The Bad Guys In Sleeping Dogs Aren’t Very Good At Fleeing

The Bad Guys In Sleeping Dogs Aren’t Very Good At Fleeing

Sometimes, in Sleeping Dogs, you kick so many arses that your still-standing foes give up and run away. This usually happens when you’re clearing out the “drug bust” zones, which begin with a fight and end with some sweet, delicious camera-hacking.

For some reason, after you’ve kicked all the asses, the fleeing guys kinda… lose their minds a little bit. They hop onto the bikes and cars they arrived in and sort of drunkenly careen around all willy-nilly before eventually swerving out onto the street. It’s a funny bit of fiction-breaking bugginess. A particularly good one has been captured here by GameFails.

Don’t tell anyone, but when the punks run away, I like to chase ’em down anyway and throw them into a dumpster or something.


  • To be fair, they’ve been in a fist fight and may well be suffering severe head trauma. You shouldn’t be watching, you should be calling for emergency services!

  • Those guys are more cunning than they look. You’ll often draw in more than the requisite amount so once you’ve beat down 8 or 10 or 20 or whatever guys the rest flee, sometimes stealing my car in the process!

    • I had one guy steal my car my and push me 2 blocks away whilst I was in the hacking mini-game (the camera stayed on the switchbox whilst Wei was pushed further from my sight). Thankfully it didn’t interrupt the hacking, but when I finished, I was kinda lost for a second. 🙂

  • I just did a case where I saved a bunch of immigrants. They were saying their thank yous and then all turned and fell into the ocean never to be seen again. :S

  • Whats eve more fail is the false environment reflection map on the vehicle.

    A stop sign on the corner of an intersection with grass.

  • Oh look you found a bug, clearly this is worth it’s own page on Kotaku. Slow news day I take it? Can’t find anything better to post than a small bug in an otherwise impressive game?

    • I totally agree, can you send me a link to your video game website so that I can read news, reviews and articles there, clearly your site takes a serious, hard edge approach to the entertainment in video games as opposed to the fun they have at Kotaku

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