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    Another reminder for the Briswegians. Strike Bowling, Wednesday at 8pm. With a mystery guest appearance.

      Is it me? Am I the mysteryyyyy!? Caus, I just spoilt it.

        Ya jerk.

    Because someone keeps talking about it and I didn't know what it was I decided to look up Gangnam Style.


    Catchy and funny as hell though!

      please dont encourage him

        Oo oo oo oo oo oppa GANGNAM STYLE!

          My friends wife is Korean so I asked him to get her to tell me what it means.

              Yeah but Gangnam is apparently a rich area or something, and oppa means something too, but it can mean different things so it was confusing

                Oppa is something like "elder brother" but in the affectionate way someone might call someone who isn't their older brother.

                And yeah, I've heard that Gangnam is some fancy part of Seoul. Which would make "Gangnam Style" basically mean that's a classy motherfucker.

                  Yeah something like that is what she said.
                  But there's different dialects and what not, so it's hard to know which way he means in it.

    Comic Book Fronds!

    I am wondering if Days of Future Past is available in a neato collection.
    In the lead up to The Dark Knight, I wanted to share The Killing Joke with people that had not read it and I was put onto DC Universe: Stories of Alan Moore which is amazing not just for including Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?.

    So I'm wondering if anyone knows of something similar - either an Uncanny X-men collection or a book with some Claremont choice cuts?

      Digitally here: are the individual issues, the two Days of Future Past issues have been issued as a single TPB.

      I don't think they've done a best-of Chris Claremont because he wrote X-Men for like 18 years.

        Hmm. Unless I can share the digital versions, it kinda defeats the point.

        I had a look in Kinokuniya yesterday and they had two, big, hardcover tomes - One was an Uncanny collection, the other was a Claremont collection, neither of them had #141 and #142.

        Maybe if I hold out til the movie actually releases, maybe Marvel will throw something together.

    DS game obtainment update: I visited JB and it seems all the Layton games have indeed been re-issued at some point recently. However $50 each. :( Going to hunt online.

    No copies of any Dragon Quest or AA at my local JB however, so more searching required there.

      Yeah I saw your discussion on this too late and was gonna say I've been after them too, but yeah, always too expensive. Even copies on ebay still go real high for them and Wright games :(

      I can't remember the last time I saw any of the Ace Attorneys in stores. I see DQ IX all the time though, so that's a bit weird (assuming that's the one you mean).

      I don't like that the more popular DS games rarely get pushed down in price though :/

        DQ IX but also the remakes of IV V and VI. IV and V appear to be out of print now. Also it seems the first Phoenix Wright is in print but the rest are not. They made many copies of #3 so that's still around a bit, but Apollo Justice and the Edgeworth one both seem to be pretty rare. :(

      I see the odd Justice For All pre-owned, but I assume it's mostly because it's the weakest of the four.

      People pay for DS games??

        I pay for all my games as long as they're obtainable. I make a living off developing software.

    Oven-reheated dippers for lunch...
    Curse You, Pizza Hut...
    It would have been Crust, but they don't deliver to our area... :(

    On an unrelated note, Play-Asia has free shipping on all items until August 31st.
    Go! Go! Go!

    Good morning my TAY pals. Is anyone else excited for proper rugby (Rugby Union and the greatest team of all time at everything ever the All Blacks) season starting in the next few weeks?

    Also new AC trailer means people can finally shut up about bias marketing.

      No interest in rugby I'm afraid! I don't like any team sports, really :P

      By the way, what time zone are you in CJ? You always seem to say Good Morning in the afternoon and I don't know if it's intentional or not haha

        He said he was near Parramatta!
        I told him to come to a sydney meat, but I think he was too busy groaning whenever I called him 'AEF'.

          Correct I am only a few burbs over from Parra so I'm on Sydney time. I just spent 2 years of getting up in the afternoon I got used to calling it morning is all. Also I'm too chicken to come to a meat in case you all secretly hate me and just want a RL opitunity to show it.

            You'll not know that until you come to a Meat ;D

            (But seriously, no pressure :P)

      I've lived in Australia for over a decade and been a citizen for nearly as long, but I can't bring myself to support the Wallabies instead of the All Blacks. It makes me feel dirty.

    I was going to post something in the Gaymercon article, but I just couldn't bring myself to hit submit.
    Still, I need to get it off my chest and typing it out and then closing the Tab didn't really cut it. Plus I think that you guys might just read it for what it is and not demonise me for actually questioning the "why". I didn't proofread so it's probably a mess and makes me look like a derphead, here we go:


    I guess I'm out of touch.
    Someone wants to create a videogame convention for people of all creeds and colours.
    Call it Gaymercon.

