So there's not much to the changes on face value at least?

            Yeah just some UI stuff by the looks, just making it easier to filter the friends part what you see from your friends & groups, and the community section looks a lot nicer etc

      I have 2 as well, posted last page but seems like no one wants them :P

    Sleeping Dogs, I will play you tonight.

    Have a good weekend, folks. (I say that like I won't be online for hours and hours tomorrow. Watching. Waiting. :P)

      Say it ain't so, I will not go
      Turn the lights off...
      carry me home!

      I've played a bit of it. A pretty cool guy, I must say. Sadly it hates my controller, so my plan of using it for car controls has fallen through.

      And when I say it hates my controller, I mean that it mistakes the left and right triggers for what I can only assume are the start and select buttons.

        What sort of controller are you using?

          Hmm, I thought I'd tried to reply...

          It's a wired PS3 afterglow controller(The one with thumbsticks and triggers more like a 360s). Works fine for other things, just seems to be bound weirdly here.

      You should give us a mini-review. I need to know if I should play it or Fall of Cybertron next (assuming Darksiders II takes me until or past the 24th to finish)

        Will do, man. I've played a little now but not enough to give more than just first impressions. The world is different and vibrant, lots of personality. The combat is pretty unique, probably the best part of the game so far. It does feel a little clunky and unpolished, though -- in fact that can be said for a lot of the gameplay. The story hasn't sucked me in yet, but the set up seems like it could once it gets going. The basic undercover cop premise is pretty interesting. I'll keep you posted!

    Just had a go of Mann vs Machine! It's REALLY fun! It's also really difficult, especially with random people. You really need the full 6 players if you're going to stand any chance (we only had 3).

    Only took me about 10-15 minutes to find a game as well. There seems to be A LOT more servers than there was last night (though I was playing solo so that might have had more to do with it).

    Anyway, in conclusion, I really can't wait to properly play this mode with TAYbies.

    Hey guys, long time no talk! Just popping in to say hi! I’m sorry I haven’t been able to speak to you guys for so long. Work’s been really hectic and due to recent restrictions, I’m no longer able to personal browse during work hours.

    Quite a lot has been happening with me, I got the promotion to Senior I had been going for, and the advance in pay associated! Still not earning a huge amount but makes life a lot more comfortable. I’m also getting given a team of 13 people to supervise and coach, which is pretty cool.

    I know I’ve missed quite a lot in my absence and I’ve missed you guys heaps. I hope to be able to pop in every now and then now that my schedule is going to be a little more free, but please don’t hate me if I can’t!

      Obligatory "Who's this guy? ^"

        Also ...hi JamesMag!

        Good to hear things are going well for you. :)

          Hi Strange! Thank you!

          What's been happening with you? I have so much to catch up on!!

          Also, that was deserved, it's been way too long.

            I've just been sewing a whole bunch of stuffs mostly.

            Also, did you see Bishy left us with no warning to go to Canada?! D:

              WHAT?! Really? But I never even got to say goodbye D: Canada is an amazing place.

              Awesome :) I think I saw some stuff posted in the Kotaku Facebook Group, looked awesome :D

      Congratulations on the promotion

      Like all good TAY stories you found $10 at the end, even more maybe thanks to the promotion :-)

        A little bit more :P another 4 or so grand a year, which is pretty cool. But thank you!

      Hello! Grats on the promotion :)

      I've seen your name before but I don't think we've ever talked since I joined after you left.

      wow dood! nice work! Great to hear things are going well for you :) happy stories are best stories! We miss you tooooooooo2222ooooo!

      Hey, man. Don't think we've ever met, but it's always nice when some of the old guard comes home to TAY! Welcome back and nicely done on your promotion!

      Afromag! I was just wondering about you a few days ago!
      Isn't 13 an unlucky number? :P

    I just want to say, I love you guys. =D

      But what about the girls!?

      I love you guys AND gals. =D

        I love you too, Greenius.
        *awkward silence*
        Wait, no, not like that!

        It's okay Greenius, I despise you with the burning fury of a thousand suns.

      You're awesome as well Scree. Good luck with the cosplay.

      What did we do?

