The Adventure Time Game's Collector's Edition Includes The One Thing It Needed To

There are plenty of gaming references (and even entire episodes) in Adventure Time — there's even a video game system as a character — but really, I've always felt the most video gamey episode of all is actually one that doesn't even directly involve them.

I'm talking about The Enchiridion, from the show's first series. Pitched as a quest, from start to end it's so segmented and absurd that it feels like the greatest video game never made.

I'm obviously not alone in thinking that, because the collector's edition of the upcoming DS and 3DS game Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage? comes in a steelbook case made to look like the exhalted tome. It also comes with a map of Ooo, a sword stylus and a bestiary. All for an extra $US10.


Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage ?! [Amazon]



    er my glob!

    All my lumps take them.

    Ordered without even thinking twice.

      From where?! As far as I know the 3DS one isn't coming out in PAL territories :(

        Amazon. I bought two.

        One for me and one for my girlfriend.

        If I have to buy a local release as well then so be it.

          Might want to consider buying a 3DS at some stage as well.

            Also might have to consider the fact that the 3DS is region locked, so you'd need an American 3DS to play it.

              Yep. At least he'll have 2 sets of collector's edition stuff. I doubt PAL regions will get it, if ever :(

              Is the DS version identical? At least DS games are region free.

                All good, I'll just keep these for the items and pick up a local version for playing.

                I knew there was a reason why I don't play a lot of consoles - PC gaming tends to avoid this.

                (I am _not_ trying to start a PC vs. Console argument).

    Where are people hearing that PAL territories aren't getting the 3DS version? I can't seem to find anything stating this.

    just for clarification, barring the obvious 3d mode and slight improvement in resolution, both 3ds and ds versions are exactly the same.
    buuuuut aussies cant buy the 3ds version from overseas because the 3ds is region locked. the ds, however, is not

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