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    Just came home with Season 3 of Doctor Who and Pokemon Conquest. Not a bad day

      Another Conquestador has joined the ranks! :D

      Good season that one. Mainly because of Blink. Also, Martha is a one of the better companions of the revival.
      Only better ones are Lady DeSouza & Amy Pond.

        Considering I've only watched season 2 so far, I only know Rose.... I'll get back to you as I work my way through it all


        Damn those people who like Donna Noble. They are objectively wrong.

        Martha's first episode is glorious. But not long after that she started to bug me. To each their own, of course, but she's not one of my favourites. :P

      David Tennant, my favourite doctor. Though I haven't watched a lot of the older doctor who shows or a lot of the newer ones either so I could be biased :-)

      I really need to start on the Matt Smith series at some point. Maybe later, there is a lot of stuff I'm watching now.

      That's DS right? Is it region locked on 3DS/DSi like the other Pokemon games? I've never played a pokemon game but I'm a massive sucker for Sengoku stuff.

        I don't think it's DSi enhanced, so I doubt it's region locked. Might want to give it a quick google though because I can't say for sure.

          Yeah, it's DSi 'enhanced' so I'd need to import it to play on my 3DS when I get that later this month :(

        " I’ve never played a pokemon game"


          First Nintendo system was a Gamecube, which I purchased for Metroid Prime, Wind Waker and Tales of Symphonia. My first Nintendo handheld was a DS, and I stopped using my DS around I think 2007 - last game I remember getting was I think Phoenix Wright 2. I can't confirm because I lost all my DS games when I moved house a couple of years ago. But yeah, I basically stopped using my system around about the point the first DS Pokemon came out and I've never really felt compelled to check it out.

    I had to stop myself today from introducing myself to someone as 'Batgirl'.


    Oh, and HAI!

      At least it wasn't 'Jugs McMelons'

      I keep typing/texting meat instead of meet before realising and having to change it :/

      I was wondering about this a while back. What is the naming/introduction conventions put in place for meats? I mean, I know some people's given names already, though still refer to them as their respective pseudonyms.

      Also, slightly different social conventions if you were introducing yourself to a non-TAYbie I guess :P
      Should've just run with it!

        I share a name with a prolific, much more liked TAYbie, so if I ever went to a meat I'd call myself D.C. :P

        Mostly we use our site names. Which is why you get stories of Bish running around Central station yelling "CAAAKESMIIIITH!!!"

          That is just a little bit amazing. Why have I not heard this fable prior?!

          I'm totally going to try to attempt to organise a meat when I'm next off the Eylandt, wherever/whenever that may be!

            You'll find it partway through this write puny Bish from a meat we had earlier in the year.


        Normally we go with handles because that's how we first think of each other.

        Some of us use each other's real names, depending on the person.

        And almost everyone calls me Rabbit or Bunny.

          I still call you trojan I think. Which always feels weird because I think of norton anti virus every time

            I was going to mention that. You try and use everyone's real names but just can't quite manage it with me :p

            I think of condoms...

            Yours is better...

              Story time!

              When I was a youngling, back in high school, I went through a handful of online handles. The last one I can remember was something like BluDuck (a reference to the Dilbert cartoon episode where he takes over the art industry with a clipart of a blue duck). Got sick of that one and started using Trojan Rabbit, from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

              I needed an AIM account to chat to some American friends. Trojan Rabbit was taken, trjnrabbit was not.

              Somehow, this was the name that stuck. For quite a few years, I didn't even know that Trojan was also a brand of condoms.

              Now one of the alt accounts I like to use is CndmBunny.

                "Trojan Rabbit was taken"

                ... Um, l-look, if we built this large wooden badger...

        It's something that is so varied, both from social circle to social circle, and even from person to person within each group.

        Many many moons ago, I used to be a very active member of a Star Wars fan group. We were all pretty good friends that would meet up at least once a month - to the point that it was actually rare for us to meet up for a Star Wars related reason; there were many BBQs, Movies, beach days to be had. Although we knew each other's real names, some people were always referred to by screen handles - even when being introduced to people from outside the fan group.