    HEYO TAYO, its been a long day of animals trying to eat me and Ill be back later to catch up on events but for now I leave you all with this 100% legit Ice Cream ad.

      CJ. You've mentioned a zoo previously and you mention animals again... do you... *gasp*... work in a zoo? (Cause that would be awesome.) Hope you're well too.

        Close I'm a student of Taronga Zoo and as part of it I get to do work experience days. Today I was working mainly with 2 Tree Kangaroo's an Emu and a few Quokkas. Plus a couple of possums and tawneys and 3 differnt species of mouse/rat.

          What do you mean by student of Taronga Zoo? That's pretty cool :) I thought you were a barista?

          I also just Googled Quokka, didn't know what they were :P

            I am a Barista thats my Job, but Im doing a Certificate II in Animals Studies at Taronga Zoo.

              Oh cool, didn't know Zoos offered programs like that. You must get to see and work with so many badass animals... mad jelly bro.

    So it is looking increasingly like we need to organize a Meat DC Meat. It'd be awesome if we could do it in Washington and have a Meat DC Meat In DC but that'd would be a little pocket draining.

      D.C. says:

      Next Brisbane meat, I’m there!

      :O! Everyone go to the next Brissy meat! Thanks for the lift Nova!

      Also I'll reply here since you're more likely to see it: Mark is scary but once you hit SEND you can become bros. He once signed off an email with Markius! And once for all the crazy kudos tags were a bunch of "____ius" words. That made me smile :)

        Haha! Not too shabby!

        Speaking of meats is that theme park one still on? I've got a soft spot for theme parks. (I've been to 15 of 'em. :P)

          Not too sure, DAN! was the one organising that I believe.

          I hope so! I've been saving a little bit just in case :P

        WOOOO! DC at the next Brismeat!

      D.C., would you like your Meat to be at someone's house or somewhere public?

    Yet to be eaten:

      When phrased like that, I just imagine you with a spoon, digging in to it.


      I mean... I support your decisions!


      Tastes like weak generic fruit marmalade, but with a smokey aftertaste. Small little bacon chunks inside.
      It was... not horrible.
      Would probably eat again.

    Welp, that looks like the end of Darksiders II for me until they release a patch. I'm in a side quest area which is way too hard for me to beat, in a spot where I can't get back to the exit without fighting through a gauntlet of enemies which I don't have enough healing to get through. The map system on PC is bugged, you can't switch back to the overworld map so I can't fast travel out, and it requires you to play with a single save game that it's constantly autosaving over, so I can't revert to a previous save.

    So my options are start over (11+ hours in) or wait for a patch :(

      oh man, are you using an xbox controller on the PC version? You need to press in the left controller stick to see the world map (even though it tells you to press A)

      oh man, are you using an xbox controller on the PC version? You need to press in the left controller stick to see the world map (even though it tells you to press A)

        well, poop double post.

        Oh awesome, I hadn't thought of pressing that. Thanks, that'll be super useful to know.

    Even though I haven't bought the game yet (and yet is becoming more and more appropritate) the Darksiders 2 soundtrack is all kinds of awesome. I've heard that Jesper Kyd has done some good stuff before but I don't think I've played any games with his music before. He's done a fantastic job on this one.

      Yeah it was pretty sweet when I popped in the disc and heard it in the PS3's XMB :)

    Darksiders II talk and other stuff too!

    I'm liking it so far, but...


    EB had exclusive DLC which I wanted to get so I pre-ordered it from there for a not so reasonable price (compared to the standard $50-60). I only found out recently that if you pre-ordered it from THQ directly they include the whole season pass AND Metro 2033 (which I bought during Steam/GMG sales) so that seems like a better deal. It's been a while since I've played a 'new' console game (last one I played was MGS3 HD remake) and I can really tell the difference between the graphics of them and PC games.

    I think I'm... I'm slowly turning into a PCMASTERRACE kinda guy and sort of regret getting it on console :/. I'm not a graphics whore per se but more the technical stuff that bothers me, I already noticed some screen tearing but thankfully it's not too bad. I guess now I have "Death Rides DLC" which is still supposedly exclusive, a physical copy (which I prefer to digital downloads) and it on console.

