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    Got dat Spotify? I've got a few collaborative playlists going, please feel free to drop by and add some tunes :)

    General Mix Tape

    Coding Specific

      I have been informed by Steve-O through Blaghman that Nyancat is most excellent coding music.

        When I'm doing any programming for my game, I will usually turn to the Scott Pilgrim game soundtrack. Effing hell I love that ost

    Hi, TAY.
    I have a pounding headache...
    Most likely from the over-abundance of McDonalds I ate last night....
    How is everybody?

      Last match of bowling for the season tonight, still thinking about whether or not I should go back for next season

      Not too bad, I am seeing the Batmans on Saturday \o/

      Nice lists! Spot quite a few gems in there, might discover some newbies myself here. that first Flying Lotus track always reminds me of The Gentleman Losers, like this song

    My turn to be generous.

    I have a bunch of art books that are sitting in my bookshelf, some of which I have never cracked open. Fast running out of room due to ever expanding game collection so out they go.

    I'll post an updated list tonight since I can't recall exactly what's there but I know:
    Darksiders Comic and Art book
    Modern Warfare 2
    Fallout 3
    Duke Nukem Forever
    Dark Souls

      Is the Dark Souls one the little one from the Limited Edition? I don't recall them making a proper art book.

      And is the Darksiders one from an EB pre-order? I have that one and it's pretty awesome, I'm not a huge comic/graphic novel fan but I've always appreciated the art style of them. Fans of Darksiders should definitely check it out :)

        Joe Mad = Awesome.

          I never grew up with comics so I didn't know who he was until Darksiders but I thought it was particularly cool of him to actually judge the Darksiders competition Kotaku had a while back. He also has an awesome art style too.

          (did any TAYbies actually enter/win this?)

          The 2nd pic with the dragon is by a friend of mine :)

        I think the Dark Souls one is an actual book, but as I said I've never looked them so can't be 100% sure.

        And the Darksiders one is that one. I have looked through that one and it is pretty sweet.

          I'd like to express interest in the Dark Souls one if it's an actual art book (I have the small limited edition one). Isn't the Souls series one of your favourites though? I know I'd be reluctant to give up something for a series I love :P.

          I love art books and art but I generally tend to just look at them in detail every now and then. I'm sure there's bigger fans of the Souls series than me who would appreciate the book more than me so give it to them over me :)

      I wouldn't mind the Darksiders comic and Art book. I'm halfway through the game and an Art book would be nice.

      I'd fething love the fallout 3 one if you are willing to send it to perth :)

      I am interested in the Dark Souls one if it's not the Limited Edition one... but only if Greenius decides he don't want it. (And I mean actually don't want, not the typical Kotakuite nice 'oh, it's okay, you can have it instead' kind of don't want)

        Ah, kept reading down the page, and I think it's the one I have (from the Ltd Ed box). Oh well.
        It's a very pretty book though.

    Er potential spoilers (after some help in Saints Row 3)

    TAY! Saints Row: The Third on PC, can anyone help me out, i'm after a STAG N-Forcer, but since I finished the game and took the alternate ending I can't get one now, apparently if I joined a MP game with someone who either took the alternate ending or hasn't finished the game but is upto the part where STAG have a visible presence I can get one this way and put it in my garage. Turns out the vehicle theft missions wants you to get one, and I read this is the only way to get one after you complete the game with one ending. Which is something I wish I had known before I did this.

      Yup. You're locked out of that one unless you can get one in your garage.

      Actually, I think I have one in my garage. I think I have all the STAG vehicles unlocked simply because they all seemed to unlock from doing the missions.

        Oh. You can redo the final mission, take the other choice and that might unlock all STAG vehicles for you.

          Yeah I was wondering about that, but it wasn't mentioned on the forums so I assumed it wasn't viable. But I reckon i'll give it a shot, what's to lose really. I've taken over the entire city & done all challenges lol.

    The shop I was working in yesterday which is my usual one had the key machine break on me. Have to wait until Friday for a new part. A female co-worker and friend rung me today complaining about 4 people who, upon being told that the machine was broken, asked if she was sure she wasn't just waiting for the man who was there to come and do it.

