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Talk Amongst Yourselves

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  • Building a nifty game to one side, I find it really hard not to dislike Notch.

    Especially when he makes limelight statements.

  • Greetings new TAY, so nice and shiny.
    Has anyone watched Blassreiter?
    I have watched a few episodes of it and… I still don’t know what I think.
    Thoughts anyone?

  • Howdy Tayberinos!

    I had an incredibly slack weekend, managed to blast through most of a co-op run of Borderlands.

    A Monday morning question: what’s the game that you’ve marathoned?

    • Mass Effect 1 & 2. Played it over a whole weekend, only stopping for sleep, bathroom and eating. I regretted every minute of it after I did it πŸ™

    • I think I put down about 16-18 hours on Saint’s Row the Third this weekend, if that counts.
      Otherwise, there’s 3;
      Metal Gear Solid, I think I managed about 30 hours before going to sleep.
      FFVII would’ve been a good 18 hours in one sitting.
      And again, my dirty secret… Runescape. I played it for 48 hours straight, less pee breaks :S

    • My best friend and I 100%’d the original Lego Star Wars in a single night. If you take away all the time that we spent hacking each other to pieces with our Lego lightsabers than it probably wasn’t that long a game

    • When I used to be into “hardcore” raiding in WoW. When Cataclysm came out I played it for like 3 days straight. I had very little sleep during that time.

    • i spent a lot of time in source filmmaker, i’m working on a somewhat bigger scale project than i usually do

      however as for marathons, one time at a mates place we played Dota 2 until 6 in the morning….

    • Game or games? I’ve marathoned a tonne of games over the years, Timesplitters 2 probably being the first, rented it for a weekend with a friend, played it through all Saturday afternoon through to Sunday morning. I’ve also done WoW marathons back in the day when a new expansion came out. Mass Effect 1 I did a power run because I lost my save and had to replay and get my paragon save in 4 days in preparation for Mass Effect 2’s launch. Mass Effect 3 I played non stop for about 18 hours… and thats what I remember off the top of my head…

    • WoW. SWTOR. πŸ™

      Also FF7, FF8, FFX, Grandia II (twice!) and probably a few others back when I had spare time to do it. I churned through the Assassin’s Creed games pretty fast too, generally played them over Christmas breaks. Not Revelations though, never clicked for me.

    • Kingdoms of amalur:the reckoning. 3 days and nights straight and still only thru the first 2 areas.

      Best valentines day gift ever!

  • What up poindexters? I’ve dropped my busy life of billionaire/philanthropist/movie producer/rockstar/finance expert/model pleaser to come and offer you losers a chance at tasting a life.

    What I’m offering is a spot in my entourage for one night. You’ll get into the hottest clubs, meet the people you fap to at night when alone and may even get to touch a girl.

    What can you do to get this amazingly generous offer from myself, which is hugely altruistic of me I might add as my image will be dragged down by you nobodies. I want to know what famous people you have partied with before and what drugs and models you “partied” with if you catch my drift. I’ll pick the winner based on my extremely accurate and almost primal instincts.

    This is your chance. Go.

    • Drank all night with Unearth at some pub in Sydney, after my (and coincidentally, their) accommodation plans fell through and I decided to drink my hotel money instead.

      Clubbing with The Butterfly Effect and Dead Letter Circus after a gig a few years back.

      Got shitfaced with Jason Webley at my place, after it became apparent after his show that he didn’t have accommodation sorted.

      Oh, and this one time when i was on acid, I partied up with God. Dude’s a loose cannon, yo.

    • Ha, such an insignificant yellow square.
      I already have an entourage that will make you scream for mercy.
      Myself, Yog-Sothoth, and Nyarlathotep, going out on the town, destroying a few buildings, tipping over a gas station, just having an all out blast.
      Also, having studied humans physiology, you are the colour of their urine, notably after they have cowered in fear from my presence.
      How will you live with yourself?

  • The coffee places near me are always shut in the afternoon on weekends and on Mondays, when I normally have my day off. They weren’t shut Saturday morning. Which was a nice change, because I wanted a coffee.

    Turns out they do pretty damned nice coffee too. They must do it to taunt me because they’ll almost never be open when I want one.

  • Good morning!

    I had a very… subdued weekend. Didn’t do much. I did however get a fair bit of work and gaming done, so there’s that! I finished Mirror’s Edge last night which was pretty cool. I kinda expected the ending to be a bit better but oh well. Polished it off just in time for the end of Shamless gaming month.

    I’ve also been watching much more of the Olympics than I planned. I guess I forgot how fun it is to watch some of these more minor sports. I watched a fair bit of Badminton yesterday which had me yearning to play again. There was also a nerdy highlight to the gymnastics last night when one of the Mexican girls did a floor routine to a medley of Zelda songs. ‘Twas cool!

    That’s it. I now have to go birthday present shopping and haircut-getting. But not before I get out of bed πŸ˜›

  • Mornin’ TAY!
    I keep thinking I should play some practice matches for the UT3 games this week, but then I load up something else and burn away another hour.
    Also, I’ve started playing a bunch of Star Trek Online with Pixel. That game is insanely better when you’re in a team. Anyone else here played/play it?

  • @Virus__ RE: Gizaudio article;

    Artists like Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga et al are simply trying to cash in on the “kooky” theme, so far as I know. They’re not revolutionary, they’re not “new”. Before Gaga, we had Madonna, David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust. Hell, Kate Bush was weirder than the stuff we’re shown now.

    Something I’ve learned through my attempts at creative writing, and writing and playing music? Nothing’s new. It’s always a rehash, whether you know it or not. Musically, we’re paraphrasing an already paraphrased paraphrase.
    I can only hope I continue to stumble across different interpretations. Originality seems to have taken a new meaning, and while the above hyperbole may appear negative, I don’t actually think it’s a bad thing.
    With ‘popular’ in the state that it is, it makes it all the sweeter when you find that diamond in the rough.

    …I really don’t know where I’m going with this now. Carry on.

    • You are wrong, there is still new stuff, there are millions of combinations of words in the english language and different ways to do things. I think there is still new stuff being made right now.

      • Millions of words but much less in the way of notes. And even less that sound good in a particular order. Eventually we’ll hit a point where the music runs out.

      • That’s cool man, I understand.
        You’re right, there *is* new stuff being made, but it’s invariably drawing inspiration and style from other works out there. We can’t keep claiming something to be revolutionary merely in the hopes that it will be, eventually.

        There’ll always be people simply trying to cash in on what’s popular. That’s what makes it popular, after all. But somewhere within that maelstrom will be someone that simply wishes to make music, and to share it. I’ve spent many a night around a campfire, with a drunken friend slowly strumming a guitar, and others banging sticks together, or singing incoherently. That’s got to be one of the most beautiful things in the world for me. Music for music’s sake, no intention of capitalising (seriously, no-one in their right mind would buy it anyway :P).
        It’s stuff like that which -while still not entirely original- really makes me tick.

          • I was actually referencing this idea, that there are really only seven different types of stories when you really boil it down.

            Music is a bit different because culture helps define what is and is not considered pleasing (at least on the grand scale). That’s why Indian music is fundamentally different from European music but has some similarities to East Asian music (I’m talking about traditional but it kind of works for more modern pop stuff).

            While there are a limited range of chords and arrangements that make sense to our ears, different cultures have different aesthetics. This lets you mix and match in some bizarre culturally diverse way that sometimes sucks and sometimes is amazing. Look up Rani B (I think that’s what it’s called, it’s more Bollywood style music combined with hip hop).

            Everything has been done before, it just may not have been done a certain way yet.

    • We need less dubstep, and more 80’s/90’s rock πŸ˜‰
      I miss turning on the radio and listening to actual bands. Who play instruments instead of auto-tuned solo or group “artists”

    • i was writing a book but what really disheartened when I found that my completely original concept already existed somewhere else.

  • Question for those who have seen the new Spiderman movie. Okay to take a 4 year old to? She loved the Raimi ones and has been bugging me to take her to this one.

    • Little bit darker than the previous ones, but not Batman dark. I think it’d be okay, but I’d hate to be proven wrong. :S I think the spectacle of it would appeal to a kid, the hidden depth might go unnoticed.

      • My daughter is fairly switched on when it comes to movies. Her favourite movies are the Jurassic Park ones (I know I know, terrible father). They scare the bejesus out of her but she Is smart enough to realise it’s not real and can’t hurt her.

        I let her watch a fair bit. Gore, torture and sex are the no no’s that I wot expose her to yet, but most everything else she seems pretty capable of processing without any problems.

        • Her favourite movies are the Jurassic Parks? Coolest kid ever. None of my friends liked JP when I was a kid πŸ˜›

        • I’d call you a good father, actually. My folks let me watch a lot more than kids my age and I appreciated that. Kids are probably more perceptive than we give them credit for too. To this day some of my favourite childhood memories were seeing movies with my Mum rated M and MA — Speed, Die Hard with a Vegeance and the like…

    • Hm, I think it should be ok. There’s not really much violence besides punching and such. Maybe the Lizard might be a bit scary? I don’t know πŸ˜›

      Point is, I don’t think it’s any worse than the first Spiderman movies.

  • So what is everyones favourite tv show? I will list my top ten

    The Wire
    Game of Thrones
    Breaking Bad
    Mad Men
    Arrested Development

    • ohhhh the pressure

      ummm off the top of my head:
      Arrested development
      Walking Dead
      Adventure Time
      Regular Show
      30 Rock

      aaaaaaaaand thats all i can think of now without going into anime…

    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
      The West Wing
      Mad Men
      Battlestar Galactica
      Star Trek: The Next Generation
      Game of Thrones
      and know there’s more, so I’ll only list nine. Give me room to add some later. πŸ˜›

      • Also if you’re not watching, check out The Newsroom. Starts on SoHo on Foxtel next month. Classic Sorkin, it’s got an agenda but wears it on its sleave. There’s a sense of idealism too, which I’ve missed since The West Wing ended.

    • Sons of Anarchy
      Breaking Bad
      Burn Notice
      White Collar
      Top Gear
      Various comedies such as 2 Broke Girls, Big Bang, How I Met Your Mother etc. But don’t watch those as often.
      That list isn’t in an particular order.

    • No TV show will ever reach the dizzying heights of “Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush” so I don’t bother.

