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    So I finished Secret of the Magic Crystals on the weekend...

    I regret everything.

      Did you end up finding the secret of the magic crystal? Did the story end on a cliffhanger which leaves the game open for a sequel / trilogy?

        The Secret is that you were the Crystal all along. You always had it in you.

    Tofu is bestfu.
    Until my dog ate it, so now I have no lunch.


    Building a nifty game to one side, I find it really hard not to dislike Notch.

    Especially when he makes limelight statements.

      Yeah, sometimes the dude needs to shut his fat mouth.
      He's very... reactive to events.

      Don't worry, I dislike hows his appointed himself the messiah of gaming. He got lucky with minecraft, that's about it,.

        Yeah cause Gabe Newell is the god damn messiah of all things gaming!

    Greetings new TAY, so nice and shiny.
    Has anyone watched Blassreiter?
    I have watched a few episodes of it and... I still don't know what I think.
    Thoughts anyone?

      I didn't mind it. Stick with it for a few more, see then.

    Oh wow, someone with greasy hands has been using my mouse over the weekend too. THANKS GREASYPERSON.

      Let's hope it's just grease... :S

        Well it's either that or some oil-based lubricant, I'm sure.

        I suppose a "thanks, wanker!" wouldn't be that far-fetched a response then?

        If Aleph had said his mouse was sticky I would be a little more concerned.

    Howdy Tayberinos!

    I had an incredibly slack weekend, managed to blast through most of a co-op

    Howdy Tayberinos!

    I had an incredibly slack weekend, managed to blast through most of a co-op run of Borderlands.

    A Monday morning question: what's the game that you've marathoned?

      Mass Effect 1 & 2. Played it over a whole weekend, only stopping for sleep, bathroom and eating. I regretted every minute of it after I did it :(

      I think I put down about 16-18 hours on Saint's Row the Third this weekend, if that counts.
      Otherwise, there's 3;
      Metal Gear Solid, I think I managed about 30 hours before going to sleep.
      FFVII would've been a good 18 hours in one sitting.
      And again, my dirty secret... Runescape. I played it for 48 hours straight, less pee breaks :S

      Diablo 2 and WoW have probably been the longest marathons of pretty much only moving to use the toilet.

      Fallout New Vegas consumed my waking hours for an entire week. Unlike Teemo, I regret nothing. :P

      My best friend and I 100%'d the original Lego Star Wars in a single night. If you take away all the time that we spent hacking each other to pieces with our Lego lightsabers than it probably wasn't that long a game

      When I used to be into "hardcore" raiding in WoW. When Cataclysm came out I played it for like 3 days straight. I had very little sleep during that time.

      i spent a lot of time in source filmmaker, i'm working on a somewhat bigger scale project than i usually do

      however as for marathons, one time at a mates place we played Dota 2 until 6 in the morning....

      Game or games? I've marathoned a tonne of games over the years, Timesplitters 2 probably being the first, rented it for a weekend with a friend, played it through all Saturday afternoon through to Sunday morning. I've also done WoW marathons back in the day when a new expansion came out. Mass Effect 1 I did a power run because I lost my save and had to replay and get my paragon save in 4 days in preparation for Mass Effect 2's launch. Mass Effect 3 I played non stop for about 18 hours... and thats what I remember off the top of my head...

      WoW. SWTOR. :(

      Also FF7, FF8, FFX, Grandia II (twice!) and probably a few others back when I had spare time to do it. I churned through the Assassin's Creed games pretty fast too, generally played them over Christmas breaks. Not Revelations though, never clicked for me.

      Kingdoms of amalur:the reckoning. 3 days and nights straight and still only thru the first 2 areas.

      Best valentines day gift ever!

    What up poindexters? I've dropped my busy life of billionaire/philanthropist/movie producer/rockstar/finance expert/model pleaser to come and offer you losers a chance at tasting a life.

    What I'm offering is a spot in my entourage for one night. You'll get into the hottest clubs, meet the people you fap to at night when alone and may even get to touch a girl.