    I guess I'm out of touch; I thought "gaymer" was a catch-all phrase for gay gamers. If I had to guess, I'd say it's probably been appropriated by any LGBT person who plays video games.
    It inherently excludes straight people.

    Maybe they don't mean to; maybe they want it to be "Everybodycon". It doesn't feel like it to me. It's ok, I'm not offended by the thought of an actual "gaymer" con. I am, however, a little offended by these "nested" communities that insist they're either a) accepting, or b) not a community.

    I'm a little confused. LGBT groups campaign for "acceptance" by the "greater community", but also want to hold on to the LGBT identity to segregate themselves from, say, me - a Straight White Right-Wing Minded Male.

    I guess Conservatism has poisoned my mind to the point that I can't understand why a convention has to be advertised as "gay" if it's actually supposed to be for "everybody". How were they going to market this if it was supposed to be restricted to LGBT people?

    I would not be offended if this was an exclusive event. Everybody is not the same, and I think differences should be celebrated.
    I guess I'm out of touch.

      I'm left wing. Like, a nuts left wing hippy.

      And in this regard, I totally agree with you. It's a name that excludes people, and groups like that always seemed a little... odd.

        Yeah, I've got to say I agree, although I think they've got the best intentions behind it. Seems to me that acceptance goes hand-in-hand with mainstream, when they intentionally seperate themselves than it distances them from that goal?

      I hate the term "gaymer". It's needlessly segregating the community. Can't we all just be gamers, regardless of sexuality?

        Yeah, I don't consider myself a "straightmer", or a "marriedmer" or even a "girl gamer" I'm just a gamer. The more people identify themselves by their differences, the more difficult it becomes for them to get the equal treatment they want.

      I never got the obsession with people's sexuality. I REALLY don't care where people choose to stick it be they straight, gay or furry. None of my business. I'm more concerned with whether some one is easygoing or an asshole.


        Gender is also irrelevant to me, because all of us are gamers here :)

          Exactly, I have no clue if any Taybies are gay, but it hasn't mattered before and it doesn't matter now. You're all good folk and it'd be unfortunate if you migrated away to a more niche community!

      I've never known my sexuality to define my gaming habits, nor do my gaming habits define my sexuality. (Oh yeah baby, stomp that naughty goomba!)

      pigeonholing is seeming more like an inevitability. I can see the sense in this sort of thing for say, those going through adolescence for example. It's an idea that we can all belong to something, whether or not THIS thing is it.
      When gaming, I'm an RPG minded person. I'm not devoid of personality or sexuality, however I'm open enough to keep my real-world affiliations aside from whatever may be portrayed on the screen.

      I'm a fluid person in most aspects. Socially, sexually and otherwise I am generally open for interpretation.
      One thing that's not open for interpretation? I won't try to lock myself in to one particular label. The whole idea of coming out seems to stymie this way of thinking, as making a big deal of something that is so inherently you (and likely has been for some time) goes to further segregate yourself.
      Accept who you are, sure, that's great. I can't say I agree with the "pride parade" any more than I agree with white supremacy or gender disparity.

      I guess I'm just out of touch.



          YOU'VE GOT THE LOOK.

            SHE'S GOT THE LOOK


              HEEEEY JUUUUUDE

                You guys changed songs....

                  HEY MR. CJ COME 'PON DE REPLAY
                  HEY MR. CJ WON'T YOU TURN THE MUSIC UP

      I get what you mean; inherently saying that "I am different" means that you continue to stay different, despite wanting acceptance.
      But for me, at least, internally, I have to occasionally stay "I am different" so that I continue to remember
      a) other people do not always think like me
      b) to accept myself as well.

      Like many people, my parents are very conservative and so I spent a lot of time hating myself instead of just saying "screw this, I'm going to do what makes me happy as long as I'm not actively hurting anyone". But I do need to say "I am this label and I accept it" sometimes to feel that it's okay, especially when my dad posts some terrible thing on Facebook and I feel the old sham e and guilt over being something I can't change?
      Wait, I just reread your post and you weren't arguing against labels. But replies to you were saying that labels are unnecessary (and yes, I'd like them to be unnecessary)...but I guess people have their own reasons for labelling themselves.

      As for the gaymercon stuff; I guess ultimately it's just supposed to say "we are accepting of gay gamers but honestly anyone can come".

