The A-Team Of Video Games Kicks Arse Sans Cigars, Jewellery

Artist Mike Sekowski takes the idea of fan fiction and drags it somewhere even Garry's Mod would struggle to keep up with. A glorious image, to be sure, but just how much use would Mario be in a real fight?

I'm imagining scenarios involving head-stomping and mushroom-swallowing are somewhat limited on the modern battlefield.

many faces... Mseko, via XombieDIRGE]


    Super Smash Bros? Mario has drugs, a flame flower - bio mechanical (animal) suits. A FLUDD. He is a master of sticking his bottom onto the enemies head. Further he has a moustache and he can also fix toilets!!! He would butt stomp those assasin creed wusses. Yeah an assasin with knives who can dance on rooofs would go real well on the modern battlefield.

      the assassins creed series has been evolving constantly with each game in terms of the weaponry the protagonist uses. Wait until you get to use Desmond as the protagonist with all his modern day tech, and then you might want to retract that statement, also mario's "weapons" are short range and have short term effects, a throwing knife to the neck would drop him

        Unless the game is COD pretty sure a throwing knife is short range.

        Last time i checked the Fireflower and Hammer Suits were permanant as long as he doesn't get hit =P

        And they did have range xD

    Yeah, I'd rate Mario above Altair/Ezio. Give him a mega mushroom or a Star and he'd probably trash the others too.

      Or he'd turn everyone into coins.
      Coins everywhere!

    Thats all nice, but im pretty sure Gordon Freeman is the best by far, atleast out of these his game is easily the best

      Half-Life? Dear god no. Awesome game, but every other character there has at least one better game.
      (I write this as I have Half-Life 2 on pause.)

    Methinks Mario is also the only one with multiple lives as well.

    the Spartan, Master Chief John "Hannibal" 117,
    the Bounty Hunter, Samus "Face" Aran,
    the Commando, Iroquois "Snake" Plisken,
    and Mario "B.A." Mario

    If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire

    the "A-Team"

      er, Snake should be "Howling Mad"

    Samus fuck every boody up.

    Snake standing next to a bunch of pussies. Must be another fanboy thing....

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