    What can you do to get this amazingly generous offer from myself, which is hugely altruistic of me I might add as my image will be dragged down by you nobodies. I want to know what famous people you have partied with before and what drugs and models you "partied" with if you catch my drift. I'll pick the winner based on my extremely accurate and almost primal instincts.

    This is your chance. Go.

      No thanks.

        I wouldn't take you anyway. You'd just disappoint me...again. Worst. Son. Ever.

      Drank all night with Unearth at some pub in Sydney, after my (and coincidentally, their) accommodation plans fell through and I decided to drink my hotel money instead.

      Clubbing with The Butterfly Effect and Dead Letter Circus after a gig a few years back.

      Got shitfaced with Jason Webley at my place, after it became apparent after his show that he didn't have accommodation sorted.

      Oh, and this one time when i was on acid, I partied up with God. Dude's a loose cannon, yo.

      Ha, such an insignificant yellow square.
      I already have an entourage that will make you scream for mercy.
      Myself, Yog-Sothoth, and Nyarlathotep, going out on the town, destroying a few buildings, tipping over a gas station, just having an all out blast.
      Also, having studied humans physiology, you are the colour of their urine, notably after they have cowered in fear from my presence.
      How will you live with yourself?

        I'm now assuming that Yellowius is the internet persona of the King in Yellow.

    The coffee places near me are always shut in the afternoon on weekends and on Mondays, when I normally have my day off. They weren't shut Saturday morning. Which was a nice change, because I wanted a coffee.

    Turns out they do pretty damned nice coffee too. They must do it to taunt me because they'll almost never be open when I want one.

      Now I've got "the waitress song" in my head.
      Thanks Trjn! Best morning ^.^

        Is that the one with the guy who has a crush on a waitress at a shitty diner?

          Indeed! It's by Seth Sentry, if that helps.

            It does, because now I'm going to listen to it.

    Good morning!

    I had a very... subdued weekend. Didn't do much. I did however get a fair bit of work and gaming done, so there's that! I finished Mirror's Edge last night which was pretty cool. I kinda expected the ending to be a bit better but oh well. Polished it off just in time for the end of Shamless gaming month.

    I've also been watching much more of the Olympics than I planned. I guess I forgot how fun it is to watch some of these more minor sports. I watched a fair bit of Badminton yesterday which had me yearning to play again. There was also a nerdy highlight to the gymnastics last night when one of the Mexican girls did a floor routine to a medley of Zelda songs. 'Twas cool!

    That's it. I now have to go birthday present shopping and haircut-getting. But not before I get out of bed :P

      Which Zelda song? Whiiiiich onnnnnnnnnne?

        I didn't catch them all but there was definitely Lost Woods and the Main Theme in there. Ruffleberg heard Gerudo Valley as well. Wish I could find the video :P

          AHA! Found one! It's absolutely abysmal quality and it doesn't even show the whole thing, but it's the best out there :P

    Mornin' TAY!
    I keep thinking I should play some practice matches for the UT3 games this week, but then I load up something else and burn away another hour.
    Also, I've started playing a bunch of Star Trek Online with Pixel. That game is insanely better when you're in a team. Anyone else here played/play it?

    Ok yesterday was pretty not good but today's going to be good!

    Morning all.
    Lots of DayZ was had on the weekend. Not much else.
    Is it Friday yet?

    @Virus__ RE: Gizaudio article;

    Artists like Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga et al are simply trying to cash in on the "kooky" theme, so far as I know. They're not revolutionary, they're not "new". Before Gaga, we had Madonna, David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust. Hell, Kate Bush was weirder than the stuff we're shown now.

    Something I've learned through my attempts at creative writing, and writing and playing music? Nothing's new. It's always a rehash, whether you know it or not. Musically, we're paraphrasing an already paraphrased paraphrase.
    I can only hope I continue to stumble across different interpretations. Originality seems to have taken a new meaning, and while the above hyperbole may appear negative, I don't actually think it's a bad thing.
    With 'popular' in the state that it is, it makes it all the sweeter when you find that diamond in the rough.

    ...I really don't know where I'm going with this now. Carry on.

