Team Ninja Explains How It Researched Breast Physics: "Hands On"

For years now, Team Ninja has been talking up the breast physics in fighting game Dead or Alive. And now that DOA5 is coming out, Team Ninja is...talking up breast physics.

According to website PSU, Team Ninja producer Yosuke Hayashi said the DOA5 development team went "hands on" with partners and other studio staff to get the game's breast physics "right".

Oh. Yep, once again, Team Ninja proves the amounts of fucks they don't give is the stuff of legends.

But DOA5 is more than just jubblies. "DOA5 is a fighting game for this generation," said the producer, adding, "Our game engine is built from scratch." And, apparently, it's built from groping, too.

Team Ninja goes hands-on with breasts to create 'the cutest chicks in videogames' [PSU via NeoGAF via インサイド]


    There should be a facepalm.jpg here somewhere...

    bashcraft is actually right

    that's not giving a fuck at its finest. Bravo team ninja

    This article had me laughing hard. Good on you Brian for calling out sexism when u see it.

    This is a sexist attitude, but I think it's actually more of a clever marketing stint than any kind of true pig-headed sexism. They know that people think of teeyuts when they think of DOA, but when they initially announced the game and they said it would be a more toned down and repectable title, it made no waves at all. So you know that some suit up top smashed his fist on the table and said something along the lines of "WE ARE NOT GOING TO SELL 25 COPIES OF THIS GAME UNLESS YOU ADD TEH BOOBZ!!". So all of a sudden, BAM, press releases focus on "boob-physics", "swimwear" and "see-through shirts".

    You can blame the devs, but I've got a feeling that from the beginning they just wanted to make a fighter that could take it's place among the greats, rather than just another Boobfighterer.

    I don't think people know what sexist means...

      they haven't for the past couple of years now, I've noticed.

    Dropping the f-bomb un-necessarily in articles is all in a day's work for "professional" journalist Mr Ashcraft.

      he's writing to his fucking audience...

    I can see the job ad for Team Ninja

    "Required pretty asian female with large breasts who will need to be fondled by dozens of programmers on a daily basis. Bra's and tops not required".

    god they must had people smashing down the doors, or else imagine the boss at Team Ninja approach the females on the teams. It'd be something out of Office Space where the slimy boss comes around and says "ummm we're gonna have to need you to take your top off and have the staff fondle your breasts from now on, ok great, cya".

      Didn't the old boss of Team Ninja leave over a sexual harassment case.. i'm sure that's a coincidence.

    So.. all of the test subjects had spring-loaded breasts?

    As if the game wasn't pervy enough...


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