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    Subway has just started using real bacon. Hungry Jacks recently changed as well, follow McDonald's lead from a little while back.

    Aside from KFC, all of the major fast food stores in Australia now use real bacon on their food instead of those weird pig-like pink grease strips. I wander what prompted this change?

    They don't tend to make changes like this on a whim.

      There was that whole pink slime controversy to come out of the U.S. a while back, maybe that prompted it?

        Pink slime is processed mince. I thought the controversy there was about the processing of it leading to unnecessary exposure to bacteria and whatnot.

          I think a lot of people were genuinely surprised that the food they were eating wasn't entirely what they thought it was. Might not apply to the bacon, but could be a pre-emptive move... for when people get suspicious. :P

          Actually it's the fact they put ammonia into it that's the problem. Effectively the stuff is a slop made up of beef extracted sinew, cartilage, bone, guts and fat, turned into a fine pulpy mush and then treated with ammonia to remove bacteria. It's the ammonium hydroxide they add which is the bulk of the problem, plus the fact that recovered beef like that is considered too low quality for human consumption in a lot of places - even in the US, if it was left untreated it would be barely high enough grade to use for dog food. Not legal to sell it in Australia or Canada or the UK, the EU recently banned it and after the outcries over it most of the US fast food places have stepped away from it because it's completely unnecessary and it basically is extra unhealthy slop added to the patties to reduce their price by a few cents.

            Amazing what people will come up with to save a few bucks.

        Pink slime is illegal in Australia and has never been used in any fast food places.

          There goes my conspiracy theory. Back to the JFK assassination then. :P

            Turns out that was a hit by the mafia.

            Also Yuri Gagarin wasn't the first man in space, he was second or maybe never at all, the actual test pilot (Vladimir Ilyushin) ran into problems during the flight and crashed in China and the Soviets covered it all up.

      Have you tried the Moroccan Lamb (for a limited time only!) thing they're pushing atm? The lamb is weird processed/shaped chunks. It disappointed me. :(

        Wasn't a fan of it. Lamb is one of those meats that I don't like minced.

    I'm reading an article addressing the various complaints about plot holes in The Dark Knight Rises:


    He’s the f***ing Batman. Seriously, if any fictional character could pull this one off, it’s the f***ing Batman. Stop whining.

    I don't think it matters what point they're addressing here, but you can find it all here if you're interested (again, spoiler warning).

      DEFINATELY! Argh, over hearing people whinge about this film. This line says it best - 'My problem with the articles I’ve been seeing is that they try to elevate personal dislike or minor errors into a gross artistic mistake'. It's a good movie dangit!

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    Holden just called me. My ute is going to be another 4 weeks /o\


    They are giving me a SV6Z instead for the same price. Bigger wheels, leather seats, sat nav and "Limited Edition" badging so I'm not complaining too much.

      Sat nav and leather seats for another four weeks of waiting?

      Sounds like a pretty good trade off to me.

      Wow, not too shabby! Way to go, man!

      Nice, its pretty coll that they are upgrading your model a little. Some companies would just say too bad.

        Odds are they oversold that particular model, realised that there was going to be an excessive delay (3+ months) in getting Freeze exactly what he ordered. Easy solution, bump up to a slightly higher model. It probably costs them very little, gives Freeze a very good impression of Holden as a company and because it seems like an extraordinary event (which it is), he's more likely to tell people he knows about his positive experience.

        That probably makes it seem a little sinister. Really, I just think it means that they appreciate the value of a customer that gets more than they bargained for.

        Amazon does a slightly more obvious manipulation where they exaggerate expected delivery times so that you always get it sooner than you think you should.

          More likely it's because it's mid-year and they're no longer producing the model he ordered and since he's purchasing a 2012 model, are contractually obligated to deliver a 2012 model, and it's cheaper to bump up to one which is in stock at a slightly higher level than to go to the expense of sourcing and importing the model ordered from overseas.

          Plus it does reflect nicely on them. Also they've got repeat business down the line anyway, since he'll probably take it back to Holden for servicing to maintain the new car warranty. And they have pretty decent margins on new cars usually anyway.