    I feel bad for bursting out in laughter when she told me.

      Oh dear haha, some people.

    I really hope the free-to-play model helps SWTOR.
    There's a really good game in there. I played a heap when it first came out. PvP was pretty solid back then. Really enjoyed the flashpoints. I felt there was enough endgame content at release. People said there wasn't, but how much do most MMO games come out with at launch?
    I'd still be playing if all my friends still played. I had to stop playing a lot when my son was born and just kinda never got back in to it as all my friends had quit by after a while too.

      I'm just hoping people at LucasArts don't assume there's no interest in the KotOR setting. I'd really like to see a single player KotOR3 eventually, I was hoping there'd be room for both an MMO and regular RPG.

      I might be willing to give it a go. I was kinda curious about the game but I can't justify subscriptions games anymore when I'll often only play it for a few hours a month.

        I thought it was good. But I've said before, it really needed to come out 5 years ago. Sure, it's a WoW clone, but there was enough different I felt. And they really had a lot of good ideas in there.
        The individual class stories themselves are worth playing through for.

      It was okay, but too old-school WoW-like in areas where everyone had moved on. Grinding for days to get tokens to get gear to be able to survive instances, for example, because moving to a 4-man model from 5-man effectively prevents the group from carrying an undergeared player. My friends all geared up because they were getting on at 6 when I wasn't home until 8, and they had had time off where I was working so I was later getting to 50. Didn't really feel like grinding on my own.

      Additionally the combat always felt really off to me. I don't know what it was, maybe just my class, but the abilities feel like they don't have enough impact to them. Sounds and animations not strong enough. Maybe not enough damage. Poorly differentiated abilities - I have six different big whack buttons that whack slightly differently, what sequence do I hit them? Does it even matter? Enemies too strong a lot of the time as well, especially given the number of times you end up having to grind a group of enemies when your abilities are often balanced around the assumption you'll have a bunch of debuffs up to improve damage, but there's no quick way to get said debuffs up on a group. If I only do decent damage with 5 stacks of sunder armor up, but it takes me 30 seconds to get that up on a single mob, then it ends up feeling amazingly slow.

      Add to that the fact that the whole game massively underperforms on hardware it shouldn't underperform on, had massive issues with graphical lagging, animation lock-in and glitches that persist still... also there's only so many variations on brown robes and stormtrooper armor before you get sick of stuff, even leaving aside there seems to be only about 20 gear sets in the whole game. And I personally really hated the feeling that it was all disconnected areas rather than a contiguous world, which has to be one of WoW's biggest features.

        Combat did feel clunky. Though I think a patch changed the way it worked a little.
        I guess the world did feel sparse but maybe that was lack of players and too many servers as well?
        Personally, I like grinding, I don't know what it is, but I just love doing nothing that feels like I'm doing something :P
        I think they added in higher textures and fixed a lot of graphical problems too.
        there is a good game there, they just need time to sort it all out imo.

    Just started Spec Ops: The Line, really liking the atmosphere and attention to detail. The Hendricks' anthem over the main menu, the highway of abandoned cars. Sign me up for what's bound to be a light hearted adventure... :P

      Speaking of attention to detail, one thing that I liked was (very minor spoilers) Gur jnl gung Jnyxref beqref punatr nf lbh cebterff guebhtu gur fgbel. Nf guvatf trg zber naq zber zrffrq hc ur tbrf sebz "Gnatb ba gur Abegurnfg pbeare" gb "Gnxr uvz gur shpx bhg... ABJ!" lbh pna gryy ur vf fybjyl ernpuvat oernxvat cbvag jvgubhg rire univat vg rkcyvpvgyl cbvagrq bhg gb lbh.

      One of the best elements for me was the way they keep blaring 70s music over the radio in firefights.

      Man this game sounds better and better the more i hear about it - i just won a copy from Gametraders the other week, so i might have to make it my next in line?