        Personally, I will answer to Mawt - although it's pretty close to my real name, so that helps.

        Also, there are some people for whom their handle fits them better than their real name. Like Bish. He's definitely a Bish if ever I saw one. Which I have.

          I get kinda scared when I think how quickly I started responding automatically to Nova

          I know what you mean, to an extent. To me, my handle(s) are just another nickname. Some people know me as Peaches, whereas others who have known me for 10+ years know me only as Bob. Online, I'm typically known as Synth, although I've kind of changed from that to Aleph in the past year or so.

          Social constructs are intriguing things, to say the least!

        It is normal to use your screen-name at meats, although often your real name is used if being introduced to none TAYbies.
        Although at the latest Melb meat there were people introducing themselves s Joel. I still have no idea who anybody is

        I introduce myself as Freya. It's a girl's name...and my name :p

      I like to imagine this is a challenge super heroes face every day.

        Hi I'm Bat Wayne
        I MEAN Bruce Man!

        That is the true ending to dark knight rises

      Ha ha, I've considered just using Masha as well for my day to day encounters. Being a shorter version of my surname it's much easier to pronounce compared to my usual surname.

      @Aleph The few meats I've been to people have referred to each other using their TAY names.

    I use Wii Fit while I run on the treadmill, I like the interactivity of it... or atleast I like it in theory. It annoys me so much you can't set how long you want to run for and have to keep restarting. There's about two variations on running tracks, I've run 'em so many times that it feels like I have lived on that island for years. The memory game thing is cool in theory, except the Mario logo is ALWAYS in the same place. The dogs always run in the same place. The moles are always in the same place. Here's hoping there's more variety in the Wii U Fit! Bah!

      (Before someone says it, no, I don't want to run outside damn it. :P)

        But... I just discovered this today and want to go running now:

      I like running but never do it. I have a treadmill but it's never used and the other option involves going outside *shivers*

      I miss the good ol days when I used to be fit :(

        Just have to get a routine going, man. Place the treadmill in front of a TV solved a lot of problems for me. :P

          Thing is I don't really watch too much TV :P. I tend to do most of my viewing right here on the computer where I "acquire" TV shows and whatnot. Although we do have one of those things that lets you plug in a USB and watch shows on the TV so I should probably learn how to use it and get fit!

          But I'm also incredibly lazy :/... I also got an exercise bike recently but it's not facing a TV. First world problems right there.

            Haha, yeah, you've got to want it. I put off getting in shape for so long, but when I hit 25 I figured if I wasn't going to be fit now as a young guy I never would be. Wasted potential and all that. The thing is it doesn't even matter what's on TV, just a distraction. I even watch Sky News from time-to-time, rolling coverage is horrible and I wouldn't do it without the treadmill but it does the job. :P

          I did this with an exercise bike and a HTPC. Worked fine until everyone started doing 10-bit h264 encodings that I couldn't view. :( Replaced that system just recently but haven't really gotten back onto the bike much yet.

        I tried Outside a few years ago. Graphics were crap, the gamma was set way too high, the save game system is terrible and it won't let you pause.

    I am getting really tempted to go hunting down all the DS games I missed out on after stopping collecting them. Which is to say, all the Layton games, DQ IV-VI and IX, all of Phoenix Wright after the second one, and a few other randoms bits and pieces.

    I bet most of them are out of print now, knowing my luck :(

      Layton and IX should be easy to find but you might struggle with AA. Remember there are other ways :P

      What did you think about the AA games you played? If you gave up because you didn't like it just know that 2 is the worst and 3 is one of the best. It ties up some lose ends and really made me love the series so much more. Apollo Justice is good too but I still prefer playing as Phoenix :(

        I honestly can't remember, it was ages ago. I don't think I finished either of the two I had, I think I got annoyed that I could see the answer to various puzzles but didn't know exactly what to press or when to object or whatever to pull it together. Sometimes it got a bit esoteric or obscure. Maybe that was the in the second one?

