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    Hey, so like, my internet is totally going to like, be fast again like, this week.Fabulous!

    So like, I'm wondering if like, any of you hot bitches want to like, survive the zombie like, hordes, y'know, with me at some point like, later on.
    You like, keen?

      By like, zombie hordes, I totally like mean L4D2 for like, the playdate.
      But more like, for DayZ at like, some point.

    I have twice as many PSP games on my PS Vita as I own PS Vita games. :(

      Aren't most of them re-purchases anyway? :P

      I was going to post a new comment but I'll put it here. I preordered both Graces f (again) and Ni No Kuni Wizard Edition from Zavvi on the weekend :). If there's any further info on Ni No Kuni let me know (cheaper places, local releases etc.).

      I know with the Wizard Edition I think it's exclusive to the NAMCO shop in America and they're doing a "ninostarter" thing. They'll add more bonuses to the Wizard Edition depending on how many people pre-order it from there. I think they're only adding them to the US edition at the moment which is a bummer :(

        Persona 2 & 3, Yggdra Union, TitS and Tactics Ogre were re-buys. Corpse Party, Lunar, Riviera, FF Tactics, Fate/Extra, Ys Seven & Persona were all new purchases. I'm also going to grab Growlanser IV and Unchained Blades when they're up on PSN, and hopefully also grab Black Rock Shooter assuming NISA still do release it in the end.

        PSP was such a good platform :( I'd totally re-buy several more of my games if I could but they're not on PSN.

          The fact that there's still at least a dozen great PSP games which will never make it to an English translated release thanks to Sony throwing the system under the bus outside Japan is really sad, incidentally. I look at those Summon Night games, the rest of Trails in the Sky and the other Kiseki games, FF Type-0, Valkyria 3, Grand Knights History, Sakura Taisen 1&2 and the list goes on and on, and I am saddened.


        Ni No Kuni! Blargherfraghergh, gonna be so good!

    @Aleph "Kisaragi from Elfen Lied" is that something I'm going to regret googling? I vaguely remember hearing something about Elfen Lied being really violent, I think?

      No idea what's this about but in terms of images, no. It's just some girl (not nude or bloody or anything bad). In terms of info around her (which might be violent, sexual) I can't say since I didn't read anything :)

      Clumsy secretary that gets decapitated. I'm not sure if that's actually who he was meaning or not.

        The show, however, is incredibly violent and sexualised i.e. it involves (literally) naked girls ripping people's limbs off with their mind. So don't google image search at work I guess? :V

          To be fair some children get horribly violent in it as well. Then they help repaint the class room....

            That scene was easily the most shocking part of it. Those damned kids had it coming.

      I more meant the "clumsy secretary" part, not the "gets decapitated in the first episode" part :(
      She was comic relief up 'til then, but her death wasn't meaningless. That much, we do know.

      Elfen Lied was probably more violent than Gantz, but in terms of story etc, I absolutely loved it. If you're not into violent/sexualised (I wouldn't go so far as to say it's perverted or hentai, it's just not for kids. It's not like we're talking about Urotsukidoji* here, haha!) anime, then it's probably not for you.

      *If you're not comfortable with stupidly sexualised violence, don't google Urotsukidoji.

        I thought it was... (Its been ages since I watched the show so I dont remember everything)

      I've watched a couple scenes of the show on youtube. It seems pretty cool. I loved the start were she escapes from that facility place.

    Has anyone else ever watched Carl Sagen's The Cosmos?

      Sagan. I have Cosmos on DVD. It should be required viewing for kids in science class IMO.

      They're apparently doing a refreshed, updated version some time next year, with Neil deGrasse Tyson to host in place of Carl (since it's pretty hard for him to do it himself now :( )

        Ah my mistake. But I agree I would of loved to see those in early Highschool.

      Carl Sagan? You mean the guy who burnt down the Hill Valley speakeasy? :P

      I've seen one of the DVDs I got out from the library once. I can't remember any of it though...


      HAI JIMU LONG TIME, how you been?!

    Seriously, how's fings???

      I am playing Pokemon Conquest.
      True story, would tell again.

        I'm playing a BW mod trying to actually complete the pokedex (eventually). Never even come close before. Usually because I has no friends to trade with. But this mod gets by all that by making all 649(?) available in game, changing the evolution req's etc etc. But damn if those legendaries aren't hard to find. Most of them only appear on one route, only in shaking grass and even then they only have a 1% chance of being found.

        Mitsunari Ishida reminds my friends and I of David Bowie. So we just call him David Bowie.