        Yeah, man. If you've got it I can't recommend it more! Foreboding atmosphere a-plenty.

    Anyone want to play some Killzone 3 MP at some point in the future?

      I haven't played it since it came out but if you're really looking for some extras then I'll join in.

    I somehow managed to finished my second shameless gaming without completing a single game. It's weird as I normally finish my games. I just seem to keep playing jrpgs during this time which take soooooooo damn long.

      I did exactly the same thing. Almost. I finished Lollipop Chainsaw. Which I purchased in July. So I don't think it counts.

      Two from two!

    @Masha: The Darksiders stuff is yours.

    @Greenius: It's a 48 page Hardcover with a soundtrack and making of DVD as well.

    I still have Fallout 3, Duke Nukem Forever, Modern Warfare 2 and I also found some weird Space Marine 20 page promo book.

      Yeah that's the one from the Limited Edition (which I already have). Turns out they actually released a proper Dark Souls art book but I doubt you would of given that away. so pretty!

      Thanks anyway :).

      i put this up there, but i'd like to request the fallout 3 one!

      but that's only if you are okay with sending it to WA (i'd pay for any shipping if needed to)

    Just decided I want to try to incorporate my x360 into my PC case, because reasons, such as space-management. Anyone here have any experience with such wizardry?

    I'ma go look for stories/plans/info on it, in any case.
    Stay tuned!

        Pretty much, yeah. I bought mine secondhand, so voiding warranty is a non-issue for me. Of course, I'd prefer it if it still worked afterwards :P

      So it looks like I'd be going off of circuit diagrams, trying to splice the PSUs together. I'd also need an HDMI splitter/switch, and I guess I can feed the audio through my soundcard so as to eliminate the need for manual unplug/replug or another switch.
      There's not much documentation I can find so far in the way of others doing this DIY style. Must dig deeper!

        Scratch the PSU splicing, my fingers got confused. Theoretically, I won't need the X360 PSU whatsoever, it'll be powered by the PC's PSU.

          You should document your progress

    I'm sure this is relevant to the interests of some people around here.

    Also, I'd be the guy in the second frame if I ever play that game. I should probably avoid it.

      That is beautiful!

      I don't play, but i love watching other people play, and especially love watching them fail at it.

      I, also, believe I would be of the second player variety. Another reason not to play.

    Who's had experience buying from Zavvi? If I buy a 3DS XL today, what are the chances it'll actually arrive before the Aussie release on the 23rd?

      I hear Negative Zero has plenty of glowing reports for them.

        They're incredibly unreliable. Also for something that expensive I'd want it shipped with insurance, not via regular might-take-a-week might-take-three-months untraceable untrackable uninsured Royal Mail, which is all Zavvi offer.

          So the details on the International Shipping page are just wrong?

          From ~$12 for a week delivery time.

          If I could guarantee the week, I'd do it. The 3DS is a birthday present - for myself - and the 23rd is about a week on the wrong side. I don't mind the wait, but it's actually my girlfriend's present to me - she'll be the one upset if it doesn't arrive on time.

          The price works out to be exactly the same, so for all the hassle, I think I'd rather just grab one at JB/EB on the day.

          And what's going on with the prices at Play-Asia? $350? I guess they're buying them in HK dollars and seeling in USD then converting to AUD?

          Oh, but they have the Konami Style MGS3D limited package.... only $520... FFFFFUUUUU :(

            I've never seen another option of shipping from Zavvi other than the standard free/£1 one. 5-7 working days? No.

            Play-Asia is likely to have the US or Asian/Japanese region though :P.

              They look as though they've branched out on versions since I last visited.

              $350 is for the European 3DSXL
              It's ~$299 for the US model and ~$325 for a Japanese model.

              Oh, I just started to take the 3DS through the Zavvi checkout.
              The tracked shipping for it works out to be ~$96.

              They've just made a non-customer for life.

            Also, minor quibble but you get the Club Nintendo Australia points buying here

      Me! I buy from them semi-regularly.

      I give it 50/50 chance. Sometimes they take forever.

