Tell Us Dammit: C64 Edition

The 30th anniversary of the Commodore 64 sort of just snuck up on me, but it's got me feeling a bit nostalgic. I thought today's Tell Us Dammit might be a cool place to talk about the console, the games we loved, our memories of it, etc...

I never actually owned a Commodore 64. I had a Spectrum and I was so jealous of people who had the C64. Weird memory — at eight years old I actually woke my Mum and Dad at 3am to tell them that they needed to buy me a Commodore 64. Because of reasons.

They were furious.

As a kid with a Speccy, I used to defend that thing to the death, but I knew, deep in my heart, that the C64 was the superior machine.



    Ahh the memories.... The Last ninja is still to this day one of my all time faves and owning Wonderboy on catridge was the greatest thing ever when i was a kid. Long live the C64!!! and a special heartfelt shout out to the monty series too.

      Completing The Last Ninja was one of my proudest gaming moments. That and Impossible Mission, but The Last Ninja was a lot harder.

      I just wouldn't have the patience these days to master some of those pixel perfect jumps and smoke bombs that were required.

        If you're talking Monty on the run, that was awesome! Best music of any game to date, highly recommend downloading the mp3 (google it). I only knew of the sequel.
        F14 Tomcat and Defender were the others that have not been beaten for their genre.

    I wouldn't know where to start.... I have so many memories of games that consumed a large portion of my childhood. Games such as Bubble Bobble, Montezuma's Revenge, Spy Hunter, Impossible Mission (1&2), TMNT, and many more.
    I still remember the day when my dad drove us from one side of Melbourne to the other to buy the secondhand C64 with hundreds of disks.

    Load "*",8,1

    Gawsh! - 30 years... ahh the fun.....30 mins of tape loading (plus) for it to crash and reload once again while waiting another 30 mins. All the while

    My top 3 games ever:
    Blue Max (broke 3x joysticks on that one!!)
    Ghostbusters (finshed many times)

    My top 3!

      Action Replay V3 is your friend... TURBO LOAD :P

    I had an Apple Macintosh and 'Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?'.....big sob.

    Although I remember quite a few of the games we had, if I had to pick five...

    Impossible Mission
    Summer Games

    Co-op Wizball probably was the most played out of anything, but these 5 really did get a strong work out.

      OHHH Wizball!!! & Impossible Mission...yessss

      Just tracked down another awesome game I remember...

      Big Mac - The Mad Maintenance Man

    Wizball. Commodore 64. That is all.

    Oh wait, how about Elite? and Parallax? and The Pawn? and...

    Never touched or seen one of these in my life. I feel young.

    I destroyed so many joysticks slamming them back and forth playing the Epyx Summer/Winter/World Games. Eventually I found I could use my Master System control pad and my joystick runing days were over.

    I also loved Cave of the Word Wizard. The idea that my computer was capable of SPEECH was mind blowing to my tiny child brain, even if sometimes you had no idea what word you were supposed to be spelling because it sounded a bit garbled...

    I think I probably sank more time into Bubble Bobble than any other game though.

    That's funny, I had a C64 and was jealous of mates who had Atari STs and Amiga 500s.

    I won't even know where to start listing all the games I used to love. I actually can't remember the names of several of what were my favourite games. Like the one where you're a monkey racing a pedal powered helicopter against other monkeys doing the same.

    I had an Amiga, stick that in your cassette player!

    Oh my.

    Jie-Ar Kung Fu
    Bruce Lee

    Coding in basic!

    Good times.

      Oh fuck... I forgot Commando!

      That was brutal, managed to finish it only once and that was a great day!

    I had a C64 as a kid! Was the second best Xmas present ever! First would have to be the n64!
    @Geezer i feel your pain, My neighbor had a Amiga and cannon fodder blew my mind!

    My faves were Project Firestart and Mercenary.

    B.C. Bill
    What other game do you beat women with a club to make them your 'wife'?

    When I was a mere lad of 16 a bunch of my mates got seriously drunk and played gridrunner all night to gage the effects of booze on hand eye coordination - purely in the name of science of course...

    I still get nauseous at the mention of irish whiskey...

    It was a computer, Mark, not a console! :P

    But ooohhh man, the games...

    International Soccer
    The Last Ninja
    International Karate +
    Beach Head 2
    All those old Epyx sports games like Summer Games 1 & 2, Winter Games, World Games, California Games
    Bionic Commando
    Ikari Warriors (it was better than Commando and you know it)
    Bubble Bobble
    Spy Hunter

    I could go on and on and on...

    Personal Faves...

    Creatures (1 not 2)
    B.C. Bill
    Pirates! The original and still the best
    Last Ninja - All 3 make the list
    The Bard's Tale 3 - Thief of Fate

    Grrr as I write this I remember more and more games that I'd like to add. Oh man I loved that off brown box of a keyboard.

    SYS 64738
    (oops, just rebooted the K=Au server, sorry)

    Ahh yes and the days before the Internet. I remember going into cash converters as a kid to purchase "blank" disks all the time hahaha

    So many. So, so many gems - whilst my real machine is packed away, I always find myself firing up some random gems when I get the chance.

    But of all of 'em… would have to put Paradroid above all else as my perennial favourite. Such a perfect blend of action & tactics in gameplay. From worrying about which decks should be cleared, to even which droids to take over & which to just destroy.

    I think I spent more time on C64 Ghostbusters than any game since!

    Long live Commodore. Such a shame they aren't around anymore, could have been bigger than Apple.

    I never owned one, but my friend did. I used to love playing Cops & Robbers. Good times. :)

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