      I remember telling you about Ni No Kuni on Twitter ages ago but if you didn't know, they have a super awesome "Wizard's Edition" with some cool extras :).

    If this is true *sigh*

      Explain it to me like I'm 5? :P

      Something something Ubisoft something something DRM...

        I also got "something something hacked something", but yeah, this was my response too

        Basically it installs allows hackers access to highly secure content( i.e. Important system files) on your computer, if it is ever hacked.
        It's basically doing what the Starforce DRM used to do.
        Wow, anyone remember that Starforce debacle?
        If not, here's some info:

      Pretty soon they'll be called We-Screw-U-bisoft.

        It should be illegal to install 2 forms of DRM.
        If you got your game from steam, you shouldn't need to have it run Uplay or GFWL or any other stupid launcher.

        It should be illegal to install 2 forms of DRM.
        If you got your game from steam, you shouldn't need to have it run Uplay or GFWL or any other stupid launcher.

      Yeah, just read it too. Essentially, it means that UPlay adds an extension to your web browser essentially allowing potential unauthorised access to executables already located on the local machine.
      I assume that it's designed to allow the launch of UPlay affiliated games from within your browser perhaps, although there's no "UPlay ONLY" restrictions set on it, thus the issue.

      Forgive me if I'm wrong though, as I'm certainly not sec-minded enough to completely understand. Either way, Ubisoft is going to need to respond to this fairly quickly.
      Depending on your browser, there's multiple ways to disable the extension. I'd suggest searching for how to do so before going any further.

        Ahh, here we go, for Firefox users out there, a bug report has been submitted, hopefully this'll go on an extension blacklist with the next update.

        I see, I see. Kinda... :P So the worry is what exactly? That unauthorised websites can activate files/viruses/whatnot on your computer?

        I don't own any Ubisoft/UPlay games so I'm not worried, but that's pretty bad of them.

          It means that whoever has access to the extension, has access to your files/programs/attached data.
          To go deeper, that means personal information, credit card/bank details, not to mention the folder containing questionable material that you most certainly thought you deleted months ago ;)

          It's a big snafu, and one that's not to be scoffed at. Whilst I believe it was an unintentional mistake, it's a big one. I'll be wary of purchasing from Ubi any time soon, and warier still of installing the current games I own.

    God dammit Youtube. Stop changing everything.

    I've been bitching on Twitter about this but I thought I'd share things here too. Youtube is dropping another layout change and basically turning your subscription feed into a mass of recommended videos.

    If I wanted to watch recommended videos, I would look at the sidebar next to the subscription videos I want to watch.

    This is what it looks like now. This is as good as I could get it too, originally is showed all activity from everyone I was subscribed to. All the likes, comments, favourites and whatever.

    I don't want that. I just want videos. How does Youtube not get this?

    Luckily, you can click on the "My Subscriptions" thing on the left (under Recommended) which will take you to a straight subscription feed with just the uploads.

    Oh and if you're wondering why I'm getting this layout changes, I think they get pushed out earlier for partners and whatnot . I'm not a Youtube partner but it has been offered to me a while ago. They probably don't expect people to not immediately accept the chance to make money from uploads :p

    Apparently there is a big spoiler in the dark night rises. I thought I'd save everyone the trouble and look it up for them.

      Why Gorzy why?!

        I'm practicing my evil so I can be the villain in the next movie!

    Cabin in the Woods was EXCELLENT. Overheard a lady say when it was finished "Well, that was two hours of my life I'll never get back"


      One of the best movies I've seen in years. So much fun.

      I hate sounding smug, but some people just don't get what that film is. Which is a bit weird because I didn't think it was all too subtle about it, but hey that's just me.

      That movie has some serious mood whiplash.

      I wish it was playing somewhere a bit more local to me :P Us country bogans don't want no limited release movies, it seems.

    Whilst browsing the internet, I managed to find this article on Quake and its fifteen year history.
    I highly recommend it:

      Man good times playing Quake III Arena with my mates at TAFE. Which makes me sound old, but no this is like 2 years ago :D

        Did you just call me old? I'd slap you for that but I'm afraid the impact would cause my hip to break.

          Oh Gorzy, i'm not exactly young honestly, but not old either =P

    [quote]"Commenters over at Hacker News have published a proof of concept URL that appears to exploit a vulnerability in a browser plugin installed by Uplay — launching a copy of the built-in calculator in Windows. "Ubisoft installs a backdoor that allows any website to take over your computer," says one commenter."[/quote]

    Jesus fuck. Anti-malware is hard enough without supposedly legitimate companies adding to the problem.