      You are wrong, there is still new stuff, there are millions of combinations of words in the english language and different ways to do things. I think there is still new stuff being made right now.

        That seemed agressive, i respectfully disagree is what i should of written.

        Millions of words but much less in the way of notes. And even less that sound good in a particular order. Eventually we'll hit a point where the music runs out.

        That's cool man, I understand.
        You're right, there *is* new stuff being made, but it's invariably drawing inspiration and style from other works out there. We can't keep claiming something to be revolutionary merely in the hopes that it will be, eventually.

        There'll always be people simply trying to cash in on what's popular. That's what makes it popular, after all. But somewhere within that maelstrom will be someone that simply wishes to make music, and to share it. I've spent many a night around a campfire, with a drunken friend slowly strumming a guitar, and others banging sticks together, or singing incoherently. That's got to be one of the most beautiful things in the world for me. Music for music's sake, no intention of capitalising (seriously, no-one in their right mind would buy it anyway :P).
        It's stuff like that which -while still not entirely original- really makes me tick.

      There are only seven stories.

        There are only six degrees.

          There are only five golden rings.

            I was actually referencing this idea, that there are really only seven different types of stories when you really boil it down.

            Music is a bit different because culture helps define what is and is not considered pleasing (at least on the grand scale). That's why Indian music is fundamentally different from European music but has some similarities to East Asian music (I'm talking about traditional but it kind of works for more modern pop stuff).

            While there are a limited range of chords and arrangements that make sense to our ears, different cultures have different aesthetics. This lets you mix and match in some bizarre culturally diverse way that sometimes sucks and sometimes is amazing. Look up Rani B (I think that's what it's called, it's more Bollywood style music combined with hip hop).

            Everything has been done before, it just may not have been done a certain way yet.

      We need less dubstep, and more 80's/90's rock ;)
      I miss turning on the radio and listening to actual bands. Who play instruments instead of auto-tuned solo or group "artists"

        70's & 80's and you have a deal! Also throw in Thrash Metal whilst we're there.

      i was writing a book but what really disheartened when I found that my completely original concept already existed somewhere else.

      i hate nicki minaj and lady gaga with a passion!!!

        ummmmmm this was a reply to Aleph-Null's comment , donno y it poped up here

    Question for those who have seen the new Spiderman movie. Okay to take a 4 year old to? She loved the Raimi ones and has been bugging me to take her to this one.

      Little bit darker than the previous ones, but not Batman dark. I think it'd be okay, but I'd hate to be proven wrong. :S I think the spectacle of it would appeal to a kid, the hidden depth might go unnoticed.

        Raimi ones are pretty cartoonish in comparison too. (Though still good, don't get me worng. :P)

        My daughter is fairly switched on when it comes to movies. Her favourite movies are the Jurassic Park ones (I know I know, terrible father). They scare the bejesus out of her but she Is smart enough to realise it's not real and can't hurt her.

        I let her watch a fair bit. Gore, torture and sex are the no no's that I wot expose her to yet, but most everything else she seems pretty capable of processing without any problems.

          Her favourite movies are the Jurassic Parks? Coolest kid ever. None of my friends liked JP when I was a kid :P

          I'd call you a good father, actually. My folks let me watch a lot more than kids my age and I appreciated that. Kids are probably more perceptive than we give them credit for too. To this day some of my favourite childhood memories were seeing movies with my Mum rated M and MA -- Speed, Die Hard with a Vegeance and the like...

      Hm, I think it should be ok. There's not really much violence besides punching and such. Maybe the Lizard might be a bit scary? I don't know :P

      Point is, I don't think it's any worse than the first Spiderman movies.

    So what is everyones favourite tv show? I will list my top ten

    The Wire
    Game of Thrones
    Breaking Bad
    Mad Men
    Arrested Development

      ohhhh the pressure

      ummm off the top of my head:
      Arrested development
      Walking Dead
      Adventure Time
      Regular Show
      30 Rock

      aaaaaaaaand thats all i can think of now without going into anime...

        I keep hearing mixed things about Walking Dead. I am obsessed with the graphic novels though.

          First episode is good, first season is okay, second season is a complete waste of time.