    • Breaking Bad
      Arrested Development
      Top Gear (UK)
      Young Justice
      Avatar:The Legend of Aang/Korra
      The West Wing
      Game of Thrones

    • Breaking Bad
      Arrested Development
      Top Gear (UK)
      Young Justice
      Avatar:The Legend of Aang/Korra
      The West Wing
      Game of Thrones

      Probably more but that’s all I can think of right now.

    • Fringe
      Game of Thrones
      Ghost in the Shell
      Transformers G1

      Lot of cartoons/anime in that mix.
      *starts developing Peter Pan complex*

    • I love westerns, always wanted to check out Deadwood, but haven’t had the chance. I also hear that they were screwed out of giving the show a proper finale, which makes me sad.

    • Hmm, lets see;

      Breaking Bad
      Burn Notice
      Sons of Anarchy
      Mad Men
      Six Feet Under
      Doctor Who
      Fast N’ Loud

      • Six Feet Under is in my ‘pile of shame’ of TV shows, fully expect to love it but just haven’t had the opportunity to watch.

        • I started it last week, it’s great. Already on to season 2, worth watching. It was on my pile of shame for years, and I finally decided to get around to watching it at long last!

          • I love it when that happens, you get access to the show and fly through the seasons like a crazy person. Consumes your life until you’re caught up. Good feeling. πŸ˜€

    • So I generally avoid these kinds of conversations, as I “don’t watch TV” – at least that’s what I keep telling everyone. Truth is, the TV is actually on, and I do sometimes watch the sprites in action. However, I really can’t see myself taking time out of playing video games to watch a tv show.

      And it’s not that I think these shows are boring or badly made; on the chance I do see bits and piece of Game of Thrones or Sherlock or Parks and Rec, they all seem like pretty cool shows. People keep giving me DVDs of whatever show they are watching because they think I’m holding out. I just never even drop the DVD in, I end up handing it back to them, or passing it on to someone else. Some friends have even taken to sitting me down to watch the first few episodes with them, and I do, and I enjoy what I see, but I never follow up by watching the rest of the show. Sometimes they get “offended” that I just ignore the show.

      I guess my favourite show would be Futurama. There was once a time when I did watch tv shows, Futurama was one of the few I would tune in every week to catch the newest episode. I’ve watched the origina series’ so many times that I can just put some episodes on in the background and it doesn’t matter if I’m paying attention or not; I can come in halfway through a story, or at the punchline of a joke, and know whats going on, and have a chuckle.

    • Sherlock
      Tron Uprising
      Star Wars The Clone Wars
      Horrible Histories
      The Looney Toons Show (the new one)
      Top Gear (UK)
      Once Upon A Time

    • In no particular order:
      Game of Thrones
      Mad Men
      Breaking Bad
      Wire in the Blood
      How I Met Your Mother
      Transformers G1
      Dragonball Z
      Dad’s Army

      and probably more.

    Are any of you a size Large?
    I won a treasure box from Gametraders, and in it was a Jinx Starcraft 2 Terran Marine Tee, Size large. Being between an XS and a S, depending on brand, this wouldn’t fit me in a billion years.
    Would any of you guys like it? πŸ™‚

    My pledge to buy no more games at the moment fell flat when Harvey Norman had Saints Row 3 and Battlefield 3 for $16… i bought both and picked them up on the weekend.. πŸ™
    Damn feeble mind…

  • I was sick with the flu.

    I’m getting better.

    I also met up with Shiggy on Saturday and went location scouting for the movie which went exceptionally well. We even found an outdoor power outlet! Not that I’d risk using it…

    Then I went to buy comics and ended up browsing next to some weird guy with a ginger afro.

    Then he turned and I was all “Cakesmith?” and it was he. So we chatted.

    Then I went home.

    Good times!

  • I wonder how many people are going to post stuff like “OMG a full article!” on Own’s post about being sick. Or, complain about how it’s not relevant enough to video games…

  • Morning TAYters. I’m horribly sick due to Tonsillitis still which I didnt realise could cause this much pain and cold like symptoms.

    In good news though despite not playing for a two weeks and being sick I was still able to play BF3 (rather well actually I’ve played worse) so my team took our first win of the MWAVE (cash prize) tourney and we’re looking good atm for making the finals.
    Done no shameless gaming all month so judge me as you will.
    As for TV shows, I dont watch alot but

    Black Adder
    One Piece
    Danger 5
    and then the rest are all equal. Walking Dead, Family Guy, Ms Browns Boys, etc

  • I figure it’s about time I start mentioning the Pyrean/Gorzy housewarming and Stevo meet again

    Saturday 11th August In Parramatta
    at the moment I’m suggesting people aiming for around 3 or 4 pm but we’ll be home all day so earlier isn’t a problem either.

    I’m trying to avoid posting our address on an open website so email me for details!

    Also, being at a house with limited room an idea of how many people are thinking of showing up would be good so I can work out somewhere we can relocate to if we run out of room.

    Pyrean or I will be able to pick people up from the train station (or other places, train station seems like the most likely spot though) for people having trouble with transport.

    If anyone will need space to sleep the night let me know in an email as well, or any special dietary requirements (note: Alcohol is not a dietary requirement [excluding Stevo])

  • Hey TAYbies!
    I promised myself that I would get up early today… and I only got out of bed at 11am… πŸ™

  • Dang Nabbit! Mark keeps talking about how amazing Dark Soul’s is, in his SGM articles which makes me REALLY want to play it. MUST … HOLD … OUT … UNTIL … DLC … RELEASE.

  • Just watched the store owner shoo away 14 (yes, fourteen) dogs from the entrance to his shop. Poor bastard.
    In other news, Aleph found replacement lunch!

          • JUST!? That’s pretty much like, one of the best packages possible to receive. Ghibli on bluray is so divine.

          • IT is pretty amazing stuff, i dislike ponyo because i think the story is a little shitty. But them blu-ray visuals are like heaven on the eyes.

          • I only use Ponyo as a example because i have most of the other ghibli titles on DVD like a chump.

          • GAAAAASP! Ponyo is… is AMAZING! It’s such a beautiful story about children. You heartless monster!

          • I liked Ponyo but I didn’t find it that amazing either. I’d actually say I preferred the animation in Arrietty. It blends digital and traditional animation far better, probably because the director is younger and from an animation background so better versed in the use of digital techniques. Ponyo is distracting to me in how ‘busy’ it is all the time.

            Most looking forward to getting Mononoke & Spirited Away on BD. And also hoping the JP Porco release has the French dub on it.

          • Thus why my shelf has every Ghibli BD currently available. Except Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies. Which incidentally are in this package.

            (Also volume 2 of Eureka Seven AO but that’s not as important).

            I’m hoping they step up the releases a bit though. Will be interesting to see what they release next. Early on it seemed they were going chronological, then they suddenly released Whisper of the Heart and Arietty, then jumped right forward and did Earthsea, Ponyo & Howl, and now they’ve gone back to the earliest unreleased stuff so no idea what’s next. If they go chronologically in pairs from this point it’d be Kiki and Only Yesterday next, then Porco & Ocean Waves, Pom Poko & Mononoke, and Spirited Away & The Cat Returns to round it out. One Miyazaki and one non-Miyazaki each pair, seems to make sense but it’s hard to tell. Also at the rate they’re releasing them, it’s possible that Takahata’s upcoming Tale of the Bamboo Cutter would be in there too. SO EXCITED TO SEE WHAT’S NEXT.

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  • Well, thinking about applying for the police force has gone to actually doing it. Being given a date for testing today. From what they are describing it sounds very similar to QLDs STAT exam for uni entrance. Even knowing I got in the 98th percentile on that exam I’m still worried about screwing up this one.

  • So, my home internet has been utterly borked since Wednesday last week. Internet withdrawals! Ack!
    Hoping it’ll be fixed some time this week.

      • I’ve been watching my shiny new Star Wars Blurays, and the DVD boxset of Dad’s Army that I got for my dad.

          • In a box set or individually? (very important because I don’t want the Crystal Skull anywhere near my person) And has Lucas fucked with the levels and everything so that the dynamic range is all compressed and the colour’s way off the way he did with the original Star Wars trilogy?

          • Hahaha! Yeah reminds me of when I picked up the spiderman trilogy on blu. I still look at that and think ohhhh I have a copy of 3 in my house… my collection feels so tainted.

          • Apparently Spielberg supervised the restoration of Raiders, but that’s all I know. Day one buy for me, even with Cyrstal Skull. (Which has redeemable qualities, if you look hard enough. Cate Blanchett for one!)

          • Spielberg let Lucas make the Crystal Skull. I question his judgement.

            Still as long as the video isn’t all artificially darkened / shifted / fucked with like Star Wars. Lucas apparently doesn’t even notice that he’s done stuff like made Vader’s Saber go pink or lost all the stars in the star fields…

          • He digitally inserted Short Round into every second scene of all four movies and gave him several new catch phrases along with canned laughter.

  • Morning everyone!

    Looks at time

    Aftertoon everyone!

    All my gaming this past weekend was mainly spent playing WoW. I thought, MoP’s only two months away and I haven’t even raided Dragon Soul or done any of those new Caverns of Time 5 mans, so I jumped on my mage and spend the weekend grinding dungeons and getting gear so my ilvl is now above 372 (it’s at 373), which means I can now queue up in the LFR, which I’ll be doing sometime today.

    I also spent some time playing Jade Empire. I played it once when I was a kid (never finished it) and had forgotten a lot of what happened but as I play through it again it’s all slowly coming back to me.

    So, how bout dem Olympics? What did everyone think of the opening ceremony and has anyone being watching the events? I thought the start of the opening ceremony with the industrial revolution and the forging of the rings was cool. That thing with the NHS and giant Voldemort was a bit silly and that thing with the missing mobile was stupid. Music choices could have been better. Also, no Doctor Who? No David Tennant? What the heck, England? Hopefully he’ll make an appearance in the closing ceremony.

    As for the games themselves, I’ve just had them on while I’ve been grinding in WoW or just generally browsing the internet. Gymnastics has been the most fun to watch, as always. I also watched the mens cycling on day 1. 250k or something, pretty impressive. Weird sport though. It was interesting to listen to the commentators talk about the different strategies the riders were using.

