The Best And Worst Of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale So Far

The closed beta for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was released earlier this week. While it's in no way a complete product (it's a beta, after all) there were some things about it I loved and hated. Watch the video above to find out.


    Is this game really that ugly? Watching this clip, even in HD, it's all kinda blurry and dull. I think even Smash Bros Melee looked better than this.

    I can see why they didnt add some of the things in SSB, but it seems weak without it.

    ugh, what bugs me is it still feels like a cheap copy of something much better. As it currently stands, Probably would not buy.

    people complain about how it's just a rip-off of SSB, then they realise it's actually different and complain that it's not like SSB....seriously get over SSB for 5 minutes.
    Also what's wrong with LBP+Buzz? I thought that was a cool idea....Hot shots golf though...yeah you got a point it's kinda pathetic but if it works well in the level (like the Hydra and buzz thing) then what's the problem?

    This really is a shameless ripoff, it's really hard to look past that, sorry.

      It's called a genre.

        The idea of the "party" genres existing seems to escape people.

    It just doesn't look like it has any life/emotion in it. SSB was full of big bold characters and colours with things happening all over the place. PRB looks empty an uninspired by comparison. As to the mash-up stages, it wasn't so much a case of the stages themselves sucking, it was merely the mash-up aspect of the two stages in question that didn't really work well together(at least that's the impression I got from the commentary). For the game to work, to me anyway, it needs the characters to bulk larger in the stages with more exaggerated attacks and abilities and, where possible, a closer camera shot.

    theze is not the videos your looking for

    Shame Sony thinks its more important to have a "Fat Princess" character and not Crash nor Spyro in the game at the moment.

    Anyways, I don't mind game copying SSB either (even though a lot of Sony Die-hards think it isn't), I love cross over games in general.

    This is a direct SSBB clone...but so far not a good one.

      I don't think it's a matter of "importance" that they haven't been included, but it's probably due to the fact Sony don't own the franchises any more and are instead in the hands of Activision. They wouldn't be allowed to just add them in, they would need to grab permission and possibly pay a sum of money to be able to use them under what conditions (i.e. look at the No Doubt case against Activison, and MK vs DC where fatalities were removed due to DC not wanting them to be used on their characters).

        I find it amusing that Snake ended up in Smash Bros but not here. Maybe we will still see Old Snake... as DLC.

          I'd buy Crash, Spyro and Abe DLC

    so uninspired...

      There is absolutely no way that the pitch for this game did not involve the words Smash and Bros.

        I agree. In fact I am certain that it went like this:

        "Hey, bros! Let's copy TMNT Smash-Up, but with our own characters!"

          They've openly agreed that Smash was the main inspiration for making the game, and that fans of Playstation have been asking for it.

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