      Let me know what it's like if you end up going through with it/it gets here early! :D

      I pretty much always buy from them and they've been fine. Just don't expect anything to arrive super quickly. Lately they've shipped from Germany and Sweden so rather than the usual 6-10 working days it's been more like 15. I've found that bigger boxed items tend to arrive quicker so it's likely you'll get it before the 23rd but I wouldn't bet on it. At least if you get it slightly later, it'll still probably be cheaper than buying locally.

    You know what the best thing about having a sore elbow is? Getting out of chores. More specifically, getting out of hanging up clothes. I haven't been near that clothesline for about 3 weeks now! \o/

      Oh Lambo - what has mother earth wrought upon you to leave you this frequently OOC (out of comission)?

      I suspect you may actually be my own personal saviour - taking all the hits that were rightfully intended for me... ?
      Suffering for my sins, as it were... ?

      Sorry about that mate, but keep up the good work! Cos I'm doing just fine, despite what I probably deserve. :D

        "Messiah of pain" That'll sound good on my resume! Thanks! :P
        Oh well, at least my pain isn't for nothing, it would seem.

    Oh. My. God. Jurassic Park. At the bottom of the page.

    I want to go to there!

    (Link, because it probably won't be there tomorrow)

    Interesting DayZ events!
    Man, I hope f4ction uploads that footage.

      Will you be on tomorrow night? I want to try and meet up with you guys. Although I may need to find some food, water, medicine, weapons etc first

        Yeah! We've been on a pretty heavy DayZ kick the past few days. Pop on TS and we can arrange to meet up!

          Awesome, I'll try to avoid getting everyone killed :)

            We've been doing a mighty fine job of that for ourselves, to be honest.

      I've heard varying degrees of struggle with getting DayZ to play nice with people in terms of installation etc. Depending on how long it takes, I'd love to join you guys tomorrow night, too!

      Also, I don't know how many of you guys playing tonight/still playing are going to read this, but we should raid a supermarket at some point. We're good for medical supplies, ammo, but we should grab food and drink and head north, hopefully away from Cherno and Elektro.

    16.75Mb down, .81 up.


      Whyyyyyyyyy?? :'(
      I only live 10mins away from civilization (hahaha, did I say civilization? I meant to say Ipswich) and you live out the middle of nowhere, yet your internet is roughly 32 times faster than mine! /o\

        Typical speeds are much lower, 750K would be a good estimate for average d/l speed. That was my result after realising that TAY didn't take a minute to load.
        I was on 64Kb/s for the last week /o\

        I has 71ms ping, although the "nearest server" is in Adelaide. WTF?!

      Seriously, you get that on a 3G connection?! That is 2x as fast as my ADSL2+ connection Q_Q

        ADSL2+ at home, 3G/NextG at work and for mobiles.

          Wait I thought you lived on an island that was serviced by 3G, I am so confused.

            I may have gotten the 2/3/Next -G services confused, perhaps. So far as I know, I have ADSL2+ at home, with an average d/l of 500-750Mb/s. Mobile service is restricted to NextG, and the infrastructure hasn't yet been set up for ADSL services where I work, apparently.
            Here, we run both a NextG modem, along with a satellite link for our mailserver + Terminal Services/Remote desktop.

              That should read as 500-750Kb/s, not Mb/s...
              I can't do the brain, today.

              Ah cool! Yeah Next G is the only service Telstra pretty much offer these days & 4G haha.

      I've never understood these things... :/. In terms of downloading how high would that get a second? Mine averages 200-500 but the highest is probably 1.2mb/s but that's rare.

        Internet speeds are quoted in Megabits usually. To convert to Megabytes, divide by 8, so if you have a 6mbps connection your maximum theoretical speed is 750k/sec. However that's an extremely naive calculation because network transmissions usually include a few extra bits for parity, error correction etc, and TCP/IP is broken up into packets, and also your upstream bandwidth can throttle the downstream speeds (because you need to send back acknowledgements of packets received and requests for more) and in the end download speed is limited by how fast the server can get stuff to you.