      Buffy the Vampire Slayer
      The West Wing
      Mad Men
      Battlestar Galactica
      Star Trek: The Next Generation
      Game of Thrones
      and know there's more, so I'll only list nine. Give me room to add some later. :P

        Also if you're not watching, check out The Newsroom. Starts on SoHo on Foxtel next month. Classic Sorkin, it's got an agenda but wears it on its sleave. There's a sense of idealism too, which I've missed since The West Wing ended.

      Sons of Anarchy
      Breaking Bad
      Burn Notice
      White Collar
      Top Gear
      Various comedies such as 2 Broke Girls, Big Bang, How I Met Your Mother etc. But don't watch those as often.
      That list isn't in an particular order.

        Fringe! How could I forget that. I love it so damn much.

      No TV show will ever reach the dizzying heights of "Don't Forget Your Toothbrush" so I don't bother.

        Ha! I was in Melbourne last year and I am pretty sure I saw Tim Ferguson outside Crown.

      Breaking Bad
      Arrested Development
      Top Gear (UK)
      Young Justice
      Avatar:The Legend of Aang/Korra
      The West Wing
      Game of Thrones

      Breaking Bad
      Arrested Development
      Top Gear (UK)
      Young Justice
      Avatar:The Legend of Aang/Korra
      The West Wing
      Game of Thrones

      Probably more but that's all I can think of right now.

      Game of Thrones
      Ghost in the Shell
      Transformers G1

      Lot of cartoons/anime in that mix.
      *starts developing Peter Pan complex*

      I love westerns, always wanted to check out Deadwood, but haven't had the chance. I also hear that they were screwed out of giving the show a proper finale, which makes me sad.

      Hmm, lets see;

      Breaking Bad
      Burn Notice
      Sons of Anarchy
      Mad Men
      Six Feet Under
      Doctor Who
      Fast N' Loud

        and I forgot to add Boardwalk Empire, Sons of Guns, The Walking Dead & Metal Evolution

        Six Feet Under is in my 'pile of shame' of TV shows, fully expect to love it but just haven't had the opportunity to watch.

          I started it last week, it's great. Already on to season 2, worth watching. It was on my pile of shame for years, and I finally decided to get around to watching it at long last!

            I love it when that happens, you get access to the show and fly through the seasons like a crazy person. Consumes your life until you're caught up. Good feeling. :D

              Hell yeah :D I did that with Mad Men & Boardwalk Empire this year, so worth it!

      So I generally avoid these kinds of conversations, as I "don't watch TV" - at least that's what I keep telling everyone. Truth is, the TV is actually on, and I do sometimes watch the sprites in action. However, I really can't see myself taking time out of playing video games to watch a tv show.

      And it's not that I think these shows are boring or badly made; on the chance I do see bits and piece of Game of Thrones or Sherlock or Parks and Rec, they all seem like pretty cool shows. People keep giving me DVDs of whatever show they are watching because they think I'm holding out. I just never even drop the DVD in, I end up handing it back to them, or passing it on to someone else. Some friends have even taken to sitting me down to watch the first few episodes with them, and I do, and I enjoy what I see, but I never follow up by watching the rest of the show. Sometimes they get "offended" that I just ignore the show.

      I guess my favourite show would be Futurama. There was once a time when I did watch tv shows, Futurama was one of the few I would tune in every week to catch the newest episode. I've watched the origina series' so many times that I can just put some episodes on in the background and it doesn't matter if I'm paying attention or not; I can come in halfway through a story, or at the punchline of a joke, and know whats going on, and have a chuckle.

      Tron Uprising
      Star Wars The Clone Wars
      Horrible Histories
      The Looney Toons Show (the new one)
      Top Gear (UK)
      Once Upon A Time

      In no particular order:
      Game of Thrones
      Mad Men
      Breaking Bad
      Wire in the Blood
      How I Met Your Mother
      Transformers G1
      Dragonball Z
      Dad's Army

      and probably more.

