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    Day off Good Morning!

      w00! lucky you! kind of lucky me too, cos I'm also having a day off, but not because I want to. :\ I really should be at work, but fate has determined that today is just not my day :\

        Are you sick?

          no I'm not sick. My bank fucked me over, and took a double payment of something. Left me with $3 in my account. My fuel tank is running on fumes too, so I literally can't afford to go to work :|

            Wow, that sucks, I hope you resolve it soon.

              well at least I know I have a payment due from a customer tonight. Got the deposit receipt on saturday, so should clear in my account tonight. Thank god I have more than one source of income.

              Sucks mostly due to me having a couple of sick days/half days last week due to my hip issue. I hate having to ring work and say i can't come in. Dun like letting the team down. Specially over stupid shit like this.

    Morning Mortals,

    Last day off before i go back to work. funny how i been waiting to go back to work to start using KOT more. makes little sense.

      Also, anyone planning to keep tabs on the Mars Curiosity landing?

        It's supposed to land at around 3 o'clock this afternoon so I might check in then.

    Can someone make a ripoff of Katy Perry's song called "I'm Alan Wake" (im wide awake)?

      Something something I'm Alan Wake some thing something something torch.

      Hey, this thing writes itself.

        Yeah, the "something something"s are just pages of the song lyrics you neglected to collect!... The are uh, printed out in a large font size, ok?

    I posted this on the weekend, but for those who don't visit on weekends, I'm curious to know who. if anyone, is going to see Frenzal Rhomb in Brisbane in October? I know someone from here went to the last show, so just checking if it should be made in to a mini meat!

      I won't be going. I used to like them a very long time ago but these days I can't listen to them. Maybe I'll Meat up with you for drinks outside and then go home. :P

      I think the over exposed Dreamworld ad from a few years back killed 'em for a lot of people in Queensland. :P

      Have you heard Chinese Burns Unit?

      umm... thats Jay's new band if you havent. but I'm guessing you have.

      ...carry on.

        haha yeah I have indeed heard them. Not too shabby at all. Still not quite Frenzal though.
        As for Matthew, I don't think you're likely to run in to that guy. I don't think he was a member of the band. Not unless Reece was a bit chubby at the time. I think he was a canadian who just happened to be there at the time ;)

    Mornin' TAY.

    I regret going to work, and may disgorge my breakfast shortly. right back.

    Good Morning everybody. Hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was filled with Pokemon Conquest. This game is seriously addicting. Since Friday afternoon I've already put almost 20 hours into it. I can't remember the last time a game grabbed me this hard, this fast.

    For those who play it, which eeveelution did you pick? I went for Espeon, because it's adorable. Also got really lucky and got the Share ability.

      How exactly do you choose to evolve it?
      My Eevee automatically evolved into Glaceon when I beat the ice place. Which was awesome, because he smashed Nobunaga and his dragons, but yeah, it just happened and I don't know why.

        Specific percentage requirement and then battle them in the elemental location of choice, or use a stone.

        The first method is how you got a Glaceon. Think it required 70% or something.

        Yeah I kinda cheated and checked how to get each one. You get espeon by having 70% link and then battling in Illusio.

      It really is addictive, isn't it? I chose Flareon for my Eevee because I didn't have any other Perfect Link fire types (I only ever use perfect links. It seems like a waste otherwise :P). You can get more than one as well! (though Eevee is apparently pretty rare. I haven't found one yet...) Planning on Glaceon if I ever find another.

      ps. If you haven't already, get a Perfect Link Gyarados. It destroys everything (but it is a massive pain to evolve from Magikarp. Totally worth it though).

        I got a perfect link Gyarados really early on, mostly due to a lucky find of a perfect link warrior/Magikarp. I think I've used it in every important battle since.

        Dat Aqua tail.

        I got super lucky. My perfect link mafia to evolved after one battle. Granted I didn't catch it until after I'd beaten the Earth Kingdom but still lucky.

        I also have a 70% link Charizard that tears through everything. And that's guys perfect link is a Chandelure. Which I can see being even more powerful. I just haven't found a litwick yet

          *magikarp not mafia

            Haha! I was wondering what that was supposed to be.

            So you beat the Earth kingdom first, then? Does that mean you didn't have to fight the Psychic one?