    • Ooh, I’ve been watching the Olympics! Me! o/

      Though I still haven’t watched the opening ceremony πŸ˜›

    • I uhh, glanced at the Olympics, and saw someone who I went to high school with, with made me feel even more pathetic.

      But her team(The Hockeyroos) lost, so it’s all good.

  • @Virus_ & Aleph-null re previous page:

    I reject utterly the idea that we’re running out of music. It’s like saying we’re running out of waves in the sea.

    • We’re not running out of music hell no. We’re just running out of artists being innovative. Rather than take a gamble it would seem they’re sticking with what will make them the most money, which is fine, but it doesn’t define them from the others they’re being the same as.

      • The music you hear on the radio, perhaps. Artists continue to innovate, and we’re at a point in history where more of that innovation is available to listeners than ever before due to the internets.

    • Music will continue to be fashioned as an artistic expression of experience, so long as humans retain the ability to listen, and to feel. This will never change.

      Music, and art itself, is cyclical. Much like political history, much akin to climate change.
      Just like climate change, we’re in a stage now wherein we’re being flooded with “new”, when really it’s just more of the same. I’m just waiting for the next ice-age πŸ˜€

  • Weeee interview really soon. I’m one of “those guys” today cause I’m wearing a suit thingy at Uni. Feels weird bro.

  • I’m tempted to switch out my trusty Logitech MX518. I like the look of the Steelseries mice. They’re basically the same shape as the Microsoft ones that I used to love (and still use at work) but the fact that I can only find the Kana at local stores is starting to bug me.

    If I went for Steelseries, I think I’d have to buy the Sensei, with two buttons on each side. I’m too used to using both the buttons on the right and I would prefer to gain mouse buttons for other nefarious uses.

    Who would have thought buying a mouse would involve thought?

  • Our work proxy does not like iTunes. This would not be a problem if it wasn’t for the fact that some of the people here have work issued iPads.

    I’ve been trying to restore one of those all day but got nowhere because the proxy killed the connection to iTunes while I was trying to do it.

    Damned fancy technology. Should just get everyone an abacus.

  • Zombie Movie Update

    We’re shooting on 25th and 26th of August. Anyone who wants in, just message me or send me an email.

    We need as many people dressed as zombies as we can get on the Sunday! PLEASE HELP!

  • You know what sucks?
    Only having two hash browns left.
    You know what doesn’t suck?
    Making Cheesy Salt & Vinegar Hash browns with those two hash browns.

    Now I’m hungry again… πŸ™

  • I went into JB expecting to buy a headset and leave with the first 3 seasons of Breaking Bad on blu-ray. How did the even happen? Oh well, successbaby.JPEG

  • Week 2 of unemployment .

    Updated resume and sent to a friend at a well known company.
    started looking at the market.
    Bought myself a gift for coping with last week and not regressing into mountain man…
    recieved tax return.
    Feeling accomplished today πŸ™‚
    I have done well I believe

  • @ Crazyguy

    Shoot me an email to troy(dot)cleary(at)hotmaildotcom and i’ll organise the Tee shirt for you πŸ™‚

  • This afternoon seems to be dragging on quite a bit.
    Also, I want to whinge about the fact that our office bathroom is now exclusively stocking single-ply toilet paper. SINGLE PLY!

    On the plus side, I haven’t seen that damned mangy dog all day. \o/

    How’s everyone’s days going?

    • Single ply? Surely that violates OH&S regulations and possibly the geneva convention?

      Not to mention it’s false economy since you end up using three times as much.

      • I thought about raising this with the powers that be, though the last time someone did that… well, let’s just say that Blend 43 is fine by me, yessirree. You won’t see me complaining to the management about ANYTHING.
        Best employee!

      • I still don’t know what was in that pie, but hey. You live here for a year, you’ll have an iron stomach too πŸ˜‰

  • Spiderman was pretty cool.

    Lizard Man terrified my 4 year old daughter but she refused to leave and seemed to really like it otherwise.

  • A bird flew into my face at lunchtime. Just thought I’d let you guys know.
    I’m not hurt, luckily πŸ˜›

    • Lambo; Proof that Karma is indeed a vindictive, unassuming and ultimately omnipotent bitch.

      I’ve never seen someone so accident-prone, it can’t be coincidence. The cosmic forces just hate you :S

      • I basically have a mental image of him that’s like the cliche clumsy anime schoolgirl that constantly trips over and sets things on fire and stuff.

  • Is anyone else playing The Secret World?

    It feels to me like there is a distinct shortage of tanks. I rolled a healer as part of my usual “play something that gets into groups easily”. That seems now like a great way to be in a group with 3 DPS spamming “LF tank”. (as an aside, the whole “no class/no level” thing of the secret world seems dodgy when there is such a rigid tank-3 DPS-healer model for the dungeons, itemization is so rigid that there’s really no such thing as an off-healer or an off-tank,bosses are immune to most fancy-dan utility stuff and so many abilities are flat out awful that it channels people to the same stuff as they get the points for it).

    I’m enjoying the game for the story and atmosphere, but I can’t see myself sticking with it once I complete the story.

    Incidentally, if you’re getting bored in Solomon Island and thinking that ability points take ages to earn, early Egypt is very easy and the XP for doing the simplest fetch quest is ENORMOUS. Coming from Blue Mountain Egypt is like Candyland. There’s something severely wrong in the reward-difficulty balance in Blue Mountain.

        • From what I’ve played of it, nope, not really. Might help if it didn’t feel so clunky. Regret paying for that game without trying it first so much, enormous waste of money.

          What I personally see in the future is something more action-oriented, along the lines of Tera, where you don’t heal through damage, you mitigate against it by dodging / parrying / blocking correctly, exposing weaknesses or holes in timing for other players to hit etc. Some limited healing through consumables or abilities plus some amount of regen over time, but generally most encounters would be a battle of attrition and concentration rather than a DPS race.

          • Would probably require a more instance-oriented approach a la guild wars / PSO though. Have to be careful not to make it all feel like a ghost town like SWTOR. That game always felt so lonely, because of the way the world is all disconnected chunks. WoW still has the most cohesive-feeling world IMO.

          • Well I still would keep in mind a few things:
            1. Beta is beta, meaning it could always end up changing
            2. It’s probably clunky cuz of lag from you being Australia based, but again… beta.

          • Wasn’t lag, it was actual clunk. Weird interface, abilities that are poorly defined and appeared to have no real appreciable effect or difference, no idea whether I was meant to have a rotation or just be hitting the next hotkey… plus the fact that I’m absolutely done with hotkey-based MMOs now.

  • Woo got my tax back, which meant I got my Thunderbird bass off laybuy and my Leatherman Skeletool came in the post! and it’s only Monday!

  • Hey, so like, my internet is totally going to like, be fast again like, this week.Fabulous!

    So like, I’m wondering if like, any of you hot bitches want to like, survive the zombie like, hordes, y’know, with me at some point like, later on.
    You like, keen?

    • Aren’t most of them re-purchases anyway? πŸ˜›

      I was going to post a new comment but I’ll put it here. I preordered both Graces f (again) and Ni No Kuni Wizard Edition from Zavvi on the weekend :). If there’s any further info on Ni No Kuni let me know (cheaper places, local releases etc.).

      I know with the Wizard Edition I think it’s exclusive to the NAMCO shop in America and they’re doing a “ninostarter” thing. They’ll add more bonuses to the Wizard Edition depending on how many people pre-order it from there. I think they’re only adding them to the US edition at the moment which is a bummer πŸ™

      • Persona 2 & 3, Yggdra Union, TitS and Tactics Ogre were re-buys. Corpse Party, Lunar, Riviera, FF Tactics, Fate/Extra, Ys Seven & Persona were all new purchases. I’m also going to grab Growlanser IV and Unchained Blades when they’re up on PSN, and hopefully also grab Black Rock Shooter assuming NISA still do release it in the end.

        PSP was such a good platform πŸ™ I’d totally re-buy several more of my games if I could but they’re not on PSN.

        • The fact that there’s still at least a dozen great PSP games which will never make it to an English translated release thanks to Sony throwing the system under the bus outside Japan is really sad, incidentally. I look at those Summon Night games, the rest of Trails in the Sky and the other Kiseki games, FF Type-0, Valkyria 3, Grand Knights History, Sakura Taisen 1&2 and the list goes on and on, and I am saddened.


  • @Aleph “Kisaragi from Elfen Lied” is that something I’m going to regret googling? I vaguely remember hearing something about Elfen Lied being really violent, I think?

    • No idea what’s this about but in terms of images, no. It’s just some girl (not nude or bloody or anything bad). In terms of info around her (which might be violent, sexual) I can’t say since I didn’t read anything πŸ™‚

      • The show, however, is incredibly violent and sexualised i.e. it involves (literally) naked girls ripping people’s limbs off with their mind. So don’t google image search at work I guess? :V

    • I more meant the “clumsy secretary” part, not the “gets decapitated in the first episode” part πŸ™
      She was comic relief up ’til then, but her death wasn’t meaningless. That much, we do know.

      Elfen Lied was probably more violent than Gantz, but in terms of story etc, I absolutely loved it. If you’re not into violent/sexualised (I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s perverted or hentai, it’s just not for kids. It’s not like we’re talking about Urotsukidoji* here, haha!) anime, then it’s probably not for you.

      *If you’re not comfortable with stupidly sexualised violence, don’t google Urotsukidoji.

    • I’ve watched a couple scenes of the show on youtube. It seems pretty cool. I loved the start were she escapes from that facility place.

    • Sagan. I have Cosmos on DVD. It should be required viewing for kids in science class IMO.

      They’re apparently doing a refreshed, updated version some time next year, with Neil deGrasse Tyson to host in place of Carl (since it’s pretty hard for him to do it himself now πŸ™ )

    • Carl Sagan? You mean the guy who burnt down the Hill Valley speakeasy? πŸ˜›

      I’ve seen one of the DVDs I got out from the library once. I can’t remember any of it though…

      • I’m playing a BW mod trying to actually complete the pokedex (eventually). Never even come close before. Usually because I has no friends to trade with. But this mod gets by all that by making all 649(?) available in game, changing the evolution req’s etc etc. But damn if those legendaries aren’t hard to find. Most of them only appear on one route, only in shaking grass and even then they only have a 1% chance of being found.

