The Guys Making The Trailers That Make You Go "Whoah"

Whenever somebody sees a fancy cinematic trailer or intro sequence to a game these days, if they don't just assume it's the work of the game's developers, they assume it's the work of Blur Studios.

But Blur isn't the only team in the field. Another outfit is Plastic Wax, who are based in Sydney, Australia.

Plastic Wax make digital content for both video games and movies, and work on not only trailers and in-game cinematics but some static print work as well.

Some games you may have played that feature Plastic Wax's work include Borderlands, Mafia II, Fallout: New Vegas, Saints Row The Third, BioShock and Civ V's glorious Gods & Kings intro. They also did the fabulous intro to Dawn of War II.

More recently, they did every pre-rendered cutscene (and five fancy trailers) for Darksiders II, while Plastic Wax will also be making the intro to the upcoming Epic Mickey 2.

You can see a selection of their recent stuff in the video above, and more of the studio's work at their company site.

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    I've heard of these guys before, but didn't realise they were from OZ, respect. Amazing work.

    yeah all their vids are bloody amazing. Still waiting on them to do a full feature length movie.

    Plastic Wax are doing some amazing cinematics, i realllyyyy love the new Civ one for Gods and Kings. Makes me finally understand the phrase "this is what it sounds like, when doves cry" :3

    Is this what they do all day? making awesome videos for awesome games? Doesnt sound too bad to me

      You know how hard to make these things?! They take so long and so much work! I am a person who is studying Interactive Digital Media and it is not like playing games or watching trailers!!!

    I was wondering about this kind of work, and how much it would cost for a CG trailer, when I was watching the AC3 trailer before. I certainly wouldn't want to be the guy animating the individual feathers on that eagle. Surely it would cost an absolute bucketload to have it completed in a short timeframe.

      The feathers were most likely a physics sim. Hand animating things like hair and clothes etc, doesn't happen very often anymore, if at all.

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