        I had about 15 DS games IIRC. All gone now. :( Need to go hunting through all the remaining boxes in our garage and turf some stuff we don't need any more, hoping I'll stumble upon the box that my oldest games went into in the process.

        Checked and the first two Layton games are discontinued in the US it seems, and hard to find in PAL areas too. Might have to go hunting. DQ IV and V are way out of print too, and VI might be as well but the stock hasn't bled out yet.

          Most of the AA games are out of print too, which kind of sucks. I'm sure I can track them down though.

        Yeah 2 was the weakest, 3 is fantastic, also don't forget the miles edgeworth game as well! I really enjoyed that as well

      I saw the first third and fourth Layton games as well as DQVI in jb today.

        Yeah I should probably first go hunting. With any luck I'll find them discounted or preowned for cheap.

          Yeah the later games for the series you mentioned would be easy to find. I know there was plenty of Laytons during that Dick Smith 'sale' earlier this year. DQ should be easily imported from the usual sites but eBay or some other sort of pre-owned place would be your best bet for AA. I think I saw Phoenix Wright once in a local JB but I've never seen them since.

            I actually was going to head down to DSE to try and grab exactly those games, but then I checked my local one and they had none of them. :(

              Knox was packed 10 minutes before it opened so a friend and I went to Fountain Gate and even after 30 mins or so (when pretty much all the good stuff was gone) there was plenty of Laytons

                Well Forest Hill had been picked over pretty thoroughly already :(

    Stupid day.
    Hurry up and be tomorrow, already.

      I couldn't agree more! When it hits tomorrow I'll be finishing work in an hour!.

    I had a horrible nightmare last night

    I dreamed that I was paying battlefield (well I was the character, but then when you play something you are the character anyway) flying over a desert map as a passenger in a helicopter. Spot two damaged tanks on the ground and an enemy repairing one of them.

    I jump out of the chopper, parachute down and steal the freshly repaired tank and try and shoot the engineer but I miss and he makes it back to the other tank. We proceed to have a battle tank vs tank. I should win easy since his tank is already severely damaged but every time I hit it his tank immediately begins to heal itself. Thankfully he's terrible and keeps missing me.

    I figure there must be another engineer repairing his tank but I can't find anyone! This goes on for about 10 min until I decide I have to try something different and I ram his tank with mine, push it out of bounds and wait for the timer to kill him. The plan works, he dies, but I didn't get the points.

    I didn't get the points!

      This nightmare would have been a lot less nightmarish if you had found ten points at the end.

        I know right? I mean all that and no points at all? I'll be traumatized for weeks to come.

      Have I ever told you guys about my dreams? :3

        D: the craziest shit must happen

          Oh, well, most of them are somewhat grounded in reality/have a connection to my real life. But then you get those weird ones that have no connection to anything that's happened in your life at all, except for something small and random that gets forgotten about 5 seconds later anyway. Like the one I had where I was schoolgirl helping my friend stand up for herself and not let the popular girl push her around. Wat. The only thing connecting that to my real life was a burrito I found on the ground and ignored...

            where I was *a* schoolgirl
            Stoopid phone.

              Wat indeed! Also wat at you being up at that hour :O. What happened to the crazy go to bed early and WAKE UP AT 6AM (madness) Lambo?!

                I was playing DayZ. I was going to get off at 10, but then I lost track of time... BUT I FOUND COKE AND PEPSI AND A PISTOL SO IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! :P

    @Bish and Nova and Lambo and others!
    I got DayZ running, I think... what time are you guys starting?

    total count of e-mails sent to me by blizzard: 70

    really not sure whether it is real or not... links seem to be fine, but it's all suspicious

      Starcraft 2 just had a major patch, sounds like as good a time as any for scammers to try their luck.

      At least it wasn't 70 increase your length/girth emails.

      Well, I get nearly 10 per week regarding a Diablo 3 account. Which I don't even have. I'm guessing lots of phishing.