    • I remember telling you about Ni No Kuni on Twitter ages ago but if you didn’t know, they have a super awesome “Wizard’s Edition” with some cool extras :).

      • Rootkit.
        Basically it installs allows hackers access to highly secure content( i.e. Important system files) on your computer, if it is ever hacked.
        It’s basically doing what the Starforce DRM used to do.
        Wow, anyone remember that Starforce debacle?
        If not, here’s some info:

      • It should be illegal to install 2 forms of DRM.
        If you got your game from steam, you shouldn’t need to have it run Uplay or GFWL or any other stupid launcher.

      • It should be illegal to install 2 forms of DRM.
        If you got your game from steam, you shouldn’t need to have it run Uplay or GFWL or any other stupid launcher.

    • Yeah, just read it too. Essentially, it means that UPlay adds an extension to your web browser essentially allowing potential unauthorised access to executables already located on the local machine.
      I assume that it’s designed to allow the launch of UPlay affiliated games from within your browser perhaps, although there’s no “UPlay ONLY” restrictions set on it, thus the issue.

      Forgive me if I’m wrong though, as I’m certainly not sec-minded enough to completely understand. Either way, Ubisoft is going to need to respond to this fairly quickly.
      Depending on your browser, there’s multiple ways to disable the extension. I’d suggest searching for how to do so before going any further.

      • I see, I see. Kinda… πŸ˜› So the worry is what exactly? That unauthorised websites can activate files/viruses/whatnot on your computer?

        I don’t own any Ubisoft/UPlay games so I’m not worried, but that’s pretty bad of them.

        • It means that whoever has access to the extension, has access to your files/programs/attached data.
          To go deeper, that means personal information, credit card/bank details, not to mention the folder containing questionable material that you most certainly thought you deleted months ago πŸ˜‰

          It’s a big snafu, and one that’s not to be scoffed at. Whilst I believe it was an unintentional mistake, it’s a big one. I’ll be wary of purchasing from Ubi any time soon, and warier still of installing the current games I own.

  • God dammit Youtube. Stop changing everything.

    I’ve been bitching on Twitter about this but I thought I’d share things here too. Youtube is dropping another layout change and basically turning your subscription feed into a mass of recommended videos.

    If I wanted to watch recommended videos, I would look at the sidebar next to the subscription videos I want to watch.

    This is what it looks like now. This is as good as I could get it too, originally is showed all activity from everyone I was subscribed to. All the likes, comments, favourites and whatever.

    I don’t want that. I just want videos. How does Youtube not get this?

    Luckily, you can click on the “My Subscriptions” thing on the left (under Recommended) which will take you to a straight subscription feed with just the uploads.

    Oh and if you’re wondering why I’m getting this layout changes, I think they get pushed out earlier for partners and whatnot . I’m not a Youtube partner but it has been offered to me a while ago. They probably don’t expect people to not immediately accept the chance to make money from uploads :p

  • Apparently there is a big spoiler in the dark night rises. I thought I’d save everyone the trouble and look it up for them.

  • Cabin in the Woods was EXCELLENT. Overheard a lady say when it was finished “Well, that was two hours of my life I’ll never get back”



    [quote]”Commenters over at Hacker News have published a proof of concept URL that appears to exploit a vulnerability in a browser plugin installed by Uplay β€” launching a copy of the built-in calculator in Windows. “Ubisoft installs a backdoor that allows any website to take over your computer,” says one commenter.”[/quote]

    Jesus fuck. Anti-malware is hard enough without supposedly legitimate companies adding to the problem.

  • I’ve been able to play some more of The Last Story and I’m really liking it. At the moment I’m just doing sidequests to avoid advancing the main story and every time I think I’ve run out of things to do and have to move on I find something else to do. It’s not an “awesome” game necessarily but is certainly a very good and enjoyable game.
    Not sure how much I’ll be around here this week as I’m looking after my father-in-law who is recovering from a heart attack. He’s no trouble but being his sole carer during the day is pretty stressful so hopefully I’ll be able to squash some gametime in my day somewhere to relieve it.

  • So I got up at 6am this morning and noticed something odd. There was a large Amazon box by the front door. It definitely wasn’t there late last night and I’ve NEVER had a post delivery before 10am.

  • Today is the last day of Shameless Gaming. I’m rather tempted to knuckle down and finish Saints Row The Third tonight.

    On the other hand, I don’t feel like rushing this game. Last night, I did maybe two story missions. The rest of the night was spent derping around in side missions. Assassinations and Heli Assaults are rather shit. The rest is good though. Particularly the ones involving blowing everything up.

      • You say that but the normal Mayhem is pretty amazing when you have infinite everything, many of which are explosive.

        • I’m not fond if Mayhem because at times there’s nearly nothing to destroy and I spend most of the time waiting for cars to come. Whereas tank is all pew pew pew, and it’s easy. I failed a co-op Mayhem once because we were around a hundred short πŸ™

          • I just make sure that I have the wrath of the cops and a gang, then blow up fences while waiting for them to come back. Works a treat.

            The tank one is almost too easy. Drive forward and shoot.

          • Yeah. Tank is really easy (though still fun!) Just drive down the side of the road building up combos on mailboxes and stuff while blowing stuff up. I finished one in a single combo yesterday haha

          • Yeah I didn’t really bother with that many activities I just did the easy and/or fun ones. Horribly tedious ones like Heli Assault just sucks :P, especially when the game glitches up like mine does :(.

          • I finished almost all of the Tank Mayhem ones I’ve done in a single combo. Often with quite a bit more than the target amount and plenty of time to spare :p

          • This. Just destroy whatever you can and keep your multiply up, the higher it is the better the chance of completing the mayhem.

    • I love heli assaults πŸ˜€ I need to finish the assassinations and whatever else in that part of the phone now, all that’s missing from me 100% completing the game.

      • You hear them talk about that survivor who is running towards them with faction going (if he gets any closer i will shoot him. I was being chased by a zombie and my push to talk wouldn’t work. I couldn’t Alt-TAb without dying so i ran i circles and they were like if he gets closer kill him. i was screaming at my computer


          • It was tense as heck. I was scared of the zombie, dehydrated so my screen went monochrome, couldn’t see the guys even though they could see mee. Scared they would shoot and yelling at my computer. SO FUN though, i haven’t had such a tense moment in a video game in a long while.

    • We used to have a gang on Saturday, until some prick shot us while we were gutting a cow. We were sitting ducks on a hill side and he picked us off with some sort of rifle from a tower about 300m away. It was a rather disappointing way to die, arms deep in a cow.

        • we had 3.
          Me, Beavwa and BlueMaxima
          We were all standing around in the open, gutting a cow, feeling pretty powerful coz we had lots of guns and supplies.
          He pretty much one shot BlueMaxima, by the time me and Beavwa started running I was already knocked out and bleeding rapidly.
          Beavwa made it to safety and went hunting for the shooter, but since we didn’t know his exact location, he found Beavwa first…

          • Gotta admit, as dickish as that is, it is fairly impressive someone can take down 3 survivors. Guess it shows no matter what, you are always in danger in Day Z.

          • We should have known something was up when we saw another survivor running from that location, weaving back and forth like they were dodging being shot.
            Eh, easy to say in retrospect.

  • Do you have any secret shame movies? Something you love but people scoff at when you tell them?

    I’ll start: Girl, Interrupted. One of my favourite movies.

    Who’s next?

      • I was JUST in the process of saying Mean Girls πŸ˜› Oh well, I’m not re-writing my comment:

        Pretty much any movie that’s considered ‘for girls’ gets a scoff from some people. Things like The Princess Bride and Mean Girls. Anything animated (‘for kids’) also gets a scoff sometimes.

        I’m not really ashamed to like them though, so I wouldn’t call them a secret shame.

          • Then that brings us to the question… What are you hiding that you’re truly ashamed of!?

            *wild speculation*

          • I think most people just hear ‘Princess’ and ‘Bride’ and automatically assume it’ll be a terrible chick-flick. Their loss I suppose πŸ˜›

          • my parents wanted me to watch it, and i was like “NO WAY THAT SOUNDS LIKE A SISSY MOVIE”

            then i watched it and was like, “holy shit”

          • I admit, I judged it on the title. A girl at Uni lectured me on how it’s pretty much the greatest thing of all time. Now I know. (Although she judged M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs as well. I insisted that she watched it, she did and freakin’ loved it.) We should all stop being judgemental fools. πŸ˜›

        • Princess Bride isn’t “for girls”.

          It’s a deconstruction of the standard adventure fairy tale. That’s typically boy stuff, even if there is a heavy dose of the true love stuff.

          I don’t think you guys quite get what movies are meant to be shameful. Princess Bride only counts if you know nothing about it but the name (which, oddly enough Dr Strangelove also seems to fall victim to).

      • Oh, man. So good. Watched it for the first time when I was pretty lonely, messed up and an outcast. Could really relate.

    • Hmmmmm not really sure, I’m sure they are there

      Do early Tom Cruise movies count, since he has gone loopy there seems to be a stigma associated with liking his films but I do still enjoy watching days of thunder and the like.

      From the chick flick side I things I think that French Kiss is a great movie.
      Also the greatest of geek shames, Sport films ;). I really enjoyed the blind side and can always watch youngblood.

  • Uncharacteristic rage vent here.


    I’m not a fanboy by any stretch of the imagination, but for some reason I’m raging from the near continual US posts saying “Here’s something Sony related BUT ITS SHIT LOL! Now let’s worship Mario Rehash #999965 and isn’t XBOX GOLD awesome? I LOVE ADS!”

  • morning TAY. hows stuff?
    final day of shameless gaming & I’m sad to say I’ve been pretty shameful in my gaming this month.

    I’ve finally been putting some time into Bastion. The dynamic narration is such an innovative way to tell a story. Also Rucks. that mans voice is just amazing.
    great game.

    also put a few hours into Dead Rising 2 : Off the record last night. Sandbox mode = best mode. no story, just unlimited zombies.

    anyway, so… yeah. Hi *waves*

    *walks off into the sunset*

  • morning TAY. hows stuff?
    final day of shameless gaming & I’m sad to say I’ve been pretty shameful in my gaming this month.