    I guess I'll buy it again with all the DLC during some sort of sale, hopefully this time THQ screw us over like they did with Saints Row: The Third and have it even cheaper on the last day *grumble grumble* :P


    In other news, I'm interested in Sleeping Dogs now. I'll probably pick that up when it's cheap though as like everyone else, I've got plenty of games to get through :). The combat looked a bit like Yakuza's. Has anyone played both and can they comment on it? Yakuza is awesome but the actual open world sandboxyness of it isn't too great.

      I can't remember all that well Yakuza's combat(I owned... 4... I think? But I gave it away. And I played the demo for 3), but True Crime's is probably best described as like a less polished version of Batman AA's combat. Though it does have some cool environmental interactions.

      And its city feels better than Yakuza's did. Actually, a good way to describe it would be as a westernised Yakuza game. It even has karaoke, except the song list that I've seen thus far are the types of songs that I like.

        Yakuza had more of a combo beat em up brawler type of combat. Ah that's good about the Batman comparison since I really enjoyed its system, especially counters. Thanks for the quick reply Blaghman, good to see you're back to your standard creepy avatar :)

          I only had that one to celebrate NASA's accomplishment.

          And no matter what avatar I have, I'm sure we all know that I can never stop being creepy.

            Also, I'll try to describe the combat a bit better. It's made up of a grapple, an attack button, and a counter button. The counter button is what makes it very Arkham City. Attacking involves tapping the attack button for a light attack, and holding it for a heavy one, with the number of light to heavy causing different combos. If someone's blocking a lot, you can grab them, then either throw them somehow, beat them up a little, or slam them into an object to cause tonnes of damage. It's pretty fun, but would benefit from being slightly more polished.

              Does it have the heavier attack combo where if you hit attack with the right timing you'll do more damage? That's my favourite part of Batman's combat.

                I'm going to say no, but since all I do is rhythmically mash... anything could be true. It's far less combo dependant than Batman, though.

      I don't know why and I know it's all kinds of wrong but I've always associated PC gaming with being hunched over a little table and getting all worked up and antsy rather than the consoles more chill couch setting. There's something about games on the PC that make me aggressively competitive and angry that I don't feel comfortable with at all whereas with a console I'm far more chill and find I unwind and relax.

      Probably just me but its the biggest factor in why I'm avoiding the Master Race.

        But... don't you play CoD on PS3? :P

        All the rage.


        The PS3 screen tearing and load screens make me sad :(

    @Blaghman RE: Burning fury of a thousand suns; I present to you "A million exploding suns"

    @Pez RE: Livestream; I'm so sorry I missed it T.T I'm a terrible person who has just spent an entire hour making sure this comment is legible and spelt correctly. I am not at all intoxicated due to attending the pub. In fact, I raise the excuse that the power went out and I was unable to connect to the internets whatsoever. I most certainly did not go to the pub for one drink prior to viewing the livestream only to get sidetracked by a beautiful English woman whom is certainly not responsible for preventing me from returning home after my one drink. It was all due to the power going out, I swear.
    (Seriously, it took me an hour to make sure this was spelt correctly. Fuck grammar)


    40% off as well which brings it to $20.99 USD! I have no idea how much shipping is but someone said they got it for ~$37 which is bloody awesome!

      I was playing Link's Awakening when I read this comment. I will take this as a sign to Pre-order it!

      This is very tempting actually. I wonder what the chances are that somewhere like Book Depository will stock it though.

        I would say fairly high but it's gone nuts on Amazon. It's been #1 in Books for ages (even knocking down 50 porns of porn) so who knows what stock for other places will be like. I doubt it'll be much cheaper than $30 shipped but at the lowest shipping cost it's fairly slow from Amazon (but the next option is within a more reasonable time and is only ~$35).

    I'll post a fuller comment on this Monday morning but:

    Dragons Dogma has the weirdest relationship system I've ever encountered outside of real life.

    I somehow accidentally made my character gay with a guy I didn't even recognise. .

    Winner winner chicken dinner

    Thanks Beavwa, you are a scholar and a gentleman

    so i bought Diablo 3. Strange game. The fact that as a Wizard, a cross bow can increase my spell damage just seems odd.

      Well it must be a magic crossbow. :P Or an amplifying crossbow.....

