The Founder Of Ouya Just Finished Answering Everyone’s Questions On Reddit

The Founder Of Ouya Just Finished Answering Everyone’s Questions On Reddit

Julie Uhrman is the founder of OUYA, the open source, Kickstarter back console. Overnight she took part in a Reddit ‘Ask Me About Anything’ and while she only stopped by for an hour, she still managed to address a number of important questions about the upcoming OUYA console — discussing her stance on DRM and precisely how ‘open’ open source is on OUYA.

Julie Uhrman on DRM

Much as we know some folks oppose DRM, we need to support it for game developers who want it. Some game developers simply won’t develop if they’re concerned about piracy, others don’t mind sharing source code openly. We’ll support both. It’s hard for us to hear when people pull out, but every choice we make has tradeoffs. We hope you’ll reconsider, since this platform is open in so many ways.

Julie Uhrman on how ‘open’ the OUYA will be

You’ll be able to access the base hardware, and hack the OS as well. We’re figuring out which elements to make changeable when the console is rooted (we’ve heard a lot of people want to keep access to the store).

Julie Uhrman on additional funding

We are aiming to create an incredible product that is used by as many people as want it — which is another way of saying, we’re not trying to take anyone on, instead, we’re bringing a new way of thinking to an existing business. We’re doing our own thing. We won’t need any additional funding before we launch.

Julie Uhrman on OUYA scepticism

Honestly, skepticism is good. It keeps us on our toes and fighting for our vision and what we believe in. It’s that fight that makes me confident we will have a great product for you. It is frustrating when folks review us as a final product when we’ve done everything we can to say we are still IN DEVELOPMENT. But, we are focused — don’t dwell on the skepticism and focus on you and our other 50,000 backers who believe in this and want OUYA!

For anyone interested in the console, especially those who backed the OUYA project on Kickstarter, this is a must read.

I’m Julie Uhrman, founder of OUYA! AMAA [Reddit]


  • I dont want to live in a world with more consoles and hardware, i want cloud based gaming and streaming content to my devices, but i hope its successful for them as they seem very genuine.

    • I’m skeptical about the OUYA, but that said, I honestly believe it’s a better option than cloud gaming and streaming, only because Australia’s internet is a pile of garbage.

    • They all ready announced the OnLive service last week that allows games to be streamed to Ouya. Check out Update No.6 on Ouya’s kickstarter page.

      • Except in Europe. Won’t work there, or the TV service.

        How about Aus? OnLive requires heavy investment in regional physical hardware. Do they have that here, or does lag kill it?

  • I’m a complete skeptic of the Ouya.

    I have a feeling that it’ll just vanish along with all that money. 😐

  • Honestly after reading rumours of the xbox 720, I’m looking forward to that.
    Proper windows 8 OS, PC integration, bluray drive, it’s basically a PC in your living room…. Which is exactly what a console should be. Give me a keyboard, mouse and controller and a media PC that plays games.
    We might even finally see some good cross platform integration.
    And there were rumours that the CPUs were going to be upgradable somewhere down the line. Oh and apparently it will cost $300…. Shut up and take my money.

    • Sorry mate, but if a rumour mentions the next Xbox having a Blu-Ray drive, you can immediately consider it false.

      Microsoft backed HD-DVD and Sony hold the rights to the Blu-Ray standard. There is no way in hell, even if Microsoft is willing to accept the format, Sony will allow a competitor access to the format that is one of the main advantages of the PS3.

      • There’s no reason Microsoft would be unwilling to accept the format. It may be a pain to get it sorted out but I’m sure Microsoft are pushing for it. Even if Sony had full 100% control over the situation, which they don’t, they have to look at it from more than just the Playstation’s perspective. Console backing is a major part of the Blu-Rays success. As far as Blu-Ray is concerned there’s a lot of value in the next XBOX having a player.
        There seems to be this idea that Sony and Microsoft are willing to be extremely pigheaded about this stuff. Like it’s some sort of fanboy argument between companies. There’s an element of pride there and practical reasons that make it difficult, but that’s not going to stand in the way of them making a decision that will ultimately sell more consoles.

      • You might want to check your facts before writing crap like this. For the last time! Sony doesn’t control Blu- ray, nor who has access to it. Sony is one of many backers for Blu-ray. But they don’t hold sway. The 720 will have Blu-ray, that’s a widely known fact. There is no way in hell MS will put up with multi DVD titles required for next gen games. Please take a couple of minutes to hit Google before coming here to sprout off like you know it all…

      • You’ve got to be crazy.

        The install base for both systems is more or less even, with PS3 pulling ahead over the next year – which means that as it stands, they’ve sold more in a shorter period of time than the Xbox, despite the games problem at the start of the launch.

        That aside, BD is the future, and as others have said, Sony don’t own BD – they’re only one partner. Why would they *not* want a nice share of the profits of the Xbox licensing agreement to use BD?

        You also have to consider this:

        With a similar install base, and similar discs, you start letting customers make direct comparisons between the two platforms. Here’s what I would see:
        Disc format – equal
        Third party games – pretty much equal. No surprises here, major studios will support both.
        First/third party exclusives – Sony wins, hands down. Yes, Halo is a system seller, but the sheer number of studios under Sony’s umbrella these days will stomp Halo. That’s all the Xbox has.
        Network – Sony will win this. You can bet your house that the PS4 will include cross game chat, for free. That knocks out one big plus from this gen. Secondly, it’s free. Another plus.
        Paid network – Sony wins. One-off yearly fee that gives you 45-odd full games a year, for free download? Absolutely destroys the Xbox offering.
        Streaming services – Sony bought the OnLive competitor. If you don’t think that’s going to be a massive inclusion in the PS4, you’re bonkers. I would not be surprised if it became “free for PS+ subs”.

        With this sort of easy comparison chart, what does the Xbox have that really is a must-buy? Halo?

        This will come down to components and price, but you can be sure Sony will hit hard on this. They’ve slowly developed an killer base this gen to launch the next gen from, and given the past failures, they’ll drop everything they have to make the PS4 like the PS2.

  • I’m sort of on the fence about it. Good idea at it’s core, but I doubt it’ll really take off. I’d like to be proven wrong though.

    I’m also curious to know whether any Kotaku AU readers have actually contributed to the Kickstarter.


  • It’s kind of funny that Julie’s comments on DRM are the other side to Stallman’s comments about Steam on Linux. Stallman says he doesn’t want DRM (Steam) and non-open games on Linux because it goes against the ethics of Linux’s free nature, and Julie is saying developers using DRM or closed sources don’t want to put things on Ouya because of it’s free nature.

  • There’s a question there about marketing that sort of gets derailed by the way it’s worded. I’d be interested to know how much they’re going to be sinking into marketing and how hard they’re going to actually be trying to sell the console. 50,000 backers gave them a fair whack of cash but it doesn’t make much of a userbase.
    I’m guessing there’s a ton of people who are waiting to see how it plays out, and for $99 I’m sure it’ll bring in the curious once it hits the market, but in the past we’ve seen some great consoles go down in flames simply because they lacked the install base to generate the developer interest to generate the games which creates the install base.

  • Until a few days ago I seriously had no use for Ouya. Now I do. I travel a lot for work. Hand helds only get you so far when you’re alone in you room at night. Having a console I can plug into the TV via HDMI and the web in the room but that is small enough to take with me would be an absolute god send.

    I recently took my 360 to NZ with me and it was a nightmare to pack and muck about with at customs.

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