    I’ve finally been putting some time into Bastion. The dynamic narration is such an innovative way to tell a story. Also Rucks. that mans voice is just amazing.
    great game.

    also put a few hours into Dead Rising 2 : Off the record last night. Sandbox mode = best mode. no story, just unlimited zombies.

    anyway, so… yeah. Hi *waves*

    *walks off into the sunset*

    • Yeah i finished bastion a few months ago. Narration made the game for me. Worth playing but not amazing. I enjjoyed it though.

      I started well but fropped the ball last night. I was on track to complete my 5th game, Rayman origins, I have only got an hour or two left to play and I’ll be finished it. I actually picked that game cause it was apparently a 5 hour campaign and I thought it wuold be easy. Over a week now and im getting close, but i borrowed a copy of dark souls from a mate of mine and spent all night playing that. Now I will end the month with two new games that I have not finished, Oh, and i also started quantum conundrum, so my net result is one less game off my pile of shame… but I’ve enjoyed it all.

      • I finished Rayman Origins on Sunday, almost had a nervous break down getting all the Electoons, but that little achievement was totally worth it… totally. :S (Still a damn great game, though.)

  • Ok, so it looks like I may not be here much today. SO MUCH WORK /o\
    …how does a company lose MEGATONS of stock?

    • Three films out of a book that’s less than half the size of Fellowship of the Ring alone? I was surprised but understanding when they announced it as two films originally – Lord of the Rings is a lot less dense, more stuff actually happens in the Hobbit – but three films is straight up milking it. They’re going to have to bring in a ton of side material or something to pad it out. I’d rather they put money into something like a Silmarillion miniseries or something.

      Incidentally the best way to read The Hobbit IMO is the graphic novel adaption by Chuck Dixon, Sean Deming and David Wenzel. It was how I got into Tolkien’s stuff when I was a kid, discovered it in my school library when I was about eight.

      • They’re using appendices etc from other Tolkein books to help for the third film. And yeah, The Hobbit is way more dense than Lord of the Rings.

    • The Hobbit was far more intricate a story than an LotR book, so I can see why they’re stretching it. 3 movies is probably a bit much though.
      One does not simply make a single hobbit film.

      I saw a stage production of The Hobbit when I was 12 or so in Canberra, and it was absolutely magical. I’ve never seen puppeteering quite like it!

      • Was that about 9 years ago? I saw that one as well, still got the record from it.
        Would have made no sense at all if you didn’t know the story but still worth going for the amazing puppets

  • Subway has just started using real bacon. Hungry Jacks recently changed as well, follow McDonald’s lead from a little while back.

    Aside from KFC, all of the major fast food stores in Australia now use real bacon on their food instead of those weird pig-like pink grease strips. I wander what prompted this change?

    They don’t tend to make changes like this on a whim.

      • Pink slime is processed mince. I thought the controversy there was about the processing of it leading to unnecessary exposure to bacteria and whatnot.

        • I think a lot of people were genuinely surprised that the food they were eating wasn’t entirely what they thought it was. Might not apply to the bacon, but could be a pre-emptive move… for when people get suspicious. πŸ˜›

        • Actually it’s the fact they put ammonia into it that’s the problem. Effectively the stuff is a slop made up of beef extracted sinew, cartilage, bone, guts and fat, turned into a fine pulpy mush and then treated with ammonia to remove bacteria. It’s the ammonium hydroxide they add which is the bulk of the problem, plus the fact that recovered beef like that is considered too low quality for human consumption in a lot of places – even in the US, if it was left untreated it would be barely high enough grade to use for dog food. Not legal to sell it in Australia or Canada or the UK, the EU recently banned it and after the outcries over it most of the US fast food places have stepped away from it because it’s completely unnecessary and it basically is extra unhealthy slop added to the patties to reduce their price by a few cents.

          • Turns out that was a hit by the mafia.

            Also Yuri Gagarin wasn’t the first man in space, he was second or maybe never at all, the actual test pilot (Vladimir Ilyushin) ran into problems during the flight and crashed in China and the Soviets covered it all up.

    • Have you tried the Moroccan Lamb (for a limited time only!) thing they’re pushing atm? The lamb is weird processed/shaped chunks. It disappointed me. πŸ™

  • I’m reading an article addressing the various complaints about plot holes in The Dark Knight Rises:


    He’s the f***ing Batman. Seriously, if any fictional character could pull this one off, it’s the f***ing Batman. Stop whining.

    I don’t think it matters what point they’re addressing here, but you can find it all here if you’re interested (again, spoiler warning).

    • DEFINATELY! Argh, over hearing people whinge about this film. This line says it best – ‘My problem with the articles I’ve been seeing is that they try to elevate personal dislike or minor errors into a gross artistic mistake’. It’s a good movie dangit!

      • Tried this thrice now. I think the combination of hyperlink and
        rot13 may have resulted in the post getting eated. Otherwise, here
        come s number three – now with 100% less hyperlinks. Re: gripes
        with Batman 3. Va zl zvaq, gur Wbxre – nf Abyna unq perngrq uvz va
        GQX – yvxrq univat Ongzna nebhaq. Ur fnj Ongzna nf uvf rdhny,
        fbzrbar pncnoyr rabhtu bs zrrgvat uvf punyyratrf naq pncnoyr bs
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        gbjneqf gur raq bs gur zbivr. Onar vf vagrag ba Oernxvat Ongzna naq
        qrfgeblvat Tbgunz. Fb gb zr, V pna’g frr gung Wbxre jbhyq whfg yrg
        fbzr ohyyl pbzr va naq oybj hc uvf cynltebhaq. Jura lbh frr gung
        Fpnerpebj vf abj ehaavat serr, zl gubhtug jnf “ohg Wbxre jbhyq unir
        whfg xvyyrq Onar”. V qba’g guvax gurer’f zhpu ebbz sbe qvfphffvba
        orgjrra gur gjb, naq Onar znl or fzneg naq fgebat, ohg V qb abg
        guvax gung ur pbhyq bhg cynl gur Wbxre – pregnvayl abg juvyr gelvat
        gb fhowhtngr gur pvgl naq xrrc gur pbcf haqretebhaq. Gheaf bhg gung
        nccneragyl nyy gur vazngrf sebz Nexunz jrer zbirq gb Oynpxtngr, nf
        gur Qrag Npg znqr vg vzcbffvoyr sbe pevzvanyf gb cyrnq vafnavgl,
        jvgu Wbxre erznvavat nf gur fbyr vazngr ng Nexunz. Fb Fpnerpebj jnf
        serrq nybat jvgu gur Oynpxtngr cevfbaref. V’z bxnl jvgu guvf. Vg
        onfvpnyyl yrnirf gur fgnss bs Nexunz nf “sbqqre” sbe Wbxre gb ghea
        vagb n arj ongpu bs penmrq zvavbaf – rfcrpvnyyl vs, fnl, Uneyrra
        Dhvamry, vf bar bs gur fgnss yrsg ng Nexunz gb zbavgbe Wbxre. V
        fgvyy jbhyq unir erjevggra ovgf bs gur fgneg naq raq – fvapr gurer
        jnf fbzr Qrhf Rk Znpuvan gung pnzr vagb cynl juvpu vexrq zr.

  • Holden just called me. My ute is going to be another 4 weeks /o\


    They are giving me a SV6Z instead for the same price. Bigger wheels, leather seats, sat nav and “Limited Edition” badging so I’m not complaining too much.

      • Odds are they oversold that particular model, realised that there was going to be an excessive delay (3+ months) in getting Freeze exactly what he ordered. Easy solution, bump up to a slightly higher model. It probably costs them very little, gives Freeze a very good impression of Holden as a company and because it seems like an extraordinary event (which it is), he’s more likely to tell people he knows about his positive experience.

        That probably makes it seem a little sinister. Really, I just think it means that they appreciate the value of a customer that gets more than they bargained for.

        Amazon does a slightly more obvious manipulation where they exaggerate expected delivery times so that you always get it sooner than you think you should.

        • More likely it’s because it’s mid-year and they’re no longer producing the model he ordered and since he’s purchasing a 2012 model, are contractually obligated to deliver a 2012 model, and it’s cheaper to bump up to one which is in stock at a slightly higher level than to go to the expense of sourcing and importing the model ordered from overseas.

          Plus it does reflect nicely on them. Also they’ve got repeat business down the line anyway, since he’ll probably take it back to Holden for servicing to maintain the new car warranty. And they have pretty decent margins on new cars usually anyway.

          • Actually I ordered a MY12 but getting a MY13. I’d say the 12s are sold out and everything new is a 13 plate now.

            Not sure on the reason for the upgrade but I’m not going to question too much

          • Around this time of year the car manufacturers often have stuff on sale. Possibly the amount you paid would buy a LE version of the same vehicle right now so there’s no cost to them effectively to upgrade you, plus they get your word of mouth and goodwill and avoid you feeling cheated because by the time you got it delivered you could have gotten it cheaper by cancelling the sale and starting a new one.

        • There was some research done on this kind of thing a while back.
          Numbers are completely made up but: If you have a good experience
          with a company you might tell 20 or 30% of people you know. If you
          have a bad experience you’ll likely tell 50-60% of people you know.
          If you have a bad experience, but the company turns it around so
          that you have a good experience, you’re likely to tell 90% of
          people you know. I knew someone that works in retail that would
          purposely flub 2-3 transactions a day, so that customers would be
          required to return and he could “fix” the problem – and he’d use
          the return visit as another chance to upsell or add-on extra items
          after the “generous” fix.

    • 8 out of the top 50, only 3 of which are anime (and two of the remaining 5 are Avatar, so the same franchise). That’s actually about what I’d expect.

      Considering that for the last decade or more since Japan moved to producing anime digitally and thus much cheaper, there’s been 20+ shows running every season, and given that you’re talking about a database where self-diagnosed aspies like to go and make excruciatingly detailed lists of things, it shouldn’t really be a surprise that some are in the list. Not should it be a surprise that it’s FMA Brotherhood, Cowboy Bebop and Death Note.They’re very popular because they’ve had multiple US TV runs

    • Interestingly if you look at the top 50 movies, only two are
      animated. Spirited Away and Toy Story 3. And they’re a long way
      down the list in the late 40s too.

