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    Ys Origin is pretty fun but god damn the bosses are brutal. :(

    Man, these raids on Cherno in DayZ for the last 2 nights have been
    great. Now to refrain from logging in and getting killed during the
    day. That's still being worked on.

      Pyrean mentioned something about a friendly fire incident?

        I may have shot Pyrean in the face, killing him immediately. My
        excuse is that it was a heated firefight, and that I won.

        Glahman was just testing the accuracy of his rifle ... it is very accurate.

      See I thought - hey, why not jump in, get a few supplies and log out...
      Well I did jump in, spawned next to Cherno, got supplies, crossbow, more medical stuff than I could carry, I even found a bloody working helicopter.
      Then I heard gunshots, some player with a M16 glitched through a wall - stood there for a minute (I thought he was lagged out since he was half in a wall) and then I died.
      Fun times.

    It's really nice to click on an article now and then and discover
    that most of the comments are intelligent. Helps keep faith in
    humanity. Though I may sometimes confuse intelligent with comments
    I just happen to agree with.

      That is always nice. What site were you on ;)


      Looks highly uncomfortable =/ maybe that's why it's so cheap lol.

        But the flashy Tron lights that they keep telling you about.

          I do love blue lights on my mice.. SOLD!

          BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Order within the next 15 minutes and we'll include FREE SOUND EFFECTS!

    The new hotmailoutlook is real spiffy.

      Yeah, very fast too. Might be a little TOO minimalistic in design, but so much more functional and intuitive than the old one.

        I really don't mind that it's minimalistic.
        I don't really need any more functionality from my spam email address.
        There seems to be a lot of good stuff there, like automatic newsletter clean ups and organising emails by groups as well as folders.
        I think if someone takes the time to set it up properly it could be pretty awesome.

    Mornin' TAY!

    So I'm kind of starting to love Star Trek Online. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

      I have that game. We should get a group of people together and play it. Worked so well for LotRO.

      Free to play till lvl50 soon. More reason to love it.
      Personally I found it boring and repetitive just like any other MMO. The voice acting was not enough to make it interesting for me.

    This place isnt as bussling as it was when I popped my head in a few weeks back. ENTERTAIN ME PEOLE!


        Oh man, I need to catch up on all the Jaboody vids I've missed...

        Alright, time to play the "Let's see how long it takes for Transformers WfC to go up in price or get removed from Steam in Australia" game...

      Peole isn't here man. He left a while ago muttering something about Sughly and inappropriate touching.

        To be fair I thought he was asleep

          I think he may have built a tolerance to rohypnol due to previous experiences.

          Need to use more Chloroform next time man.

        Hahaha! Jesus christ that song was annoying.

      Sughly wants moar bustle. I expect everyone to be dressed like this: at the next Meat. :P

    So that spreadsheet I finished yesterday, in which I found ~7 megatonnes of stock that no-one knew about? Yeah... I just found more paperwork pertaining to it >.<

    Someone kill me, please? Just do it quickly.

    Hey all, apologies for the weird formatting over the last 12 hours or so!

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    The original settings were a bit aggressive, and the symptoms unfortunately didn't show up in testing - my test posts are a lot shorter than what normally comes up here :)

    Anyway - as always, if you come across anything weird, hit up the support form or message me on Twitter. Unfortunately I don't have enough hours in the day to always lurk the comments :)

      Neither do we, so we just let our work suffer. Where's your lack of professionalism, hmm???

      Cheers for the hard work, Ben!

      Line breaks and formatting and all things nice!
      These are a few of my favourite things \o/

      Thanks for the fix Ben!

    I have a dislike of fancy titles for menial jobs. I don't care if it was the boss giving that title to make someone feel more important (Assistant to the Regional Manager) or if the person is trying to trump themselves up.

    I've been at this job for just shy of two years. For most of that time, I had no idea what my title was (if I even had one) and if pressed, I would say "Administrator". Short simple and gets the point across.

    Now I'm technically IT Manager and Admin Officer or some such nonsense.

    I'm glad I don't have any qualifications, people who spam letters after their names also annoy me.

    Keep it simple. Just tell us what you do in terms that someone who doesn't do what you do can understand.

      My title is 'bum'


        You're a participant in a government funded research project in the long-term effects of exposure to comfortable seating.

      If you have the title of manager, use that as an excuse to get paid like one.

        I can honestly say that I don't know how much money I make right now.