    I've been able to play some more of The Last Story and I'm really liking it. At the moment I'm just doing sidequests to avoid advancing the main story and every time I think I've run out of things to do and have to move on I find something else to do. It's not an "awesome" game necessarily but is certainly a very good and enjoyable game.
    Not sure how much I'll be around here this week as I'm looking after my father-in-law who is recovering from a heart attack. He's no trouble but being his sole carer during the day is pretty stressful so hopefully I'll be able to squash some gametime in my day somewhere to relieve it.

      That's got to be stressful. Do what you've got to do and we'll all be here when you get back!

      Hope all is well and you get plenty of gaming time.

      I hope his recovery goes smoothly

    So I got up at 6am this morning and noticed something odd. There was a large Amazon box by the front door. It definitely wasn't there late last night and I've NEVER had a post delivery before 10am.

      New magic teleportation delivery system? :P

        Or actually, maybe it was just that it had been delivered to a neighbour by mistake and they dumped it there for you?

          I'm hoping for teleportation, but you're probably right about the neighbour... Although, dropping it off at 5am still seems odd...

            Sounds like Sughly's post man has been lurking outside your house after dark...

      Meanwhile I've got a package that hasn't been delivered yet according to the tracking system, but has been at the post office since yesterday morning. :(

    Today is the last day of Shameless Gaming. I'm rather tempted to knuckle down and finish Saints Row The Third tonight.

    On the other hand, I don't feel like rushing this game. Last night, I did maybe two story missions. The rest of the night was spent derping around in side missions. Assassinations and Heli Assaults are rather shit. The rest is good though. Particularly the ones involving blowing everything up.

      Tank activity is best activity

        You say that but the normal Mayhem is pretty amazing when you have infinite everything, many of which are explosive.

          I'm not fond if Mayhem because at times there's nearly nothing to destroy and I spend most of the time waiting for cars to come. Whereas tank is all pew pew pew, and it's easy. I failed a co-op Mayhem once because we were around a hundred short :(

            I just make sure that I have the wrath of the cops and a gang, then blow up fences while waiting for them to come back. Works a treat.

            The tank one is almost too easy. Drive forward and shoot.

              Yeah. Tank is really easy (though still fun!) Just drive down the side of the road building up combos on mailboxes and stuff while blowing stuff up. I finished one in a single combo yesterday haha

                Yeah I didn't really bother with that many activities I just did the easy and/or fun ones. Horribly tedious ones like Heli Assault just sucks :P, especially when the game glitches up like mine does :(.

                I finished almost all of the Tank Mayhem ones I've done in a single combo. Often with quite a bit more than the target amount and plenty of time to spare :p

              This. Just destroy whatever you can and keep your multiply up, the higher it is the better the chance of completing the mayhem.

      I love heli assaults :D I need to finish the assassinations and whatever else in that part of the phone now, all that's missing from me 100% completing the game.

    We totally have a DayZ gang now!

      By which I mean we have a group of people with gear.
      We don't have any coordination, but hey, details.

        Do you hang around in front of the juice bar and click your fingers menancingly at passerbys that interrupt your dice games?

          We hide in the woods and watch as other survivors (Rocketman) get chased by zombies.
          Pretty much the same thing.

            How long until you get your leather jackets?

      How would one join in on said DayZ gangery? Is there an initiation one would need to go through first?

        You hear them talk about that survivor who is running towards them with faction going (if he gets any closer i will shoot him. I was being chased by a zombie and my push to talk wouldn't work. I couldn't Alt-TAb without dying so i ran i circles and they were like if he gets closer kill him. i was screaming at my computer


          Bahahahaha! Oh man, that sounded like fun :P

            It was tense as heck. I was scared of the zombie, dehydrated so my screen went monochrome, couldn't see the guys even though they could see mee. Scared they would shoot and yelling at my computer. SO FUN though, i haven't had such a tense moment in a video game in a long while.

      We used to have a gang on Saturday, until some prick shot us while we were gutting a cow. We were sitting ducks on a hill side and he picked us off with some sort of rifle from a tower about 300m away. It was a rather disappointing way to die, arms deep in a cow.

        Wait, how many did you have in your group? And did he kill you all?

          we had 3.
          Me, Beavwa and BlueMaxima
          We were all standing around in the open, gutting a cow, feeling pretty powerful coz we had lots of guns and supplies.
          He pretty much one shot BlueMaxima, by the time me and Beavwa started running I was already knocked out and bleeding rapidly.
          Beavwa made it to safety and went hunting for the shooter, but since we didn't know his exact location, he found Beavwa first...