  • Just when I thought my elbow was starting to get better, it decides to get worse πŸ™
    I got it checked out by a doctor last week, she thought it was just bruised. Well it sure doesn’t feel like any bruise I’ve ever had before! And I’m practically an expert on the subject! πŸ˜›
    But yeah. It’s been sore for 3 weeks now… πŸ™

    • I’ve had problems walking since the start of July. My parents are
      like “You should go see a doctor about that.” And I’m all
      “PPPPPSSSSHHHHHHHH” So I can’t walk more than 100 metres without
      getting pain in my foot…

  • @Hugo re: Dragon’s Dogma
    My internet has been borked since Wednesday, and I’ve barely got past the point where you can create a pawn (maybe an hour or so?) – perhaps one or both of these are contributing to the problem?
    When my internet’s back up (hopefully tonight!) I’ll give it another whirl.

    • Actually, I have been pretty slack with DD, as I have been SKYRIM!ing like crazy.
      I just find it strange (Hi Strange!) because I was playing the game at the same time as you and when you created your pawn it should have been accessible straight away.
      Anywho, i’ll just give it time and it may take reaching a certian main story section before your pawn becomes accessible to others.

  • It’s time for a special message from They Might Be Spam!




    They Might Be Giants is staging a public campaign to get back to Australia in the spring of 2013. It has been too long, and we miss you guys.

    In an effort to convince Australian promoters we exist we have started a twitter feed at @TMBGaustralia ( and there is a fan-created facebook page at

    We would sincerely encourage you to join either or both, and to tell your friends to join as well. If there is a meaningful number of folks involved it would be a tremendous asset for us to convince the powers that be that we have interested folks out there in your magnificent country.

    Thank you–and we hope to see you in 2013!”

    If you have even a passing interest in the works of TMBG – and even if you don’t – please go do the Twitter and Facebook things. You will make me and others (e.g. welbot) very happy if we can get them out here again!

    I am going to continue bringing this up everywhere until everybody caves to my demands… it worked for #GetMillaToTweetTad and the SPAAACE MAUUREEN purchasing blitz, right?

    • oh hellz yeah! I signed up as soon as I found out about this πŸ™‚ I
      seriously hope they play Brisbane, cos if they don’t I will HAVE to
      take a holiday to wherever they play, cos fuck missing out on this!
      Pretty sure my sis will be on board for this one too! PLZ PLZ PLZ

  • My RAT 5 is borked, with a replacement being sent my way \o/
    Let’s hope this one lasts a decent while, eh?

  • Erm … Don’t mind me. I’m just testing something. No, not the TAY
    breaking sort of something. Just something. πŸ˜›

  • Why are all the text lines wrapping at like 40 characters? I
    already post way too much verbose crap, that just makes my walls of
    text longer πŸ™

  • *sigh* people in the are are protesting that council not cut down
    some Camphor Laurel tree’s because they’ve been there 80 years.
    Yes, let’s leave an introduced weed and tell the council they’re
    doing the wrong thing by wanting to replace it with native tree’s.
    and some woman has gone and chained her self to one of said tree’s.
    This is why we can’t have nice things.

      • Being native is overrated. I have to say I’m with the protesters on
        this one. Preserving 80 year old trees > planting some Gum
        Trees*, because it’s not like Australia doesn’t have enough of
        those already *Or whatever native plant it is they’re planning on

        • Camphor Laurel is quite a pest in this area though, they thought it
          would be smart to burn it not that long back releasing carcinogens
          into the local atmosphere.. Also there are plants like wattles and
          others that are quite lovely to look at, that can be planted not
          just gums..

          • Age before beauty. Honestly, I just hate to see anything old
            destroyed, no matter what it may be.

          • Even if that thing is something that poses health risks to the
            community or other risks that outweigh it being something positive?
            (not talking about the current topic, but thought i’d ask that) But
            also Camphor tree’s are a general hazard to the local environment
            since where it is, is on the water and a plant such as it is
            leeching into the ground is not really something you’d want and the
            fact it stops any other plant germinating by covering the ground
            with it’s rather toxic leaves and it’s rather intrusive root
            system, that strangles other plants & will get into sewage,
            water & stormwater. This area in general is quite nice to look
            at when it’s maintained, and the right sort of plants are there
            otherwise it looks dead & dull.

          • Public safety outweighs keeping old things around, of course, but
            it’s still a shame to see those old things go.

          • I’ll be honest, if this was public property i’d have no issue, but
            since it poses several health risks, I just wish some of the locals
            who never seem to have anything better to do rather than waste
            local rate payers money (The council does that easily enough with
            out any help!) would wake up and realise that it’s probably being
            done to improve the area or stop potential harm happening. Example
            the council had no real option recently other than to remove a 130
            year old tree of some sorts due to it was infested with termites in
            the base, the locals had a massive outcry that there was no danger
            at all, yet if it was going to fall down it was going to crush a
            local pub. But that was fine apparently?

          • In the NT, if a pub is destroyed, you’d wanna hope to hell you can
            shack up somewhere quiet.

          • Oh man I bet. We don’t have a enough pubs around here damn it! I
            can only count about 6? Pubs in my local area… Two of which are
            ones i’d go to haha.

  • @Tigs RE: Hobbit puppetry. I had read the book the year before, so
    I had a fair grasp of what was going on. It was so well done, and
    was the first time I’d really been “wowed” by the theatre. I really
    wish I had gone more often outside of performing before I left
    Canberra πŸ˜› Completely unrelated: Thanks to me, work has gone from
    a deficit of ~4megatonnes of stock to a surplus of ~3 megatonnes. I
    am a god.

  • Just beat the Pokemon Conquest primary story mode. Oichi can die in
    a fire. Nobunaga’s castle was frustrating, but mostly because I
    hadn’t had to think about items until then. New story mode seems
    like a pretty cool guy.

    • Wait, you’re referring to the primary storyline as in defeating
      Nobunaga yeah? That bad? I didn’t have any issues, but my eevee
      evolved into a glaceon and murdered all the dragons. I assume your
      curse Oichi because of her useless jiggly puff?

      • Just that my first two attempts my Pokemon managed to miss every
        attack, and Nobunaga’s managed to chain crit. The final battle
        wasn’t nearly as hard.

      • Also, I was annoyed that you could not enter a castle battle
        without Oichi in your party. The “episodes” are making up for that.

    • \o/ What did you evolve your Eevee into, by the way? I haven’t been
      playing it lately because I’m waiting for the 3DS XL. Luckily the
      Steam sales haven’t made that too hard to do πŸ˜›

      • My first Eevee I turned into Vaporeon, because that’s my favourite
        eeveelution. I also had a Flareon and Jolteon by the end. I thought
        there’d be a twist after uniting the kingdoms, so I spent a huge
        amount of time searching out perfect links.

  • PRESENT RESERVE – Do these words: a) Have similar meanings b) Have
    contradictory meanings c) Mean neither the same nor opposite?

    • I’d have to go with either A or B on this one, dependant on
      context. You could present the target with the object in question,
      much like you could reserve the object for the person in
      question. On second thoughts, I’m going to go with B, as A implies
      that reserving/restricting an object/placement is similar to
      presenting/offering it, which is contradictory.

      • My first thought is C but i’m also going to have to go with B as
        reserving something to me means denying it to people while
        presenting something is giving it to someone. The idea of reserving
        something so it may be presented to someone though is amusing. Good
        choice of words to examine!

        • It is a question on the practice exam for the Police Entrance Test.
          Apparently the answer is C although B makes more sense to me. They
          did ask what a “centremeter” measures though so I’m a little
          concerned about it.

          • 1/100th of a meter which I believe is supposed to be something like
            the distance light travels in 1 second. Not too sure abut that last
            bit though. May also have something to do with french bread.

  • @ Freeze S. Preston Icequire “This man speaks truth. Batman is
    capable of anything.” Murder. Is batman capable of cold blooded

    • Yes. Being capable of something and choosing not to are two
      different things. There’s been a few instances where he has
      teetered on the brink with Joker IIRC.

      • haha, I knew someone would make that distinction eventually. I was
        hoping stump you for a little bit. How about this then. Capable of
        finding out how the joker really got those scars! (possibly already
        covered, I only know batman via the movies)

        • Pfft. Batman already knows that. He has a file on everyone,
          including his allies in case they go rogue. He’s not the Worlds
          Greatest Detective for nothing you know.

  • To put it into context, an image was posted to my facebook feed
    containing a boxset of DBZ DVDs. The following is a transcript of
    the comments on said image (accounting for “likes” on comments, I
    am clearly in the minority :P); Aleph: I tried re-watching DBZ in
    recent years. I never realised ’til recently that the show drags on
    more than Days of Our Lives. Best to retain your memories through
    the tinted vision of NostalgiaGoggles, in my opinion πŸ˜› 24 minutes
    ago Β· Like Friend’s Boyfriend: Wrong!!! 20 minutes ago Β· Like
    Aleph: Seriously man, I don’t mean to offend, but that first Spirit
    Bomb took AGES. Hell, Picolo’s
    Special-Beam-Cannon-Fucking-Moonpie-Ultrafire took at least 2-3
    episodes, and that was the first season! I loved the show as a kid,
    although I think I’ll leave it at that πŸ˜› Want an anime that has
    aged superbly? Check out Akira. Possibly one of the finest examples
    πŸ˜€ 14 minutes ago Β· Like Friend’s Boyfriend: DBZ is timeless and
    how long it takes is part of the fun. 10 minutes ago Β· Like Aleph:
    I think the time taken between story arcs was moreso implemented
    due to the target demographic, which was evidently us in
    primary/highschool (at least in western culture). That demographic
    would sit down and watch an episode on Cheez TV before school
    (invariably getting to school late because of it) and as such they
    could afford the luxury of extending the
    through multiple episodes. I dare say the series banked on it. If
    you were to compress the story arcs, I believe you’d be left with
    perhaps 2 seasons total, with no loss in integrity to the true
    storyline. Not saying it was a bad show, I adored it as a kid. It
    just hasn’t aged well. 4 minutes ago Β· Like Friend’s Boyfriend:
    Wrong! 2 minutes ago Β· Like Β· 1

    • OK, so the first two sentences are to be seen as a separate
      paragraph, with each “comment” being preceded by “Aleph/Friend’s
      Boyfriend:”. Uggh…

    • The manga is significantly better paced. The problem with a big
      shonen series like DBZ is that they run the anime concurrent to the
      manga, meaning that for example when the Ginyu Force showed up in
      the manga, at the same time the anime might have just finished the
      fight with Vegeta or had Kuririn and co arrive on Namek. So they
      couldn’t get too far ahead or else they’d run out of material to
      animate, meaning they had to pace themselves by slowing the pace a
      lot. Of course they could have just stopped airing the show for a
      while, but that’s not profitable, so they artificially extend it.
      If you wanna check out DBZ again though, try Dragonball Z Kai,
      which condenses about 200 episodes of the show into 98, and is a
      much better dubbing of the show. I’m a bit of a DBZ fanboy…

      • Agreed. The manga is so much better paced than the anime. Get the
        manga, people! Boxsets go! Also, fun fact: ‘Over 9000!’ in the
        anime is actually ‘Over 8000!’ in the manga.

