That Time The Slenderman Turned Up In A Skrillex Video

Slenderman, that terrifying faceless ghoul in a suit, has been around for a good long while before that stripped-down, scary video game Slender hopped into the public eye. He's a long-standing meme going back years, and he's turned up everywhere from the YouTube Series Marble Hornets to... well, to a Skrillex video from last year.

In the video here, you can see ol' slendy turn up right at the 2:30 mark. At which point the freaky little girl uses his powers to wreak havoc on the stressed-looking guy.

Hey, turns out I like Skrillex videos.


    Some videogames are made by humans; sometimes videogames even have human characters in them.
    Anything also made by a human is now videogame related.
    Humans are on planet Earth, which is a part of the universe.
    Anything of this universe is now videogame related.

    I don't think the thing in this clip is Slenderman. Where's his suit, and why does he have eyes?

    Might be just black eye kids... but the suit is clearly visible. Pity it is Skrillex.

    Reminds me greatly of "Come to daddy" by Aphex Twin

    I'm surprised kotaku hasn't mentioned this slender video

    lol dirty pedo gets dead,,,, what a shame

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