        After the new financial year, I got both a pay rise and a tax cut. Then I got this promotion, and was told that I would be compensated accordingly. If our payroll is done one week forward/one week back or for the previous two weeks, then I'm not sure how much I make. If it's done two weeks in advance, I have a decent idea but would need another paycheque to confirm.

        Should probably just ask :p

      I used to sign off on internal emails as Chief Officer of Awesomeness and Beer Consumption. They were fine for a laugh internally, until someone forwarded an email to a client without editing my signature.

      Now we have a script which signs me off as a "Systems Development Officer". "Developer" would be nicer and more succinct but I guess they think they are making me feel important.

        I'm thinking that "Computer Guy" is a pretty accurate description of my relevant duties.

      I call myself an IT Consultant, simple, covers all aspects of what I do. I'm also part owner of my business but I don't pull that card out unless needed...

      In an effort to persuade myself that I wasn't wasting time, instead of "Pizza Delivery Guy" I referred to myself as a "Mobile Appetite Technician". Likewise, instead of "Trolley-boy" I was a "Collections Agent".

      In my current role, I'm an Administration Assistant, plain and simple. Often my responsibilities don't reflect my job description, but hey, I'm not typically one to rock the boat...
      This reminds me of a topic Pez posted on his website last night. It was pertaining to music specifically, though the idea can be carried into many other avenues. if you haven't seen it.

      On a side note, I have some letters I can spam on the end of my name. On ordering my Raspberry Pi, I decided I was Professor Aleph-Null. On a club membership, I'm Dr. Aleph-Null.
      I think I wanna be a rabbi next.

      Thing is, finding a new job or negotiating pay is all about the title.
      Yes the title makes no difference in your day to day job (unless you work a lot with clients, customer service, high end sales).
      But it's important to demonstrate your experience level, both for your clients and for potential employers.
      Basically your title is only important on your business card, email signature and resume.

    Howdy TAY - Attempted to play Skyrim with my girlfriend last night (she's not a gamer, so it was more of getting her to enjoy the story/scenery whilst helping me with decisions. Character selection went like this:

    "You can't be him, he looks like a Rapist" (Dark Elf)
    "Rapist" (High Elf)
    "A Lizard, Really?"
    "You're not being a cat"
    "Definitely a Rapist. " (Orc)
    "Looks like he got raped by the Orc" (Wood Elf)
    "They look normal" (Nord, Imperial, Redguard, Breton)

    I think she is racially prejudiced against Elves. I told her that the game is in first person and you rarely see your character anyways, and that I wanted to do some melee fighting, so we rolled an Orc. She named him "MY NAME IS ORC" because "Orcs must be stupid". We proceed through to the execution scene. "Why are they being executed? Are they Rapists too?" - Yes, everyone in Skyrim has raped or been raped at some point, that's why they are having a rebellion.

    MY NAME IS ORC proceeded to evade his execution and the dragon, using a sword and flames spell for combat (Until I found a 2 handed weapon). "So you can cast fire spells? Why didn't you do that when you were on the cart in the first place?" My hands were bound, "So in this game rope is magical, that stops anyone from doing anything?" *Sigh* Yes, it's magic anti-rapist rope.

    Whilst fighting a stormcloak, MY NAME IS ORC attacked them with his flames spell. Given that Orcs aren't that great at destruction magick, it took a while. "That guy was burning for at least a minute, but he kept on fighting. Why didn't he die?" My destruction skill isn't high and doesn't do much damage "But he was on fire. For a MINUTE" It's damage over time "This game is unrealistic. People don't die from fire and Magic rope stops you from doing anything. Also, there are rapists everywhere."

    I gave up and finished Breaking Bad season 3 instead.

      Tell you girlfriend her logic is amazing and flawless.

      Also, I think these should become regular stories :D

        ...that first sentence reads like I'm takin' the piss, but I was being sincere :P

          She just doesn't get non-obvious things like RPG stats. If something looks like it is doing something, it should be (Fire in this case). With that being said it's probably not a bad design principle if they could manage it. Something like if your skill is low the flames are smaller and less hot, getting bigger and turning blue/white as you progress.

      Actually it's always interesting seeing a non gamers take on the stupid and illogical conventions in games the we take as par for the course.

        My wife's usual question is "I just shot an unarmoured man in the chest 3 times and he is acting like it never happened. This game is stupid."