      • I wouldn’t consider myself a fanboy per se, simply loved the show
        as a kid πŸ˜› I’ll definitely check out DBZ-Kai, as it sounds like
        exactly what is needed, in my opinion. It makes sense from a
        marketing/business POV to extend a series in such a way, especially
        if the audience is almost guaranteed to watch it regardless. It
        didn’t bother me at all as a kid (I still remember trying to bleach
        my hair so I could be a super-saiyan… it came out copper/bronze)
        although I found it extremely tedious listening to Goku scream for
        episode upon episode trying to reach a higher power level. Perhaps
        I’m just jaded now? Iunno…

        • Oh I’m not saying you’re wrong for thinking that. I’m just offering
          the sort of argument this other person should have been making
          instead of saying ‘wrong’ repeatedly. Kai is great, they’re on
          Namek in less than 20 episodes.

      • Yeah, Kai was definitely far better paced. Took a bit to get used
        to the voices. Unfortunately it only goes as far as Cell so having
        to research the original series from there is kind of hard. Keep
        wishing it would just hurry the fudge up and stop concentrating on
        standing around explaining the obvious over and over.

          • GT had some good ideas, like the Dragonball overuse stuff, it was
            just pretty badly executed.

          • Also, WTF IS UP WITH BROLY SAGA/MOVIE?!?! Stoopid invincible
            manthing. I think I kinda lost interest around that point,

          • Apparently American audiences love Broly. I dunno why. The first
            movie they put him in was decent, but then they made two more…

          • I never bothered with GT. I was inducted into the DB universe with
            DBZ, and only after being engrossed with that did I venture back to
            DB itself. The Majin saga was a pain in DBZ, if I recall
            correctly… (was Majin/Boo saga the one and the same, or was it
            Boo that flowed into Majin saga?)

      • Kai has completely finished airing, has it? I’ve been meaning to
        watch it. I really want to rewatch Dragonball as well. Also, the
        best part about Buu saga is Teen Gohan/Great Saiyaman.

        • Yeah it’s all finished. There’s one more DVD set left to come out
          here in Aus, but then you probably aren’t looking at actually
          buying it so yeah you should be fine. πŸ˜›

  • Shameful nerd admissions, Part 1: I’ve only read one manga. (BONUS
    REDEEMER: it was Dot//Hack(BONUS SHAME: it was in English))

    • Like one manga as a whole, or just one volume? I’ve never read any
      πŸ˜› (unless a couple of pages online count)

      • Errm, guilty almost as charged :S I had the first two volumes,
        although can’t remember if there were more. They had pink and green
        dustcovers, respectively.

    • Shameful Nerd Admission: I only read mainstream Manga. I read some
      of Bleach, I’ve read FMA and I read Naruto. I mean, I’ve also read
      the first 2/3rds of Hellsing, which is a little less mainstream,
      but only very slightly.

        • I’ve been meaning for a while to get a copy of the anime off my
          friend, and watch up to, I think, the initial massive story arc
          ends. He says it gets stupid after that, so yeah…

          • Yeah, if you pretend everything wraps up after that first big arc,
            it’s a pretty decent story. πŸ˜›

    • The only manga I’ve read completely is Battle Royale. Which
      probably doesn’t count πŸ˜› I’ve read a fair bit of Pokemon manga

  • Man dat Allure format…   ||    I played some more
    L4D2 tonight with some real life friends and it’s so much better
    when you’re with a decent group. The last bit of the 2nd campaign
    where you have to fill up a generator with gas SUCKS. I’m not fond
    of all the gas filling up bits and I must’ve done it at least 8
    times with different groups of (terrible) randoms before finally
    beating it.   ||    I’m also pretty sure you can get
    Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition from Green Man Gaming for
    something like $26.40. The pre-order price is $40 but if you’re
    lucky enough to have one of the free games they gave away the past
    few weeks you can trade it in for $7 off. Then there’s the 20% off
    code you can use which should take it down to $26.40. Thought I
    should let y’all know as I know some of you (Nob) wanted to get it.

  • Man, these raids on Cherno in DayZ for the last 2 nights have been
    great. Now to refrain from logging in and getting killed during the
    day. That’s still being worked on.

    • See I thought – hey, why not jump in, get a few supplies and log out…
      Well I did jump in, spawned next to Cherno, got supplies, crossbow, more medical stuff than I could carry, I even found a bloody working helicopter.
      Then I heard gunshots, some player with a M16 glitched through a wall – stood there for a minute (I thought he was lagged out since he was half in a wall) and then I died.
      Fun times.

  • It’s really nice to click on an article now and then and discover
    that most of the comments are intelligent. Helps keep faith in
    humanity. Though I may sometimes confuse intelligent with comments
    I just happen to agree with.

    • Yeah, very fast too. Might be a little TOO minimalistic in design, but so much more functional and intuitive than the old one.

      • I really don’t mind that it’s minimalistic.
        I don’t really need any more functionality from my spam email address.
        There seems to be a lot of good stuff there, like automatic newsletter clean ups and organising emails by groups as well as folders.
        I think if someone takes the time to set it up properly it could be pretty awesome.

    • Free to play till lvl50 soon. More reason to love it.
      Personally I found it boring and repetitive just like any other MMO. The voice acting was not enough to make it interesting for me.

  • So that spreadsheet I finished yesterday, in which I found ~7 megatonnes of stock that no-one knew about? Yeah… I just found more paperwork pertaining to it >.<

    Someone kill me, please? Just do it quickly.

  • Hey all, apologies for the weird formatting over the last 12 hours or so!

    There were a few ways to bypass conventional WordPress comment filters and completely mess up the whole page visually, so we’re now having to run each comment through our own custom HTML validator.

    The original settings were a bit aggressive, and the symptoms unfortunately didn’t show up in testing – my test posts are a lot shorter than what normally comes up here πŸ™‚

    Anyway – as always, if you come across anything weird, hit up the support form or message me on Twitter. Unfortunately I don’t have enough hours in the day to always lurk the comments πŸ™‚

  • I have a dislike of fancy titles for menial jobs. I don’t care if it was the boss giving that title to make someone feel more important (Assistant to the Regional Manager) or if the person is trying to trump themselves up.

    I’ve been at this job for just shy of two years. For most of that time, I had no idea what my title was (if I even had one) and if pressed, I would say “Administrator”. Short simple and gets the point across.

    Now I’m technically IT Manager and Admin Officer or some such nonsense.

    I’m glad I don’t have any qualifications, people who spam letters after their names also annoy me.

    Keep it simple. Just tell us what you do in terms that someone who doesn’t do what you do can understand.

      • I can honestly say that I don’t know how much money I make right now.

        After the new financial year, I got both a pay rise and a tax cut. Then I got this promotion, and was told that I would be compensated accordingly. If our payroll is done one week forward/one week back or for the previous two weeks, then I’m not sure how much I make. If it’s done two weeks in advance, I have a decent idea but would need another paycheque to confirm.

        Should probably just ask :p

    • I used to sign off on internal emails as Chief Officer of Awesomeness and Beer Consumption. They were fine for a laugh internally, until someone forwarded an email to a client without editing my signature.

      Now we have a script which signs me off as a “Systems Development Officer”. “Developer” would be nicer and more succinct but I guess they think they are making me feel important.

    • I call myself an IT Consultant, simple, covers all aspects of what I do. I’m also part owner of my business but I don’t pull that card out unless needed…

    • In an effort to persuade myself that I wasn’t wasting time, instead of “Pizza Delivery Guy” I referred to myself as a “Mobile Appetite Technician”. Likewise, instead of “Trolley-boy” I was a “Collections Agent”.

      In my current role, I’m an Administration Assistant, plain and simple. Often my responsibilities don’t reflect my job description, but hey, I’m not typically one to rock the boat…
      This reminds me of a topic Pez posted on his website last night. It was pertaining to music specifically, though the idea can be carried into many other avenues. if you haven’t seen it.

      On a side note, I have some letters I can spam on the end of my name. On ordering my Raspberry Pi, I decided I was Professor Aleph-Null. On a club membership, I’m Dr. Aleph-Null.
      I think I wanna be a rabbi next.

    • Thing is, finding a new job or negotiating pay is all about the title.
      Yes the title makes no difference in your day to day job (unless you work a lot with clients, customer service, high end sales).
      But it’s important to demonstrate your experience level, both for your clients and for potential employers.
      Basically your title is only important on your business card, email signature and resume.

  • Howdy TAY – Attempted to play Skyrim with my girlfriend last night (she’s not a gamer, so it was more of getting her to enjoy the story/scenery whilst helping me with decisions. Character selection went like this:

    “You can’t be him, he looks like a Rapist” (Dark Elf)
    “Rapist” (High Elf)
    “A Lizard, Really?”
    “You’re not being a cat”
    “Definitely a Rapist. ” (Orc)
    “Looks like he got raped by the Orc” (Wood Elf)
    “They look normal” (Nord, Imperial, Redguard, Breton)

    I think she is racially prejudiced against Elves. I told her that the game is in first person and you rarely see your character anyways, and that I wanted to do some melee fighting, so we rolled an Orc. She named him “MY NAME IS ORC” because “Orcs must be stupid”. We proceed through to the execution scene. “Why are they being executed? Are they Rapists too?” – Yes, everyone in Skyrim has raped or been raped at some point, that’s why they are having a rebellion.

