Tell Us Dammit: What Do You Eat?

As I write I'm currently munching on some almonds. I'm eating almonds because I eat way to much chocolate during my working day and I'm trying to ease off. I plough through a series amount of Smarties, Caramello Koalas and Turkish Delights whilst working — but what do you guys and girls eat?

And what's the best breakfast cereal? Where do you go for lunch? What's your favourite restuarant?

Let's talk about food dammit!


    I got an industrial popcorn machine for my birthday yesterday so I've been eating tonnes of popcorn.

    Normally I eat lots of toast for breakfast and sausage rolls during lunchbreak.

      Happy birthday for yesterday, man. Hope it was a good one.

      Industrial popcorn machine, is this to go with an awesome home cinema? Also happy birthday!

        No, just the popcorn machine! Useless but awesome!

          It sounds awesome though, all I have is this pissy little popcorn machine that was about 20 dollars at target :P

      The best birthday present of all...
      the smell of popcorn ALL THE TIME...

      Happy birthday, btw

        I love popcorn, but it makes me choke almost always. Why have the popcorn Gods forsaken me? :P

    killer pythons. maybe it seems a bit junior, but those things are addictive to a sugar junkie.

      I wish that sold bigger packs!

        4 packs at woolies! i bought a boatload when they were on special.

    Porridge. Breakfast of champions.

      Porridge is good and I'm partial to a nice toasted muesli as well

    It'll probably turn out that Mark got all these almonds by eating the chocolate off of all of them first.

    Favourite dish(es) for me... Pho is up there, Indian curry too. Both make you smell of onions and spices, but it's so good.

    Red Rock Deli chips are the greatest. I love Lime & Black Pepper and Salt and Vinegar the best.

      Their Jalapeno and Cheddar corn chips are the food of the gods.

    I got my whole office into eating almonds. They're addictive and high in protein. Good workout snack.

    I got my whole office into eating almonds. They're addictive and high in protein. Good workout snack.

      Make sure they are RAW almonds :) They retain their healthy fatty acid chains when compared to dry roasted and taste far better anyway. a good heaped handfull should score you a nice 200cal snack thats high in fibre and supplements a healthy lifestyle fantastically

        Hi watsonega, do you have any reference for the difference between them?
        I eat dry roasted almonds (I find they taste nicer) a bit as does my wife how has numerous food allergies so if raw is much better we might have to make the switch.

          To be honest I have the roasted ones too.

    Since I started to get into shape I find myself hungry all the time -- all day, every day... So I eat any thing, man. ANY THING. (Within reason. :P)

      Lol same here always hungry even if I have massive serving of dinner ever since I started getting in shape

    Currently on lite and easy which has allowed me to drop a shitload of weight but starving.

    Right now im eating "chicken in a biscuit" when i should be eating lite n easy food. Im a heffa *goes home and cries into a bucket of icecream.

      Stop it! You'll make your ice-cream all salty.

    Mostly Whales, with the occasional baby Panda if I can get it.

    Porridge for breakfast, followed by Avocado on toast. We eat lots of home-made pizzas (dough left to proof for a day). I can't resist hunting for a sausage sizzle on Saturday mornings... it's for charity! Also, last year I worked above a restaurant that made me a veal tongue burger with fries. It was awesome.

    My breakfast cereal of choice varies, at the moment it is Nutri Grain.

    I try to avoid snacking at work and for the most part I do it pretty well. Although I have a massive weakness for cheese grain waves.

    I am a bit of a pasta nut though. I could eat pasta every day of the week and not get sick of it.

    I've been losing weight for the last 6 months or so, so it's lots of fruit and veg for me. I've got a kickass vegie garden out the back which I regularly raid, and I've gotten in the habit of cooking from recipes rather than from a packet.

    I like cake though so I allow myself 1 healthy-ish muffin every day for morning smoko.

    Oh and best cereal. Coles brand Sultana bran. Great stuff. Soo many sultanas

    Braekfast is weetbix every day. Snack when I bother vary wildly licorice and sour cola bottles are my go to nibbles at work.

    Lunch is usually last nights dinner and dinner will almost always be cooked with/flavoured by copious amounts of chilli. What's wrong with 10-14 serves of crazy hot chilli a week?

    I rarely eat during the day, I find if I eat too much I become tired or distracted.

    I'll start the day with a 500ml can of black V to kick start my 7am start. Throughout the day I'll have a couple of straight black coffees.

    I might have the occasional snack but I find that I don't really have the time until I finish at 5pm.

    I tend to have a relatively decent dinner to compensate for the minimal eating throughout the day.

      That sounds really awfull

        Not really. I find food too distracting and like I said, if I eat more than a couple of snacks my productivity drops.

        I like being productive.

    I work in a restaurant, so my restaurant is best restaurant.
    I eat what my girlfriend makes me for dinner.
    Froot Loops are the best cereal, but I don't eat breakfast. I prefer cereal as a 2am snack.
    For lunch I just take sandwiches to work. Ham or salami and cheese sandwiches is best sandwiches.

      I eat dinner foods for breakfast. Had a lasagna this morning and pizza last week. :P

        Whoever decided bacon and eggs was a "breakfast" meal was grossly misguided. That should be sold everywhere, at anytime.

        I also believe that dinner foods make the best breakfasts and that cereals should be eaten some time in the wee hours of morning.

        The best breakfast cereal is definitely crunchy nut cornflakes... yum!

    Shredded Wheat, century egg & as much chocolate as possibible!

    Almonds are awesome.

    Also speaking of turkish delight, I have some amazing stuff in my cupboard at home, saved for a rainy day when I want to nom something sweet. Rosewater turkish delight, with roasted pistachio nuts inside, coated in coconut.

    Best breakfast cereal: homemade bircher muesli.

      Clearly you don't live in my house where all the tasty foods are eaten on the day of purchase. :P

        I had a backlog of some nougat I was working through first. :P

    My favourite foods are edible ones...
    I like food a lot :)

    Cupcakes, pho and dumplings top my list...

    As do my special bourbon-spiked triple choc brownies...

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