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    Just watched the store owner shoo away 14 (yes, fourteen) dogs from the entrance to his shop. Poor bastard.
    In other news, Aleph found replacement lunch!

      BAHAHAHAHA! Oh god, I really should have put more thought into that... No, I have a crappy "meat" pie (I say "meat" because the "meat" is of questionable "meat"iness. Not because I'm knowingly ingesting dogmeat.) for lunch, which leaves me bitter and slightly ill.
      I want my tofu T.T

      Free range dogs are great. People say you can't taste the difference, but I disagree.

    Yay for packages in the mail \o/

      Not to be confused with someone's "package" in the mail...
      Which is never a good thing...

      you sly dog, 4 in one day.


          (Just some Studio Ghibli BDs actually)

            JUST!? That's pretty much like, one of the best packages possible to receive. Ghibli on bluray is so divine.

              IT is pretty amazing stuff, i dislike ponyo because i think the story is a little shitty. But them blu-ray visuals are like heaven on the eyes.

                I only use Ponyo as a example because i have most of the other ghibli titles on DVD like a chump.

                  GAAAAASP! Ponyo is... is AMAZING! It's such a beautiful story about children. You heartless monster!

                I liked Ponyo but I didn't find it that amazing either. I'd actually say I preferred the animation in Arrietty. It blends digital and traditional animation far better, probably because the director is younger and from an animation background so better versed in the use of digital techniques. Ponyo is distracting to me in how 'busy' it is all the time.

                Most looking forward to getting Mononoke & Spirited Away on BD. And also hoping the JP Porco release has the French dub on it.

              Thus why my shelf has every Ghibli BD currently available. Except Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies. Which incidentally are in this package.

              (Also volume 2 of Eureka Seven AO but that's not as important).

              I'm hoping they step up the releases a bit though. Will be interesting to see what they release next. Early on it seemed they were going chronological, then they suddenly released Whisper of the Heart and Arietty, then jumped right forward and did Earthsea, Ponyo & Howl, and now they've gone back to the earliest unreleased stuff so no idea what's next. If they go chronologically in pairs from this point it'd be Kiki and Only Yesterday next, then Porco & Ocean Waves, Pom Poko & Mononoke, and Spirited Away & The Cat Returns to round it out. One Miyazaki and one non-Miyazaki each pair, seems to make sense but it's hard to tell. Also at the rate they're releasing them, it's possible that Takahata's upcoming Tale of the Bamboo Cutter would be in there too. SO EXCITED TO SEE WHAT'S NEXT.

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    Post #1: Trjn on Monday, July 23, 2012 at 8:32 AM

      Aleph only 99 posts, that doesn't look right!

        I am a mere shadow of what I once was.
        Someday, somehow, I'm gonna make it alright, but not right now. (Oh god, KILL ME!)

      #11? That's a first for me. Didn't realise I'd been that active here!

    Well, thinking about applying for the police force has gone to actually doing it. Being given a date for testing today. From what they are describing it sounds very similar to QLDs STAT exam for uni entrance. Even knowing I got in the 98th percentile on that exam I'm still worried about screwing up this one.

      Oh man that's awesome, all the best :D

      Try not to get corrupt with power...

      (Don't mind me and my irrational distrust of authority figures. :P)

    So, my home internet has been utterly borked since Wednesday last week. Internet withdrawals! Ack!
    Hoping it'll be fixed some time this week.

      Pick a movie in the morning, and watch it at night.
      That will take your mind off of the internet.

        I've been watching my shiny new Star Wars Blurays, and the DVD boxset of Dad's Army that I got for my dad.

          Indiana Jones is out next month on Blu-Ray, spread the word!

            In a box set or individually? (very important because I don't want the Crystal Skull anywhere near my person) And has Lucas fucked with the levels and everything so that the dynamic range is all compressed and the colour's way off the way he did with the original Star Wars trilogy?

              Hahaha! Yeah reminds me of when I picked up the spiderman trilogy on blu. I still look at that and think ohhhh I have a copy of 3 in my house... my collection feels so tainted.

