That Guy You Hated In The Walking Dead Game Has Been Punched 1.4 Million Times

One of the things that makes Telltale's The Walking Dead video game tick is choice. Players get to make a series of both time-critical and leisurely decisions as the chapters go by. Everything from "who is Lee polite to" to "who gets to live and who dies horribly" is up for grabs, and the game tracks those choices from chapter to chapter.

More fun than making choices, though, is arguing about them. You picked who to live? You did what with that axe? But I thought it was obvious what was the right choice there, you mean you didn't take it?

Some decisions in episode two, "Starved for Help," clearly had more universal outcomes than others. Players seemed more in agreement than they did in Episode one, but some decisions were closer to split.

The one I'm most glad to find myself in the majority on? Being in the 65% of players who warned Clementine in time. I think she'll probably grow up scarred enough as is; no reason to add that one to her plate.

The Walking Dead: Episode Two Stats Revealed and an Episode Three Update [Telltale Blog]


    That was a massive spoiler if you havn't played the second part.

      At what point after a game is out are we allowed to talk about it? Sorry, but this has had plenty of time for people to play now, and if you haven't played, why would you be reading an article about who made what choices anyway?

      Pretty sure they warned you about spoilers 4 seconds in.

    I found some of the choices to be rather inequal, and less a choice. Like the very first one and the thumbnail for the video, about the guy's leg. At no point do you have the choice they list. If you keep doing anything, you will get result 1. You have to literally sit there and do nothing to get the second. I went back a few times to see what difference it made at the time, and it was astonishingly difficult NOT to chop the guy's leg off. >< There are other things like this too. Also moments like in the first episode, with 'who did you save' there is no exploration of why, but I maintain that if you were being purely logical at the time you would have chosen the girl, on the hope that you could then use her gun to save the other guy. Or when you save the kid on the farm; the kid seemed to be in much more danger than the adult, so yes, it felt pushed into that decision.

    Mind you I love the game! I even bought it twice (Once on steam, once on my ipad) to enjoy it more. But some of the choices just aren't really choices, or at the least, you can see why there is SUCH a gap between them afterwards.

      I saved the guy.. he seemed more useful.. *shrugs*

      I also saved the guy near the fence (the farmer's son).. seemed like he was in more danger at the time.

      So as much as you might think you were "forced" into these decisions.. you weren't.. it's just the way you, as a person, interpretted the events and made a choice.. a different choice to me in those two instances. :)

        And yes, she had the gun.. so I fgured she'd be able to defend herself.

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