            Actually I ordered a MY12 but getting a MY13. I'd say the 12s are sold out and everything new is a 13 plate now.

            Not sure on the reason for the upgrade but I'm not going to question too much

              Around this time of year the car manufacturers often have stuff on sale. Possibly the amount you paid would buy a LE version of the same vehicle right now so there's no cost to them effectively to upgrade you, plus they get your word of mouth and goodwill and avoid you feeling cheated because by the time you got it delivered you could have gotten it cheaper by cancelling the sale and starting a new one.

          There was some research done on this kind of thing a while back.
          Numbers are completely made up but: If you have a good experience
          with a company you might tell 20 or 30% of people you know. If you
          have a bad experience you'll likely tell 50-60% of people you know.
          If you have a bad experience, but the company turns it around so
          that you have a good experience, you're likely to tell 90% of
          people you know. I knew someone that works in retail that would
          purposely flub 2-3 transactions a day, so that customers would be
          required to return and he could "fix" the problem - and he'd use
          the return visit as another chance to upsell or add-on extra items
          after the "generous" fix.

      Oh shit yeah man!

    Im surprised by how many Anime and Animated series there are in IMDB's top 30 TV shows list.

      Blame IMDb's primary userbase for that one.

      8 out of the top 50, only 3 of which are anime (and two of the remaining 5 are Avatar, so the same franchise). That's actually about what I'd expect.

      Considering that for the last decade or more since Japan moved to producing anime digitally and thus much cheaper, there's been 20+ shows running every season, and given that you're talking about a database where self-diagnosed aspies like to go and make excruciatingly detailed lists of things, it shouldn't really be a surprise that some are in the list. Not should it be a surprise that it's FMA Brotherhood, Cowboy Bebop and Death Note.They're very popular because they've had multiple US TV runs

        The only surprises were the two Turkish shows.

      Hey, Fullemetal Alchemist Brotherhood deserves that spot. :P

      Interestingly if you look at the top 50 movies, only two are
      animated. Spirited Away and Toy Story 3. And they're a long way
      down the list in the late 40s too.

    So! New Cronenberg out this week, Cosmopolis.
    Hope it's as good as it looks... who else is going?


    Trjn..? Dan..?

      I really need to get around to watching History of Violence and Eastern Promises. Those have been on my list of movies to watch for a damned long time.

        Doooo eeeeeet! I freakin love History of Violence, so good.

          I'm much more interested in Eastern Promises but I can't see how I would be able to watch one and not the other, unless I really just did not like it at all.

            To be fair, you see a lot of manbits in Eastern Promises. Negative
            or positive, I'll let you decide.

              I'm fairly neutral on the inclusion of manbits.

    Just when I thought my elbow was starting to get better, it decides to get worse :(
    I got it checked out by a doctor last week, she thought it was just bruised. Well it sure doesn't feel like any bruise I've ever had before! And I'm practically an expert on the subject! :P
    But yeah. It's been sore for 3 weeks now... :(

      I've had problems walking since the start of July. My parents are
      like "You should go see a doctor about that." And I'm all
      "PPPPPSSSSHHHHHHHH" So I can't walk more than 100 metres without
      getting pain in my foot...

    @Hugo re: Dragon's Dogma
    My internet has been borked since Wednesday, and I've barely got past the point where you can create a pawn (maybe an hour or so?) - perhaps one or both of these are contributing to the problem?
    When my internet's back up (hopefully tonight!) I'll give it another whirl.

      Actually, I have been pretty slack with DD, as I have been SKYRIM!ing like crazy.
      I just find it strange (Hi Strange!) because I was playing the game at the same time as you and when you created your pawn it should have been accessible straight away.
      Anywho, i'll just give it time and it may take reaching a certian main story section before your pawn becomes accessible to others.

        Skyrim is awesome. Just not as awesome as Morrowind.

    It's time for a special message from They Might Be Spam!




    They Might Be Giants is staging a public campaign to get back to Australia in the spring of 2013. It has been too long, and we miss you guys.