        PS I am super tired, dunno if I make any sense

    Just went nutty. Ordered DQ IV, V, VI and IX for DS from VideoGamesPlus in Canada, ordered the four DS Layton games from Play-Asia, and then while I was there I threw down preorders for the stuff I'm intending to grab for Vita/3DS as well (Ragnarok Odyssey, Zero Escape, Persona 4 Golden, ACIII Liberation, Miku Hatsune Project Diva F, Code of Princess)

    \o/ Buy all the games. \o/

    \o/ Put all the games on shelf \o/

    /o\ Never play all the games /o\

      Holy mother of disposable income that's a huge order!

        Yes. Though to be fair those preorders are spread over September -> November

          Also there's hardly anything console/pc-wise coming out I'm super excited for that I don't have an order down on already.

            Also also, all portable games so not as expensive (with the exception of the Miku one as it's a JP release)

      Woah! You sure love your Dragon Quest!

        OR DO I?

        It's more a case that those versions are the best ones actually still available and I've never played them.

          DQV is the bestest!

          I like how you start out as a kid and play at various stages in your life. They also have the awesome monster capture mechanic and I'm pretty sure they were the first game to have it.

            I always felt like the DQ games tried more interesting narrative things than FF ever did. IV's setup with introducing each character in their own chapter then having them all come together at the end, or V's stages of life thing are pretty ambitious. Wouldn't see many JRPGs nowadays taking those sorts of narrative risks, which is a shame.

      Have you ordered from VGP before? If so, are they good?

        Once, back in 2009, and I had no problems that I recall. They're a pretty common go-to for imported and rare games for people in North America I think. Play-Asia is generally better for us due to proximity etc, but in my case Play-Asia didn't have stock of the DQ games I wanted.

        I've ordered Etrian Odyssey 3 with preorder art book off them. Arrived within two weeks and both game and art book were in great condition.
        Would recommend if they have something in particular you want! Bit pricier than play Asia, iirc.

          That was probably before our dollar was worth more than the USD and CAD.

            Unless I'm terribad at maths AND don't know how to use a simple currency converter OR the currency converter built into the VGP website, they appear to have the cheapest price on WiFi-Only Vita (~AUD$250), and that's very tempting.

    I don't mean to alarm anyone, but I think I just stopped time.


    Seriously, how do I turn this thing back on...?

      Total Bond villain right here, people. Stopping time indefinitely, forever stuck with an hour left of work prior to enjoying the weekend's festivities.
      So close, yet so far. Time is meaningless, and with it, hope.

        Wasn't this basically the master plan of the final boss in FF8?

          Yeah, She wanted to collapse all time into a single instant to bootstrap her way to ULTIMATE SORCERESS POWAH

            Also she was secretly Rinoa :V

              Eh, that one's speculative. Like the idea that Squall dies.


                Also, I don't think I played FFVIII enough to know much of anything outside of gunblades. Man, they were cool.

                  Yeah, he actually WAS dead all along.

                  It's not a big spoiler. Squall gets pretty seriously injured early on, theory goes that the rest of the game is him hallucinating while bleeding out.

    Seriously Gangnam Style, that video is strangely mesmerising.

      I know right? I keep going back to it for absolutely no reason, and I just sit there thinking why did I reopen this...

        You know why.

          NO! In my defence I have it on in the background while LOOKING at OTHER THINGS.

    Any Melbourne TAYbies interested in meeting at Mana Bar tonight?

    Not sure how often I can check in on TAY, but you can email me. "my username" at gmail dot com.

    =/ i'ved asked Gizmodo why am I being moderated over there still, no response. I have some comments that have been sitting in moderation for days. It's not like any of these comments are remotely offensive, they were thanking someone, just so weird.

      Maybe its because you remind him of herpes

        =( am I really that repulsive? D=

      Anti Virus software.

        You jest, but it's possible he gets auto-filtered by a spam filter that think he's trying to post links to rogue AV software.

          Actually I think someone reported me not long back, since it only happened recently, and since then i've been getting moderated.

    Late notice is late!

    Tomorrow night a couple of us are catching up in Sydney. No real plans on what we are doing but Galaxy World will be involved.

    Shall we say, 6pm at Galaxy World?

      Late notice indeed! I'll have to meat you some other time!


    I'm back =D

      You fixed your PC?!

        Nope, now the sound isn't working. I have all the luck.

        Oh and then there's the artwork I lost too. Stupid windows backup

          Aww, tried installing drivers for the audio? =P

            They're up to date

              Hmm enabled which output the sound goes through?