      Don't worry, it'll all make sense soon enough.

      Actually, it won't but you'll stop giving a damn about what the magic damage stat works across the board and start stacking Int and Vit.

        Or magic find % :P

          Nothing wrong with stacking MF. Especially now that legendaries don't suck.

          Well, if I still played anyhow :p

    I am such an idiot. You know that game making comp I said I'd entered earlier this week? I thought it ended today, so I was in a mad rush to finish yesterday. Turns out the comp doesn't end today, but goes for another 2 days xD
    Well, that gives me time to polish it all up then!
    Anyway, here's the link to the game:
    If some of you guys could try it out and leave me some feedback as to bugs I've missed, and things that are just plain odd, that'd be great thanks :)

      Downloading now :)

      Procrastinating ftw!

        Didn't encounter any bugs but I suck at the game and didn't get very far :P

          Was that because it was too hard, or just because you suck at it? :P
          Also, was it easy enough to figure out what to do?
          Good to hear it didn't glitch out for you. That would be a pain and a half to figure out how to fix :P

            Bit of both. From what I gathered there was 3 main floors. The top one is where you start out, I found the flashlight (accidentally though). The middle floor had the dog thing and it was too dark so I figured I wasn't supposed to go there yet and the bottom had the pew pew aliens with some light so this is the floor I spent the most time on. It was kind of hard dodging them but not too difficult but I got near the end and died so I ragequit :P

            It's mainly hard because of the lack of light. I'm fine with timing but it's hard when you can't see them (when they get inbetween the computers in complete darkness).

              Did you try turning the flashlight on? :P
              But you picked up on the hiding mechanism, didn't you? That's what I'm most concerned about.
              I die a lot when playing it too, and I made thing! :P You don't lose anything when you die, just get respawned. I was originally going to have the game end when you die, but I decided against that. Also, it's not entirely pitch black, you can see if you look close enough. I may have to bump the brightness up a bit though if it's a bit too hard to see.
              But thanks for the feedback! It's much appreciated! :D

                Yep! I think it was in the tutorial/elevator ride down so it was one of the many buttons I pushed first. I'd say finding the flashlight could be a bit hard and I found it completely by accident. Since you did include instructions for it and to shoot, people might be pressing the buttons only to have nothing happen if they didn't pick them up.

                The no death penalty is good!

                I did have the flashlight turned on but the lit up area was still a bit small. The dark looked completely black to me so maybe it was just my monitor :P

                And no problem :). Hopefully I'm not being too nitpicky since you did only ask for feedback on whether it was glitchy or not!

      Hey Lambo. I played it. I got the hiding mechanic, but that's probably because I have a habit of mashing buttons as I run around. I can't speak for other people. I could see just enough if I put it on full screen on my monitor, but I play in the dark, so I'm probably a poor example case.

      Got the watch, so now I'm curious does the time actually change anything? I stopped playing after I got past the robots and fell down a hole, since I have no patience.

        Yeah. I should probably explain that. Once it's 8 am (or was it 9 am?) all the lights turn on (because the other scientists arrived at work). Then if you make your way to the elevator and use it, you get taken to the surface and you win the game. I should probably put something about that, tell the player what they're supposed to do...

        But thanks you two. Getting another perspective on the game really helps. It's kinda hard to judge what it plays like when you know where everything is and everything that happens. I thought I was making the game too easy, actually...
        But I'll try out fixing some things tomorrow, maybe get rid of the flashlight and shoot controls on the elevator screen. I'll make the flashlight bigger, make the world a bit more bright, and actually tell the player what they're supposed to do :)

          No problemmo, it's pretty good, I'll give you that. What did you make it with, out of curiosity?

            I used Construct Classic.
            Really easy to use, but finding tutorials is a pain, now that Construct 2 its out. Also, its name isn't very helpful when trying to google how to do stuff with it...

              Bahaha. Yeah, sometimes the names of things can be a real pain. Cheers for that, I'll probably be too slack to actually look at it, but whatever.

                I need to mess around with Construct 2 more. It's for making HTML5 games, and you can also export them as Visual Studio projects for the windows 8 appstore, which is pretty cool.

                  Hmm, interesting.

                  Hey Lambo, feel like making a game for me? :P

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