The Grand Theft Auto V Viral Marketing Is Go!

Well some experts seem to think we'll be playing Grand Theft Auto V before April. I'd be surprised — pleasantly surprised — if that happens. But now it seems as though the viral marketing for the game is starting to kick off. And it takes the form of a pretty crazy parody of Scientology/any religious cult you care to name.

Head to the website for The Epsilon Program, and have a gander.

According to the site...

— The Earth is actually 157 years old. — Sperm does not exist. — Trees talk and we all come from a tree. The same tree.

The only real hint the site has anything to do with the Grand Theft Auto universe — besides the whole absurd religious satire thing — is on the testimonials section of the site...

"Kifflom changed my life. I used to have a well paid job, a family and good prospects. Now, I've given that up to find real meaning in wearing light blue and proclaiming my real religion. Kifflom!' - Jonas Ackerman, Blueberry, San Andreas

"At first, I was nervous about giving up my identity and sleeping with all of those men, but I really enjoy it now." - Mary Fortune, Liberty City

"Cris Formage is a genius. It's a religion without homework!" - Morgan August, Los Santos, San Andreas.

There's also a twitter account, which you can follow here.



    Hypehypehypehype hypehypehypehype chooCHOO!
    All aboard! (Quite willingly, too)

    This sounds like a religion I can get behind

    Uhhh this was a website made and released around the time of San Andreas.

      Ah it appears they have added a link to Twitter account. I can't see many other changes though.

    I prefer to say 'Hebbo' to Tarvuism.
    It's the world's fastest growing religion.

    I can imagine this actually garnering some followers - from middle America of course.

    Actually if you hover over any of the links you'll see a big ol' "" looking right back atcha'


    Awesome. More Rockstar parody, please, and along the lines of "America's Next Top Hooker". Clever, subversive, relevant, and funny.
    Taking aim at organized religion (or cults, whatever) is perfectly fine by me.

      Anyone else here get that "San Andreas Radio" program where you can extract all the radio tracks from your PS2 CD? I regularly make up mixtape CDs with my songs interspersed with all those crazy advertisements!

    They make some convincing arguments, I think I'll join up

    Pfft, every one knows the earth is ONE day old. With black jack, and hookers. Infact, forget the earth !

    Oh man oh man oh man I hope they all jog along in a line & if you successfully run them all over you get an equivalent "Gouranga!" achievement :D

    They wear light blue according to "Jonas Ackerman from Blueberry, San Andreas" just like how the Hare Krishnas wore orange in the early GTA games, making them easily-identifiable at high speed :D

    Wasn't 'The Epsilom Program' mentioned on that leaked cast listing for 'Rush' a year or so ago. I think the leader of the cult had a brief write up. I could well be wrong but it sounds familiar.

    Scientology/all religion*

    Fixed for you.

    Why are you still running this story without a correction and clarification when at least two commenters have informed you that it's an eight-year-old site promoting an eight-year-old game?!

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