              Yeah. At that stage I had a really strong quagsire and carnivine but nothing really to take on a Bunch of psychic types. I didn't know that I'd only have to beat one though

                Yeah neither did I. I went for the Psychic kingdom first because I hadn't evolved my Magikarp yet (which I had spent about 2 in-game years working on at that point :P). Then they tell me I don't even have to beat the Ground place anymore! At first I thought it was a hand-holding thing the game did because I was taking so long :P

                  I've only got the ghost and ice kingdoms to go, and then I guess Nobunaga himself for the main story.

                  Also, why is it that everytime I get in a position where I have to attack my own team, it's always, always, ALWAYS a critical hit. Every single time

    Day Z logs.

    Alive again! Burden free, with nothing weighing me down but some painkillers, a bandage and a flashlight. And for the first time in 6 days, I sprint open fields without a care in the word.
    Prigorodky! Brilliant. I could use a weapon. I sneak into the red barn past the zombies and check the place out; bandage, bandage, bandage, empty tin can, bandage, Hatchet! I am okay with this. I equip my hatchet and shuffle out, spotting another shed to my left. If I meet up with Blaghman, trying to look for his body, and he enlists my help. I reluctantly give him my spare hatchet, before I start sprinting around trying to recall the events leading up to our death ("Oh hey, is that Prigorodky? AHMAHGAWD, A COW! HI COW"), and ten seconds later, manage to find Blaghman his body. He offers me a gun off himself, but I refuse and grab my spare hatchet back, because I have a plan. I will run into Cherno with two hatchets, because I am Crazy Axe Man. If someone shoots me, so be it; all they get off me is two hatchets and some bandages.

    So I sprint. I sprint into Cherno yelling "I AM CRAZY AXE MAN" over the in-game voice chat. I sprint all the way to the apartments where I see another survivor rolling around. I quickly check, it's not f4ction, nor is it Blaghman. Hm, this could be bad. I yell over to him "Hey guy! I only have two hatchets on me, so if you want to kill me, go for it!"
    Oh, a zombie has aggro'ed to me. While I'm in the middle of hatcheting it, the other survivor yells out "... Nah, I'm good!"
    I round the corner and say hi to the other survivor. Sam says Hi back, and he mentions there's a Lee Enfield in the apartments in the back, but I politely refuse. Because I have two hatchets. He asks if I could give him a blood transfusion and I happily oblige; I smash the hospital glass, grab some medical supplies, and heal him up. We wish each other good luck in not dying, and I sprint off yelling "I AM CRAZY AXE MEDIC"

      Best DayZ story yet. I'm laughing so much I almost choked on my breakfast!

      How does in-game voice work? Is there a limitation on how far you are from people and whether or not they can hear?

        Yes Rize
        You only hear the voice chat of people within a certain distance from you.
        That being said - the distance is quite large. You can easily talk to someone inside a tall building when you are on the roof. I guess the range might be a bit further than shouting?

      After reading stories like this I sort of really want to try out Day Z but I don't know if playing it would actually be as fun as reading about it, sort of like EVE.

      If only I had enough download quota - I feel like I'm missing out on many shenanigans!

    Morning! 12 degrees when i got up, positively balmy!

      Only one thing to do when it's that hot - break out the budgie smugglers and go for a cooling dip at the beach!

      Warning: Budgies may disappear if it's that cold.

    All right, so one week into looking after my father-in-law I've discovered things about him I wish I never had to know. :P
    I've also taken to drinking tea. I think this means I'm a grown-up now?

      That sounds ominous. The tea drinking too. :P

      I drink tea as well strange so no it doesn't make you grown up :P

      You're not a grown up 'til you give up!

      Never give up Strange, NEVAR!

      Tea is more delightful :). I have tea whenever I feel down to give me a tasty pick-me-up

    This weeks goal: stop going to hopefully forever. I'm sick of their spin, tabloid stories and horrible commenters.

      Mislead you once, shame on them. Mislead you twice, shame on you.

      Never been to before. Just checked it out then and read the story on Mitchell Watt saying that silver's not that bad. About a third of the way through I get to this:

      "Watt's anger at the media was predictable, but misdirected, and was met with applause by one member of the AOC media unit."

      Real unbiased reporting there.