    Are any of you a size Large?
    I won a treasure box from Gametraders, and in it was a Jinx Starcraft 2 Terran Marine Tee, Size large. Being between an XS and a S, depending on brand, this wouldn't fit me in a billion years.
    Would any of you guys like it? :)

    My pledge to buy no more games at the moment fell flat when Harvey Norman had Saints Row 3 and Battlefield 3 for $16... i bought both and picked them up on the weekend.. :(
    Damn feeble mind...

      Marine imba.

      If only I was fat and played Terran.

    Herrow! This place looks so so different

      What the ... are you sure you're in the right place?

        This is twitter, right?

          Maybe. I'm not sure anymore. You've gone and changed anything. I guess we'll know once I hit 140 characters and if it cuts off then we’ll kn

      Where's Anna's Quest, damn it!?!

      Also, hey man. Welcome back. :P

      *enwraps monitor in a screen splitting, plastic pulverizing barbarian bear hug*


    I was sick with the flu.

    I'm getting better.

    I also met up with Shiggy on Saturday and went location scouting for the movie which went exceptionally well. We even found an outdoor power outlet! Not that I'd risk using it...

    Then I went to buy comics and ended up browsing next to some weird guy with a ginger afro.

    Then he turned and I was all "Cakesmith?" and it was he. So we chatted.

    Then I went home.

    Good times!

      USE IT! Free power while filming is the best.

      hope you are feeling better doctor.
      did you yell out cake in town hall train station for 20 minutes?


      I cannot wait for shooting to begin!

      Except i need to get fit!


    I wonder how many people are going to post stuff like "OMG a full article!" on Own's post about being sick. Or, complain about how it's not relevant enough to video games...


      Your move.

        Bish. You are a terrible person and I like it.

    Morning TAYters. I'm horribly sick due to Tonsillitis still which I didnt realise could cause this much pain and cold like symptoms.

    In good news though despite not playing for a two weeks and being sick I was still able to play BF3 (rather well actually I've played worse) so my team took our first win of the MWAVE (cash prize) tourney and we're looking good atm for making the finals.
    Done no shameless gaming all month so judge me as you will.
    As for TV shows, I dont watch alot but

    Black Adder
    One Piece
    Danger 5
    and then the rest are all equal. Walking Dead, Family Guy, Ms Browns Boys, etc

    I figure it's about time I start mentioning the Pyrean/Gorzy housewarming and Stevo meet again

    Saturday 11th August In Parramatta
    at the moment I'm suggesting people aiming for around 3 or 4 pm but we'll be home all day so earlier isn't a problem either.

    I'm trying to avoid posting our address on an open website so email me for details!

    Also, being at a house with limited room an idea of how many people are thinking of showing up would be good so I can work out somewhere we can relocate to if we run out of room.

    Pyrean or I will be able to pick people up from the train station (or other places, train station seems like the most likely spot though) for people having trouble with transport.

    If anyone will need space to sleep the night let me know in an email as well, or any special dietary requirements (note: Alcohol is not a dietary requirement [excluding Stevo])

      Special dietary requirements are meant to be for deviations from the norm. Obviously alcohol doesn't fit under that banner.

      Hey Parra is really close by for me. But I dont think Ill be attending. (I still feel new and shy here)

        I can call you "AEF" to your face????
        You must come to the Meat, AEF!
        We will have the best introduction!

      HAhahaha that is awesome, I am pretty sure I could almost walk home from this thing. But yeah I will make an effort to be present!

      We mention it all the time on Potaku. You should listen!

        I have heard it! You guys made the first official announcement the first time it was mentioned :P before that I'd just kida suggested it to people on teamspeak.

      I am from MT Druitt....just saying :l

    Hey TAYbies!
    I promised myself that I would get up early today... and I only got out of bed at 11am... :(

      Tire yourself out, go to bed at 8:30 pm -- then you'll wake up too early. It's for you own good, man. :P

        And then I'll be watching the Olympics all night... win-win. :D

    Dang Nabbit! Mark keeps talking about how amazing Dark Soul's is, in his SGM articles which makes me REALLY want to play it. MUST ... HOLD ... OUT ... UNTIL ... DLC ... RELEASE.

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