          Actually one such thing I cant look past is Uncharted. It takes the whole perspective of budding young treasure hunter, and turns him into rambo against 1000 mercenaries. Pretty weird really.

      Aww man, I couldbt atop laughing while reading that. 10/10, can't wait for the sequel.

        I don't think there will be a sequel. Although I almost got her to play Minecraft once. I called it operation "Boobs and Blocks". I might try that again once the next update comes out.

      Also this reminds me of when I attempted to teach a ladyfriend magic. I was like ok you tap these cards for mana, which you'll need for spells... blank stare... "I'm not sure I want to learn this"

      So my Skyrim character has been a rapist this whole time!? It's always the ones you least suspect.

      "I gave up and finished Breaking Bad season 3 instead."
      Honestly - better use of your time...

        There are very few things worth doing in this world that would be a better use of ones time

    Alright, time to play the “Let’s see how long it takes for Transformers: FoC to go up in price or get removed from Steam in Australia” game…

      Hey WfC is $5 on Steam :D. I hear TAY likes this game and I enjoyed the PS2 one agesss ago so hopefully this is good :)

        Huh. I thought you couldn't buy it off Steam in Oz.

          I never looked it up but a friend mentioned this as well when I told them about the sale. We both just bought it so I guess it's available now? It's not advertised on the main page but if you look at top sellers it's there.

          Out of TAY friends only Pez has it at the moment so I'm not sure if he bought it before or just during this sale.

            Well, it's telling me that you, Pez, and BlueMaxima own it. My brother's probably going to buy it, so I'll just play his copy xD

      Damn TAY marketing strikes again, my thought process went something like this
      Ohhhh something I'm not meant to have, might take it way soon. Didn't TAY say that they enjoyed it?
      I'm buying it cause I'm such a badass. hahaha done
      Oh I wonder what this game is like and if it is any good

        Yeah, I'm holding off purchasing any more games for quite some time...

    Ah, new outlook e-mail address is leaving all my comments in moderation. *shakes fist*

    Boss asks me about the status of something I'm not really involved in.
    I tell him I don't know and to ask colleague who is heavily involved.
    Boss says colleague doesn't know and said to ask me. Has a go at me for not being on top of it.
    I make some calls and update myself on the issue. Email finding to boss and colleague.
    Colleague replies "I knew that, but thanks."

      1. Light colleagues pants with a match
      2. Shout out "You're fired!"
      3. While people are busy being impressed by your pun, leap out of building
      4. Will not have to deal with this degree of incompetence again?

    5 minutes of work, check TAY and procrastinate for 15 minutes. Oh yeah now I remember why I stopped TAY

      Only 15 minutes? You're doing it wrong :P

        Haha, yeah to be fair I'm grossly under estimating tim spent not working, and grossly over estimating time spent working

      I'm trying to procrastinate but people keep calling me.

    @-0 yes it does come on a t-shirt

    I am going to have to find my book from the hobbit now. Also was all that stock behind the couch?

      Nah, we're not fancy enough for couches. The stock was lost in the paperwork. Doesn't help that the company purchasing from us claims that we didn't supply the agreed 2.5MT, when in actual fact we supplied about double that, and didn't know it.

      This is what happens when you get people who can't spell their own names correctly, to fill in paperwork.
      I'm going to have to buy a copy of the hobbit again, I lost mine far too long ago D:

        You should do that but I was talking about the full colour booklet record thingy from the puppetry show

    I've started my journey into building my own RepRap 3d printer and wow what a shitstorm of information is out there!
    So, have any TAYbies had experience building a RepRap? I'm looking more at the Prusa variant (space and cost wise) and any assistance would be helpful as! I have a few parts suppliers bookmarked, but they seem to think everyone automatically knows exactly what parts they need when building their first one!
    I'm not after a kit (I wouldn't say no, but I would prefer to do the construction/soldering myself) but I'm struggling to find a decent build list that I can then use to purchase parts off. If anyone knows a decent supplier who can print off some parts for me in exchange for cold hard $AUD, a recommendation would be helpful!

    Watch this space... for a story about building a 3d printer... but possible suicidal rage...

      You're building your own 3D printer!? I first discovered the wonders of 3D printing somewhat recently but I've never heard of anyone building their own. Post some updates in TAY if you can as it sounds interesting and I'd love to hear about the process and how it works out :).