    MY NAME IS ORC proceeded to evade his execution and the dragon, using a sword and flames spell for combat (Until I found a 2 handed weapon). “So you can cast fire spells? Why didn’t you do that when you were on the cart in the first place?” My hands were bound, “So in this game rope is magical, that stops anyone from doing anything?” *Sigh* Yes, it’s magic anti-rapist rope.

    Whilst fighting a stormcloak, MY NAME IS ORC attacked them with his flames spell. Given that Orcs aren’t that great at destruction magick, it took a while. “That guy was burning for at least a minute, but he kept on fighting. Why didn’t he die?” My destruction skill isn’t high and doesn’t do much damage “But he was on fire. For a MINUTE” It’s damage over time “This game is unrealistic. People don’t die from fire and Magic rope stops you from doing anything. Also, there are rapists everywhere.”

    I gave up and finished Breaking Bad season 3 instead.

    • I would have thought that seeing rapists everywhere would be a natural symptom of where you live πŸ˜›

        • She just doesn’t get non-obvious things like RPG stats. If something looks like it is doing something, it should be (Fire in this case). With that being said it’s probably not a bad design principle if they could manage it. Something like if your skill is low the flames are smaller and less hot, getting bigger and turning blue/white as you progress.

    • Actually it’s always interesting seeing a non gamers take on the stupid and illogical conventions in games the we take as par for the course.

      • My wife’s usual question is “I just shot an unarmoured man in the chest 3 times and he is acting like it never happened. This game is stupid.”

        • Actually one such thing I cant look past is Uncharted. It takes the whole perspective of budding young treasure hunter, and turns him into rambo against 1000 mercenaries. Pretty weird really.

      • I don’t think there will be a sequel. Although I almost got her to play Minecraft once. I called it operation “Boobs and Blocks”. I might try that again once the next update comes out.

    • Also this reminds me of when I attempted to teach a ladyfriend magic. I was like ok you tap these cards for mana, which you’ll need for spells… blank stare… “I’m not sure I want to learn this”

  • Alright, time to play the β€œLet’s see how long it takes for Transformers: FoC to go up in price or get removed from Steam in Australia” game…

    • Hey WfC is $5 on Steam :D. I hear TAY likes this game and I enjoyed the PS2 one agesss ago so hopefully this is good πŸ™‚

    • Damn TAY marketing strikes again, my thought process went something like this
      Ohhhh something I’m not meant to have, might take it way soon. Didn’t TAY say that they enjoyed it?
      I’m buying it cause I’m such a badass. hahaha done
      Oh I wonder what this game is like and if it is any good

  • Boss asks me about the status of something I’m not really involved in.
    I tell him I don’t know and to ask colleague who is heavily involved.
    Boss says colleague doesn’t know and said to ask me. Has a go at me for not being on top of it.
    I make some calls and update myself on the issue. Email finding to boss and colleague.
    Colleague replies “I knew that, but thanks.”

    • Nah, we’re not fancy enough for couches. The stock was lost in the paperwork. Doesn’t help that the company purchasing from us claims that we didn’t supply the agreed 2.5MT, when in actual fact we supplied about double that, and didn’t know it.

      This is what happens when you get people who can’t spell their own names correctly, to fill in paperwork.
      I’m going to have to buy a copy of the hobbit again, I lost mine far too long ago D:

  • I’ve started my journey into building my own RepRap 3d printer and wow what a shitstorm of information is out there!
    So, have any TAYbies had experience building a RepRap? I’m looking more at the Prusa variant (space and cost wise) and any assistance would be helpful as! I have a few parts suppliers bookmarked, but they seem to think everyone automatically knows exactly what parts they need when building their first one!
    I’m not after a kit (I wouldn’t say no, but I would prefer to do the construction/soldering myself) but I’m struggling to find a decent build list that I can then use to purchase parts off. If anyone knows a decent supplier who can print off some parts for me in exchange for cold hard $AUD, a recommendation would be helpful!

    Watch this space… for a story about building a 3d printer… but possible suicidal rage…

    • You’re building your own 3D printer!? I first discovered the wonders of 3D printing somewhat recently but I’ve never heard of anyone building their own. Post some updates in TAY if you can as it sounds interesting and I’d love to hear about the process and how it works out :).

      I’m just waiting for the time when they’re cheap and common in most households. Then I can PRINT ALL THE FIGURINES.

    • I know someone who has a Makerbot which IIRC is the commercialised version. I think it was pretty fiddly to build, required a whole weekend’s work.

      • Yeah, don’t mind the Makerbots except for the $$$ tag, but I dunno something about an open air steel rail 3D printer appeals to me, also being 1/4 – 1/3 the price of a makerbot helps!

      • Although I’ve not yet seen Sons of Anarchy,. so I’m just talking rubbish.

        but yeah. The Wire. Brilliant.

        Also, Hi Shane! How’s things with mini-Shane?

        • Hi #!

          Things are great. Baby is sleeping well, feeding well, is crazy strong and observant, and is generally calm and well-tempered. I think I’m good at making babies πŸ˜›

          How are things with you?

        • It’s great but personally I prefer Breaking Bad. The Wire kind of gets ‘worse’ as it goes on but it’s still solid and entertaining enough. Whereas, I find Breaking Bad keeps getting better and better.

          Now I think Breaking Bad is one of the best TV shows I’ve ever see but I keep hearing Sons of Anarchy is great as well. I’ll have to check it out one day :).

          • That’s interesting. I actually think season 2-3 of Breaking Bad are best. Season 3 had some great moments, though (ESPECIALLY the last two eps!), and ep 1 of season 4 was pretty intense. But since then, I feel like I’m just watching to see how it ends…

          • I dunnooooo… the way season 4 builds up to its ending was the best part of the show for me so far. The last episodes are just so well done.

          • Yeah Ihavent seen sons of anarchy yet, but overall I prefer breaking bad to the wire. I do love the wire, and I think its incredibly interesting commentary on a lot of issues, but as far as pure entertainment and character development goes, for me at least breaking bad wins out.

    • Whilst SoA is an amazingly written show, I feel Breaking Bad is just that little bit better, for whatever reason. But that said, Burn Notice is possibly the best show at the moment, Season 6 is just amazing. It’s back to what it was in terms of writing and semi plot wise in the first 3 seasons! But honestly all three shows are amazing, it’s really hard to pick a favourite.

  • Hey, Can i please ask the Master Race among us for some assistance. Im thinking of getting a PC but rather than being heavily focussed on gaming, this is more for video editing and stuff like that. I am trying to focus on good CPU and good ram. I’ll still want to be OK at playing games, but nothing over the top. Im really targetting around $500 but may increase a little if I have to. Money is a big issue so certainly nothing over $700 for all the parts I need. I’d much rather around 5-600.

    Now, I am planning on re-using some parts if possible. I have a case and a PSU that should be fine. The PSU is only about 6 months old and is 750-850w?

    I really don’t know that much about PC’s but as I understand it, for the video stuff im doing, I want as many cores as possible in the CPU and as much ram as I can afford.. good rules for life really!

    So here is what Im thinking, use my old case and PSU and DVD drive and also my existing SATA 1TB HDD as storage only and my case. I also have an Avermedia HDMI capture card that I will bring across. then purchase the following:

    AMD FX 4170 4-Core Processor – $135
    ASRock 990FX Extreme3 Motherboard – $139
    Corsair Vengeance CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 – $129
    SanDisk Extreme Solid State Drive 120GB – $109
    Gigabyte Radeon HD7770 1GB Overclocked – $139

    All up this is $651 and I think I can stretch that far. What my thought is to run the OS on the SSD and a few key apps then the rest on the existing 1TB. I have a 2TB NAS that will also be connected so storage isn’t an issue. I also want to have 2X8GB ram so if I ever want to upgrade, I can get another 2X8GB and go to 32GB without having to replace existing stuff.

    If I have missed anything let me know, But I think that is a decent price for a decent set up. Do you think I should replace any parts or I can get a better deal?

    I also have a new 27″ monitor so that isn’t an issue. I’ll likely replace my casae too but I will just buy this locally so I can have a good look at it.

    Any help is appreciated guys. Cheers,

    • I would just say I’ve had terrible experience with arserock motherboards, STAY AWAY! Can get much better makes for around the same price, like Asus or Gigabyte.

      • Ive pretty much stayed with gigabyte for all previous mobos but only chose this one because it was compatible with the processor. OK I’ll look at another option. Yeah RAM is awesome.

    • I’d look at an Intel CPU, if I were you. The important part is that clock speed is a terrible metric of processing power, so comparing properly can be quite a chore.

    • I’ve got a Gigabyte mobo currently, and have had nothing but smooth experiences with it. Can’t say the same for ASRock, though each to their own. If you’re after cores>clockspeed, the AMD Phenom black edition is a hexacore CPU, and while it’s a little older these days, should be able to be found for a decent price.
      I’m biased towards Intel CPUs personally, but to each their own really.
      Seems like a really solid system for $500 though!

      • OK revised list is:

        G.Skill Ares F3-1600C10D-16GAO 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 for $109
        Gigabyte GA-H77-D3H-MVP Motherboard for $115 and
        SanDisk Extreme Solid State Drive 120GB for $109
        Intel Core i5 3470 for $199

        Im thinking of dropping the gfx card for the short term as I think i can pick one up elsewhere or perhaps use my existing one while I save a little more.

        Appreciate the comments so far dudes.

          • Not sure man. 512mb of something, may not even be compatible with my new set up… but I may have a mate who has older stuff by his standards so I think I’ll just want and see.

            I think its an ATI 4800 or something, but honestly I don’t know what I have. As I don’t really try playing PC games It isn’t an issue usually.

        • If you can afford it, drop the extra $40 or so to go to an i5 3570K.
          – 200mhz base and turbo boost bonus
          – ‘K’ designation means it can be overclocked
          – Intel HD4000 graphics on the chip vs HD2500. The HD4000 is vastly more capable and should be more able to keep your UI going etc. when the machine’s under load rendering.

          • EDIT: Also if you need to save some dollars, consider a 7200rpm mechanical over a SSD. While SSDs are cheap they still have problems, and the only time you really notice the speed increase is when loading data into memory eg system boot. If you’re using it for rendering you’d be better off having extra space locally for caching i