                Likewise for Jurassic Park 3. Damn you, box sets.

              Apparently Spielberg supervised the restoration of Raiders, but that's all I know. Day one buy for me, even with Cyrstal Skull. (Which has redeemable qualities, if you look hard enough. Cate Blanchett for one!)

                Spielberg let Lucas make the Crystal Skull. I question his judgement.

                Still as long as the video isn't all artificially darkened / shifted / fucked with like Star Wars. Lucas apparently doesn't even notice that he's done stuff like made Vader's Saber go pink or lost all the stars in the star fields...

              He digitally inserted Short Round into every second scene of all four movies and gave him several new catch phrases along with canned laughter.

    So what's everyone listening to today?

    At the moment I have some Exodus playing \o/ for Thrash Metal!

      Hanson's Shout It Out.

      Cat Powerrrrr! It leaked today. It's... different.

      More Regina Spektor ^.^

      Looking for some decent aussie hip hop though, I'm running low!

    Morning everyone!

    Looks at time

    Aftertoon everyone!

    All my gaming this past weekend was mainly spent playing WoW. I thought, MoP's only two months away and I haven't even raided Dragon Soul or done any of those new Caverns of Time 5 mans, so I jumped on my mage and spend the weekend grinding dungeons and getting gear so my ilvl is now above 372 (it's at 373), which means I can now queue up in the LFR, which I'll be doing sometime today.

    I also spent some time playing Jade Empire. I played it once when I was a kid (never finished it) and had forgotten a lot of what happened but as I play through it again it's all slowly coming back to me.

    So, how bout dem Olympics? What did everyone think of the opening ceremony and has anyone being watching the events? I thought the start of the opening ceremony with the industrial revolution and the forging of the rings was cool. That thing with the NHS and giant Voldemort was a bit silly and that thing with the missing mobile was stupid. Music choices could have been better. Also, no Doctor Who? No David Tennant? What the heck, England? Hopefully he'll make an appearance in the closing ceremony.

    As for the games themselves, I've just had them on while I've been grinding in WoW or just generally browsing the internet. Gymnastics has been the most fun to watch, as always. I also watched the mens cycling on day 1. 250k or something, pretty impressive. Weird sport though. It was interesting to listen to the commentators talk about the different strategies the riders were using.

      Ooh, I've been watching the Olympics! Me! o/

      Though I still haven't watched the opening ceremony :P

      I uhh, glanced at the Olympics, and saw someone who I went to high school with, with made me feel even more pathetic.

      But her team(The Hockeyroos) lost, so it's all good.

    @Virus_ & Aleph-null re previous page:

    I reject utterly the idea that we're running out of music. It's like saying we're running out of waves in the sea.

      We're not running out of music hell no. We're just running out of artists being innovative. Rather than take a gamble it would seem they're sticking with what will make them the most money, which is fine, but it doesn't define them from the others they're being the same as.

        The music you hear on the radio, perhaps. Artists continue to innovate, and we're at a point in history where more of that innovation is available to listeners than ever before due to the internets.

      Music will continue to be fashioned as an artistic expression of experience, so long as humans retain the ability to listen, and to feel. This will never change.

      Music, and art itself, is cyclical. Much like political history, much akin to climate change.
      Just like climate change, we're in a stage now wherein we're being flooded with "new", when really it's just more of the same. I'm just waiting for the next ice-age :D

    Weeee interview really soon. I'm one of "those guys" today cause I'm wearing a suit thingy at Uni. Feels weird bro.

      Atleast you're not doing it for pretentious reasons, the Creative Industries block at QUT always had its fair share of 'em. :P

      (Good luck too, man. You'll do awesome!)

        Cheers! But maybe I am doing it for pretentious reasons! (I'm not)

      Hmm it went okay (I think) so we'll see what happens :P. The next stage of interviews is next week so I'll find out soon enough.