            Gotta admit, as dickish as that is, it is fairly impressive someone can take down 3 survivors. Guess it shows no matter what, you are always in danger in Day Z.

              We should have known something was up when we saw another survivor running from that location, weaving back and forth like they were dodging being shot.
              Eh, easy to say in retrospect.

      Sniped from Cherno.
      Good times.

      That's Battlecast Cho'gath right? If you look in the background (bottom leftish) of the splash art for the skin you can see battlecast urgot and a skarner. This most likely means that we will see a battlecast Skarner skin soon.

      Here's the splash art

        Well Cho'gath is the only one I haven't got yet. And there's a skarner one coming?! Hell yes!

        I already got Battlecast Urgot, too bad he's been nerfed to trash now.

        That's my new wallpaper now. I love when Riot makes a mech/machine Champion/skin, and that they're so badass like this one is! :)

    Do you have any secret shame movies? Something you love but people scoff at when you tell them?

    I'll start: Girl, Interrupted. One of my favourite movies.

    Who's next?

      I didn't mind Mean Girls... That was before Lohan became a train wreck

        It was also written by Tina Fey. No shame in liking that movie.

          I didn't know this, but I do like Tina Fey, so YAY JUSTIFICATION!

        She was a decent actress, raw potential. Always sucks when they decide drugs is better than legacy.

          As it was for a lot of decent humans in the acting business sadly.

        I was JUST in the process of saying Mean Girls :P Oh well, I'm not re-writing my comment:

        Pretty much any movie that's considered 'for girls' gets a scoff from some people. Things like The Princess Bride and Mean Girls. Anything animated ('for kids') also gets a scoff sometimes.

        I'm not really ashamed to like them though, so I wouldn't call them a secret shame.

          True, I woudn't have posted if I thought it was really shameful. :P

            Then that brings us to the question... What are you hiding that you're truly ashamed of!?

            *wild speculation*

          If you don't like The Princess Bride there's something wrong with you.

            I think most people just hear 'Princess' and 'Bride' and automatically assume it'll be a terrible chick-flick. Their loss I suppose :P

              my parents wanted me to watch it, and i was like "NO WAY THAT SOUNDS LIKE A SISSY MOVIE"

              then i watched it and was like, "holy shit"

            I admit, I judged it on the title. A girl at Uni lectured me on how it's pretty much the greatest thing of all time. Now I know. (Although she judged M. Night Shyamalan's Signs as well. I insisted that she watched it, she did and freakin' loved it.) We should all stop being judgemental fools. :P

          Princess Bride isn't "for girls".

          It's a deconstruction of the standard adventure fairy tale. That's typically boy stuff, even if there is a heavy dose of the true love stuff.

          I don't think you guys quite get what movies are meant to be shameful. Princess Bride only counts if you know nothing about it but the name (which, oddly enough Dr Strangelove also seems to fall victim to).

            Princess Bride and Dr Strangelove are both great, great movies.

              When I first saw Dr Strangelove in Georgraphy (Idk why we watched it there) I didn't realise it was a comedy and thought I was ment to take the film seriously.

            People kept telling me is was a good movie, but nobody told me there was going to be kissing

      What's wrong with Girl, Interrupted?
      Crazy isn't broken, it's just you or me, amplified.

        Oh, man. So good. Watched it for the first time when I was pretty lonely, messed up and an outcast. Could really relate.

      Girl Interrupted was a great film. Even had Peggy from Mad Men!

      Hmmmmm not really sure, I'm sure they are there

      Do early Tom Cruise movies count, since he has gone loopy there seems to be a stigma associated with liking his films but I do still enjoy watching days of thunder and the like.

      From the chick flick side I things I think that French Kiss is a great movie.
      Also the greatest of geek shames, Sport films ;). I really enjoyed the blind side and can always watch youngblood.

        I'll maintain that Mission Impossible 1 and 4 are great films, as is a Few Good Men, Collateral and Rain Man.

          I'm noticing a pattern in your shame haha

            Oh wait nevermind, you were already discussing Tom. Errr... ahhh... hmmmm

        Rain Man. I don't get why people associate the behind-the-scenes antics of an actor with their on screen work, he's pretty damn good in every thing he's in.

      Michael Bay's Transformers, High School Musical 1,2&3
      It's not like I keep it a secret though :P

        I like The Rock and The Island, makes me feel dirty to know there's two Bay films I love. :P

          I quite liked The Island, too! I did an essay on it in high school. No idea what the topic was though... 'Splosions?

