The Amazing Cosplay Of An Otaku Convention

Kotaku reader and talented photographer man Mike Kowalek, whose Anime Expo work we showcased a few weeks back, was also at the recent Otakon, held in Baltimore between July 27-29.

Billed as a celebration of "anime, manga, and all facets of Asian pop culture", it's also a great excuse for people to get up to their eyeballs in awesome cosplay, including a ton of great video game outfits.

You can see more of Mike's great photos from the event here. You can even buy some if you see yourself/someone you know/someone who looks awesome.

Otakon 2012: On The Storm'sEdge [ELEVENTHPHOTOGRAPH]

To see the larger pics in all their glory (or so you can save them as wallpaper), right-click on the "expand" icon on the main image above and select "open in new tab".

Fancy Pants is a look at the world of cosplay (costume play), where people dress up as their favourite video game characters. Sometimes it works! Sometimes it...yeah.


    I think that Two-Face is better than the awful CG in The Dark Knight. Great photos, though!

    The zelda is errr, 'kind of lacking' but i guess well done to everyone

      So only big-breasted girls should play Zelda? Or should cosplay at all for YOUR eyecandy?

        Big breasted? I don't recall writing that, oh wait, I DIDN'T. Hate some where else troll, and dont put words in my mouth. Or should my comments suit YOU?

          'The Zelda is errr 'kind of lacking'. - MikeZdoesit

          Wow. Thanks for pointing that out. The lack of boob obviously didn't sit will with you. Props to making an observation, but thanks for making it even more obvious that women have to be of 'a certain size' to be beautiful. You're an asset to plastic surgeons everywhere.

            And so you know, I'm small breasted myself, about her size. I'm trying to be happy with it, but reading what thousands upon millions of men like you say about small breasts, makes it seem as if it is *WRONG* to be small breasted, like I'm 'lacking' in an essential department that makes me attractive, that it's the key part of my attractiveness no matter what the rest of me looks like.

            That is why I took issue with your comment. It very much hinges on another comment that says 'Girls, please don't wear leggings/stockings with your mini skirts ~ An appreciator.

              maybe he was saying he thinks she's ugly? tho I guess that doesn't do much to improve the situation at this point :/...

              I personally just thought she looked odd because her wig and ears are off-center...

                Are you crazy? You're the one who bought up the small/big breast issue. Sounds to me like that if anyone here has an issue with breasts, it's surely you. He even said "well done to all", he's not exactly ripping on anyone, and he definitely isn;t complaing about the size of her bust. I don't think it's the best Zelda I have seen, but it's okay - although everyone is entitled to their opinions.

              KieZan... oh god why, KieZan?

              His words exactly:

              "The zelda is errr, ‘kind of lacking’ but i guess well done to everyone"

              Now, if i get this right, you believe her implied the girl cosplaying as Zelda was "lacking" in-so-far as she didn't have the breasts to pull it off? Why... seriously, bringing your own issues into this isn't going to help anyone - especially not you

              Look at the picture. Go ahead. Look at it right now - i'll wait.

              There, good? K. Now, first and foremost it's clear that this young lady put some effort into her costume - this is true.


              1. The hair she has is from the Zelda in the latest game (Skyward Sword) while the rest of the costume is from the earlier Zelda games
              2. The armor/clothing, upon closer inspection, looks kinda cheap and is ill-fitted for this particular girls figure, giving a strange "not quite right" kinda look
              3. If we are getting reeeally hardcore-fan-nit-picking here, she doesn't have the right facial structure, her ears in the costume are lopsided and her make-up isn't what i would call "Zelda accurate" especially considering her afore mentioned facial structure

              So... KieZan... please, for the love of anyone and everything you hold dear - work out your issues and come back with a sensible response.

              Because single minded hatred through a jaded lens helps no one - especially you.

    Ive got an urge to take up Archery again!

    Urgh, I've always hate blue faced two face. TDK Dent was great, straight up Long Halloween Two-face

    Seagull Pear Wind Waker Link in his pyjamas is just perfect :D

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