The Case Of The Northland JB Hi-Fi Pre-Owned Games

It started with a post on my Facebook timeline, from my friend, and presenter on New Game Plus, Bradley Jolly. A single photograph, of some crazy hand-drawn video game cases in the pre-owned section of JB Hi-Fi Northland. I can only assume they were drawn to replace the real covers. God only knows. Regardless, they are absolutely incredible.

I asked Bradley to take more photographs and he obliged — thanks mate — but after some research I discovered that JB Hi-Fi at Northland is a bit of a repeat offender, and has had plenty of re-drawn covers featured on Reddit. I absolutely love them.

They're just brilliant. If you can't have the real covers, might as well have these instead. Apparently the drawings are done by three people who work in the store, just for something fun to do. Kudos guys. I love them.


    How much time do these guys have on their hands? That, or some really laid back bosses. If I stopped to scratch myself for a second when I worked at JB, I copped an ass whooping.

      Lets be honest, these look like they take at the most 3 minutes each to draw.

      With games that don't have covers they would need to write a cover why not spend an extra couple of minutes and have some fun with it?

      i dunno, could be a bit of fun to do when chilling out on a tea break

      I bet these would sell faster/for more though so it's not like it's wasted time.

    Haha, this is insanely cool for replacement covers but why didn't the original owners look after them in the first place!? I've still got a mint condition cardboard box of Gabriel Knight 3 and the Tex Murphy games in the next room. How do they lose the covers of a DVD case? Bah! :P

      A child left unsupervised with destroy items at (nx)y/time rate.

        This. This times a billion. Tiny little wrecking machines they are.

      A large enough percentage of the population take the disc out of the box and throw everything else away when they buy games.

      Also, given that there's a cover for the PC version of Skyrim, I'd say a number of these had their boxes stolen (usually kids thinking they're getting a five-finger discount) .

        I used to get rid of boxes, I used to use a CD case when I was a kid.

      Always took good care of my games, but I have ended up with a good few Megadrive and N64 cartridges without boxes. It just happens sometimes.

      A man after my own heart. With classic [and quality] titles like that, I'd love to see your collection.

      I had Under a Killing Moon in its original box, but I was like 15 so God knows where it ended up... :(

      drunk shenanigans are usually the end of my video game cases...

    Sonic Unleashed....SO GOOD!

    Haha, I'd be happy just to pay for the case, bugger the game. These great -- loved the Skyrim one.

    Haha, I'm getting a very 'Master System' minimalist kinda vibe to some of these covers.

    We need to get that artist to submit some scribbletakus

    Games traded in with no covers, only possible reason, stolen goods...

    Also had a Pacman one -

    Foward thinking people

    I'm going to have to pop down there every now and again to see if there's ever new ones now!

      Wanna see those close up. Good thing Northland is kind of on the way to uni.

    The Homefront one is particularly impressive.

    They've got a great "BE KIND REWIND" vibe goin' there.....

    I took photos of these over at highpoint a while ago and sent them in but they didnt get published. ive uploaded some more that arent on there:

      sorry meant northlands :)

    I'd love to see their take on a Kingdom Hearts box lol

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      An easy way to fix the issue for yourself is to stay the fuck out of JB or go the Young Liberals video game store...... not a boat person or untidy scruff in sight.

      I'm really good friends with some people that work at JB and I have to say your impression of them is pretty much spot on. I love my friends to bits, they're great people, but being really old and square now at 37, I got all that shit out of my system almost 20 years ago.

      To be fair, they're not bad people, you probably intimidate them with your normal appearance. Like anyone else, we feel comfortable around people that outwardly indicate they are like us.

      Maybe shop on line so you can remain unoffended by these horrible, horrible people

    Really like the slogan at the end of the Mafia one lol.

    I love the Army of Two one. "Where the heck is everyone else?" ahahaha

    Not one comment about the "Master Chef" on Halo 3? I loved that one!

    That Homefront cover in the first photo is _really_ good.

    I regularly buy games off this guy. He's pretty cool. His manager seems a bit uptight though. He was telling me today he is now being asked to do custom covers...

    This is great marketing for his store. I just hope the discs are in good condition and
    not scratched to hell

    the best is the master chef one.

    i reckon that's a far better plot development for Halo. The protaganist turns around and tells the aliens and military that his sick of the killing and never ending plot holes and that he'd rather follow his dream and be a chef.

    I don't think many of you know but Master Chief's father was in fact a chef and his father before him. Legend has it their food brought peace to the galaxy and lead to a golden age in fluffy deserts.

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