    In an effort to convince Australian promoters we exist we have started a twitter feed at @TMBGaustralia ( and there is a fan-created facebook page at

    We would sincerely encourage you to join either or both, and to tell your friends to join as well. If there is a meaningful number of folks involved it would be a tremendous asset for us to convince the powers that be that we have interested folks out there in your magnificent country.

    Thank you--and we hope to see you in 2013!"

    If you have even a passing interest in the works of TMBG - and even if you don't - please go do the Twitter and Facebook things. You will make me and others (e.g. welbot) very happy if we can get them out here again!

    I am going to continue bringing this up everywhere until everybody caves to my demands... it worked for #GetMillaToTweetTad and the SPAAACE MAUUREEN purchasing blitz, right?

      oh hellz yeah! I signed up as soon as I found out about this :) I
      seriously hope they play Brisbane, cos if they don't I will HAVE to
      take a holiday to wherever they play, cos fuck missing out on this!
      Pretty sure my sis will be on board for this one too! PLZ PLZ PLZ

    My RAT 5 is borked, with a replacement being sent my way \o/
    Let's hope this one lasts a decent while, eh?

    Erm ... Don't mind me. I'm just testing something. No, not the TAY
    breaking sort of something. Just something. :P

      Yep. Just as I thought. Line breaks aren't working. /o\


          All lambos are lambo. Except the ones that aren't, and a couple of
          the ones that are.

          Lambo fell into a cursed hot spring and now whenever he gets wet
          (happens often, very accident-prone) he turns into a girl.

          *Spooky arm waving* I am an enigma, wrapped in an encryption, which
          has then been scrambled, toasted, fried and served with a side dish
          of lemon dumplings. *WooOOOooOOooo*

            Wait, it's supposed to be wrapped in a mystery! ARGH I got the
            recipe wrong! /o\

              But you can't scramble a mystery /o\

                If you put enough salt in, it's not too bad. Don't mix pepper with
                it though. That's just asking for a taste disaster.

      I was just about to test this. Thought it was just me. Glad it's

    I've had Lady by Styx stuck in my head for almost a week now.

    I miss TAY... Stupid server failure.

      Been a slow day anyway, if that's any help;

        Except for that bit where THEY MIGHT BE FREAKING GIANTS want to
        come to Australia. It's up there Rize. Check it out!

            I NO, RITE??!!

              Once you hear it, it's in your head... FOREVER. :S (Not unlike the
              Malcolm in the Middle theme. :S)

    Why are all the text lines wrapping at like 40 characters? I
    already post way too much verbose crap, that just makes my walls of
    text longer :(

      Did someone break TAY again, or is it throughout the site?

        It's all through the site. I noticed it on the article Mark wrote
        about be #OldManSerrels games journalist

          It's happening on all the Allure sites, not just Kotaku. \o/
          Testing in Production \o/

      Erm yeah. That's kinda my fault. I showed Ben "Page 10". So he went
      and did something or other that should stop that sort of stuff from
      breaking pages again. He appears to have accidentally made these
      other things happen though...

        What happened on page 10?

          Strikethrough. Everywhere. Also bold, italics, and pink text. I
          would show it to you, but Ben just had to go and fix it all up,
          didn't he? :P (This was from a TAY from last December BTW)

    *sigh* people in the are are protesting that council not cut down
    some Camphor Laurel tree's because they've been there 80 years.
    Yes, let's leave an introduced weed and tell the council they're
    doing the wrong thing by wanting to replace it with native tree's.
    and some woman has gone and chained her self to one of said tree's.
    This is why we can't have nice things.

      area are*

        Being native is overrated. I have to say I'm with the protesters on
        this one. Preserving 80 year old trees > planting some Gum
        Trees*, because it's not like Australia doesn't have enough of
        those already *Or whatever native plant it is they're planning on

          Also, I hate this text wrapping. Mucking up the structure of my
          posts. grumble grumble

          Camphor Laurel is quite a pest in this area though, they thought it
          would be smart to burn it not that long back releasing carcinogens
          into the local atmosphere.. Also there are plants like wattles and
          others that are quite lovely to look at, that can be planted not
          just gums..