            The Island has the fewest explosions of any recent Michael Bay movie.

            It also made the least money.

            Someone made a helpful chart.

              That's pretty upsetting, I've got to say.

    Uncharacteristic rage vent here.


    I'm not a fanboy by any stretch of the imagination, but for some reason I'm raging from the near continual US posts saying "Here's something Sony related BUT ITS SHIT LOL! Now let's worship Mario Rehash #999965 and isn't XBOX GOLD awesome? I LOVE ADS!"

    morning TAY. hows stuff?
    final day of shameless gaming & I'm sad to say I've been pretty shameful in my gaming this month.

    I've finally been putting some time into Bastion. The dynamic narration is such an innovative way to tell a story. Also Rucks. that mans voice is just amazing.
    great game.

    also put a few hours into Dead Rising 2 : Off the record last night. Sandbox mode = best mode. no story, just unlimited zombies.

    anyway, so... yeah. Hi *waves*

    *walks off into the sunset*

    morning TAY. hows stuff?
    final day of shameless gaming & I’m sad to say I’ve been pretty shameful in my gaming this month.

    I’ve finally been putting some time into Bastion. The dynamic narration is such an innovative way to tell a story. Also Rucks. that mans voice is just amazing.
    great game.

    also put a few hours into Dead Rising 2 : Off the record last night. Sandbox mode = best mode. no story, just unlimited zombies.

    anyway, so… yeah. Hi *waves*

    *walks off into the sunset*

      Yeah i finished bastion a few months ago. Narration made the game for me. Worth playing but not amazing. I enjjoyed it though.

      I started well but fropped the ball last night. I was on track to complete my 5th game, Rayman origins, I have only got an hour or two left to play and I'll be finished it. I actually picked that game cause it was apparently a 5 hour campaign and I thought it wuold be easy. Over a week now and im getting close, but i borrowed a copy of dark souls from a mate of mine and spent all night playing that. Now I will end the month with two new games that I have not finished, Oh, and i also started quantum conundrum, so my net result is one less game off my pile of shame... but I've enjoyed it all.

        I finished Rayman Origins on Sunday, almost had a nervous break down getting all the Electoons, but that little achievement was totally worth it... totally. :S (Still a damn great game, though.)

    Ok, so it looks like I may not be here much today. SO MUCH WORK /o\ does a company lose MEGATONS of stock?

      Do you have a really really big couch? Maybe check behind that

    Kingdom Hearts Collection HD. Make it happen, Square Enix

      Too many platform rights, I guess.

      But I would play the hell out of it.

      If they did them all on PS3, that'd be the first thing I'd buy on PSN.

      Really hated how they kept jumping platforms every game and still are

        Yeah, given nowadays you need like 4 consoles to play them all.

          That's what turned me to watching the playthroughs of them on youtube rather than buying them. I can't justify the purchase of new consoles for just this.

      put them on vita and i'd be a very happy camper

        If the whole collection was on the Vita, I think that'd warrant purchasing a Vita for me :)

          they should put on one, two and Re: chain of memories (and make one and two the final mix versions), and maybe birth by sleep.

          in fact, if they did release a home console collection, birth by sleep should definately be on there, it's probably my favourite KH game, and has some pretty important plot.

    Just found out they're turning The Hobbit into a trilogy. Yay! You can never have too many Hobbits.

      Three films out of a book that's less than half the size of Fellowship of the Ring alone? I was surprised but understanding when they announced it as two films originally - Lord of the Rings is a lot less dense, more stuff actually happens in the Hobbit - but three films is straight up milking it. They're going to have to bring in a ton of side material or something to pad it out. I'd rather they put money into something like a Silmarillion miniseries or something.

      Incidentally the best way to read The Hobbit IMO is the graphic novel adaption by Chuck Dixon, Sean Deming and David Wenzel. It was how I got into Tolkien's stuff when I was a kid, discovered it in my school library when I was about eight.

        They're using appendices etc from other Tolkein books to help for the third film. And yeah, The Hobbit is way more dense than Lord of the Rings.

      The Hobbit was far more intricate a story than an LotR book, so I can see why they're stretching it. 3 movies is probably a bit much though.
      One does not simply make a single hobbit film.

      I saw a stage production of The Hobbit when I was 12 or so in Canberra, and it was absolutely magical. I've never seen puppeteering quite like it!

        Was that about 9 years ago? I saw that one as well, still got the record from it.
        Would have made no sense at all if you didn't know the story but still worth going for the amazing puppets

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