      I'm just waiting for the time when they're cheap and common in most households. Then I can PRINT ALL THE FIGURINES.

      On the bright side, should it move towards violent rage, you could print yourself a gun!

      I know someone who has a Makerbot which IIRC is the commercialised version. I think it was pretty fiddly to build, required a whole weekend's work.

        Yeah, don't mind the Makerbots except for the $$$ tag, but I dunno something about an open air steel rail 3D printer appeals to me, also being 1/4 - 1/3 the price of a makerbot helps!

    Breaking Bad is very, very good. But Sons of Anarchy is way better.

      The Wire trumps them both.


        Although I've not yet seen Sons of Anarchy,. so I'm just talking rubbish.

        but yeah. The Wire. Brilliant.

        Also, Hi Shane! How's things with mini-Shane?

          Hi #!

          Things are great. Baby is sleeping well, feeding well, is crazy strong and observant, and is generally calm and well-tempered. I think I'm good at making babies :P

          How are things with you?

        Must try that show. I have never heard of anyone who disliked it.

          It's great but personally I prefer Breaking Bad. The Wire kind of gets 'worse' as it goes on but it's still solid and entertaining enough. Whereas, I find Breaking Bad keeps getting better and better.

          Now I think Breaking Bad is one of the best TV shows I've ever see but I keep hearing Sons of Anarchy is great as well. I'll have to check it out one day :).

            That's interesting. I actually think season 2-3 of Breaking Bad are best. Season 3 had some great moments, though (ESPECIALLY the last two eps!), and ep 1 of season 4 was pretty intense. But since then, I feel like I'm just watching to see how it ends...

              I dunnooooo... the way season 4 builds up to its ending was the best part of the show for me so far. The last episodes are just so well done.

            Yeah Ihavent seen sons of anarchy yet, but overall I prefer breaking bad to the wire. I do love the wire, and I think its incredibly interesting commentary on a lot of issues, but as far as pure entertainment and character development goes, for me at least breaking bad wins out.

      Whilst SoA is an amazingly written show, I feel Breaking Bad is just that little bit better, for whatever reason. But that said, Burn Notice is possibly the best show at the moment, Season 6 is just amazing. It's back to what it was in terms of writing and semi plot wise in the first 3 seasons! But honestly all three shows are amazing, it's really hard to pick a favourite.

      I choose to believe Sons of Anarchy is a reference to Mini-Shane.

      I like them both equally, but Sons does have strippers....

    Hey, Can i please ask the Master Race among us for some assistance. Im thinking of getting a PC but rather than being heavily focussed on gaming, this is more for video editing and stuff like that. I am trying to focus on good CPU and good ram. I'll still want to be OK at playing games, but nothing over the top. Im really targetting around $500 but may increase a little if I have to. Money is a big issue so certainly nothing over $700 for all the parts I need. I'd much rather around 5-600.

    Now, I am planning on re-using some parts if possible. I have a case and a PSU that should be fine. The PSU is only about 6 months old and is 750-850w?

    I really don't know that much about PC's but as I understand it, for the video stuff im doing, I want as many cores as possible in the CPU and as much ram as I can afford.. good rules for life really!

    So here is what Im thinking, use my old case and PSU and DVD drive and also my existing SATA 1TB HDD as storage only and my case. I also have an Avermedia HDMI capture card that I will bring across. then purchase the following:

    AMD FX 4170 4-Core Processor - $135
    ASRock 990FX Extreme3 Motherboard - $139
    Corsair Vengeance CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 - $129
    SanDisk Extreme Solid State Drive 120GB - $109
    Gigabyte Radeon HD7770 1GB Overclocked - $139

    All up this is $651 and I think I can stretch that far. What my thought is to run the OS on the SSD and a few key apps then the rest on the existing 1TB. I have a 2TB NAS that will also be connected so storage isn't an issue. I also want to have 2X8GB ram so if I ever want to upgrade, I can get another 2X8GB and go to 32GB without having to replace existing stuff.

    If I have missed anything let me know, But I think that is a decent price for a decent set up. Do you think I should replace any parts or I can get a better deal?

    I also have a new 27" monitor so that isn't an issue. I'll likely replace my casae too but I will just buy this locally so I can have a good look at it.

    Any help is appreciated guys. Cheers,

      I would just say I've had terrible experience with arserock motherboards, STAY AWAY! Can get much better makes for around the same price, like Asus or Gigabyte.

