Tekken Tag Tournament 2's Fight Lab Looks A Lot More Fun Than... Tekken

Some people live for the thrill of intense, one-on-one fighting. They thrive on the click of arcade stick buttons and sideways glances at the player attempting to steal their thunder. Me, I just want to be a robot kicking a bear wearing a ballerina costume while dodging chickens.

Most of my Tekken memories involve me getting beaten to a pulp by people playing as Eddy Goro, so when I think "fun" there are about three hundred and fifty-seven things that come to mind before Namco Bandai's fighting franchise. I could see Tekken Tag Tournament 2's Fight Lab knocking the series up a few dozen rungs. It's certainly an entertaining way to teach the basics of battle.

My favourite fighting game experience of all time involved some silly game, years ago, that simply ran me through the command list, move-by-move, not letting me progress until I had completed the move on the screen. Every time I get a new fighter the first thing I do is look for such a feature, and if I don't find it I am very disappointed.

This might not be the same thing, but it'll do.


    *Eddy Gordo

    And yes, this looks to be a barrel of joviality. I am looking forward to T³2.

    I like it when you ask someone if they are good at Tekken and they confidently say yes. You play them, and the first thing they do is pick Eddy. They then proceed to mash the kick buttons to get him to do the lower trip up move which guarantees a few hits if the first hit confirms. Any decent player then blocks low (wha??!) and punishes them badly with a juggle to which the Eddy player replies "oh what? You're doing that juggling thing?" which reveals how much they actually know about the game.

    Love it.

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