    Just spent the last three hours having hooked my tower up to the TV via HDMI, whilst testing to see if I could get the surround sound work via the optical audio input on my motherboard, then watching some South Park on it through my portable had drive...
    The whole thing worked like a charm, but the novelty wore off quickly.

      Let me know if you get surround sound working.
      I feel like sometimes it works in BF3, but it's hard to tell...
      I should get some sort of test MP3

    6 o'clock starts are horrible. Here's hoping I can leave at 2:30 at least!


    I placed an order with Zavvi on the weekend and the shipping rates were being glitchy for me as well. For all my previous orders they've only ever had one option for shipping and that was the standard one. The biggest most expensive thing I've ever bought from them was the MGS HD Limited Edition but other than that it's just been standard games.

    I put an order for 2 games and the shipping was £75. WTF! I figured since one was a special edition it would cost more to ship but I made 2 separate orders and they both came out at £1 each. Were you ordering anything else with the 3DS? How much is it at Zavvi anyway? Amazon had it for $200 a while back but I'm not sure if it's still their price.

      Nothing else with the 3DS. I could choose either the £1 untracked standard or £65 tracked.
      Zavvi have the 3DS listed at £168 which comes out to ~AUD$250 - EB/JB have them listed as $248.
      I'll have a look into Amazon and see what they've got.

        I'm hoping that Kmart or someone does a cheaper deal when it's released here (even though I paid more than $250 for my original 3DS anyway :P)

          That's what I'm still holding out for too. Pleeeeaaaaase, pretty please with sugar on top let this happen!

    Wooo, Dead Space 2 and Rock of Ages are the two new games available for Playstation plus members. Now I just have to figure out a way to finish the first game.

      Damnit! Another game I already have :P

      At least I won't have Rock of Ages but something tells me I'll have the next 2 games as well :(

        Sorry, man. Rock of ages looked cool and the demo was fun so you might enjoy it. Also Dead space 2 is 11GB though, so I guess you'll save on some hard drive space.

        At this rate I think I might need a new hard drive.

          I have Dead Space 2 on PS3 already :). Maybe we could do a TAYbie multi sesh? I haven't tried multi yet.

      AWESOME! :D
      I don't have either of those! :D


    Need coffee.

      get me one while you're out?
      latte. large. extra shot. maybe some banana bread too. toasted thanks.

      such a champ. thanks for doing this, Rize.

      Triple-strength espresso, an affogato and a babycino (luv dat foam, yo).
      Oh, can you get me a ham+cheese+tomato+avocado too? Little bit of salt and pepper.

      True friend, you are!

        Not an entire ham, that's an extraneous request. Just a croissant with the above

    Sydney Taybies, it's been confirmed I'll be at Sydney on training next Tuesday through to Thursday. I'll be staying at a hotel in the CBD, not sure which one though, will keep you all posted when I know :)

      Aww man, I'm there Friday 10th! So close

      Wait does business techy wear a suit. cause i want to see that. :)

        Nah, this is for training, so I'll be in neat casual, my standard attire :)

        I barely ever wear a suit, despite how much I've been told I look good in one (By my family... yeah shut up :P)

          Mum says I'm handsome ^.^

            Hahaha pretty much.

            Truth is I'm repulsive to strangers, girls like to stay as far away from me as possible :P

              No, far from it in my world, friend!
              The ladyfolk love me! In a completely platonic fashion, which is fine aside from the whole platonic thing. Not that I'm a horndog or anything, but sometimes you just meet someone that makes you feel fuzzy :3

      Okay I'm going to be staying at Rydges World Square on Pitt St :)

      King sized bed! \o/

      Don't worry. There's only one CBD.

        Then where the hell did I go? O_o

          I believe that was called Royal that's not it ahhhh Kings Cross was what it was called

    Hey fronds!

    I am in Sydney attending a funeral today and flying back to Brisbane tonight. I probably won't be on TAY at all today.

      Oh man. That's horrible. Hope the day isn't to hard for you, man.

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