    So I built a HTPC/Media Server today. Sadly it was not for me, but my mate. Everything you see there came to just under 600 bucks.

    Which is pretty good imo since it had; 6TB of storage, 4GB ram, Intel Celeron CPU, 22" Monitor, Silverstone HTPC case, Logitech keyboard with touch pad (which is awesome!) some el-cheapo logitech speakers which are surprisingly decent all running under Ubuntu with XBMC for the media stuff!

    Then once it was all built I witnessed my mate format ALL his drives including the one we took from his PC which had ALL his TV shows & movies on hahahaha. We had a good laugh.

    Oh and we also broke his PC \o/ which we could only fix by by reinstalling Windows!

      I used to use XBMC but find that Plex is miles better at everything except rendering subtitles.

        I'll mention it to him! I think what, he likes so much about XBMC is the whole Android remote app he has for his phone and such.

      Nooooooooooooo data loss!!!

      I really should get around to building a server.

        Oh god I know it's the worst =( i've been there TWICE with the same HDD, both my own fault though!

          My worst one was when I was reformatting my C:. I had everything already backed up on another HDD so I went and did it but while I was formatting my back up drive crashed and died.

      really under 600?

      i've been thinking of making my own as well, and that price seems quite nice

        Yeah, monitor & speakers he got from PC Case Gear, the rest we picked up at Umart today! Boots to Linux in around 10 seconds if that.

    Oh, found what i'm getting. Singstart - Dubstep.

    Transformers: Fall of Cybertron demo is out!

    Transformers: Fall of Cybertron demo is great!

    Everything feels so much tighter and more refined than War for Cybertron did. The whole thing has a lot of polish, and the multiplayer customisation options look redonkulous. And it finally has host migration! Happy days! Bring on August 22!!

      I'll probably pick that up for cheap(ish) when I go down to the EB Expo. I've yet to play through WfC. though. My brother bought it today, so I'll just play his copy xD

      Hmmm gotta play that demo this weekend, I reckon the MP of the first one is great (if a little hazardous - there's really no benefit to being careful or camping or even aiming down sights - instead you have to go in an hit-and-run on your opponents to take them out)

        Thoughts about the demo. The graphics are indeed more polished than the original (and the original is one of the nicest looking games in my collection) but they seem to have simplified the multiplayer somewhat (no more grenades, no double jump, all robots feel slower and only one special power per bot) Not sure if I like it yet as much as the original.

    Loops, I just received the shirt!
    Thanks again, mate! :D

      Ahh great - fantastic stuff

      You're very welcome :)

    The prevailing attitude of "if you don't play X amount of hours then you aren't really a gamer" in the average age article is really annoying me.

      Yeah, I play games there for I am a gamer. That's how I see it, I don't feel I have a quota of hours per week I have to accomplish just to prove I am a gamer. Some weeks I don't play games or if I do, it's next to nothing.

    So watching Game Grumps has made me go back and re-watch Sequelitis. Watching sequelitis made me think about MegaMan 9 and 10, both of which I bought and never finished.

    Man, MM9 has some pretty poorly designed sections! Even in Galaxy Man and Concrete Man - which I believe to be the two "easy" levels - there are one or two bits that are just bad.

    I mean, I'm still having fun, but the poorly designed bits stick out and I just think "Whhhhyyyy? Why would you not do that right?"

    OHMAIGAWD L4D2 tonight was awesome! :D

    I played briefly with the TAYbies before joining with some other friends to play through the campaign. I had absolutely no idea that L4D2 has the whole of L4D (DLC and all!) in it, kudos to Valve for that since that was a pleasant surprise.

    We also played some Versus and it's pretty fun except I'm so horrid at it. My friends and I met some Japanese players who completely dominated us over and over again... and they even toyed with us towards the end :'(

    We definitely need to play more of it :D

    Well, after a fun night on Day Z with everyone (thanks to Inquisitorz for not shooting me on sight) I decided to call it a night at a bit after 11. But I seem to have found myself playing Pokemon Conquest for the last 2.5 hours. Funny that. I think I'm getting used to the mechanics now, making allies, warrior skills and such. It looks like it will be good fun. One question though, do I have to physically collect the dropped items off the battle field or do I get them at the end of the battle even if I leave them alone?