                No? I put them in the back ports

                  Haha, well try Start > Control Panel > Sound > Playback tab and (i'll assume it's the same for you) select the options there with sound playing so you can tell when it is a success (if it is)

                  It should auto detect but if it fails to do so properly you may need to go into your audio drivers program and tell it which ports you plugged them into.

                  Speakers are still plugged into the power right? and switched on? Sometimes it's the little things.

      Welcome back Scree Machine!

        Thanks! Did you miss me?*

        *I don't expect you to answer that

      Hi Scree!!!!!!


    Welcome to Friday Night TAY!

    For a lack of anything interesting to say, here is a video of a mouse chasing a cat.

      Hahahaha, though it looks more like a rat to me.

        It does seem a little big for a mouse. Now my whole life feels like a lie!

        Anyone know where I should go on an epic journey of self discovery?

    This afternoon was awesome.
    Whilst just cruising around town, I decided to check out the local Cash Converters.
    On arrival, I did peruse the offerings, and what should I find?
    A used Gamecube, still in working condition (with a controller, of course).
    Well, I immediately bought it, along with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 and Super Monkey Ball, as well as a Game Boy Advance.
    Also, I managed to acquire a Wacom Bamboo tablet.
    All in all, I am happy with my purchases.

      Nice, I never had much exposure to the game cube but what little I played of it was fun.

      I've always been tempted to get myself a tablet. I like to imagine that the absence of one is the thing stopping me form drawing like this
      and not and absence of talent and skill.

    For some reason (don't ask me, I have no idea why) I've had that riff from Cheap Trick's 'Mighty Wings' from the Top Gun soundtrack stuck in my head all day. I haven't heard that song in years either.

    Huzzah CJ's AEF BF3 team is top of its group in our tourny!

      Grats! I believe my mate is back in that clan playing BF3.. I think..

      Wooo! That probably took some skill unlike the time where some friends and I entered this 'competition' and had a 1 in 8 chance to win a trip to L.A. :P

      G'luck AEF CJ ~ . || Lt. Col || !

    About damn time that Randy Blythe from Lamb of God was released from prison in the Czech Republic.

    He still has to appear back there for when it comes to trial, but seriously something like 600 grand USD in bail they posted in the end and a month of detainment until he was released.

    At first I thought he was guilty of the manslaughter of the 20 year old but as more footage from the concert came out & other shit, it's leaning more so towards the kids sheer stupidity and the security doing his job.

    Kid got on stage 3 times during the show in Prague in 2010, 3rd time he was pushed back off the stage hit his head and died from internal bleeding about a month later, it was all pinned on Randy doing it to the kid, if the so so footage is correct then he should be innocent, if not he's looking at upto 10 years in a foreign country's prison, if found guilty.

    Takes me back.

    Well, I had my first visit to the Mana Bar tonight.
    It wasn't planned. All we had planned was a night our for a friend's birthday who's husband has to be away for work this week, and the decision was made to head to Brunswick St.
    Heaps of bars, cafes and restaurants, so we're sure to find something right?
    Then, while we are stopped for refreshments in the city, I remembered - Mana Bar!
    Birthday Girl is a huge gamer, so she jumped at the suggestion.

    Anyway, a very good dinner was had, great coffee was enjoyed (outdoors for we are filthy smokers - but the cafe had blankets hung over the railing for us to put on our cold laps!), then Mana Bar was found.

    It's smaller than I thought. But still pretty cool.
    We are both strictly PC gamers for the last too-many years, so we sucked at everything! (well, I sucked at everything)
    But a great time was had and some silly, colourful and delicious drinks were consumed!

    And they all lived happily ever after.

    The End. (or is it? - dunn dunn dunnnnn!)

      SmufyDog's Adventure 2: Return of the SmurfyDog

    Just played an unsettling chapter of Spec Ops: The Line. I think I need a hug. :P

      *rocks back and forwards in fetal position*

          Thanks, man. That was only a little awkward. :P

      I have heard that game is so depressing.

      Wouldn't mind giving it a go sometime.

        Up there with Max Payne 3 and Mass Effect 3 as game of the year for me at the moment! Definitely the finest war game I've ever played. More a character study disguised as a war game.

          I'd agree with this. I'm really enjoying it not that I've had much chance to play it.

          What difficulty are you playing it on? I started on Suicide Mission and it is slowing me up a fair bit having to replay some sections 10 times.

            I'm playing on the default, I think that's Combat Ops in this game. Not too punishing at all, pretty decent balance. Never subject myself to the insane difficulty levels. :P (Probably the reason Dark Souls doesn't interest me.)

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