            Age before beauty. Honestly, I just hate to see anything old
            destroyed, no matter what it may be.

              Even if that thing is something that poses health risks to the
              community or other risks that outweigh it being something positive?
              (not talking about the current topic, but thought i'd ask that) But
              also Camphor tree's are a general hazard to the local environment
              since where it is, is on the water and a plant such as it is
              leeching into the ground is not really something you'd want and the
              fact it stops any other plant germinating by covering the ground
              with it's rather toxic leaves and it's rather intrusive root
              system, that strangles other plants & will get into sewage,
              water & stormwater. This area in general is quite nice to look
              at when it's maintained, and the right sort of plants are there
              otherwise it looks dead & dull.

                Public safety outweighs keeping old things around, of course, but
                it's still a shame to see those old things go.

                  I'll be honest, if this was public property i'd have no issue, but
                  since it poses several health risks, I just wish some of the locals
                  who never seem to have anything better to do rather than waste
                  local rate payers money (The council does that easily enough with
                  out any help!) would wake up and realise that it's probably being
                  done to improve the area or stop potential harm happening. Example
                  the council had no real option recently other than to remove a 130
                  year old tree of some sorts due to it was infested with termites in
                  the base, the locals had a massive outcry that there was no danger
                  at all, yet if it was going to fall down it was going to crush a
                  local pub. But that was fine apparently?

    @Tigs RE: Hobbit puppetry. I had read the book the year before, so
    I had a fair grasp of what was going on. It was so well done, and
    was the first time I'd really been "wowed" by the theatre. I really
    wish I had gone more often outside of performing before I left
    Canberra :P Completely unrelated: Thanks to me, work has gone from
    a deficit of ~4megatonnes of stock to a surplus of ~3 megatonnes. I
    am a god.

    Huzzah my new bag arrived and a day earlier then they said it would

    Okay this whole formatting thing is doing my head in /o\

      I cant see this problem you're all going on about

        No line breaks or nothing /o\ and there's a short character number
        per line of text /o\

    Just beat the Pokemon Conquest primary story mode. Oichi can die in
    a fire. Nobunaga's castle was frustrating, but mostly because I
    hadn't had to think about items until then. New story mode seems
    like a pretty cool guy.

      Wait, you're referring to the primary storyline as in defeating
      Nobunaga yeah? That bad? I didn't have any issues, but my eevee
      evolved into a glaceon and murdered all the dragons. I assume your
      curse Oichi because of her useless jiggly puff?

        Wigglytuff is horrible as well. It hits all my friendly guys
        because of it's stupid attack :|

        Just that my first two attempts my Pokemon managed to miss every
        attack, and Nobunaga's managed to chain crit. The final battle
        wasn't nearly as hard.

        Also, I was annoyed that you could not enter a castle battle
        without Oichi in your party. The "episodes" are making up for that.

      \o/ What did you evolve your Eevee into, by the way? I haven't been
      playing it lately because I'm waiting for the 3DS XL. Luckily the
      Steam sales haven't made that too hard to do :P

        My first Eevee I turned into Vaporeon, because that's my favourite
        eeveelution. I also had a Flareon and Jolteon by the end. I thought
        there'd be a twist after uniting the kingdoms, so I spent a huge
        amount of time searching out perfect links.

    PRESENT RESERVE – Do these words: a) Have similar meanings b) Have
    contradictory meanings c) Mean neither the same nor opposite?

      I'd have to go with either A or B on this one, dependant on
      context. You could present the target with the object in question,
      much like you could reserve the object for the person in
      question. On second thoughts, I'm going to go with B, as A implies
      that reserving/restricting an object/placement is similar to
      presenting/offering it, which is contradictory.

        My first thought is C but i'm also going to have to go with B as
        reserving something to me means denying it to people while
        presenting something is giving it to someone. The idea of reserving
        something so it may be presented to someone though is amusing. Good
        choice of words to examine!

          It is a question on the practice exam for the Police Entrance Test.
          Apparently the answer is C although B makes more sense to me. They
          did ask what a "centremeter" measures though so I'm a little
          concerned about it.