      I didn't think I'd get this far anyway so this was good enough :D

      Wearing suits to Uni is weird, man. I had to do it for some presentations I had to do.

      I tried not to strut while walking between rooms, but it was inevitable.

        I said "had to do" twice and it looks weird :P

        Anyway, glad to hear it went alright!

    I'm tempted to switch out my trusty Logitech MX518. I like the look of the Steelseries mice. They're basically the same shape as the Microsoft ones that I used to love (and still use at work) but the fact that I can only find the Kana at local stores is starting to bug me.

    If I went for Steelseries, I think I'd have to buy the Sensei, with two buttons on each side. I'm too used to using both the buttons on the right and I would prefer to gain mouse buttons for other nefarious uses.

    Who would have thought buying a mouse would involve thought?

      But the MX518 has badass 'bullet hole' effects

      Go back in time and get a Logitech G9x

        I'm glad my old MX Revo at work still works. Nothing else I've used fits my hand quite as well.

        I don't know why a time machine is necessary, those are easy to find.

    Our work proxy does not like iTunes. This would not be a problem if it wasn't for the fact that some of the people here have work issued iPads.

    I've been trying to restore one of those all day but got nowhere because the proxy killed the connection to iTunes while I was trying to do it.

    Damned fancy technology. Should just get everyone an abacus.

      There's nothing an abacus can't do.


      I've heard of this new fangled technology called a "calculator". I consider it witchcraft but it might be something you're interested in.

    Anyone getting Borderlands 2 for the 360?

      Getting for PC. With the dog chest.

        Woo! Daschund chest edition!

          When I finally get around to moving out into my own place I intend to get a (new) cat. Relevance should be obvious.

            I intend to get a fluffy white cat so that I can recline on an executive chair while stroking it and pretend to be a Bond villain.

      I am, Hugo!

        Although this does remind me that for some reason I cannot access your pawn in Dragon's Dogma :(
        Really weird, saw you playing it, but when I searched for friends pawns, yours didn't come up... weird AND BLOODY DISAPPOINTING as you are the only other TAY person I know who plays this on the 360.
        Are you able to see my pawn?

    Zombie Movie Update

    We're shooting on 25th and 26th of August. Anyone who wants in, just message me or send me an email.

    We need as many people dressed as zombies as we can get on the Sunday! PLEASE HELP!

    You know what sucks?
    Only having two hash browns left.
    You know what doesn't suck?
    Making Cheesy Salt & Vinegar Hash browns with those two hash browns.
    Now I'm hungry again... :(

    I went into JB expecting to buy a headset and leave with the first 3 seasons of Breaking Bad on blu-ray. How did the even happen? Oh well, successbaby.JPEG

    Week 2 of unemployment .

    Updated resume and sent to a friend at a well known company.
    started looking at the market.
    Bought myself a gift for coping with last week and not regressing into mountain man...
    recieved tax return.
    Feeling accomplished today :)
    I have done well I believe

      I sent you an email! That will help keep you amused!

    @ Crazyguy

    Shoot me an email to troy(dot)cleary(at)hotmaildotcom and i'll organise the Tee shirt for you :)

    This afternoon seems to be dragging on quite a bit.
    Also, I want to whinge about the fact that our office bathroom is now exclusively stocking single-ply toilet paper. SINGLE PLY!

    On the plus side, I haven't seen that damned mangy dog all day. \o/

    How's everyone's days going?

      Single ply? Surely that violates OH&S regulations and possibly the geneva convention?

      Not to mention it's false economy since you end up using three times as much.

        I thought about raising this with the powers that be, though the last time someone did that... well, let's just say that Blend 43 is fine by me, yessirree. You won't see me complaining to the management about ANYTHING.
        Best employee!

    Spiderman was pretty cool.

    Lizard Man terrified my 4 year old daughter but she refused to leave and seemed to really like it otherwise.

      Possibly why it's rated M for Mature?

      Also: Spider-Man. The hyphen is important!