      You only get the items that you pick up during the battle (both dropped and items already on the field). I used to aim to get every single item, but you really don't need to worry if you miss a few. I'm pretty sure you have to buy all the rare items so you're not missing too much.

        Yeah, I haven't picked up anything terribly useful, and I never use items.
        That said, I don't know how to combine items.

    Attention Brisbane TAYbies!

    Strike Bowling, Wednesday, 8pm, kgo.

    They also have laser tag.

      Laser Tag is awesome! It's where I get my money laundered!

        Really? You seem more of the car wash type.

          I GET IT, I GET IT! Yesss, I'm one of the cool kids too


        I like in episode 3 of s5 - "Hell... no"

          HAHAHA, I wish he didn't say no to that =(

      I may be able to do that.

        I can probably shuffle things around to accommodate people. Just figured it would be easier to give a set time and then adjust instead of faffing about.

    Skyrim expansion $25... meh.
    Entire skyrim game $30...
    Another Australia tax departs with no more than a whimper?

      $5 more for Dawnguard in Australia...sigh.

      Although, Skyrim being $30...if people were thinking about it, now is a pretty good time.

    Adelaide looks like the set of a horror film this morning- one of the thickest fogs I've ever seen in the city

      I had that yesterday morning on the way to the train station. I thought my programming put me into a Silent Hill simulation

    Went to a school orientation for my eldest's first year of school this morning. man school has changed. Touchscreen whiteboards, iPads, using YouTube videos in class, google image searches (assuming safesearch on), forced nutrition breaks, ergonomic chairs and social learning desk layouts.

    I just had a row of rickety old wooden desks and a teacher scribbling chalk on a blackboard.

      I know right! Funny thing is though every teacher my son has had thats tried to do parent/teacher info nights using the new whiteboards has no idea how to use them properly. I just sit there uncomfortably thinking errrrgh just... press that button there...

        Try teaching them how to use it. They're...not......good.

      Holy Poopsicles!

      Is your kid going to Space Camp? Or perhaps some kind of wizard school? Like Rincewind Armstrong's School for Astromancy. On the Moon.

      Hah, yeah they have some of those smart boards in the newer Uni buildings. I'd never seen one before so I just assumed it was a whiteboard/projector combo. Then the lecturer pressed play on a video by touching the board and everybody was stunned haha

      i just missed out on all that wizardry, my maths class in year 12 got a smartboard (the touchscreen whiteboards) and my teacher hated it because it took up too much space and got it replaced with a normal whiteboard instead.

      apparently now year 7's at my school are getting ipads -_-

    Ubisoft has finally released footage of Connor fighting soldiers of both political persuasions.

      I thought I was seeing things when I saw that video. O.O

      But now the entire US will die of a heart attack and no one will be left to buy the game. Poor business strategy.

        Obviously they waited until everyone in the US had payed off their pre-order before they released that footage.

      Ha ha, I noticed that as well when I saw the trailer this morning

    I'm going to try and get a co-ordinated effort for Gangnam Style to be in the Triple J Hottest 100 this year.

    Come December, expect to see it spammed everywhere I can.

      You have a creepy obsession.

        Try watching some Starcraft streams. The song is inescapable. I fell asleep watching ASUS ROG and woke up to Gangnam Style on loop.

        Have to either embrace it or go mad.

        Or both.

          It used to be Bubble Pop, that still being showed? :P


            Fortunately less often now, although Hyuna is in this clip too.

      The problem is that the music video is the selling point. Not the music itself.

        Not hard to spread the music video. I just showed it to some co-workers, they will most definitely be spreading it.

          Yes, but it's not Triple J Hottest 100 Music Videos.

            That sounds more like their problem than my problem.

      I youtubed this out of interest and now I cant escape D:

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