        Also, RAM is cheap as chups these days, geezus

        Ive pretty much stayed with gigabyte for all previous mobos but only chose this one because it was compatible with the processor. OK I'll look at another option. Yeah RAM is awesome.

      I'd look at an Intel CPU, if I were you. The important part is that clock speed is a terrible metric of processing power, so comparing properly can be quite a chore.

        Can I get away with i5 as i7 is heaps more $$$

          Probably. When I have computer access tonight I'll give stuff a quick squiz, I haven't really looked at CPUs in about a year, so I'm not up to date.

          i5 vs i7 you're losing maybe 100-200mhz unless you're talking six-core i7 extreme craziness.

      I've got a Gigabyte mobo currently, and have had nothing but smooth experiences with it. Can't say the same for ASRock, though each to their own. If you're after cores>clockspeed, the AMD Phenom black edition is a hexacore CPU, and while it's a little older these days, should be able to be found for a decent price.
      I'm biased towards Intel CPUs personally, but to each their own really.
      Seems like a really solid system for $500 though!

        OK revised list is:

        G.Skill Ares F3-1600C10D-16GAO 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 for $109
        Gigabyte GA-H77-D3H-MVP Motherboard for $115 and
        SanDisk Extreme Solid State Drive 120GB for $109
        Intel Core i5 3470 for $199

        Im thinking of dropping the gfx card for the short term as I think i can pick one up elsewhere or perhaps use my existing one while I save a little more.

        Appreciate the comments so far dudes.

          MOAR RAM = MOAR POWAH *cough*

          Looks good man, out of interest though, what's your current GPU?

            Not sure man. 512mb of something, may not even be compatible with my new set up... but I may have a mate who has older stuff by his standards so I think I'll just want and see.

            I think its an ATI 4800 or something, but honestly I don't know what I have. As I don't really try playing PC games It isn't an issue usually.

          If you can afford it, drop the extra $40 or so to go to an i5 3570K.
          - 200mhz base and turbo boost bonus
          - 'K' designation means it can be overclocked
          - Intel HD4000 graphics on the chip vs HD2500. The HD4000 is vastly more capable and should be more able to keep your UI going etc. when the machine's under load rendering.

            EDIT: Also if you need to save some dollars, consider a 7200rpm mechanical over a SSD. While SSDs are cheap they still have problems, and the only time you really notice the speed increase is when loading data into memory eg system boot. If you're using it for rendering you'd be better off having extra space locally for caching intermediate stuff / virtual memory, since you're probably not going to be booting the machine up all the time and most of your programs are going to be loaded once and then left loaded for extended periods.

              thanks dude. Nah i really want the SSD and that is not the issue on price. I have also taken your advice and upped the CPU. Its just now sitting in a cart to see when the hell I can afford this? I've only got about $300 on it atm. Not sure if I should buy in bits or try and hold out til I save the extra cash :(

              Now ive just made myself sad! I want stuff now.

      I can suggest for the SSD the OCZ Agility 3 series is 99 dollars at the moment for the 120GB model due to the Agility 4 series just being launched and they're a great SSD from what all my friends tell me, and they have great reviews on Umart and the like from users.

      I'm really out of touch with AMD processors so I can't comment there, ASRock are pretty good, Asus sister brand or something and they make pretty good boards.

        OK I've included that, thanks.

        My only real issue is the Intel CPU costing heaps more.. If they are that much better then I guess I can spend the money, but only if it's worth it. $200 is my limit for CPU however.

          No worries man! Would like to see you get as much bang for your money as possible!

          I recently upgraded my rig; GPU, Ram, CPU, Motherboard & new HDD all for around 600. I went an Intel build with 8GB of ram, a Nvidia GTX 560 graphics card & Gigabyte motherboard. It seems plenty for me at the moment, but am looking to add another 8Gb of ram & an SSD in the near future.

          I'm not really sure what my 2500 intel CPU would be like for what you're after but it's a quadcore clocked at 3.3GHz, it cost me around 210 dollars, I went and coupled that with a mid range Gigabyte board that was around 100 bucks, haven't regretted the decision yet other than I don't have USB 3.0 on the back of the board.

          Now Intel have the Ivy bridge models out, i'm not sure but there are around 200 dollar processors that are probably perfect for what you want. But yeah, hopefully Blaghs or someone else can be a bit more helpful there.