            1/100th of a meter which I believe is supposed to be something like
            the distance light travels in 1 second. Not too sure abut that last
            bit though. May also have something to do with french bread.

    @ Freeze S. Preston Icequire "This man speaks truth. Batman is
    capable of anything." Murder. Is batman capable of cold blooded

      Yes. Being capable of something and choosing not to are two
      different things. There's been a few instances where he has
      teetered on the brink with Joker IIRC.

        haha, I knew someone would make that distinction eventually. I was
        hoping stump you for a little bit. How about this then. Capable of
        finding out how the joker really got those scars! (possibly already
        covered, I only know batman via the movies)

          Pfft. Batman already knows that. He has a file on everyone,
          including his allies in case they go rogue. He's not the Worlds
          Greatest Detective for nothing you know.

            He's the worlds greatest detective because he gets to the scene
            before them and steals the most vital evidence!

    To put it into context, an image was posted to my facebook feed
    containing a boxset of DBZ DVDs. The following is a transcript of
    the comments on said image (accounting for "likes" on comments, I
    am clearly in the minority :P); Aleph: I tried re-watching DBZ in
    recent years. I never realised 'til recently that the show drags on
    more than Days of Our Lives. Best to retain your memories through
    the tinted vision of NostalgiaGoggles, in my opinion :P 24 minutes
    ago · Like Friend's Boyfriend: Wrong!!! 20 minutes ago · Like
    Aleph: Seriously man, I don't mean to offend, but that first Spirit
    Bomb took AGES. Hell, Picolo's
    Special-Beam-Cannon-Fucking-Moonpie-Ultrafire took at least 2-3
    episodes, and that was the first season! I loved the show as a kid,
    although I think I'll leave it at that :P Want an anime that has
    aged superbly? Check out Akira. Possibly one of the finest examples
    :D 14 minutes ago · Like Friend's Boyfriend: DBZ is timeless and
    how long it takes is part of the fun. 10 minutes ago · Like Aleph:
    I think the time taken between story arcs was moreso implemented
    due to the target demographic, which was evidently us in
    primary/highschool (at least in western culture). That demographic
    would sit down and watch an episode on Cheez TV before school
    (invariably getting to school late because of it) and as such they
    could afford the luxury of extending the
    through multiple episodes. I dare say the series banked on it. If
    you were to compress the story arcs, I believe you'd be left with
    perhaps 2 seasons total, with no loss in integrity to the true
    storyline. Not saying it was a bad show, I adored it as a kid. It
    just hasn't aged well. 4 minutes ago · Like Friend's Boyfriend:
    Wrong! 2 minutes ago · Like · 1

      OK, so the first two sentences are to be seen as a separate
      paragraph, with each "comment" being preceded by "Aleph/Friend's
      Boyfriend:". Uggh...

      The manga is significantly better paced. The problem with a big
      shonen series like DBZ is that they run the anime concurrent to the
      manga, meaning that for example when the Ginyu Force showed up in
      the manga, at the same time the anime might have just finished the
      fight with Vegeta or had Kuririn and co arrive on Namek. So they
      couldn't get too far ahead or else they'd run out of material to
      animate, meaning they had to pace themselves by slowing the pace a
      lot. Of course they could have just stopped airing the show for a
      while, but that's not profitable, so they artificially extend it.
      If you wanna check out DBZ again though, try Dragonball Z Kai,
      which condenses about 200 episodes of the show into 98, and is a
      much better dubbing of the show. I'm a bit of a DBZ fanboy...

        Agreed. The manga is so much better paced than the anime. Get the
        manga, people! Boxsets go! Also, fun fact: 'Over 9000!' in the
        anime is actually 'Over 8000!' in the manga.

