Ten Of The Best/Worst Examples Of Retro PC Box Art

I'm not normally one to indulge in "TOP 10 THINGS OF THIS THING" lists, but when they involve badarse box art from 1980s and 90s PC games, I can't help it.

Topless Robot put together their list of "10 Insanely Badarse DOS Game Boxes", and it's good reading, mostly because they know the worth of Saboteur II: Avenging Angel's front cover (Panthers! Swords!), but also because they pay homage to Crime Wave, a PC game I'm really going to have to get around to featuring here soon.

For the record, top spot went to Sega's Crack Down, not to be confused with Microsoft's Crackdown, because one has a giant devil goat man on the cover, and the other was an Xbox 360 game that did not.

10 Insanely Badass DOS Game Boxes [Topless Robot]


    I miss box art like this. It went well with my attention span.

    Sooo.. what was aaargh! about? I'd like to know pls. For internets sake

      It would appear to be a medieval Rampage style giant monster building punch-em-up, crossed with very basic side scrolling street-fighter typed game
      Looks like it would have been pretty good fun.

      With regards to the article though, their complete lack of Roger Dean Psygnosis game covers gets this top ten a fail in my book.

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