      Fun fact: That Avermedia capture card doesn't work when there's more than 4GB of RAM.

        Links? Im sure I have more than 4gb ram atm and it works.

        I do have some issues but never assumed it was because i had too much ram?

          Just something I stumbled across after upgrading my PC and it stopped working. Probably couldn't find a source now.

        As much as it makes me cringe, would a 32bit partition mitigate that shortcoming?

          Probably? I know that on Win7 64bit, it doesn't like my current setup.

            strange. I have Win7 64bit.. I have some issues with it, but If I run at mpeg2 it seems to work ok, but perhaps you have explained why I can't do much compression on the fly or much else, as it doesn't like my PC? Food for thought anyway.

            I can't think of any reason it wouldn't work, to be perfectly honest. If the OS doesn't recognize any more than 4GB, then that's all that's available. Still... having a separate partition just to get around a RAM limitation (or in this case, to implement one) seems far too much hassle for what it's worth.

            Unfortunately, I've no knowledge on video-editing software, so that's as far as I can go, methinks!

              It's a hardware issue, as far as I can tell.

              Haven't tried on my current motherboard though. Could work now, just haven't had any reason to test it.

                I hea that there are different spec PCI ports and there is a 4X and a 16X. Apparently I was reading that the 16X is required for really good speeds and the card works heaps better. No RAM limitations I heard of. Just another thing to point out. I'll look at my config tonight.

    Yo TAY.
    The Void is on sale via Steam for ~$2.50.
    Pretty interesting game that not enough people have played. If you havent heard of it, its an Arty Survival / RPG-ish First-person thing with amazing atmospherics & a cool painting mechanic (sort of like Okami).

    Probably not for everyone, but I think its pretty damn good.

    /TAY marketing

      Wait. better description - the bastard offspring of Okami, Bioshock & Amnesia : The Dark Descent.

    This week, much akin to last, has been made infinitely better with the realisation that this weekend will be yet another long weekend \o/
    Sometimes, just sometimes, life in the NT ain't all that bad ^.^

      Yeah wtf is Picnic day anyway?

        Picnic day is best day \o/
        Locally speaking, it means the community gets together for a day of jumping castles, egg races and sunburn.
        Personally speaking, it means I get shitfaced in the sun with friends, attempt to play golf, and then likely ramble to TAYbies in the late afternoon/evening.
        Historically speaking, I have NO clue why we have a "picnic day". There seems to be so many public holidays here, it's crazy.

          So really you didn't answer my question at all =P
          Great now I have to use google and wikipedia, I hope you're proud of yourself.

            Ok wow. So it's actually much lamer than i could have even imagined.
            Straight from Wikipedia
            "Picnic Day is a public holiday in the Northern Territory of Australia which takes place every year on the first Monday of August. It was originally declared a public holiday to enable Darwin's railway workers to go to Adelaide River for a picnic."

              BAHAHAHA, I have actually heard that before, and it's pretty common knowledge. I always thought they were pulling my leg with that story though.

    EB have the Ni no Kuni CE up for order. $148, vs the 69 quid from Zavvi which is ~$105. Extra $40 or so gets you:
    - Not having it disappear in the mail
    - Not having to deal with Zavvi's lackadaisical ship-it-when-we-get-around-to-it approach
    - Extra exclusive DLC bits.

    I'm probably going to swap because I really don't like Zavvi much.

      What are the chances of anyone else getting it cheaper? Wouldve hoped for maybe closer to $120 :/


      I don't know what to do!

        I'll probably stick with the Zavvi order. They've been good to me and the last thing I ordered from them (MGS HD Limited Edition) arrived fine without any problems. I've already made the order so I won't have to go through the effort of cancelling and re-ordering through EB and I also get the convenience of it being delivered to me (laziness ftw.)

    I'm typing this on my phone, so premature apologies for bad spelling and grammar.

    Misfortune in Msta.

    We'd been traveling for hours, Foxtrot, Papa and I. Our eventual goal some mystical city to the east. We'd been zigzagging north and south, desperately raiding houses for food, and drinking fetid green water from the dams we could find. With my guns drained of ammunition long ago, I was on point with a hatchet. An effective weapon against the walkers, though less useful against other survivors. We paused east of Msta, a small town surrounded by open fields. A deer stand -often the location of abandoned military supplies- loomed over us. With the least to lose, I volunteered myself to climb its ladder, a rickety old thing,

      [Please pay $0.99 for the next instalment]

      and to scout the area. From the top, all looked clear. A large barn across the field, the small town, devoid of life, and mostly devoid of unlife, and at my test, a single magazine for my M16. With a triumphant smile I descended the ladder, and grouped up with my friends.