        I wouldn't consider myself a fanboy per se, simply loved the show
        as a kid :P I'll definitely check out DBZ-Kai, as it sounds like
        exactly what is needed, in my opinion. It makes sense from a
        marketing/business POV to extend a series in such a way, especially
        if the audience is almost guaranteed to watch it regardless. It
        didn't bother me at all as a kid (I still remember trying to bleach
        my hair so I could be a super-saiyan... it came out copper/bronze)
        although I found it extremely tedious listening to Goku scream for
        episode upon episode trying to reach a higher power level. Perhaps
        I'm just jaded now? Iunno...

          Oh I'm not saying you're wrong for thinking that. I'm just offering
          the sort of argument this other person should have been making
          instead of saying 'wrong' repeatedly. Kai is great, they're on
          Namek in less than 20 episodes.

        Yeah, Kai was definitely far better paced. Took a bit to get used
        to the voices. Unfortunately it only goes as far as Cell so having
        to research the original series from there is kind of hard. Keep
        wishing it would just hurry the fudge up and stop concentrating on
        standing around explaining the obvious over and over.

          Eh, the Boo arc is mostly rubbish anyway. :P

            Still better than GT. Ye gods is that hard to watch nowadays.

              GT had some good ideas, like the Dragonball overuse stuff, it was
              just pretty badly executed.

                Also, WTF IS UP WITH BROLY SAGA/MOVIE?!?! Stoopid invincible
                manthing. I think I kinda lost interest around that point,

                  Apparently American audiences love Broly. I dunno why. The first
                  movie they put him in was decent, but then they made two more...

              I never bothered with GT. I was inducted into the DB universe with
              DBZ, and only after being engrossed with that did I venture back to
              DB itself. The Majin saga was a pain in DBZ, if I recall
              correctly... (was Majin/Boo saga the one and the same, or was it
              Boo that flowed into Majin saga?)

                Yep, they're the same, people just refer to it in different ways.

        Kai has completely finished airing, has it? I've been meaning to
        watch it. I really want to rewatch Dragonball as well. Also, the
        best part about Buu saga is Teen Gohan/Great Saiyaman.

          Yeah it's all finished. There's one more DVD set left to come out
          here in Aus, but then you probably aren't looking at actually
          buying it so yeah you should be fine. :P

    Shameful nerd admissions, Part 1: I've only read one manga. (BONUS
    REDEEMER: it was Dot//Hack(BONUS SHAME: it was in English))

      Like one manga as a whole, or just one volume? I've never read any
      :P (unless a couple of pages online count)

        Errm, guilty almost as charged :S I had the first two volumes,
        although can't remember if there were more. They had pink and green
        dustcovers, respectively.

      Shameful Nerd Admission: I only read mainstream Manga. I read some
      of Bleach, I've read FMA and I read Naruto. I mean, I've also read
      the first 2/3rds of Hellsing, which is a little less mainstream,
      but only very slightly.

        I am committed to finishing Bleach, even though I have long since
        gotten quite bored of it.

          I've been meaning for a while to get a copy of the anime off my
          friend, and watch up to, I think, the initial massive story arc
          ends. He says it gets stupid after that, so yeah...

            Yeah, if you pretend everything wraps up after that first big arc,
            it's a pretty decent story. :P

      The only manga I've read completely is Battle Royale. Which
      probably doesn't count :P I've read a fair bit of Pokemon manga

      I haven't read any manga. And until recently, hadn't seen star wars

    Man dat Allure format...   ||    I played some more
    L4D2 tonight with some real life friends and it's so much better
    when you're with a decent group. The last bit of the 2nd campaign
    where you have to fill up a generator with gas SUCKS. I'm not fond
    of all the gas filling up bits and I must've done it at least 8
    times with different groups of (terrible) randoms before finally
    beating it.   ||    I'm also pretty sure you can get
    Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition from Green Man Gaming for
    something like $26.40. The pre-order price is $40 but if you're
    lucky enough to have one of the free games they gave away the past
    few weeks you can trade it in for $7 off. Then there's the 20% off
    code you can use which should take it down to $26.40. Thought I
    should let y'all know as I know some of you (Nob) wanted to get it.

      Alt+255 doesn't work anymore) sadface.

        INORITE?! It's like they don't want us to have coherent spacing and
        whatnot. I am teh sads... Now
    I can die happy. :D

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