    A bird flew into my face at lunchtime. Just thought I'd let you guys know.
    I'm not hurt, luckily :P

      Was it that bird that flew out of my fireplace?
      I hear he gets around.

      What did you do to the Universe, Lambo? Why is it out to get you?

      I hope the bird was cooked properly or who knows what myriad of diseases will be inflicted upon you.

      Lambo; Proof that Karma is indeed a vindictive, unassuming and ultimately omnipotent bitch.

      I've never seen someone so accident-prone, it can't be coincidence. The cosmic forces just hate you :S

        I basically have a mental image of him that's like the cliche clumsy anime schoolgirl that constantly trips over and sets things on fire and stuff.

          That just made me think of Kisaragi from Elfen Lied. But I don't want that to happen to Lambo :(

    Man, so glad this day is wrapping up. I feel like I'm going to go to sleep...

    Is anyone else playing The Secret World?

    It feels to me like there is a distinct shortage of tanks. I rolled a healer as part of my usual "play something that gets into groups easily". That seems now like a great way to be in a group with 3 DPS spamming "LF tank". (as an aside, the whole "no class/no level" thing of the secret world seems dodgy when there is such a rigid tank-3 DPS-healer model for the dungeons, itemization is so rigid that there's really no such thing as an off-healer or an off-tank,bosses are immune to most fancy-dan utility stuff and so many abilities are flat out awful that it channels people to the same stuff as they get the points for it).

    I'm enjoying the game for the story and atmosphere, but I can't see myself sticking with it once I complete the story.

    Incidentally, if you're getting bored in Solomon Island and thinking that ability points take ages to earn, early Egypt is very easy and the XP for doing the simplest fetch quest is ENORMOUS. Coming from Blue Mountain Egypt is like Candyland. There's something severely wrong in the reward-difficulty balance in Blue Mountain.

      The sooner MMOs break out of the Tank/Heal/DPS trinity the better IMO.

        GW2? :)

          From what I've played of it, nope, not really. Might help if it didn't feel so clunky. Regret paying for that game without trying it first so much, enormous waste of money.

          What I personally see in the future is something more action-oriented, along the lines of Tera, where you don't heal through damage, you mitigate against it by dodging / parrying / blocking correctly, exposing weaknesses or holes in timing for other players to hit etc. Some limited healing through consumables or abilities plus some amount of regen over time, but generally most encounters would be a battle of attrition and concentration rather than a DPS race.

            Would probably require a more instance-oriented approach a la guild wars / PSO though. Have to be careful not to make it all feel like a ghost town like SWTOR. That game always felt so lonely, because of the way the world is all disconnected chunks. WoW still has the most cohesive-feeling world IMO.

            Well I still would keep in mind a few things:
            1. Beta is beta, meaning it could always end up changing
            2. It's probably clunky cuz of lag from you being Australia based, but again... beta.

              Wasn't lag, it was actual clunk. Weird interface, abilities that are poorly defined and appeared to have no real appreciable effect or difference, no idea whether I was meant to have a rotation or just be hitting the next hotkey... plus the fact that I'm absolutely done with hotkey-based MMOs now.

    Woo got my tax back, which meant I got my Thunderbird bass off laybuy and my Leatherman Skeletool came in the post! and it's only Monday!

      And pre-ordered Borderlands 2 from GreenManGaming for $50, not bad I thought.

        NOOOOOOOOOOO! It's $40 with a 20% off code :P. Hopefully you can cancel and re-order it :)


          Craaaaap, email away!

          Thanks for the heads up!

      I misread that so I was thinking you had ordered this

        Ahahaha almost!

        Thats my new baby

          Double crap, now everyone knows my real name....

            Don't stress, it is at the bottom of the page, nobody reads these comments

          Well it is no Tracey island, but that is a very nice looking bass

      Oh man.. I wish I could afford a real Thunderbird best I have is a Epiphone Korean made Thunrderbird, still sounds pretty good, but nothing on the Gibson model. Oh how I want one.

      What you gonna be plugging that beast into? :D

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