      Deep in a huddle we discussed our options. The barn was probably our best bet. Possible food, and the chance that a farmer had left a gun lying around.
      "Was that, gunfire?" Foxtrot suddenly interjected, his voice full of doubt. Papa and I responded that we didn't hear anything, before he froze, turned and asked "did you guys hear that?"

      Foxtrot and I shook our heads, but we moved back into the forest. Better to be safe. Papa scanned the area, his rifle's scope giving him the the best view. Bar the buzz of insects, and the distant groans, all was quiet.
      "I think I might see something," Papa whispered, "it's, no nevermind. It's just a hopper."
      With everything quiet, Foxtrot and I decided to go down, make our way to the barn. We crawled through the dirt, dust mixing with sweat, forming a nice cool layer of mud. I had to hatchet two walkers, it was quick though, and they didn't cry out. A brief mercy. Halfway through the open field, we called back to Papa. Figuring that if anything was going to happen, it would have already, he followed us down the slope.

      With Papa halfway down the hill, I turned to Foxtrot, ready to complain about a hopper that had just missed us, when his head disappeared, replaced by a crude facsimile of blood and bone. With a start I turned, yelling at Papa to move. His face followed my advice, moving across the ground, leaving a trail of gore behind it. I threw caution to the wind, and I ran.

      Back up the hill, shaking with fear, gasping for breath, and hiding beneath a tree, I heard a gunshot. I clenched my eyes, hoping that I could avoid my fate if I couldn't see it, but all was well. I heard a scream in the distance, maybe the gunman, maybe another victim, and so I ran. Southwards I went, over hills and roads, past houses and trees until I reached a dam, where I let the water envelop me in its sweet release.

        Why is it only f4ction and I seem to hear gunshots?
        I know that they're directional, and walls block 50% of sound (as I understand it), but that Assault Rifle fire was clear as day to me last night at Cherno.
        It's... odd.

          Anyone playing tonight? I'd love to join in. Got the night to myself

            Chances are, yes!
            I think we're all split up now, with Blaghsy finding a safe spot, f4ction and Pyrean dead. I don't know where Rocketman is, and I'm in the woods NW of Cherno. We'll have to try group up again.

              Actually, we continues derping about, and ended up in some heated firefights at Balota airfield, which we're just north of now. Also, F4ction now has the pack that's better than an Alice. So good.

                I wrote at the top of this page what happened to me last night.
                I found a military medical camp. Lots of supplies and a working HELICOPTER!!!
                I tried to fly it but it didn't take off - bugged I think. BUT you can carry 6 people in it and it has 2 door mounted machine guns on the side....
                Also I died from a prick who glitched through a fence.

              I'm kicking around the town near the spawn point. Even on empty servers, I can never find any resources to defend myself with, but I'd be willing to give it another try.

                There are multiple towns near multiple spawn points, You'll have to be more specific.

            I'd love to join in this weekend too guys, these stories are getting me superhype to play!

    Any Aliens fans about? Who like comic books/graphic novels?

      Yeah, I read a few of the Alien books. Some of em are good.

      Well, they've got the vibe of the films right, but the story in some of them is a bit odd. eg: In one of the ones I was reading, why is Newt still alive?

        Those were written either before Alien 3 or act like it doesn't exist. Due to canon issues, after the release of Alien 3, they had to retcon the characters of Hicks and Newt to Billie and I forget the guys name.
        The reason I ask if there are any fans is because due to an admin error, i received 2 of these instead of the one i ordered.

        So i have one to give away :)

          *Chriping crickets*

          Guess nobody wants it then?

            Mr Freeze would like it, according to the Twits. Apparently TAY won't work for him right now.

              Does he now? OK, ding ding ding we have a winner!
              Just have him contact me at aaronanddel at

            Freeze mentioned on Twitter that he would love it. TAY is not working on his phone right now.

            Good thing I refreshed, I was also about to say Freeze wanted it haha

          What do you mean Alien 3? There's only two Alien films.

            Lol, I see wut you did there :)

            I... liked Alien Resurrection! *gasp* (Would've LOVED it if it was loyal to the Whedon script too.)

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