        Sometimes they have the most twisted interpretations of the story just for a more alarmist headline. It works too, they're always the most popular stories. Maybe I'll stick to The Daily Show and Sorkin's Newsroom. :P

          I just use that nine msn news site that you get redirected to after logging out of hotmail. They're always putting down the other networks shows while talking up their own shows but for non TV related news stuff they're pretty decent. is a much better alternative for Brissie news :)

        Noted, thanks man! (Watched your Slender play through on the weekend. You totally needed to turn the lights down for maximum effect. Seemed to do the job any way, though. :P)

      Herald Sun posted from a "Top cop" about "violent video games being the cause of violence" and I thought "Here we go again" then I saw the word "rape" in the list of things that are in our video games (WTF?!) in the article and I was basically just facepalmed. They really reach far to try and stir up the idiotic humans in our society to get their pitchforks for something that doesn't even exist in Australia... you know cuz you already ban that stuff anyway

      I think to save my internal systems from shorting out due to human stupidity in journalism I'm going to have to stop reading any form of newspapers permanently. I've already stopped watching news on TV years ago

        CNN's US website currently has features on the dangers of gaming. Man, when are the gamers going to get producer positions and stop this crap!?

          That CNN thing was in response to a video CNN posted the other day about video game addiction in Korea (I think anyhow, not entirely sure if we're talking about the same thing). Additional footage from that video was used to talk about how awesome Mvp is as one of the world's most successful SC2 players.

    I finished Crysis and Crysis Warhead over the weekend.
    That ending in Crysis was lame. I'm all like, yeah, let's go back to the thing and do this! And then it just ends...
    I loved the antigravity bits though. That was really fun.
    Overall, I liked the story in Warhead more, but the cutscene animations weren't as good.
    Anyway, the gameplay was really fun. I liked sneaking around, headshot-ing everyone using a sniper scope on the assault rifles. The levels in those games are so big. Except for the last few in Crysis. But they were still cool.

      I didn't really like the ending of Crysis either. Rest of the game was great though. Loved stealthing around the place.

    Good morn, TAYtertots, I've been away from TAY for a few weeks, some of that was on purpose (long story, short version has a hospital in it), some of it wasn't (I was on Teamspeak, the teamspeak peeps can vouch for me.

    So... short story shorter, I'm going to post more (I hope) and try and get some Day Z going with the Day Z people.

    Oh! I almost forgot, I'm a full-fledged radio host now, and I'm gonna be on air today, so that's cool,

      Hope you're okay, man. Congrats on the hosting job!

        Feeling a whole lot better than when I went in, to be sure

      Wow congrats on the hosting job numbers! If only I could listen in from here

        More listeners would be great since we're community radio (pretty much means not for profit), but it's a real shame none of you guys can listen in

          You guys got a radio stream I can hook up online on?

            And I quote: "not for profit"

            here's the website if you want though

    Howdy Tayberinos

    I went on a trip to the Flinders Ranges this weekend, I had a lovely time, and climbed a mountain. Today, I am a very sore person.

    So a Monday Morning question: What is your favourite videogame mountain? Either a mountainous level/setting or an actual in-game mountain. Mine is Mount Chiliad from GTA San Andreas, mainly for the fact you can mountain bike up then parachute off

      Oh, man. I loved exploring Mount Cardou and the surrounds in Gabriel Knight 3. Helped there was a mystery a-foot, though. Bloodlines, heracy and the holy freakin' grail, man. :P

      I hate mountains in games because they usually mean snow areas, which I dislike.

      Skyrim had horrible mountains/terrain. There, I said it. :P

      If I had to choose a favourite... Death Mountain. Or maybe the ones in Just Cause 2. Anything that isn't a pain to climb and doesn't have snow.

      Mount Hyjal in World of Warcraft.

        I liked the pre-wrath Hyjal. As in the Caverns of Time raid. The Archimode fight was great.

          Yeah, I liked the raid, and the actual mountain when you had to glitch the game to get in there :P

            Man, glitching the game to get there was rad. Took me half an hour of running up a wall, I get inside, start wandering about, and I see another guy. He's all "You didn't see me here!" to which I responded "See who where?" and he responded with "Exactly!"

            Cool story, then I found ten dollars.

    Brace yourself Sydney - Only 2 days! Now might be a good time to arrange a sister's hairdresser's goldfish funeral that you have to attend.

      Only 2 days until we both invadevisit Sydney, though I'll be there tomorrow through till Thursday :)

        And then I tag in and am there from Friday through till Monday!

      I should probably start organising myself for the 18th...

      Lemme know if Billy Talent play any new songs :).

      I am flushing Sir Bubbles to the great Fish Bowl in the sky as we mix metaphors speak.

    Good morning all,
    The last month has been insane and epic.
    I have returned and bring tales of awesome, so many awesome.

    But before all that, what did I miss? :)

      Nothing at all. Proceed with the story telling, damn it :P

    Morning All.

    My weekend involved lots of gaming. Finally finishing Deus Ex (the first one).

    I also convinced my housemate to play a couple of card games I'm addicted to, Dominon and Infiltration (Links shortly) I also went to my weekly board games group. Went and partied in gaytown until 4:30am sunday morning.

    I spent yesterday grumpy and Hungover.

    Today - Interview!
    Tomorrow - Better Interview!

      Dominion -
      An excellent and addictive Deck building game, Essentially you want to buy as many victory cards as possible, but to do that you'll need to buy one of the 10 random other cards that come into play. It's very rare that you'll play the same game twice, unless you engineer it so.

      Infiltration -
      A very good adventure into a corporate building in a cyberpunk dystopian future to steal data chips!
      Everyone wants to go in and steal as many chips as you can and get out before security arrive.
      Each room is represented by a card, and whilst there are only ever 13 cards in play in one game, there are 34 cards in the box, which once again provides for alot of difference in each game.

      Also if anyone is interested in joining on the board gamery I'm always up for Board games!

      Good luck at the interviews, man. Here's hoping you get the one you want. :P

    NEW TAY \o/
    It's so fresh and clean, like a new shirt. Which means it's not quite as comfortable as the old TAY just yet. I'm sure if I wear it for a few days straight, and don't shower, it'll come good!

      Hope this Picnic Day is treating you well, buddy. Any picnic's on the horizon? :P

        I may or may not still be in bed*, so I may or may not be aware of and picnics going on**.
        I'm OK with this***.

        *I am.
        **I'm not.
        ***I feel like a lazy dirtbag.

          Eh, it's what public holidays are made for. Just eat something in bed and that'll classify as a picnic.

    So how does one get involved with DayZ antics?

      1. Spend 12 hours getting it to update and install the mod.
      3. Spend 2 hours looking for a server.
      b. ???

        For a more useful response....

        Buy ARMA2 CO from Steam.
        Download 6Launcher/Updater from DayZ website
        Run ARMA2 once so that it installs properly
        Run 6Launcher - let it do it's thing
        and then play.

        As for servers, I found the best way is to use 6Launcher (or DayZ Commander) to launch the game (doesn't matter what server) then just use the in-game server browser. I used to think it was crap but then I learnt to use the Filter tool. I think the browser struggles with the high number of servers, but if you put in a ping filter of say 300, and I usually use the letters "NZ" or "AU" you end up with a very quickly updating list of the best servers.
        Alternatively use the filter to type in the exact name of a sever to find friends - eg "US 1324" etc

          Only spend 2 hours looking for a sever if you're super scared of other people and refuse to play on any server with more than 15 players.....

          The only servers I avoid are the ones which run night time with no moonlight = pitch black screen.

    hello everyone!

    has an email gone our about Gorzy/Pyrean/Steve-O meat this Sat?

      Gorzy said he'd do it yesterday.
      I do not think he did.
      True story.

        thanks Bish, you ever-so-helpful guy you!

      Hi harli. How are you?

      I just checked my email and I think I got it. So yes.


        I am well thank you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the podcast too :) really appreciate all the feedback!

        Whatttt I did not receive an email! i'll email Gorzy soon!

      Are all the Sydney people's emails in the Klutar friday night meat email? I don't actually know when Gorzy and Pyrean were planning on having it, or where they live...But I have a pretty picture!

    So it's happened...
    After 4 glorious years - my Xbox 360 has red ringed as of yesterday :(

    What do i do now, guys???
    Can i take it to get repaired?
    Am i better off waiting and replacing it?
    If i replace it, do i buy new or buy a preowned?

    sad sad times..

      Wait for cheap Slim deals :)! I think they were $250 with Kinect with games and a 320GB HD with Lego Star Wars a few months back, that's the best deal for the Slim so far.

        I got an Xbox 360 slim for $150 at the Boxing Day sales, I think it'd be better to buy new. I'm sure they'll be some good prices soon. Also remember to transfer all your downloadable content licences to your new console. You can do it easily on Annoying thing to happen, man.

        Oops forgot you're Chuloopa! Silly me just win one in a competition :)

      Sorry to hear that.
      If you have another console or PC to tide you over then just wait for a sale on a new console.

    Got a week and a half off work. Methinks that means I should get out of the house, be offline and stuffs.

      That's just crazy talk, my friend. It goes against my hermit code. :P

      There's an OFFline?

        There is a myth among my people...

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